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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

For B&B's 7000th episode milestone, a retrospective documentary aired today, featuring some iconic moments, the history of the show's creation, as well as present commentary from the cast, fashion throughout the decades, unforgettable guest stars, original screen test footage, and more.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer came home while Eve and JJ were together.  When Eve left, she ran into Jennifer.  Kate went to talk to Victor about Clyde.  Serena tried to talk Daniel out of being with Nicole.  Serena’s former co-worker named Ted met with Nicole to give her dirt on Serena.  Nicole wanted more proof on Serena. Ted told Nicole to get access to Serena’s home computer to get more evidence on her.  Chase and Ciara overheard Aiden and Hope talking about him selling the house.  Clyde and his henchman plotted against Victor.  Kate wanted Victor to stop going after Clyde, but Victor didn’t want to listen. Jennifer wanted to know why Eve was in her house.  Before she could answer, she threw Eve out. When Eve left, Jennifer wanted to know what was going on between them.

Aiden talked to Chase about selling the house. Kate met with Clyde and warned him about Victor.  Jennifer wanted to know why Eve was in her house.  Nicole went to see Daniel to apologize to him.  Chase wanted to go back to the beach house.  Jennifer wanted to know why JJ isn’t fighting to get Paige back.  Clyde wanted to know why Kate talked about him to Victor.  Victor’s henchman had information on Clyde.  Eve went to the college to talk to Paige about JJ.  Paige was determined to find out who JJ was with. Clyde found out Ben was arrested.  Serena showed up at Daniel’s apartment.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jordan follows Shawn to Bill Eckert’s gravesite. Shawn asks her if she is a cop. She gives him every reason to believe she is not a cop. She asks him who William Eckert is. Shawn says he is guessing it is Jordan’s old boss. He tells her that Faison was a diversion and that Luke’s supposedly dead lookalike relative is probably the one running the show. Shawn digs up the grave and opens the coffin.

Ava has a nightmare that Kiki won’t allow her to see Avery. Madeline gives Ava a hard time. She says she has her performance for the jury perfected and that she is going to be released tomorrow, but Ava is in there forever. Ava berates Madeline for being the kind of mother who would sell out her own daughter to get out of jail. Madeline says Ava is one to talk after lying about her daughter’s paternity to get to the ELQ fortune. Dante and Lulu meet baby Avery. Lulu is glad that Rocco will have a playmate. Lulu offers Morgan a job at the Haunted Star. Kiki tells Dante that Morgan kissed her when he found out that he wasn’t Avery’s father, but that it can’t mean anything because then Michael will hate them even more than he already does. Michael and Lucas meet “luke” at the Haunted Star. Luke tells them that he has reconsidered and that they can build the clinic on the site of his old house. Luke says he wants to throw a party to celebrate the opening day. Lulu and Morgan arrive at the Haunted Star. Michael is abusive toward Morgan. Lulu wants to know what Michael, Lucas, and Luke are doing there to begin with. Michael says he isn’t so sure about having a party at the Star, now that he knows Morgan will be working there. Morgan thanks Lulu for the job offer, but declines. He says it is a shame that Michael isn’t mature enough to watch him pour drinks for one night for a cause that he is supposedly so passionate about. Lulu convinces him to start working there after the party. Fluke goes to the Elm Street house and tells Luke that he is having a party at the Haunted Star and that he is inviting everyone that Luke loves.

Nina plays Battleship with Heather in Miscavige. Not knowing they are talking about the same woman, they trade stories about Ava Jerome. Nina says she should have known that Franco is the only one she could trust. Heather says it’s a shame that Franco isn’t there for Nina now. Nina tells Heather about her mother. She says she wishes she could have had a mother like Heather. Heather says she will be her mother while they are in Miscavige together. She says she will look after Nina. Nina introduces herself since they don’t know each other’s names. Heather says her name is Diana Taylor. After bartering with Sonny for his phone in exchange for silence about Sonny’s plan to escape, Franco calls Nina and tells her that they will figure something out. When Ava is alone in her cell, a guard corners her with a knife. Before he does anything to her, he is called away to tend to an emergency.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack cannot believe that Phyllis would try to poison Kelly. Kelly shows him proof. Phyllis believes that Ben is framing her. When Cane arrives at his hotel room, Joe says he has somewhere to be. Cane asks him to reconsider his options concerning the Warehouse District. At the Coffeehouse, Avery asks Dylan what he will do concerning the threat on his life. Dylan tells her that he is ready for them now as he shows her a pistol that he purchased. In the Athletic Club dining room, Jill and Colin discuss how they can regain control of Chancellor Industries. Colin tells Jill that he can come up with the money to pay Victor the price he's asking. Jill wants to know where the money is coming from. Colin asks her to let him handle it. Jill tells him that she trusts him. In the foyer, Neil tells Lily that he is taking off for awhile, since he has something to take care of. In a hotel room, Devon and Hilary have made love and are lying in bed together. Devon wants to take her out to eat. While she gets dressed, Devon checks his messages and sees one from Colin. Dylan shows Avery the gun he purchased, so he can be ready if someone comes after him again. As Joe goes to the Coffeehouse, Dylan answers his phone and gets another threat. Cane advises Neil against leaving. Hilary comes out of the bathroom and finds Devon, dressed and packed ready to go. He tells her about the message from Colin. Devon mentions ending their affair, but Hilary doesn’t want to, even though she doesn’t want to break Neil’s heart. Devon asks Colin what he thinks he's doing. Colin tells him to come home. Devon reminds Colin they had a deal but Colin says that the plans have changed.

Kelly explains to Jack what happened when she and Phyllis had tea together. Phyllis calls her a “looney.” Kelly shows her the tea cup that she drank the tea out of. She tries to tell Jack that Phyllis is not the woman he fell in love with. When Jack orders Kelly to leave, she warns him to be careful. Phyllis offers Jack a drink or a cup of tea. Cane tries to talk Neil out of his plans. Neil tells Cane about the flashes of light but he doesn’t want anyone to know until he knows something for sure. Lily tells Cane to level with her as she drags him away. Upstairs in a hotel room, Lily and Cane kiss. Lily starts to undress but Cane tells her to slow it down. Lily tells Cane to tell her what to do. Jill asks Colin what the money man said. Colin promises that he will come through. Joe meets his accomplice outside and pays him off. Dylan tells Avery that Joe is behind all this. Dylan tells Avery that he will handle this without her. Avery storms out of the Coffeehouse. Devon tries to call Colin’s bluff but with no luck. He says he wants to be with Hilary. Devon asks Colin to drop this but he refuses. Neil is reading Braille when Hilary comes home. Neil and Hilary kiss. Jack is not impressed by Phyllis’ remark. He says he talked to Dr. Cutler and there were significant side effects of the drugs he gave her. Phyllis becomes angry and knocks a glass vase off the shelf thus cutting her hand. Phyllis begins to wonder if she is behind what all is going on between her and Kelly. Colin delivers on his promise to Jill. Lily asks Devon for money to regain control of Chancellor but Devon tells her that his money is tied up.

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