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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill talks gruffly on the phone. He doesn’t care about all the particulars, just wants to know when can he get his hands on all the liquid assets. He assures Liam they can have the takeover if they have Steffy’s shares this afternoon. Liam reminds him that he is not sure Steffy will sell but she has gone to see Ridge so maybe she will get a good look at how things are at FC now and will want to sell. Bill says even with her shares that is not enough to have controlling interest but Liam adds others will follow her lead and then they will. Bill says they need damage control. Brooke will not like that her son is being dethroned at the same time her daughter is gone…..and although he hates to say it he flatters himself that she will not like seeing Bill as a married man. Liam is happy that Bill has proposed to Katie but it is not official until he gives her a ring. Bill guffaws that he did and it wasn’t a shoe string around her finger either. Quinn is moping around and questions Deacon why there is never any food in the frij….can’t he buy groceries every now and then Mr. Take Out. He placates by saying he will go get some and when he opens the door there is Wyatt about to knock. He’s hesitant but comes in and Quinn is happy to see him, even offers him a quick bowl of soup she had just made herself. Of course she asks if Hope is with him. He is angry and mumbles no, this would be the last place she would want to come. Steffy lets Caroline know that she is a typical New Yorker whatever that means and by no means does she like her with her father. That is simply unacceptable.

Brooke looks in on Ridge and remembers what she just told Caroline that she could have Ridge any time she wanted him. Ridge is used to Brooke trying to undo Rick’s damage wherever he goes. Instead she asks him about him and Caroline. Ridge is disappointed that Katie is back with Bill. Brooke asks if RJ was ever with Ridge when he saw Caroline. She really doesn’t want to confuse him. One thing she knows is that Caroline and Ridge will not be together. Ridge asks if this visit has a purpose as he has lost track. Brooke says against her best efforts she has not been able to get Caroline and Rick back together. She does not know if there is anything left between them but she knows Maya is not challenging enough. She does believe that Caroline would be more appropriate. Ridge laughs when Brooke says she gets along with everyone. Ridge is not sure his own mother would agree to that but may turn over in her grave. Brooke says she would like to change a few things and suggests she fix dinner one night for him and RJ; Ridge agrees. Quinn tells Wyatt that she fears for saying anything that will make him angrier. She knows now she should have listened to Wyatt and stayed away from Hope. She thinks Wyatt probably put too high a value on Hope and Quinn too high on Wyatt. Now Hope has turned her back on him and is blaming him for the miscarriage. She blames Quinn too but not for that. Deacon tries to say something but Wyatt does not want to her his opinion. Deacon merely says Hope did want Quinn to stay away but that did not cause her to fall. Awful things happen to people but they need to learn to forgive each other and move on. Liam tells Bill that he knows he does not like associating with Ridge so they need to be careful and not have Steffy think they are going to sideline her father. Ridge and Steffy reunite and hug. He asks her if she is moving back. He realizes she sneaks into town sometimes without telling anyone. He knows that she and her brother are clearly mad at him. She says yes because of Katie Logan but she wants to talk about Caroline. This can not go forward. Rick and Caroline are acting like eight year olds right now but will be back together in six weeks. She points out that Ridge was married to Caroline’s aunt before she was even born… even if it is not exactly incest it is enough to make your stomach turn and it has to end right now! Wyatt points out that they all tried to make something work that wasn’t meant to be. Hope stayed with him because of the baby not for him. Quinn does not feel he should have any regrets though. Deacon won’t let them be so hard on themselves. And Quinn admits none of this is Deacon’s fault and without him she would not have been able to get through this. Wyatt bemoans that he feels like he has been chewed up and spit out by all in the Forrester family. But he does not have to be liked. He will just do his job and support Ivy’s line. Liam asks Bill if he can discuss this with anyone with the last name of Forrester. Bill says absolutely not, not even Ivy….or Steffy so do not romanticize about anything right now. He says he is not even going to tell Katie. Some people believe you don’t keep secrets in a marriage but he is not one of them. Bill just wonders if Liam’s sudden desire to take over FC has anything to do with Hope. He lost the girl but he could keep the line that bears her name.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul came out to his mother.  His mother was upset.  Derek told Sonny that he saw Will in Paulís hotel room.  Nicole talked to Melanie about what she did to Serena.  Melanie wanted to know why Eric and Daniel were mad at her.  Melanie didnít understand why Nicole needed to expose Serena.  Paul tried to get his mother to understand why he came out of the closet.  His mother claimed she knew he was gay.  Derek told Sonny about the times Will was with Paul.  Nicole asked Melanie to help her with Daniel.  Melanie refused to help her.  Sonny was shocked that Will was with Paul.  Sonny left the club to go to the hotel.

Paulís grandfather understood about him being gay.  Melanie went to talk to Serena about her conversation with Nicole.  Nicole went to see Daniel.  She tried to get him to believe that sheís over Eric, but he didnít believe her.  Victor ran into Sonny, which kept Sonny from going to the hotel.  Things were tense between Victor and Sonny.  Adrienne opened up to Lucas about her suspicions of Justin cheating on her.  Someone was watching Victor and Sonny while they were talking.  Nicole got advice from Jennifer on how to get Daniel back.  Someone attacked Sonny while he was texting Will.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny finds Fluke and says he isn’t going to hurt anybody he cares about. Fluke says it is too late because a bomb is about to explode on the Haunted Star. Nathan goes to the Haunted Star to find and arrest Luke for attacking Dante and putting him in the hospital. Dante tells Elizabeth that there is a bomb on the Haunted Star. Elizabeth patronizes him and tried to prevent him to get out of bed. He tells her to call Nathan, but she doesn’t get through to him. Lulu goes to the hospital.

Jake tells Sam that he planted a bomb on the Haunted Star. Sam tries to call Patrick, but he has loaned his phone to Nikolas’s date, who ignores Sam’s call. Sam calls Lucas. Jake takes her hone and tells him that there is a bomb under the bar. Michael finds the bomb, which has two minutes left. He runs through the boat to get it rid of it. Sonny takes it from him and jumps into the water with it. Fluke lights a celebratory cigar when he hears the explosion. Nathan goes looking for Sonny and finds Fluke on the dock. Fluke gets away. After she gets the news, Lulu tells Dante that Sonny saved everyone on the boat. Dante tells her about the Bill Eckert theory. He tells her that if it was her father that was in the basement of the Elm Street house, then he was already dead. Patrick goes to the police station and attacks Jake. Jake overpowers him in short order and demands to know if Michael is ok. An officer finally shows up and kicks Patrick and Sam out of the interrogation room. Sam tells Patrick that she believes Helena programmed Jake the way she did with Lucky. She wonders what connects Helena to Jake.

The police find Julian on the bridge calling out to Ava. They demand to know where Sonny, Ava, and Franco are. He says Ava fell over the bridge after being shot by Carlos Rivera. He says he doesn’t know where Sonny is, but that Franco went to Shady Brook. Franco injects himself with LSD so that he will go nuts to stay with Nina at Shady Brook. He says he will always be by her side and asks her to promise to be there for him through whatever his crazy trip brings. She promises and tells him to promises that he will come back. They kiss and then he starts to see the walls dance. He is afraid of Nina. When the authorities arrive, Nina tells them that Heather Webber injected Franco with an overdose of LSD. Franco is strapped to a bed and wheeled away. Julian and the police hear the explosion. Julian asks the man in charge to find out if his son is ok. The man in charge doesn’t think there is any point in looking for Ava if she was shot and fell all that way into the freezing water. Lucas intercepts Julian when he is taken to the hospital. He tells Julian that Sonny saved them all. Julian is happy to know that, but regrets that Sonny want able to save Ava too.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the courthouse, Nick is pacing the floor when Sage arrives. Sage accuses him of wearing out the linoleum. She says she's there to help him by testifying about what happened at his home. Faith runs in and yells, “Daddy.” Sharon is also with her. Faith and Sharon want to know what Sage is doing there. Dylan is busy behind the counter at the Coffeehouse when Avery enters, wondering why he didnít come home last night. Dylan remembers her going to Joe’s hotel room knowing exactly what he wanted with her. At the Athletic Club, Ben tells Billy that he took the 4:00 feeding for Victoria so she could get some rest. Billy is taken aback when he finds out that Ben moved in with Victoria. Gabriel comes out of his apartment wearing only his pants when the door slams shut behind him. Chelsea comes out of her apartment and sees him. He explains that he got locked out. Chelsea offers to help him. She takes hold of the door handle to try to get it open when Gabriel steps up closer to her. Gabriel jiggles the door handle and it comes open. Chelsea asks him how he knew how to do that. Chelsea tells him that she is going to the Coffeehouse to get a cup of coffee. Gabriel offers to give her one. Billy wonders why if they are moving in together because of him and Chelsea. Ben lets him know that he and Victoria love each other. Avery tries to explain things to Dylan why she went to Joe’s hotel room but he is still angry about the whole deal. Dylan senses that something happened while she was there, but Avery refuses to divulge any information. Dylan reminds her that she is due in court. Avery tells him that things are good between him and her and not to let Joe ruin it for them. Sharon asks Nick what he was thinking by bringing Sage there. Mrs. Martin arrives to talk to Faith. Nick tells Faith that everything will be fine. Nick walks over to Sage and tells her to take off, because he doesn’t want her involved in this mess. Sharon tells Nick that he can stop all of this by saying just two words, “joint custody.” David interrupts them. Avery also arrives at the courthouse. Nick asks her if she is ready for a fight. At the Coffeehouse, Ben tries to talk to Dylan but finds him preoccupied. Ben tells Dylan that he moved in with Victoria and asks what is wrong with him. Chelsea asks Gabriel why buy an espresso maker but no couch. Gabriel asks Chelsea to help him to decorate the apartment. Chelsea asks him what furniture suits him and Sage. Chelsea tells Gabriel about the lodge being decorated in an “eerie” style. Gabriel asks her to help him pick out the furniture for his apartment. Chelsea shows Gabriel some furniture designs on the computer when Sage comes in. Sage notices that Chelsea is helping him to pick out furniture. Mariah and Summer arrive in the courtroom. The hearing begins by the judge telling them that they are there only in the best interests of the child.

Chelsea soon makes her departure. Gabriel asks Sage where she was. Sage tells him that she went to the courthouse to support Nick. Gabriel warns her about getting too close to Nick. Sage wonders why he is so bitter toward Nick. Gabriel tells her that she doesn’t know what Nick put Sharon through. Sage issues Gabriel a warning that he better be careful if he doesn’t want to lose Chelsea altogether. Avery calls Nick to the stand and questions him. Sharon is also questioned by David. Sharon tells the court about her bipolar disorder. Sharon asks Nick if they can stop this. On the stand, Summer tells how Sharon helped her while Phyllis was away but then she betrayed her by making her believe that she was Jack’s daughter. Ben tells Dylan that there must be something loose in his head for him acting the way he does toward Avery. Ben urges Dylan not to let Joe get to him. In the office at Jabot, Billy apologizes for the remarks that he made about Adam. Billy tells Chelsea his feelings about Ben moving in with Victoria and having that special time with Katie. Chelsea tells him to be grateful for the time that he has with Katie. The judge calls Faith to the stand. Faith tells the judge that she wants to be with both Nick and Sharon. The judge tells her that is not possible. David asks the judge if he can ask Faith some questions. David asks her about Nick and Sage but Faith doesn’t want to answer. The judge takes over the questioning and asks her about Nick and Sage. Faith tells them that when she talks about Nick and Sage, it makes Nick and Sharon mad. Billy grieves over Ben being there to give Katie a bottle. Chelsea asks him if he would want to be around Victoria 24/7. Gabriel interrupts. David calls Mariah to the stand. Everything goes fine until Avery takes over and asks about Nick and Sage. Mariah hesitates about telling them what Faith told her. When Mariah gives her answer, Sharon jumps up and tells them not to take Faith away from her. The judge threatens to hold Sharon in contempt of court.

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