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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Still with that eerie laugh, Rick picks himself up off the floor and glares at Liam. He says Liam really does not want to take him on. Liam points out that Caroline is his cousin and Ivy his girlfriend and Rick can not talk to them like that without going through him first. Rick growls that he is the head of this company and he can talk to his employees anyway he wants to. Liam does not even work here so he has no say in this. Caroline says Rick was riding them and Ivy adds that Rick brought up Ridge and he started accusing Caroline all over again. Rick points to her and says it never stopped. Just ask Caroline; she is not exactly blameless. Liam asks about his roommate… he’s not blameless either. Ivy tells him that Rick threatened to fire her and then did to Caroline. Liam says he has a habit of that lately. And he is being so hypercritical since he is sleeping with Maya every night. He knows he is in pain but that is no excuse for being a bully. Rick fights back with what Caroline did and everybody is in her corner and nobody cares about him. Liam advises him to back it up and stop acting like a little child. Rick just lashes out more and tells Ivy and Caroline they are on notice and he wants them all out of his office. Liam, Caroline and Ivy go into Ridge’s office where they discuss the situation. Liam says they need to let Eric know as he would not approve of this. Caroline says he is unreachable. She and Ivy both need their jobs so they will have to figure out a way to deal with all of this. Liam kisses Ivy and says he will see her tonight as he has something special planned.

Bill offers Katie his office and he will get a new one if she would like. He will agree to flex hours, working at home, daycare center back in force, he just wants her back. She finds it interesting and sexy that she has to pull it out of him but finally he admits he has been wr…….rong in the past. He is looking to a new future. She is shocked that he is admitting to his wrongs. He muses because of Katie and her influence he has learned to live as a better man. He knows he can do better than that uptight dressmaker with the red string. All she has to say is she will wear another real ring. She agrees to take it one day at a time and is looking forward to working with him and Liam. She reminds him that he picked Brooke and she is not over that. He says he knows he did not appreciate Katie at that time but she was ill so he takes full responsibility for their breakup. But if she will let him move back home he thinks they can be happy with Will all living under one roof. He promises that she can trust him this time. He wipes the tears from her face and kisses her hand. Rick pours himself a drink and remembers back to when he was younger and him saying he will not let Ridge hurt his mother this way again. And now it is with Caroline. He goes to his briefcase and pulls out the gun he found in Stephanie’s drawer. He has such hate and disgust and anger in his eyes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer went to see Daniel to talk about JJ.  Brady and Melanie met to see if they could be a couple.  Paige talked to her friend about who she thought slept with JJ.  Victor threatened Clyde to Rafe.  Rafe warned Victor not to go after Clyde.  Rafe offered to go after Clyde legally.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to talk to JJ.  Melanie wanted to tell Daniel the truth about them, but Brady didnít want her to.  Daniel wanted to talk to JJ.  Paige thought JJ cheated with Theresa.  Paige got the wrong idea when Theresa was talking about Shane.  Paige asked when was the last time she talked to JJ.

Daniel talked to JJ about Paige.  Rafe went to see Jordan to talk about Clyde.  Rafe wanted Jordanís help to get Clyde.  Victor met Clyde at the park.  Jordan didnít want to help Rafe take Clyde down.  Rafe warned Jordan about Chad.  Daniel gave JJ advice on Paige.  Paige continued to question Theresa until Theresa left.  Theresa and Brady ran into each other after she was with Clint.  Theresa and Brady ended up in an argument.  Melanie told Daniel that she and Brady were going to date.  Victor threatened Clyde, but Clyde wasnít afraid.  Chad saw Jordan and Rafe kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna tells Jordan that they may never see each other again because the Justice Department has called her to DC to account for her actions with Faison. Jordan wants to get out of her rogue undercover operation. Shawn researches Bill Eckert on the Internet. Carly wants to know what he is so interested in. He won’t let her get involved. She wants to know how Sonny is. He tells her that Sonny wants her to get over him and move on with her life. She doesn’t want to. Alexis serves Shawn with a restraining order and accuses him of stalking Michael. Carly concludes that Shawn must have been keeping an eye on Michael for Sonny. Sonny calls Michael to warn him about Fluke and tell him to stay away from the house on Elm Street. Michael isn’t interested in anything Sonny has to say. Julian tells Sonny that if Michael confronts Fluke, then Fluke will know that they are onto him. Michael immediately tells “Luke” about the call and that Shawn broke into the house on Elm Street the other day and was trying to break into the basement when Michael arrived.

Tracy wonders why “Luke” is so upset about Shawn going into the basement if nothing is down there. “Luke” says they should board up the house because no one needs to be in there, especially not in the basement, not even Michael. He says it isn’t safe. He says Michael should build the clinic elsewhere. Michael says they aren’t going to use the house; they are going to build a new structure on the property. He tells Luke that if he has sentimental reasons to keep the house standing, he should just say so. Tracy tells Luke that he will have his memories of that house whether it is still standing or not. “Luke” says it isn’t up to him or to Michael; it is up to Bill Eckert. Tracy says Bill’s son, Sly, is the de facto owner. “Luke” presumes that it will be tied up in probate for months. Tracy presumes that it will cost ELQ a boatload of money and concludes that Luke is probably right that Michael should build his clinic elsewhere. Sonny calls Shawn and tells him to look into the possibility that Bill Eckert isn’t dead. Fluke calls the phone that Sonny acquired from Fluke’s lackey and threatens Michael and Lucas.

Sam notices that her phoenix figurine is missing. It is next to Jake, who is face down in the snow, unconscious, with a gash on his head. Elizabeth thinks about Jake telling her that he can’t be her friend because he would always want more and it would get complicated. Lucas tells Elizabeth that he took a job at the clinic that Michael is opening. Elizabeth thinks she should put in some time at the clinic too. Lucas treats Jake when paramedics bring him to the emergency room. He orders a consultation to see if Jake’s confusion is related to his existing Traumatic Brain Injury. Elizabeth calls Carly to tell her about Jake. Carly rushes to the hospital. Jake doesn’t remember anything between talking to Elizabeth on the dock and being awakened by a cop. A memory of the figurine comes to him. Carly looks in his duffel bag to see if the figurine is inside. She finds his gun. Sam walks right past the figurine on the ground on the dock without seeing it.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Gabriel tells Sage she needs to get closer to Nick, so she takes a yearbook and goes to Nick's house. While looking at the yearbook, Sage "accidentally" knocks over a vase and spills water on herself. Nick insists on drying her clothes for her and she wears his bathrobe. Faith is disturbed by this. Chelsea tells Sharon she'll have to fight dirty if she wants to get custody of Faith. When Lily hears there is a problem at GCAC, she decides to cut her trip with Hilary short, leaving Devon and Hilary the freedom to be together. Michael talks to Kevin about changing his will and making Kevin the executor.

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