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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Katie that he is waiting. He wants her to marry him. She says yes and he slips the ring on her finger. They hug and kiss. Brooke snaps her fingers twice and says just like that. That is how fast she can get Ridge back. She snaps them again until Caroline tells her to stop doing that. She says her feelings for Ridge are real. She had those feelings for the old Rick but not the one that pulled the gun. Brooke reminds Caroline of the age difference and that Ridge has children that are the same age as her. That is sort of creepy. How could she do that to her son? She puts down the crush, this infatuation on Ridge. Caroline says it is more than an infatuation and she sees how Brooke does not want her with Ridge. She knows Brooke is never without a man. So if she has broken things off with Uncle Bill perhaps she is wanting to get back with Ridge herself. Steffy embraces Ivy and says it has been ages since they saw each other as children. From their talk Steffy realizes that Ivy is the new woman in Liam’s life and is almost living there. Bill and Katie snuggle and he wonders what gave her the nod. She says he is getting close when he gave her the vice presidency but it’s more than that. He reminds her that she opens him up and gives him a chance to be the best he can. Now he is home. Steffy tells Liam that she has to go but she will think about what he said about them joining forces. She asks Ivy her opinion of Rick and what is happening at FC.

Katie interrupts before Caroline is through but Brooke says they are done so welcomes Katie into the office. Brooke says there is no Ridge and Caroline. Katie says but there will be a wedding and shows Brooke her ring. Ivy tells Steffy they are all tiptoeing around trying to be creative in that environment. If you cross Rick you are out. Steffy says she will talk to her father. She tells Liam that her dad will never join forces with Spencer. She says it feels good to be back in this house but she is happy for him and Ivy. Brooke is happy for Katie and says Bill loves her and is where he belongs. Katie is not worried about Bill but then there is Brooke. She knows her very well and she leads with her heart. She knows she can not be someone she is not and this can not be easy for her. She wants to know if there is any place in her heart that has doubts about Bill and wants him back. Brooke says Bill is hers and she wants them to have a good marriage. She will never interfere in her marriage again. That is a sister’s promise she intends to keep. People do move on and she is not sure Brooke can do that. She does not want to look back and she still loves Brooke more than ever. But she needs to be sure that Brooke is not looking back. Brooke says the time she had in Europe gave her the time to find the good in herself. She wants that love and trust and Katie’s forgiveness more than ever. Katie muses Brooke has been there for her her entire life and she is now there for her now as it should be. Bill walks in just as Liam tells Ivy they don’t need to discuss business and Steffy and he starts to kiss her. Ivy leaves and Bill says he does not like Ridge but the foxhole can be an alliance. Steffy heads straight to FC and confronts Caroline who is taken off guard. Steffy says she is fine but she has heard the rumblings here at FC and wants to know exactly what is happening with her dad. Steffy asks Caroline if she is finished with Rick. Caroline says yes that is Rick’s doings. She tried but he kicked her to the curb and Maya is the lady of the manor now. Steffy says she and Caroline are the same age so this is disgusting with her and Ridge and she is not going to let this happen.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden was nervous when Hope came back to the house.  Sonny advised Paul to stay with his new guy, but Paul wanted him.  Theresa advised Paige to check JJís phone to find out who he was with.  Eve was upset that JJ said he was still sleeping with her.  Paul opened up to Sonny about how he feels about him.  Sonny admitted that he proposed to Paul.  Hope looked for her passport while Aiden was looking at the ax.  Paige didnít want to take Theresaís advice.  JJ wanted Eve to keep Cole away from Paige.  Hope found her passport and nearly caught Aiden with the shovel.  Sonny told Paul to move on with his life with his new guy.  Abby wanted to be alone with Chad.  Chad didnít want Abby to tell Jordan the truth.  Abby wanted Chad to tell him what happened with Jordan.  Abby thought Chad was trying to protect Jordan.  Will went to see Paul.  Aiden wanted Hope to leave, but she wanted to spend more time with him.

The bridge was out so Hope couldnít leave the island. Chad blamed himself for what he did to Abby.  He apologized to her.  She promised not to tell Jordan.  Ben threw Chad out of the apartment.  Theresa ran into JJ and asked him about the girl he slept with.  Eve went to Paige and Paige was furious with her.  Theresa reminded JJ about the way he treated her when she overdosed.  When Hope made a call outside, Aiden got out the ax and shovel.  Paige blamed Eve for JJ cheating on her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth hears the news of Jake’s arrest. Jake tells Sam that he didn’t steal the phoenix because he remembers her giving him the phoenix. Then he remembers taking it from her house. She asks him how long she watched her and Patrick. He remembers he wasn’t watching her and Patrick; he was watching her and himself. He struggles to figure out what is going on in his head. He remembers that Helena Cassadine ordered him to kill Sam. He remembers Helena telling him that he is conditioned to take her orders. Sam asks him why he didn’t kill her. He says he just couldn’t. He remembers that he put a bomb on the boat.

Tracy and Bobbie wonder what Luke’s problem is. Tracy looks for Luke and finds him cozied up with Helena. Helena kisses Fluke in front of Tracy and calls him her Darling. Tracy concludes that either Luke has lost his mind or that isn’t Luke. Maxie tells Lulu that Luke’s description of Dante’s behavior doesn’t sound right. With the time bomb ticking, Dante thinks he is going to die. Nathan gets him out and gets him to General Hospital. He calls Lulu to tell her that Dante is hurt, but it goes straight to voicemail because Fluke broke Lulu’s phone. Nathan tells Elizabeth that he knows who planted the bomb and that he is going to bring him in. Nathan goes to the Haunted Star looking for Fluke so he can arrest him. Dante wakes up and remembers that there is a bomb on the Star.

Heather threatens to shoot Nina up with LSD in front of Franco. Nina stomps on Heather’s foot and gets away. Franco and Heather struggle for control of the syringe. Franco wins. Heather tells them that their reunion will be short since Franco will be going back to Pentonville. Franco tells Nina that he isn’t going to let that happen. He injects himself with the LSD. Lucas tells Michael that Julian and Sonny escaped from Pentonville. Michael concludes that Sonny had his escape planned out before he ever set foot in Pentonville and that he is headed to his island right now. Ava begs Carlos not to kill her. He shoots her. She lunges at him and falls over the bridge. Johnny, hearing the shot, tells Sonny that he is next. Julian, who is on the ground after already being shot by Johnny, shoots Johnny. Johnny runs to Carlos’s location. Julian asks Sonny to find Ava. Sonny finds Ava hanging on to the underside of the bridge. She asks him to pull her up. He asks him why he would do that. He grabs her hands anyway. She slips and falls. Julian tells Sonny to go to the Haunted Star without him because he would only slow Sonny down in his condition. Julian looks for Ava. Sonny gets to the dock and holds his gun on Fluke.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Summer finds out that Phyllis is at Fairview and blames both Jack and Victor. Later, she admits to Nikki that, when Phyllis was in a coma, Summer just wanted someone to love and left herself wide open and trusted the wrong people. Jack apologizes to Kelly for leading her on. There was never any woman for him but Phyllis. Victor visits Phyllis and tells her he will help her and everything will be all right. When he leaves, he runs into Jack, who admits blame for Phyllis' condition. Nikki tells Dylan the warehouse district sale is off the table. Joe tells Dylan that Avery was in his room at the club but nothing happened. Dylan confronts Avery, who says everything she's done, she's done for Dylan. He suspects there's more to the story. Phyllis takes off her engagement ring.

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