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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Wyatt that yes he is planning on taking over FC, starting with Steffy who has shares he can use. He calls her at FC and tells her to stop back by his office and they will talk over their options. Liam says they are going to take Rick down. And he hates to keep saying it but Wyatt has to play nice with Rick and stay in that office for all of this to work. Steffy arrives shortly, says a quick hi to Wyatt and says she is in to try and bring Rick down. She thought she would be in Paris and away from the drama. Her dad followed but he came back because he can not be away from Brooke that long. Steffy always feels like an afterthought. Caroline stops by after getting an address from Ridge. He says he has had this place a couple of weeks and thought it was time she came by. He’s painting now and wants her to see it. He says sports cars and mansions is not where he is at. He is happier here. He asks her to sit for him and let him show her what these hands can do. She’s his inspiration. Rick muses to Maya that a couple of shots over Ridge’s head should get him off of her. He did not mean to hurt them. They talk about the other women in Rick’s life like Amber who lied to him like Caroline did. Maya is the only one he can trust. Maya understands now why Rick was so hurt when Caroline hurt him, more of the same. That is not her. She would never hurt him like that.

Brooke stops by Quinn’s to talk to Deacon. She says it is really not about Hope but she wants to talk to him about her son Rick. He is divorcing Caroline and moving on with Maya. She wants to teach Caroline a lesson and put her in her place. Deacon asks what is the plan? Brooke says Caroline better enjoy this little romance while she can because she and Ridge will definitely be getting back together. She thinks there will be no contest considering all the rich history and years that she and Ridge have shared. This thing with Ridge and Caroline will not stand a chance. Quinn returns and sees how close Deacon and Brooke appear to be. When Deacon goes out of the room Quinn warns Brooke to leave Deacon alone. Brooke assures her she is not interested. Quinn says good because she is. With only a towel draped around her, Caroline asks Ridge where he wants her. He gently places her before the fireplace, kisses her and turns her head just so before he starts sketching her. As he sketches she comes over behind him, drapes her arms around his neck and then turns him around and they kiss. Wyatt tells Steffy it’s good to see her again before he leaves. Steffy tells Liam now it is time for him to give her the hard sell. She says she is tempted but she is a Forrester and none of this feels right. He says she must and he wants her to run FC. If he could give her control of FC, the both of them running it, he loves this, he wants this. He needs to make it better for Ivy. They could fix this for everyone. She says she can’t….him fighting again for another woman. She would see him every day. It would be difficult. She reminds him that they lost a child and she never has forgotten that. And she could not work with him if Ivy is in his life. He must be dense she declares…..she still loves him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor wanted Damon to kill the person who attacked Sonny.  Daniel and Kayla operated on Sonny.  They were afraid they were going to lose him.  Ben talked to Marlena about Clyde being missing.  Victor told Damon what happened to Sonny.  Sonny wasn't responding to the surgery.  Paul regretted not accepting Sonny's proposal.  When Kayla and Daniel came out of surgery, everyone wanted to know if Sonny was okay.

Daniel and Kayla said Sonny was okay.  Kayla explained what happened to Sonny.  Chad told Paul that Sonny was stabbed.  Maxine told Will he could see Sonny.  Paul wanted to go see Sonny.  Daniel and Nicole ran into each other.  Brady and Melanie went to a hotel to make love.  Daniel let Nicole know he didn't rust her when it concerns Eric.  She wanted to prove that she wanted to be with Daniel, but he didn't believe her.  Abe questioned Victor about Sonny.  While Will was talking to Sonny, Paul was about to go in Sonny's room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kiki tells Silas about her mother supposedly being shot and falling off a bridge. She doesn’t believe Sonny tried to save Ava. Sonny swears to Morgan that he did everything in his power to save Ava because he decided he didn’t want to take his daughter’s mother away from her. Commissioner Sloan goes to see Kiki and tells that her mother has not been found and is presumed dead.

Sonny wakes up in the hospital with Morgan, Carly, and Shawn around him. They tell him that Dante didn’t die in the Elm Street explosion. Carly tells Sonny that Michael helped her to perform CPR and that he still cares about Sonny. Morgan wonders where Michael is, if he cares so much. Dante tells Michael that he should go see Sonny and say thank you like any decent human being would do when someone has saved their life. As Sonny is about to be transported back to Pentonville, Michael arrives and is about to thank Sonny when Ivy barges in and interrupts. She says she and her father, the governor, are grateful to him. The governor commutes Sonny’s sentence.

Fluke and Helena are in holding cells at the PCPD. Helena tells Fluke not to worry because Commissioner Sloan is her get out of jail free card. Sloan tells them that he can’t just release them because it would invite an inquiry, which would find his connection to the Cassadines and they all would wind up in prison. Fluke says the truth will come out eventually so they might as well run his fingerprints. Lulu goes to Wyndemere to confront Nikolas about not stopping his grandmother’s mayhem. He tells her that he didn’t know that Luke wasn’t Luke. Dante tells Tracy about the decayed corpse is the Elm Street basement. Dr. Obrecht shows Nathan what are presumably Luke Spencer’s charred remains recovered from the blown up house on Elm Street, but Commissioner Sloan has barred he from doing any testing on them. Sloan gives Nathan the go-ahead to run the fingerprints and he gives Obrecht the go-ahead to test the remains. Lulu goes to the hospital and asks Tracy if the bones on the table are her father. Obrecht reveals that the remains are decades old. Fluke is amused that everyone thinks he is Bill Eckert, but he is not because Eckert is really dead. He can’t believe no one saw the truth when it was right in front of them the whole time. Nathan reveals that the fingerprints were a match to Luke Spencer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Devon and Hilary share a tender moment. At the Athletic Club, Lily pressures Cane to tell her what is going on with him and why he has been lying to her. She reminds him of all they went through because of his lies. At the Newman home, Nick and Noah discuss how Sharon comes unstrung over the least little thing. Noah tells Nick to try to keep an open mind when it comes to Sharon. Just as Noah leaves, Faith yells from upstairs. Nick brings her downstairs wrapped in a blanket and tries to calm her down but she just tells him that she wants her mommy. Sharon comes home and relives happier moments when she, Nick and the children were a happy family. She also remembers Noah taking pictures of them when Sharon and Nick were about to be married. Sharon goes over to the fireplace and looks at all the family photos that are on the mantle. Becoming angry, she shoves all the pictures off the mantle. She kneels down beside the fireplace and picks up the picture of Mariah. Taking the picture out of the frame, she calls her a traitor and places the picture in the fireplace along with the other pictures. Lily urges Cane to be honest with her. Just as Cane is about to tell her what is going on, Devon tells them about Neil being dropped from the program because of his last eye exam. Neil tells Hilary that although he may not be able to see, he will give her a good life. Hilary tells him that she cannot go on like this anymore. Neil is confused.

After Lily leaves, Cane tells Devon that something is going on and she won’t rest until she finds out what it is. Devon tells Cane that he and Hilary are going to tell Neil the truth but they need to give him a little time to get over the news that he just received about his eyesight. Cane tells Devon that he won’t keep quiet about this anymore and the truth needs to come out. Hilary begins to tell Neil about all the things that she did to him in the past. Neil assures her that he forgave her for all of that. Hilary begins to cry and rushes out. At the Underground, Summer tells Mariah that she is all for her moving in with Kevin. Noah pulls Kevin to the side and asks if this is a done deal. He then informs Kevin about what happened in the courtroom when Sharon overreacted. Noah thanks Kevin for looking after Mariah. Sharon is about to torch the pictures when she remembers how she burned down Victor’s home. Lily asks Cane again to be honest with her. Cane sees Hilary rush in and run up the stairs. Hilary visits Devon to pour out her heart to him about their love triangle. She says she got cold feet and couldn't tell Neil the truth. She calls herself a coward. Cane confesses that he has been keeping secrets but no more. Sharon gets a call from Nick that Faith had a bad dream and he needs her to come over and help. She tells him that she is on her way then takes two of her pills and leaves the bottle sitting on the coffee table as she rushes out. Summer tries to assure Mariah that she did the right thing by telling the truth on the stand. She also tells her that she should be glad that she is out of Sharon’s home before it's too late. A man comes into the bar looking for Nick. Noah steps up and tells him that he is Nick’s son and asks if he can help. He tells him that he was there before and talked to Austin. He desperately needs to talk to Nick about the building and its structural problems or he will have to close it down. Summer asks Austin why he didn’t tell Nick about the man’s visit. Summer tells him that Nick doesn’t need any more upheaval in his life. Sharon talks to Faith about the monster she saw. Sharon asks her to draw a picture of the monster. Nick watches Sharon with Faith. Sharon stays with Faith until she is asleep. Neil joins Cane and Lily and tells them that Hilary rushed out. Devon and Hilary hug. They kiss and make love. Lily offers to call around to try to find Hilary. Neil tells Cane that Hilary started to tell him something but stopped. Kevin and Mariah sit in a booth. Mariah reminds him that she is homeless. Kevin tells her that she is not homeless if she will move in with him. Mariah asks him what the conditions are. Kevin tells her that it will only be as a friend. Mariah accepts. Summer and Austin discuss the building inspector’s visit. Austin feels a draft because the candle went out. Faith goes to sleep. Nick tells Sharon that they will discuss visitation in a few days when Faith is more settled. As Neil comes up on the elevator, he suddenly he can see everything around him. He makes his way to Devon’s door. Lily comes back and tells Cane that there is no trace of Hilary. Cane tells her to call off the search because Neil is about to find Hilary. Neil pushes the key card into the lock and opens the door. He walks into the room, looks around, and sees Devon and Hilary in bed kissing.

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