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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy that she won’t even recognize FC anymore. He wants to take it back to it’s roots, to a place she can be proud of. Liam says they can wait the year but there will be no company to come back to. They can pool their resources now and erase what Rick has done and get it back to its original place with her family. Brooke asks Rick to tell Caroline that he wants her back. Maya speaks out and tells her that Eric tried this and it did not work with him and it will not work with her either. Rick tells his mother that he appreciates her concern but he has moved on. It is not with Caroline. Bill walks in on Katie and Will and says he is home….maybe if he says that enough it will come true. He tells her Brooke is home so she should go see her like he did. She asks how that went. He says good, they said what needed to be said. He told her there was only one woman he wanted to spend his life with and he hopes that she does too. He says moving forward could make their bond even stronger. He needed time away from Brooke and now he knows what he wants – Katie and his family. Ivy helps Aly with some of her details for her shoe line but warns her that the way Rick feels about her now that might not be a good thing. She might want to stay away from Ivy. Maya says she is only a model and not a Spencer or from a family of privilege but there is nothing wrong with her. Brooke says no, nothing wrong but Rick moved on way too soon and now is brandishing guns. Rick says that Caroline is just another liar like Amber. He says the divorce papers have been signed and he has moved on and Caroline is with Ridge so she has moved on too. As sickening as it is, perhaps it is for the best. Steffy doesn’t like the idea with Spencer. Liam tells her she can keep her job at International or come back and help him run the company. He needs her to make this work. She needs to join forces with him. She says she will never sell her shares, neither will Thomas but she will try to figure something out. Liam tells her to go talk to her dad, because if they work together there is nothing they can’t do. Katie tells Bill that she believes he means it, today and this moment. He says always and he hopes she wants it too. Steffy looks at pix of Liam at his place and jokes that he gets around with the brunette Forrester’s….Amsterdam and Paris. She just hopes it won’t be Aspen too as that was their place. He says so many places reminds him of her. Things did not turn out for them as planned. She says her feelings for him will never change. They hug as Ivy walks through the door. She asks if she is interrupting anything. Maya thanks Rick for what he said and says it reaffirms that he really wants her in his life. He assures her that is so.

Brooke tells Caroline that she tried but looks like Rick is not gonna come around. Maybe Rick is right, everybody is better off. She realizes the attraction for Caroline to Ridge, but just remember many other women have had the same feelings and it never pans out. Brooke tells her to be realistic. She is not going to have a relationship with Ridge. She can see how she could get swept up with this and Ridge. She is not the first or the last. Brooke says she has seen it countless times that other women have this cosmic connection and think they can replace Brooke. She snaps her fingers and says if she wanted Ridge she could have him back just like that. Bill tells Katie to tell him that she wants this as much as he does. Katie says yes she misses their life together, who they were together but she does not know how they go back to that. He says they don’t. They will be more prepared this time and fully understand each other. He says she is his perfect partner as she encourages him when he needs it but pushes him when he needs that too. And yes he has Liam and Wyatt but he did not raise them. Now she has gifted him with Will and he does not want to be a part time dad. She says she hates that too. He grabs her and kisses her. Then says he wants her because she is Will’s mother but that is only a small part of it. He loves her because she is the smartest person in the room, is sexy and she excites him and is the most stubborn person that he knows besides himself. And most importantly she inspires him to be the man she wants him to be. He tells her they should not waste another moment. He pulls out a box and shows her a huge ring and asks her to marry him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden and Hope were at the beach house with the kids.  Eve overheard Paige talking about JJ on the phone.  Theresa overheard JJ admitting to Abby that he cheated on Paige.  Abby and Theresa got into an argument with each other.  When Abby left, Theresa berated JJ for cheating on Paige.  Chad tried to drop the charges against Ben.  Ben was furious that Jordan would take Chad back.  Aiden told Hope about what happened between him and his wife at the beach house.  Theresa noticed how tense Eve was when JJ texted her.  Paige told JJ that she was still in love with him.

Jordan and Ben got into an argument over Chad.  John told Chad that he couldnít drop the charges against Ben.  Chad refused to testify against Ben, but John said he and Abe saw everything so there was nothing Chad could do.  Theresa talked about the woman JJ cheated with.  JJ told Paige he was still seeing the person he cheated with.  Sonny went to see Paul to give him the ball back.  Paul told him he planned on leaving Salem once his physical therapy was over.  Sonny told him he didnít have to leave.  When Hope and the kids left the house, Aiden pulled out an ax.  JJ told Paige that they werenít getting back together.  Chad went to see Ben to let him know that he tried to drop the charges against him, but he couldnít.  Abby was furious when she overheard Chad say why Ben hit him.  Sonny questioned Paul about the guy he was with.  Paige wanted Theresa to help her find out who JJ was with.  Theresa advised her to check his phone.  JJ otld Eve that he told Paige he was still seeing the girl he cheated on her with.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam confronts Jake about his breaking into her apartment and stealing her phoenix. He says he doesn’t even know where she lives. He tells her that he didn’t have a reason to break into her apartment any more than he had a reason to take her hostage and help that Faison person. He tells her that her phoenix means nothing to him. He tries to explain that if he is doing those things, someone is making him do them. When he touches her arm, he has a memory of her giving him the phoenix.

Julian, Sonny, Franco, and Ava are in a crash. Johnny is disappointed that they lived. A shootout ensues. Johnny corners Sonny and Julian. Franco happily leaves Ava with Carlos when he is given the opportunity to go find Nina. Heather tells Nina that she hates Franco and wishes he were dead. Nina says she can help them reconcile. Heather says she doesn’t want to reconcile; she wants revenge. Heather has a giant syringe in her knitting bag containing her trademark LSD. Nina tells Heather to back off because she is stronger than her and she will hurt her. Franco opens the door and points his gun at Heather.

Nathan questions Jordan about Sonny’s escape from Pentonville. She tells him about Fluke/Bill Eckert. Fluke looks forward to the grand finale of his party. Helena has her men retrain Nikolas to keep him from getting on the Haunted Star. Dante sees a charred skeleton tied to a chair with a bomb on its lap. He stumbles up the stairs and cries out for help. He calls Lulu. Fluke answers her phone. She wonders who “Luke” is talking to on her phone. He puts on a loud display, pretending to berate Dante for his jealousy of Johnny. He slams the phone down on the bar, breaking it. Dante’s battery dies. Nathan goes to find Dante.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis feels betrayed by Jack, Avery, and Michael when they tell her she must have a psychiatric evaluation because the best way to beat the charges against her is to have an insanity defense. Christine is upset that the judge sent Phyllis to Fairview instead of jail to wait for her trial. Christine gets so upset that she starts to have cramps. Paul insists that she call the doctor and not let the case jeopardize the life of their child. Ben moves into Victoria's house but feels guilty because he is so happy and she is having a rough time. Ben tells Kelly he doesn't want her to go back to the bad place she was in when she divorced her husband. 

Colin asks Devon for more money so that Jill can buy Chancellor back from Victor by noon today. Devon decides to call Colin's bluff, but after talking to him he realizes that Colin intends to tell Neil about his affair with Hilary. Devon tells Cane that Colin has been blackmailing him for money and asks for his help to keep Colin from telling Neil the truth. Devon promises Cane that he will come clean with Neil, but first he wants to find out if the experimental treatment will give Neil back his sight. Cane doesn't want to help Devon but feels he has to for the sake of his family. Cane delivers a message to Colin that Devon is giving Jill the rest of the money to buy the company back from Victor. Devon gives Jill the money and makes her promise that Colin won't have any involvement in the company. Jill agrees to the condition and happily calls Victor to tell him that she has the rest of the money to buy Chancellor from him.

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