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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Maya that no one got hurt when he shot the gun. He complains that Caroline claimed she and Ridge were done and clearly they weren’t. Ridge and Caroline come in and Ridge tells him he is going to step down as CEO immediately. Rick and Maya both fire back that Rick has an iron clad contract and is going no where. Ridge says if he doesn’t they will go to police and have charges filed for shooting at them. He’s a nut case and he can not run this company any more. Rick says he is not unstable and he is not going to step aside and let them take over. Ridge tells him to think this over, he has two choices. Brooke has coffee with Donna and they discuss Hope with Wyatt being with her in Milan. But the Milan office is better now so she was able to get away and come home. But nothing is the same now that she is back. And it is a lot to take in and she wishes Donna had told her. Donna admits Rick is a little scary lately and no body wanted to cross him. Donna has to remind Brooke how much a person can get swept away by physical attraction. Rick was devastated by Caroline’s betrayal and Miss Maya was there to pick up the pieces. Brooke says this would all be over by now if it had been any body other than Ridge. Donna brings up Grant Chambers and how this is almost ominous like the bottom could fall out any moment.

At SP, Liam and Ivy kiss and he asks how was it……their first night together. She jokes that she loved falling asleep in his arms and waking up to that face. She admits it is like a war field at FC now. It’s Rick’s way or the highway. She is afraid none of her designs will mean much for long as Rick is only interested in torturing Caroline. He is like actively sabotaging FC. He’s the boss so they all suffer. Donna calls the office then tells Brooke something is going on between Rick and Ridge, something volatile. At least when Eric and Ridge were in charge no one walked around afraid for their lives. Brooke says she will not let anything happen to bring FC down. Ivy fills Liam in on Rick firing the gun and he is aghast. Bill walks in and he tells him that Rick has got to be stopped. He is disrespecting Caroline and also Ivy. He wants to take over FC. Rick tells Maya that they have to take this into consideration. He thinks maybe he can sway public opinion his way with the publicity nightmare. Does Ridge want to hurt his dad like that? Brooke walks in and announces to Ridge that he will not call anybody. Ridge welcomes her back. She says a lot has happened since she has been gone. She wants to hear what happened. She tells Ridge he is trying to break Rick and take everything that he has. This is going to stop. Rick has worked hard. Eric believes in him and that is not going to change. So she does not care if Rick fired at him or not, there is no discussion. Rick is going to stay here as CEO and if Ridge doesn’t like it, he can leave.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel opened Serenaís flash drive.  Nicole was anxious for him to open it.  Eric didnít want Serena to show the file, but she wanted to.  Daniel was surprised when he opened the file with Tedís name on it.  Sonny wanted to know what Will was keeping from him.  Chad confronted Jordan about kissing Rafe, but she said she didnít kiss him.  Jordan figured out why Chad set up Ben.  Kate tried to take credit for what Will did.  Eric and Daniel read the file Serena had.  It wasnít incriminating the way Nicole thought it was. Victor got into an argument with Theresa over Brady.  Jordan wanted to know what Chad did to upset Ben.  Kate lied to Sonny about the secret Will was keeping from Sonny.  Will said Kate was telling truth.  Ted was willing to forgive Serena.

Chad apologized for messing up.  Tedís counselor came and got him.  Nicole said Ted came to her and said he had the goods on Serena.  Eric was ready to leave.  Serena decided not to press charges against Nicole.  Daniel was upset with Nicole for spying on Serena.  He wanted to know why she did it, but she left.  He went after her.  Victor walked in on Brady and Melanie in a compromising position.  Serena wanted to check out Ericís artwork.  Victor warned Brady about Theresa possibly going after him and Melanie. Daniel and Nicole got into an argument over Serena.  Serena found knickknacks in Ericís room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava and Madeline are escorted to the van that is to take them Port Charles. Ava recognizes the driver as the guard who tried to kill her. The guard corners Ava. Sonny, in a guard’s uniform, tells the man to stop. Ava says Sonny sent the man in the first place. The guard recognizes that Sonny is an inmate, not a guard, so Sonny has to take him down. Meanwhile, the other guards notice the commotion so Julian and Franco take them on. Sonny informs Madeline that her right to court is their ticket out. They take off in the van and leave her there.

Brad asks Lucas to move in with him. When Sam and Patrick arrive at Brad’s place to pick up Brad and Lucas, Sam sees the phoenix and demands to know where Brad got it. Lucas says he found it on the dock and gave it to Brad. The inscription on the bottom confirms that it is Sam’s. The four of them put together that Lucas found it in the place where Jake Doe was found unconscious and taken to the hospital.

Carly goes to the police station and tells Nathan that Jake may have been the man who helped Faison escape. She gives him Jake’s duffel bag. Nathan has the lab run the gun against the bullet that they took out of his shoulder. It is a match. Carly tells Nathan that she doesn’t think Jake was cognizant of his actions. Nathan gets a warrant. Jake strangles one of the catering staff working the Haunted Star event and takes his uniform. He places a bomb under the bar. Helena calls him. He tells her that it is done. She deactivates him. He suddenly doesn’t know why he is there. Maxie calls Nathan to see what is keeping him. She tells him that the luscious Jake Doe is tending bar for the party. Nathan goes to the Haunted Star and arrests Jake. Fluke pushes Dante down the basement stairs at the Elm Street house. While Dante is unconscious on the floor, Fluke puts a bomb on Luke’s lap.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At home, Billy and Victoria discuss Katie growing up and the things they will do together. In his office at Newman, Victor argues with Nikki, then tells her to show herself out. Victor leaves the office. Nikki eyes the bar and pours herself a drink, then sees Katherine’s picture. Nikki asks her as to what she is looking at. She promises that the drinking will stop tomorrow. Michael and Kevin are talking in the squad room at the police station. Avery comes in to join them. After a few polite words, Michael leaves. Kevin and Avery go into a room and shut the door. Avery asks for Kevin’s help in getting Joe out of her life for good. Jack assures Phyllis that he loves her and he won’t lose her again. Phyllis says how exhausted she feels. Jack tells her to rest while he gets up and leaves. Phyllis looks at the text message on the phone which states that they need to talk. Michael visits Phyllis. Phyllis asks Michael about his treatment and the side effects. She breaks down and tells Michael that she needs a lawyer. Jack arrives at the church for the christening as well as everyone else. Jack tells Summer that Phyllis was not feeling up to attending. Noah and Nick also arrive. Nick lets them know what Sharon is attempting to do by putting Faith on the stand no matter what it does to everyone else. Dylan lets Ben know about the threat on his life. Nikki sneaks outside and pulling a bottle from her purse, takes a drink. Victoria and Billy arrive with Katie. Victoria asks Nikki what she is doing out there. They tell her that they need to go in and start the festivities. The minister arrives for the christening. Chelsea arrives as well as Victor. Everyone is surprised to see Victor. Victoria asks him what he is doing there. Victor tells them that he is there for his granddaughter’s christening and asks if anyone has a problem with that. Ashley reminds Victor what he did to them and their business.

Jack gets a call and tells everyone that all of Jabot’s files have been returned because they were not damaging the environment. Victoria tells Victor that he should not have come. The minister begins the christening. Michael tries to tell Phyllis that Kelly is not a threat. He tries to assure her that she did not go after Kelly. Phyllis asks what she could be facing if she is found guilty. Avery meets Joe in his room, wearing the wire that Kevin arranged. Joe tells her that making love to her was on his mind. Avery tries to get Joe to talk about what he did to Dylan, but he doesn’t want to discuss that. Joe surprises her with a necklace that she has wanted for a long time. Joe wants her to try it on, but Avery cannot accept it. Joe urges her to try it on and tries to fasten the clasp behind her neck, but thinking he might find the wire, she steps away. Jack and Abby both pledge their loyalty and support to Katie. The baby is christened Katherine Rose Abbott Newman.

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