Tuesday 1/27/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/27/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Caroline just to say yes. They do not have to think about Rick or Maya, just get out of this insanity. Chris walks in at that moment and gives Caroline the divorce papers. Ridge advises her to show it to her attorney first but Caroline grabs the pen and says she has given this enough time. She will sign now. She does and hands the papers back to Chris and turns to Ridge and says they can get on now. Ridge tells her he did not expect her to sign tonight. She says yes and she did not expect Rick to fire a gun at them. She did all she could to save her marriage and move forward but clearly Rick is not the guy she thought he was. She can not have kids with someone like that with a gun. Brooke asks Maya what is really going on. What is she up to, this is all happening way too fast. Maya fires back that none of this would have happened if it were not for Caroline who was going after Ridge hot and heavy. Rick deserves a woman he can trust but Caroline let him down. Maya won’t. Brooke says so she supports Rick and Maya gets all of this. Maya says she appreciates all of this. She thinks what Brooke’s family has done has been amazing. Maya says Rick is angry and bitter. Caroline did not just betray him with anyone, it was Ridge. Rick can not forgive her for this. He’s held this animosity toward Ridge for a long time and while Brooke may have put it behind her, Caroline opened it all up.

Rick walks in and is surprised to see Brooke. He asks about Hope and Brooke says she needed more time. Rick knows how all of this looks and admits he needs to tell them about something at the office. Shots were fired by him but he was not even aiming at anyone so no one hurt. But they are shocked to hear him say it was at Ridge and Caroline as if it was no big deal. Rick says he had to get Ridge off his wife. Ridge talks to Eric and apprises him of the situation. Eric just wants them to be safe. Rick says he knows Ridge will make it seem like it was bad but he did not try to kill them. He could have if he wanted to. Brooke calls Ridge and asks if they are both okay. She says she is back in L.A. and Rick told her what happened. Ridge tells her they are not going to call the police. But he is not letting this go as Rick is completely out of control. Ridge tells Caroline they do not have to stay here and fix this. They can just go. Caroline says she does not want him to be charged but Rick can not stick around as dangerous as he is and be CEO. But she is afraid it will take years for her and Ridge to start their own company. She says they were lucky so no regrets. Rick and Maya are happy there will be no charges. He tells his mom that the only peace he gets is with Maya. She is the only one that has been there for him. That is why the portrait is up. Brooke says she wants to be here for him. So go to bed tonight and tomorrow he will be more like himself. Rick goes upstairs. Brooke pours herself a drink and charges Maya for allowing Rick to take a gun to the office. She says she will be watching her every move now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel and Eric argued over Nicole.  Daniel was willing to let stop being friends with Eric if he pushed him.  Nicole wanted to call a truce with Serena.  Once Nicole left Serena’s apartment, Nicole wanted to see the dirt she had on Serena.  Will talked to Kate about feeling guilty for something.  Abby went to Victor to help Ben.  Will told Kate about the way he treated Sonny while he was away.  Abby wanted Victor to give Ben a job.  Will told Kate that he cheated on Sonny.  Paul called so they could meet.  Daniel nearly busted Nicole before she could get the dirt on Serena. When Serena checked her computer, she knew Nicole stole her files.

Will and Paul met at Will’s office so Paul could come out.  Kate went to see Sonny.  Nicole lied to Daniel to get out of going on a date with him, but she changed her mind and decided to go.  Paul told Will that he lost the man that loved him (Sonny).  Paul told Will that the guy proposed and that he loved him.  Kate tried to offer Sonny a loan.  Serena told Eric how Nicole stole her files.  Eric was going to take care of Nicole.  While Daniel was changing for their date, Nicole wrestled with whether or not to get the dirt on Serena.  Kate suggested that Sonny and Will have spend time together.  Victor and Damon talked about Clyde and getting rid of his body.  Before Daniel and Nicole could leave, Eric and Serena were there to stop them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

When Johnny sees that Lulu is upset, he assumes Dante did something again. She tells him to try to make peace with Dante. Fluke assumes that Dante dug up Bill Eckert’s grave. He tells Helena that he bets Dante is headed to that basement. Helena says Dante won’t find anything because she has already seen to the matter. Dante goes to the old Spencer house on Elm Street. He and Michael are about to open the basement door when Commissioner Sloane arrives with a court order having the place condemned. Michael goes to the Haunted Star and interrupts Johnny just as he is about to tell Lulu about Fluke.

Helena assures Luke that his party will go off without a hitch. Fluke complains about Jake. Carly gives Jake a phone that she found in his bag. Jake has a memory of Helena calling him. Helena calls Jakes phone and says he is active. He meets her at the cemetery. Dante goes back to the house and is about to break into the basement when Fluke arrives.

Ava assumes that the guard who is leading her away was sent by Sonny to kill her. He takes her to the visiting room where Silas and Avery are waiting. She tells Silas about the attempt on her life. Silas encourages Ava to do whatever she has to do to stay alive, even if it means escaping. Sonny tells Julian that Bill Eckert’s grave was empty. Julian agrees that Fluke must be Bill. Julian asks Sonny if he tried to have Ava killed. Sonny says Ava is still on his hit list, but he wasn’t responsible for that attempt. Julian says he thinks it was Bill Eckert. He tells Sonny that neither he nor Bill Eckert can get to Ava because she is their ticket out.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Phyllis sees a psychiatrist, who suggests she make amends with the people she's hurt. She apologizes to Kelly. Ashley confronts Victor after her lab was closed down for endangering a tree root in Central America, which was the lie she told Victor. Stitch finds the bug in the lab. Stitch confronts Victoria and realizes she picked her father over him. Paul investigates when he learns that Kelly was poisoned but she refuses to file charges. Neil tells Hilary about the program that might restore his eyesight. She's ecstatic because that means she and Devon can come clean and start their lives together but Neil takes the excitement as love for him and he tells Devon. Victoria tells Victor that if his business includes corporate espionage, she wants no part of it and Victor won't be allowed in Katie's life.

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