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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy rages at Ridge that his relationship with Caroline is wrong on so many levels. Maybe she should butt out but she can not do that but it needs to end. No father should act that way, especially her father. Caroline wants to avoid Rick but he calls a meeting with just her and asks if she is afraid of him, to see if he is packing some heat. Wyatt walks in before he can say more. Rick berates him for two reasons…..for stopping off to see his mom first and not coming straight to the office……and that is assuming he even has a job to come back to. Wyatt is taken aback at his attitude. Bill tells Liam that taking over FC will take patience and planning and must be on the QT. Katie walks in and hears just enough to assume they are talking about acquiring FC. Liam fills her in on what’s happening at FC with Rick shooting up his office. Something has to be done as both Caroline and Ivy are in danger. Wyatt says it isn’t what he wanted but what Hope needed but now he is back and ready to throw everything into his job. Rick tells him whoa cowboy, he is far from coming back to his job that he abandoned. And now that he is not so married to his sister that is in jeopardy and worth re-thinking. Wyatt reminds him that he okayed that time off for him to see his wife. Rick says he did but he did not think Wyatt would take advantage of his generosity. Wyatt says he loves his job but nobody owns him, not even FC and the sooner that Rick understands that the better they will all be.

Caroline is distracted while Aly is trying to talk to her abut her shoe line. Ridge tells Steffy that yes Bill dropped him on his head as she so sweetly mentioned, and he lost something. But Caroline was there to help him so it’s not fair of Steffy to twist it otherwise. She accuses him of being a cradle robber but realizes he has true feelings for Caroline….which she thinks is disgusting because of the age difference but also because Caroline is his first wife’s niece. Rick asks Wyatt if he is finished now and feels better. Wyatt says yes. Rick says good because Hope for the Future has been put on hold because of him. And Wyatt will never talk to him like that again. Wyatt demands that he not hold him responsible for all that has happened. None of this is worth it…..he quits. He goes directly to SP and Liam and Bill welcome him home. Liam asks if Hope is with him. Wyatt says no, she stayed in Italy. His marriage and baby boy is gone and now his job too. Liam drags it out of him that he went to FC to throw himself into his job but ended up quitting before Rick could fire him. Liam tells him no; he can not do that. They need him at FC. Ridge says he knows how this looks, it’s a delusional mess. Steffy says maybe she has been in Paris too long. Maybe she should be running FC. She has to do something while there is still time. Rick tells Aly and Caroline that Wyatt has given him attitude and he has used his last chance with him. Bill and Liam fill Wyatt in on the gun situation and they understand how Wyatt feels but they need Wyatt there on the inside to help them with their plan. Liam has come up with a plan of a hostile takeover, the only way all of this will work. They need Wyatt as a double agent working on the inside. So Wyatt will have to swallow his pride, beg if he has to as they need inside information to hit Rick where he hurts most.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny was attacked in the park.  Paul admitted to will that he came out because they slept together.  Will wondered how Paul's ex would deal with the story.  Paul assured Will that his ex was the only one who knew about it.  The person that attacked Sonny robbed him and put some powder in his stab wounds.  Serena lied to Eric and said she was picturing making love to him in his apartment.  Eric wanted to go to the lodge with Serena.  They ended up getting in an argument, but they made up a little while later.  Lucas and Adrienne had a tender moment until she realized she had to leave.  Maggie convinced Victor to make up with Sonny after their fight.  He called Sonny and they found him on the ground.  Will told Paul that he didn't know what he would do without Sonny.  

Serena changed her mind for a few minutes and wanted to go with Eric after all.  Unfortunately, that feeling didn't last because she didn't want to go anymore.  Abe, Roman, and the EMTs arrived for Sonny. Lucas was in the middle of telling Adrienne how sexy she was when Maggie called her to tell her to get to the hospital.  Will left his phone behind in Paul's hotel room.  Lucas tried to call him to get him to go to the hospital, but he couldn't get through to him.  Eric understood that Serena didn't want to be with him right away.  Will realized that he left his phone behind at Paul's place and noticed all of the texts from Lucas.  Abe told everyone who was at the hospital (Victor, Maggie, Melanie, and Brady) that the guy put white powder in Sonny's wounds. Adrienne called Justin to tell him about Sonny.  He didn't answer the phone.  Lucas and Will arrived at the hospital.  Daniel and Kayla performed surgery on Sonny.  They needed O negative blood or Sonny would die. Paul arrived at the hospital to donate blood.  He's the same blood type as Sonny too.  Maxine wanted to rush Paul's blood to Sonny.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Everyone in Port Charles hears the news of the escaped convicts. Nathan informs Carly that Sonny never resurfaced after jumping in the water with the bomb. Sonny is fished out of the water and proclaimed dead. Carly and Michael try to perform CPR until they give up. Sonny wakes up and is taken to General Hospital.

Fluke goes to Julian’s hospital room and tries to smother him with a pillow, but Alexis arrives and stops him. Julian tells Alexis that that man wasn’t Luke. He tells her about Ava’s demise. Commissioner Sloane shows up at Kiki’s apartment with two officers to search the apartment. Sloane tells Kiki that according to her uncle, her mother was shot and fell off a bridge. He tells her that if Julian’s story is true, then it is unlikely that Ava survived. He tells Morgan about Sonny jumping into the harbor with a bomb and the likelihood that he didn’t survive either. Sabrina goes home to find Carlos and Johnny in her living room. She removes the bullet from Johnny and demands that Carlos tell her everything. He tells her that Johnny shot Julian, Julian shot Johnny, and that he shot Ava.

Tracy tells Ned that she saw Helena cuddled up with Luke. She says Luke is no longer the man that she fell in love with and she feels like a fool. She realizes that she can’t even cry. Nathan and a team show up to search the house. Tracy can’t believe she fell for Fake Luke again and wonders if the real Luke is even alive. Tracy says it is possible that Fluke went to Spoon Island with Helena. Nikolas tells Helena that either Luke isn’t really Luke, or she did something to him, or he is playing her. She tells him that he isn’t Cassadine enough to get his hands dirty. He picks up her dagger, puts it to her throat and asks her if that is Cassadine enough for her. Fluke arrives and points his gun at Nikolas. He orders Nikolas to get on his knees. Helena begs Fluke not to shoot Nikolas. Police pour in from every entrance.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon goes to pieces in the courtroom. It takes Dylan to calm her down. The judge awards custody of Faith to Nick. Sharon and Faith share a tearful goodbye. Neil tells Hilary that he is going to see his eye doctor. He hopes for the best. Cane is on the phone when Jill and Colin join them as does Lily. They plan to celebrate the signing of the contracts to regain control of Chancellor. Nikki and Victor discuss what he is doing by selling Chancellor and if it is for the best. David urges Sharon to pull herself together. Noah asks Mariah how she is. Mariah tells him that it was easier when she didn’t care. Nick considers dropping the lawsuit. Avery tells him that he is doing what is best for Faith. Once Neil is gone, Hilary texts Devon for a talk. Colin blackmails Cane to give Jill control of Chancellor. Victor urges Nikki to move back into his bedroom and she agrees.

Sharon lashes out at Mariah after her testimony on the stand. Sharon tells Mariah that she doesn’t want to see her again. Sharon and Dylan leave the courtroom. Mariah has support from Kevin. At home, Nick tries to console Faith. Nikki arrives to help. Nick tries to explain to Noah why he did what he did. Victor arrives. Sharon gets a visit from Dylan at Cassie’s gravesite. Sharon crouches beside Cassie’s headstone.

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