Friday 1/30/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells the group that she feels she has the right to say stop this. Ridge has been after Rick since the day he was born. She more or less dismisses that Rick shot at two people. She claims Ridge is sabotaging what he treasures the most. Rick is now CEO and Ridge will just have to accept that. He is not going to press charges. Liam says he is concerned about Caroline but Ridge is grinding her down to a bloody pulp so he is thinking with Caroline designing and Liam running the company they could put Ridge out to pasture. He thinks FC is a natural acquisition for them. But he would need his control of FC and he knows where to go looking for more. He was married to her. Donna is pacing the hallways and Pam tells her to at least look like she is working. Pam says the one and only solution to this mess is to get Eric back here, contract or no contract, he always knows what to do. Rick says he thinks having a firing range in the basement is legal, but Ridge can take the woman who betrayed him and slither off. Rick keeps mocking that Ridge can go to the police but he will also drag Ridge through the headlines and ruin him to his adoring public. Brooke tells Ridge that he can never make things right with her. He owes her but he can end this with Rick. Bill tells Liam that this could work. Steffy could help them. Brooke is back yet he doesn’t think she can rein Rick in. Liam has been following Steffy’s moving about and calls her now that she is in town. She agrees to meet him at his place. Bill tells him this could work and he is proud of him. Brooke tells Ridge that he created all of this with his rejections right down to the last bullet hole. He asks how her screwed up sex life affected any of this. Caroline tries to speak up that Ridge did not seduce her. Brooke tells her if she is not going to try and defend Rick then just be quiet. She even asks Caroline if she wants Rick back now. Rick also waits for that answer. Caroline explains to say that she groveled and humiliated herself but it was all a big hoax so he could get the company. Rick pretended to forgive her and reconcile but was shacking with Maya on the side. Maya adds her two cents that she is the only woman who believes in Rick and that he can trust. Caroline explains that love was not enough for Rick or they would still be together. She is done.

Pam tells Donna they better type up their resignations as they do not know who will walk out that door or who will be in charge. Liam straightens up his living room for Steffy who is a bit nervous when she comes. Her first words are cha cha cha. They talk old times and she even says she has heard from Hope but some things they do not talk about. He tells her it is nice to see her. She says Paris is only a mouse click away and she has heard a few things about Rick and his lead model. She says she also knows about Caroline and her dad but she is not going to judge until she talks to him first. Liam says he does not think FC will survive this latest chaos and reminds her that they together with Bill and Thomas’s shares they could do something. Brooke dismisses Ridge from the room. Caroline automatically wants to leave too but Brooke wants her to stay. She starts in on how hurt Rick is and the pain he has felt for years. She realizes she caused a lot of that so it is her responsibility now to get out of this. She tells Maya that she believes she does believe all she says and is telling the truth but her actions say otherwise. She tells Rick that he is going to stay in this marriage and forgive Caroline. It is his anger that is causing this and he needs to let that go and tell Caroline that he still loves her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve went to see JJ because she had a plan.  Daniel ripped into Nicole for going after Serena.  Melanie overheard Clint talking to Kristenís henchman.  Clint noticed Melanie listening to him and got upset.  Eve wanted JJ to leave town to keep Paige from finding out about them.  Melanie didnít hear his conversation.  She only reacted to him smoking. Nicole tried to explain why she investigated Serena, but Daniel was still upset.  She denied being in love with Eric, but Daniel didnít believe her.  JJ refused to leave town.  He wanted to know why she wanted him to leave so badly.  Eric wanted to know why Serena was nervous about Nicole exposing her.  Nicole tried to justify her feelings for Eric, but Daniel wasnít convinced.

Eve made it seem as if Paige were the reason she wanted JJ to leave, but he refused.  Daniel refused to stay with Nicole.  Serena tried to justify her reaction to Nicole exposing her.  Serena gave Eric the option to open all of her files.  Paige went to see JJ.  Eve ran into Jennifer and was upset that Jennifer talked to Paige.   Theresa was surprised that Brady brought Melanie flowers.  Eric didnít want to see Serenaís files.  She told him that she wanted a relationship with him, but Nicole was in the way.  Daniel was done with Nicole.  Theresa appeared upset that Brady and Melanie are dating.  Eve and Jennifer argued over JJ.  Paige wanted to start things over with JJ.  Serena was on the phone scheming with someone.  Jennifer was suspicious of Eveís concern for JJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam and Patrick go to the police station to report that they believe Jake Doe broke into her house. Carly sees them and tells them that she already turned Jake’s duffel bag in as evidence. Nathan arrests Jake. Lulu asks Nathan if Dante is working on the case with him. He tells her that he hasn’t seen Dante all day. Dante is unconscious in the basement of the Elm Street house, bleeding from the head.

Helena sees Nikolas on the dock on his way to the Haunted Star. She has two of her men stop him from going. Fluke makes an appearance on the Haunted Star. Tracy wants to know where he has been all day. He says he was at the old house saying goodbye to it. He tells Lulu that he ran into Dante and that Dante can’t make it to the party because he doesn’t want to get angry about seeing Lulu and Johnny working together. Lulu calls Dante and leaves an angry message. Tracy notices blood on Luke’s shirt. Dante wakes up and sees that his head is bleeding. He looks up and sees Luke tied to a chair. Dante stumbles over to see Luke clearer, but he sees a charred skeleton with a bomb in its lap.

Heather reveals her real identity to Nina. Carly tells Jake that Dr. Collins never saw him, so whatever he remember is wrong. Jake has a flash of seeing Helena in Kevin’s chair. Sam asks him why he took her phoenix. Nathan tells Carly that Sonny, Julian, Franco, and Ava escaped Pentonville. Julian calls Lucas. Luke overhears Lucas’ side of the conversation. Luke calls his contact in prison who tells him that Sonny and Julian escaped. Johnny has a “find my phone” app. Johnny and Carlos leave the party. Julian notices that the van is being followed, and not by the police. Julian speeds up and crashes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki apologizes to everyone at Victoriaís for almost dropping Katie. Nikki confesses she has a problem. Nick offers to drive her home. Billy and Chelsea leave, but Victoria stops Ben and asks him to move in with her, Ben thinks that she is only doing this because Billy and Chelsea look so comfortable together. In the park Phyllis again apologizes but then tells Kelly that she wants her out of their lives. Phyllis realizes you cannot ever go home again. Then she tells Kelly to take care of Jack as she picks up her bags and leaves. Paul and Christine present Jack with a search warrant for evidence at his home against Phyllis. Jack tries to call Phyllis but gets no answer. Michael meets Lauren at the Athletic Club bar and together they discuss a “bucket list.” Jill joins them and tells them about her meeting with Victor. Sage and Gabriel meet with the estate lawyer, who is upset that Gabriel put the old home up for sale. He issues a warning to them both that this marriage had better be legitimate or they will lose everything. Nick brings Nikki home and tells Victor what happened at Victoria’s concerning Katie.

Once home, Billy and Chelsea encounter Gabriel, who lets them know that he is moving in and asks them to help him celebrate. Although hesitant at first, Billy and Chelsea agree. Gabriel asks Chelsea to help him decorate his new condo. Chelsea asks him what he prefers. Victoria lets Ben know that she loves him, but he doesn’t believe her at first. Victoria insists she doesnít need a man to make her happy. Ben changes his mind and agrees to move in. Kelly visits Jack and lets him know about her meeting with Phyllis. Jack catches up to Phyllis in the park and begs her to come home. Once home, they find Michael there. Paul and Christine soon arrive and arrest Phyllis. Phyllis accuses Jack of betraying her and tells him that she will never forgive him. Victor calls Jill to tell her she can have Chancellor if she comes up with all the money.

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