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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Chris tells Rick that he will go file the divorce papers. Rick realizes that he left the gun he just gave him. He chases him down the hall but does not catch. Instead through a partially open door he spies Ridge laying on top of Caroline. Maya’s words buzz through his mind and he fires three shots. Maya is surprised to find Brooke at her door but says Rick will be glad she is home. Brooke likewise is surprised to see Maya playing the queen of the manor and they have a special evening planned. She assures Brooke this was not her idea. She is not exactly the portrait on the wall type but she is getting used to it. Brooke adds and everyone else should too. She admits she had heard that Caroline and Rick were having problems but she did not expect to come home to this. She says she will have a lot of questions for Rick but for now she’d like to hear Maya’s side. Maya tells her that Rick has been named CEO and the guest house is being remodeled and Caroline is living elsewhere. She tells Brooke that she is not comfortable talking like this and would like to go change clothes. Brooke says fine, in meantime she will put Stephanie’s portrait back on the wall. Ridge asks Rick what is he doing. Rick mocks him that what is he doing – molesting Caroline? And her, guess she is learning to draw and the creative juices got flowing and she wanted him to teach her. Ridge takes the gun from Rick and says he is insane and has lost it. He could have killed them. Rick says no, he could have if he wanted to but he did not even aim at them. But going at it like that, they deserved it.

Pam and Charlie rush in to see what the chaos is and Charlie says he will check the next room to make sure the bullet didn’t hit someone on the other side. Carter tells Rick that he has lost his mind. Rick justifies that if he had not walked in when he did then Ridge would have defiled Caroline. He had found the gun at Eric’s and wanted to get it out of the house. Then he found Caroline with the cradle robber. Ridge is incredulous, now Rick wants to call Caroline his wife. He can’t have it both ways. Rick says he is not jerking Caroline around. She is his wife. Rick says they will be getting a visit from his attorney. Ridge can drop the gun off with him and do him a favor, stay off his wife! After making love, Ivy and Liam cuddle and she says there is no end to his talents. He offers her an extra toothbrush for the morning unless she has to rush home now. She is not sure where home even is considering Lord Rick and Lady Maya. Liam jokes that he can go Neanderthal again on Rick. They discuss breakfast and he requests Stroopwafels which she can not even make. He jokes that he will go on a hunger strike. Brooke tells Maya that Stephanie’s portrait was not in garage. Maya says they will have to wait and ask Rick. Clearly it is complicated and he needs to explain. She says one thing Brooke needs to know is that she loves her son and Caroline doesn’t, she turned to someone else. Caroline was unfaithful with Ridge. She doesn’t have to tell her the history between Rick and Ridge as Brooke lived it. Caroline said it was just a few kisses but it devastated Rick. Brooke adds and Maya was there to pick up the pieces. Maya says Caroline is a grown woman and she did not appreciate what she had. She realizes Caroline and Ridge will have a different side to the story. Maya says she does not have any friends over this. They have called her a gold digger and a home wrecker but that doesn’t matter as long as Rick knows she is the woman he can trust. Rick needs someone else in his corner. Brooke is his mother and she hopes they can count on her. Ridge starts to call Det. Baker but Caroline begs him not to. She thinks she has put Rick through enough. Ridge says Rick can throw his weight around as CEO but he can not use people as target practice. He’s hurt Caroline enough. He wants to leave FC, with her…..start their own design house. He does not want Rick anywhere near her. He says he is tired of asking people for forgiveness. He wants to see her happy and he thinks he can make her happy….so do him a favor and run away with him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Serena and Nicole got into an argument.  Aiden didnít want Hope to go with him to close the beach house.  Rafe recognized Damon when he saw him at Victorís house.  Rafe told Victor that there was a problem with his trucking company.  Chad was suspicious of why Jordan wanted to see him.  While Ben and Abby were talking about him going to jail, Clyde assured them that he wouldnít.  Nicole wanted to call a truce with Serena, but Serena wasnít interested.  Aiden was able tog et out of why he didnít want Hope to be at the beach house.  Rafe questioned Victor about what was going on with his trucking company.  Victor wanted Rafe to stay out of it.  Clyde wanted to get Ben a lawyer, but Ben didnít want his help.  Jordan tried to defend Ben to Chad, but Chad wasnít interested in hearing it.  Chad wondered if Jordan would do anything to keep him from pressing charges.

Chad ended up throwing Jordan out of the mansion.  Victor called Clyde so they could meet.  Serena investigated Nicole and decided to keep her close.  She called Nicole so they could meet at her hotel room.  Clyde agreed to meet Victor.  Jordan ran into Clyde.  Clyde suspected that Chad and Ben fought over her.  Abby talked to Chad about Ben.  She asked if he knew what set Ben off.  Chad didnít tell her what he did.  When Nicole was about to meet Serena, she talked to Ted about setting up Serena.  Serena got a call she had to take before she spoke to Nicole.  Rafe ran into Chad and ripped into him about Ben.  Nicole quickly tried to get information off of Serenaís computer while Serena was on the phone.  Rafe talked to Chad about Jordan and how heís going to possibly lose her.  Damon shot Clyde.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The guards find the phone under Franco’s mattress. Franco draws a picture for one of the guards to keep the phone and stay out of solitary. Franco calls Nina. Nina lets her friend “Diana” talk to Franco. Heather tells Franco that his new girlfriend is like a wounded little bird and that she can’t think of a better way to punish him than to crush his little bird. Shawn tells Sonny that Bill Eckert’s grave was empty. Sonny tells Shawn that he is breaking out today, so that he can protect Michael. Ava sneaks into the men’s side of the prison and tells Julian that Sonny tried to have a guard kill her. He tell her that it wasn’t’ Sonny; it was their old boss. He fills her in on the details of Bill Eckert and tells her that he needs to find a way out of there to get to Lucas. She tells him that Madeline’s transport van to Port Charles is leaving from the back gate at 6:30 tonight. Sonny tells Julian that Eckert’s coffin was empty.

Jordan tells Dante why Bill Eckert’s grave was dug up. She reveals that the reason Shawn went to the old house on Elm Street was because he followed Fake Luke there. He says he was trying to get into the basement to see what secret Eckert is hiding down there, but Michael stopped him. Dante wonders if the real Luke is in that basement. Fluke tells Luke that the party he is throwing on the Haunted Star is going to be a blast, especially when the boat explodes with Tracy, Lulu, Lucas, and Bobbie on board. Luke wants to know why Fluke is doing that to him. Fluke goes the cemetery to meet Bobbie, Lucas, and Lulu. He runs into Dante. Lulu assumes that Dante is there for Aunt Ruby’s memorial. Dante doesn’t disagree. He asks how Bill is related to the family. After the memorial, Fluke sees the dug-up grave. Dante goes to the Elm Street house.

Jordan tells TJ she had nothing to do with Molly’s father being framed and that she is responsible for rescuing him. TJ wonders why the Jeromes haven’t killed her. She reveals that she is now under the protection of the Corinthos organization. Shawn encourages TJ to let Jordan back into his life. TJ hugs his mother.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Billy brings Chelsea flowers and then asks how her day was. Chelsea is surprised that Billy is so interested in her day, but she tells him about Gabriel being too familiar. At the gym, Gabriel punches on a punching bag when Sage comes in and begins to tell him she is finding out a lot of things about Nick. Nick walks in and tells Gabriel about his meeting with Sharon. Gabriel advises Nick not to blame Sharon; it wasn’t her fault. Sharon sits on Faith’s bed and tries to calm her down. Faith tells her about her bad dream. Sharon says not to worry about Sage. Faith asks Sharon if she and Nick are going to get back together. At the Coffeehouse, Kevin and Mariah sit at a table and talk. Kevin asks why she was crying earlier. Mariah says she was just being crazy. She gets up to leave but then asks Kevin for a ride. At the Athletic Club hotel room, Dylan interrupts Joe and Avery and accuses Joe of trying to come between them. Joe and Dylan begin to argue but Avery tells Joe not to antagonize Dylan 'cause he has a gun. Joe asks Dylan if he is going to shoot him. Dylan tells him that he could kill him in a number of ways, and he wouldn’t know what hit him. Billy asks Chelsea what Gabriel said to her. She things his conversation was too "personal" and he was too interested in her designs, business, etc. Gabriel apologizes to Nick for his remark about Sharon and promises to keep his mouth shut. Sage apologizes to Nick for stopping by the way she did. Sharon tells Noah about Faith being upset and having a nightmare. Sharon wants to do something to help this situation but Noah encourages her to talk to Nick. Sharon tells Noah that she will use this situation with Sage to bury Nick in court. Chelsea accuses Billy of being too protective toward her, but he would hate to run a fist through Gabrielís face. Chelsea suggests that Gabriel may not have meant anything. Noah joins Nick at the gym and is introduced to Sage. He asks Gabriel if he has seen him somewhere before. Gabriel reminds him where they met. Noah tells Nick about what happened with Sharon and asks him to talk to her. Sharon remembers her talk with Nick about her changing the DNA results. She receives a call from David. Kevin and Mariah walk in. Sharon asks them to take care of Faith while she goes to meet David. Faith comes downstairs and wonders where Sharon is. Upon hearing that Sharon is gone, Faith worries that it is because of her. Mariah asks her what is going on.

Joe tells Dylan that Avery came to warn him in order to protect him. Dylan reminds Joe that Avery is his ex-wife. Dylan tells Joe no more or he will come back and kill him. Mariah gets all the facts from Faith about what happened with Nick and Sage. Mariah tells Faith that Sharon needs to know. Mariah sends Faith to bed with the promise for another bedtime kiss from Sharon. David and Sharon discuss what happened with Sage. David wants to call Faith as a witness but Sharon is against the idea because of Avery cross-examining her. Gabriel and Sage discuss what happened at Nick’s. When Gabriel sees Chelsea with Billy, he grabs Sage and kisses her. Billy notices the look on Chelsea’s face. Gabriel and Sage join Billy and Chelsea. Gabriel introduces Sage as his girlfriend. Kevin urges Mariah to tell Sharon the truth. Mariah tells Kevin that Faith wants her family back together. Kevin senses that Mariah wants her family back together. Nick and Noah come in. Nick wants to know where Sharon is. Mariah tells him that she is meeting with her lawyer. Sharon comes home and tells Noah and Mariah to take Faith upstairs. Sharon vows to use this in court against Nick. Sage reprimands Gabriel for telling Chelsea and Billy that she is his girlfriend. Joe asks for just one night with Avery, and he will drop all this.

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