Wednesday 1/28/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is at home reflecting back on happier times with Bill when he shows up at the door. She wonders how he knew she was back. He muses that he has been keeping tabs on her. It has been too long but he has been waiting for her return. She says she is sorry that she intended to let everyone know. Katie goes to the office and Liam welcomes her back and says the whole building is abuzz with her return. She’s happy that he is President and her VP, she would not have it any other way. He earned it. He says Bill practically begged her to come back and Bill begs no one. She agrees and says he is even reinstalling some of her initiatives like childcare and will move on from there. He thinks it is great that they will see more of Will around here, a nice happy family. And he does put his stamp of approval of them being a family again. She’s back at work for Spencer, she’s getting back with Bill. Things are looking up around here. Katie smiles but says she does not want to get her hopes up; she does not want anyone to get their hopes up. Deacon tries to convince a morose Quinn to go out for breakfast. She is not in the mood although he thought she was hungry, perhaps hungry for something else and that will suit him too. He says he is always down for another round. Then she says she has lost her appetite for sure. He says he knows her so well so what’s up with her, what gives. She finally says Brooke. She is back in town and she is just wondering how all of this will play out with her and whoever. Deacon finds it amusing that Quinn seems to be jealous. He assures her that he is not with Brooke. He’s with Quinn. She says she knows but he does have a child with Brooke and a very sordid past from what she knows. He admits they hooked up, things got hot and heavy, Brooke got pregnant, had Hope and that was the end. Quinn says she will not let him do that, wrap it up in a pretty little package and put a bow on it. She knows Brooke is legendary and some people may call her a sex symbol if you like blondes and she has been known to be in the center of many a scandal. Deacon says yes she has been known to follow her heart. Quinn continues that she had a child, his precious Hope, with her son-in-law and then got involved with her sister’s husband. He says in Brooke’s defense she did leave town trying to give Bill and Katie a chance and it looks like that is coming true. Deacon asks Quinn if she is not sure she is a little insecure now that Brooke is back in town. After all, he is her man now and he knows she would not like her to make any moves on him. He thinks it is adorable that she is jealous. She threatens to throw something at his head. She says Katie is with Bill or trying to get back with him so that leaves Brooke with no man. He tells her to stop that right now. He is not interested in Brooke nor her with him, that was in the past and he’s all about the future. He assures her that he is all about the person he is sharing a life with right now.

Liam jokes with Katie that she could do much better than Bill but she is so good for him. He doesn’t fire as many people now, he doesn’t scream and he doesn’t call Liam at four in the morning asking why he’s not at the office yet. He tells her since Brooke left, his dad has been single for the first times in years and he thinks it has humbled him. Katie admits that she likes the way they are connecting now. It feels good. She does not know what is gonna happen but she will try to stay open to whatever comes her way. She asks about him and Ivy and if they have taken it to the next level. He admits they have and she has her own toothbrush at his house. She cajoles next thing she will have drawer space and even a closet. He said he got lucky. She says she thinks Ivy is cool. She was a fan of Hope’s but she is in Italy. Liam adds and still married to his brother. She admits it is time for him to move on. Brooke explains to Bill that she was immersed in her work and then Hope came. She’s not sure she and Wyatt can work this out and be together. Bill says he is glad she is back. He has been looking forward to this moment. She left him; she walked out on him. She says she was only trying to do the right thing. Bill says he does not need her apology. He’s glad she did not contact him and left him alone with his memories. Everybody tried to warn him how Brooke was. He did not want to believe it and look where it got him. They had it all but she turned her back on him. She says she had to. He argues no she didn’t, but he’s done fighting for her. He doesn’t want that anymore. He wants his family and to spend the rest of his life with her sister. He knows before he made a lot of mistakes with Katie. He hurt her terribly and he regrets that but he is going to do everything in his power to win her back and reunite their family. Brooke says good, that is all she ever wanted. She says she knows his frustration with her and perhaps she could have handled this better. But it all worked out in the end. She’s a better person for this. She had to take herself out of the equation. It wasn’t right to come between him, Katie and his child. She is not unburdening herself, but it is a new beginning. And all the memories he asked about that they shared will be locked away forever.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano told Chad that John was back on the force.  Stefano was furious about it.  While Will was telling Paul that he might get a second chance with his true love, Sonny was outside of the office.  Serena and Eric confronted Nicole about stealing her files.  Serena wanted them back, but Nicole wanted everyone to see what was on them.  Will told Paul to fight for the love of his life.  Stefano was worried that John would come after the family.  When Jordan went to see Arianna, she ran into Kate.  Eric, Serena, and Daniel confronted Nicole about stealing Serenaís files.  Nicole told them that Serena was a monster.  Daniel, Eric, and Serena didnít want Nicole to show the flash drive.  Nicole had another way of proving that Serena is a monster.  Chad talked to Stefano about Jordan.  Jordan accused Kate of telling Chad something that came between them.

Kate told Jordan that she insulted her to Chad.  Jordan was upset and left the apartment.  Stefano told Chad to seduce Abby and get his revenge.  Will tried to convince Paul to come out to his mother.  Ted showed up at Danielís apartment.  Serena panicked when she saw him.  Ted told everyone that he used to work with Serena.  Ted told what happened between them.  Serena confirmed that Ted told the truth.  Kate advised Will not to tell Sonny the truth.  Kate wondered if Will was in love with Paul.  Chad confronted Jordan and demanded an explanation.  Will denied being in love with Paul.  Kate questioned why Will slept with Paul.  Chad and Jordan got in an argument.  Serena wanted Eric to know everything about her.  Serena gave Nicole permission to open the flash drive.  Chad asked Jordan why she was kissing Rafe.  Sonny walked in on Will and Kate while they were arguing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava tells Madeline that she is going with her on the transport van to Port Charles because she is going to testify for her and say that she acted out of fear for her life. Madeline wants to know what Ava is trying to pull. Sonny tells Julian1 that if Ava is his only way out of prison, then so be it. Franco tells Sonny and Julian that they will take him with him or he will reveal their plan. While the guards escort Madeline and Ava to the transport van, Sonny and Julian overpower the guards at their cells.

Brad Cooper delivers Jake Doe’s test results to Patrick. Jake isn’t there when Kevin Collins arrives for their appointment. Kevin informs Carly that he has never met with Jake before. Carly reluctantly concludes that Jake has been lying to her and that he must be guilty. Jake meets Helena at Bill Eckert’s gravesite. Helena asks him why Patrick and Sam are still alive. He tells her about his Robin hallucination. He says he went to resume his mission but he was stopped by memories of the canister on the nightstand and the animal figurines. He says he remembered Sam giving him one of the figurines. Patrick asks Sam if she has found her phoenix figurine. Patrick asks Sam if she has asked her brother if he has seen the phoenix. Lucas has Sam’s figurine. Brad notices the figurine. Lucas says he found it on the dock. Brad says they sell them in the Chinese Quarter and that it is a symbol of good luck that is paired with a dragon figurine. Lucas says he is going to get a dragon figurine for Brad so that they have the complete pair. Lucas invites Brad to the party at the Haunted Star. Sam invites Patrick to the party at the Haunted Star. Sam tells Patrick that they are driving to the party with Lucas and Brad. Helena orders Jake to forget that she ever gave him the mission, forget the canister, and forget the figurines. She gives him a new mission. He wonders why she wants to hurt all those people. She tells him to stop trying to fight the conditioning. He tells her that Carly is helping him. She tells him that Carly is not a friend of his. Carly tells Kevin that Jake doesn’t know what he may have done or why. She says she has to stop him by turning him into the police.

Dante is about to open the door to the basement of the Elm Street house with a crowbar when Fluke arrives. Dante tells him to unlock the door. Fluke protests and tells Dante to get a warrant. Dante says he doesn’t have time because he thinks his father-in-law in in the basement. Fluke says Dante has done daft if he doesn’t recognize that he is his father-in-law. Dante says Fluke is not Luke Spencer, he is Bill Eckert. He draws his gun and orders Fluke to open the door. Fluke complies and pushes Dante down the stairs.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis visits Victor in his office and confronts him about the drug that she was injected with to bring her back to reality only for his benefit so he could find out Sharon’s secret. Victor tells her that maybe it was time she went back to sleep as he puts a needle into her arm. Phyllis awakens from a nightmare. Jack tells Billy that he wants him to watch over Jabot for a few days so he can spend more time with Phyllis. Gabriel walks in and interrupts. Billy lets it slip that he and Chelsea had drinks with Gabriel and his girlfriend. Jack asks Gabriel about his girlfriend. At the Athletic Club, Chelsea is at the bar when Nick walks in. Nick and Chelsea discuss Sharon and how Chelsea gave her a job. Sharon was working out well in view of the custody hearing that is soon coming up. Nick tells Chelsea that Sharon is going to have Faith testify at the hearing no matter who it hurts. At the lab, Ashley and Abby discuss the new formula named "Hex." Abby starts to leave and sees a notice on the door. Men from a special government agency come in and take over the formula and seize all the files. As they walk into Newman Enterprises, Victoria tells Ben that she has to get Katie to the nursery. Ashley tells Abby that she knows who is behind this and he won’t get away with it. Paul is in his office when Christine comes in and wants to see the file on Phyllis. Paul says there is no file. Christine becomes upset and thinks that Phyllis will walk away. Paul says there is no case without Kelly. Paul tries to calm Christine down because of the baby. Christine tells Paul to bring Phyllis down or she will. Jack commends Gabriel on the report and then asks him about his girlfriend. Ashley calls Jack to let him know what is happening at the lab. Jack hurries over. Ashley leaves the lab to go talk to Victor. The officer takes the samples of the new fragrance. Nick and Chelsea discuss the custody hearing. Sage comes downstairs and joins Nick. Chelsea is surprised to see Sage with Nick. She says she was with Gabriel the night before. Nick questions Sage about Gabriel. Sage breaks down and tells Nick that Gabriel is her husband. Gabriel tells Jack about his grandmother and the clause in the will that he has to pretend to be married to Sage. Gabriel tells Jack that he will make Chelsea fall back in love with him.

Ashley confronts Victor about the sample. She demands to know where it is. Victor gets in his desk and shows her the vial. Victor makes up a story that they had been working on a few formula for months. Victoria comes in and Victor wants her to back his story. Ashley tries to get Victoria to tell her the truth about the sample but Victoria backs Victor. Jack tells Gabriel that he cannot come back from the dead and things be the same. Jack leaves to go to the lab when Chelsea enters. They discuss how special it is when you meet that one special person who will change your life. Sage tells Nick that she is in an arranged marriage. Nick commends her on always doing something for other people and asks if she ever does anything for herself. Ben confronts Victoria about backing Victor. Victoria tries to tell him that this is only business. Ben tells her that she had a choice to make and she chose Victor. As Paul asks Phyllis about drugging Kelly, Jack walks in. Jack reminds Paul that without Kelly, he has no case. Paul tells him don’t be so sure. Victoria lays down the law to Victor and tells him that Katie will be christened an Abbott. Ben, Ashley, and Abby find the bug in the lab.

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