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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon welcomes Brooke home. She says she knew he’d want to hear about Hope. She is doing as well as she can considering her marriage. This whole thing has had a profound effect on her. She is sure she will stay there for a while. She is surprised to hear about him and Quinn who suddenly comes in and tells Brooke that she must persuade Hope to come home with Wyatt. Ivy asks Liam just what does he have in mind for tonight. She appreciates that he stood up for her today. He has her back no matter what. Caroline explains to Ridge all Rick did. He wishes he had been there. She said she can handle it since she knows now he is not the husband she thought he was. Ridge says this sounds about right after all the things he has pulled over the years and always losing his temper. Now she does not have to be concerned with that anymore. Rick tells Maya that Caroline will get the divorce papers today and they can finally move on. Chris brings the papers and says there are no surprises. It is just as they planned. Maya tells him she will go home as Rick is coming home to a celebration tonight.

Brooke says Hope can stay and come home any time she wants. Quinn says she does not like how Hope is handling this and Hope has more feelings other than her own to take into consideration. Ivy says she feels so safe and protected when she is with Liam, nothing can touch her. Rick signs the papers and Chris says he will file these. Before he leaves Rick takes a drink and opens his desk and takes out the gun and tells Chris to please get rid of it for him. He doesn’t trust himself. Ridge helps Caroline with sketches but they can’t keep their hands off each other. Brooke tells Quinn that all of this is her fault. She should not have come into her house and taunted Hope. She is going now. She says she knows it is difficult waiting but Hope is going to do what it takes to heal. Ivy and Liam cuddle on the couch and kiss. He says he will always stand up for her against being thrown in the river or being crushed by the CEO. She came into his life when he needed someone and he sees now life can be fun. He takes her hand and leads her upstairs. They kiss as they undress each other and he lays her on the bed. Dressed in a sexy red teddy, Maya opens the door thinking Rick forgot his key. It is a shaken Brooke who is dumbstruck. She finally says she recognizes her lingerie. Maya stammers that yes it came from her line. Maya tells her Rick is not home yet but will be soon. Brooke realizes Maya is actually living there. She comes on in and then spies Maya’s portrait on the wall. She utters WTH. Maya tells her Stephanie’s portrait is in the garage and will be back up when Eric comes home. Brooke says is needs to be put back up now. This is so disrespectful. Chris leaves and tells Rick that he will return when the papers are filed. He forgets the gun. Rick goes into the hallway trying to catch him but he is gone. Rick sees some movement behind a partially closed door and realizes it is Caroline and Ridge kissing on the couch. He fires three shots toward them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa had a reaction when she saw a baby.  Brady wanted to make sure she was okay.  Chad saw Rafe and Jordan kissing.  She stopped them from kissing and reminded him that sheís with Chad.  Daniel wasnít happy about Melanie and Brady dating.  Eve asked Brady what was wrong with Theresa.  Rafe apologized for kissing Jordan, but he thought she shouldnít be with Chad.  She didnít care what he thought.  Daniel was worried about Brady being with Melanie because of his addiction.  JJ got into a fight with Cole when he saw him talking to Paige.  Paige was furious with JJ for interfering in her business.  Daniel continued to tell Melanie about his reservations about her being with Brady.  Melanie fought Daniel on them being together until he caved.  

Eve and Theresa argued when Eve tried to help her.  Daniel went to see Brady to talk about Melanie.  Rafe tried to warn Jordan to stay away from Chad, but she didnít listen.  Chad and Ben got into a fight over Jordan and Abby.  JJ called Eve to meet him at his house to talk.  John and Abe broke up Chad and Benís fight.  Abe took Chad to the hospital while John and Rafe talk to Ben.  Chad told Jordan and Abby that Ben beat him up.  Eve met JJ at his house to talk about Paige.  JJ wanted Eve to stop Paige from seeing Cole.  Eve didnít believe any of JJís accusations about Cole.  Rafe reminded Ben that he tried to warn him about Chad.  Abby accused Chad of starting with Ben.  Abe wanted to know if Chad was going to press charges against Ben.  Chad decided to press charges against Ben.  Things got intense with JJ and Eve when he insulted her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn tells Duke that Sonny found out that Faison in a Luke mask was just a decoy and that the real imposter is still impersonating Luke and living in the Quartermaine mansion with Michael. Alexis tells Michael that she served Shawn with the restraining order. She advises him to be careful in that old house because Shawn seemed genuinely concerned for his wellbeing. Fluke threatens Sonny that Michael and Lucas will pay for Sonny and Julian’s actions. Sonny tells Fluke that if he touches Michael or Lucas, he will reveal that his true identity is Bill Eckert. He asks Fluke what he wants. Fluke says he already sent Johnny to ask Sonny nicely to turn over his territory. Sonny says Fluke should choose better emissaries and that he didn’t know that Johnny was speaking for someone else. He says he will do it if it ensures the safety of Michael and Lucas. Fluke say it is too late to negotiate; he is just going to take it and there is nothing Sonny can do about it. Sonny tells Julian that they are going to break out of prison. Jordan follows Shawn to the graveyard where he intends to dig up Bill Eckert’s grave to see if it is empty or occupied. Shawn hears her so she reveals herself.

Elizabeth tells Patrick that Jake was found unconscious on the dock with a gash on his head, but he doesn’t remember what happened. Patrick wonders if Jake really could have held Sam hostage during a blackout. Carly finds a gun and mask in Jake’s bag. He has no idea how they got there. He concludes that either someone is trying to frame the man with no memory or he commits crimes that he doesn’t remember. Carly runs into Lucas and Michael in the hallway. She is thrilled to hear that her brother is going to run her son’s clinic. Michael ignores her and walks away. Lucas encourages Carly to not give up on Michael. Lucas tells Michael that it is unhealthy for him to keep his pain and anger bottled up inside. Lucas finds Sam’s phoenix on the dock and puts it in his pocket. Luke calls Michael and asks him and Lucas to meet him at the Haunted Star to discuss the clinic. Carly tells Jake that they are going to make another appointment with Dr. Collins and they are going to figure out what really happened.

Nathan tells Maxie that he is investigating Duke. Maxie says that’s a shame because Duke is nice. He says he expects that someone is going to fill Julian’s spot too. She asks him if he thinks that will be Johnny Zacchara. She says Johnny told her that Nathan and Dante showed up at his doorstep when he got out of prison. He wonders why she hadn’t mentioned that she had seen Johnny. She didn’t think it was important. She asks him why he hadn’t told her that he saw Johnny. He says he didn’t think it was important at the time, but now he is starting to wonder. He asks Maxie about her history with Johnny.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sage is wearing Nick’s robe when Faith comes downstairs and sees her. She asks why she is wearing Daddy’s robe. Jack apologizes to Phyllis but she still doesn’t believe that he loves her and only her. Kelly wakes up in the hospital and finds out from Ben that she was poisoned. Sharon gets a call from Faith, who makes her think that something is wrong with Nick. Summer and Fenmore talk about her marriage to Austin. Austin goes to work and finds Mariah behind the bar. She says he is not on the schedule. Austin tells her that there will be no more kisses. Kevin walks in and wants to know what they are discussing. Mariah lies to him and makes up some lame reason. Kelly tells Ben she suspects Phyllis put something in her tea. Ben wants to call the police but Kelly refuses to let him. Victoria is at the bar when Phyllis enters looking for Kelly. Victoria lets her know that Kelly isn’t there. Phyllis asks for Victoria’s help. Mariah asks Kevin why he cares about her. Summer tells Fenmore that Mariah kissed Austin and broke up Abby and Tyler. Sage explains to Faith why she is wearing Nick’s robe. Faith tells her that she didn’t need to be here since this was her time alone with Nick. Nick reprimands her for being disrespectful and sends her to her room. Dr. Cutler and Jack return to the Abbott home. Jack questions him about his other patients about whom Dr. Cutler will not divulge any information. Jack threatens to ruin his practice if he doesn’t get answers. Ben points out to Kelly what she has to be thankful for. Kelly tells Ben that Phyllis cannot accept that Jack loved her while she was away. Victoria refuses to get in the middle of the Jack/Phyllis/Kelly triangle but does tell Phyllis about Billy and Kelly getting involved after the death of Delia.

Sage gets ready to leave but Nick stops her. Nick explains to Sage that Sharon made him think that his daughter was another man’s. Sharon comes rushing in and hugs Nick. Nick asks Sharon what she is doing there. Sharon explains about Faith’s phone call. Faith comes downstairs and wants to go home with Sharon. Nick is against her going and tells Sharon that this is not over and also tells her to knock when she comes over again. Kevin assures Mariah that she is pushing away the people who love her. Kevin asks Mariah for some of her tips for cancer research and she gives him all she has. Fen and Summer argue over Austin. Kevin and Fen discuss the fundraising for cancer research but Fen is preoccupied. Summer comes into the Underground and lashes out at Mariah by telling her that she is worthless human and no one wants to be around her. Austin reprimands Summer for her remarks. Phyllis comes home to Jack’s and tells him that she had a talk with Victoria. They begin to argue over Kelly as usual. Sharon puts Faith to bed and finds out that Nick and Sage were discussing her. Kevin sees Mariah outside of the Coffeehouse door and goes over to her. Mariah puts her arms around Kevin’s neck. Jack reminds Phyllis that he is marrying her. Phyllis tells Jack that they need to get Kelly out of their lives. Kelly barges in and tells Jack that Phyllis tried to poison her.

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