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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill gives Miss Avant 24 hours to get out of this home. She says she is supposed to listen and obey if she gets his drift. Rick walks into his office with elaborate sketches on display. Everyone agrees they look great. But Rick marches straight to Caroline and asks where the head designer is. She says he isn’t gong to be here but he thought she could handle it. Liam watches Katie and is glad to see her back at work. Liam says he thinks Bill wants her back in his life. She says Bill ran off and she would not want to be in Rick or Maya’s shoes. Bill tells Maya this is not her house. She is delusional and he wants her out of here. And as a general rule, he gets what he wants. She says she is what Rick needs and she is not going anywhere. She muses that she is trying to be respectful but she won’t put up with this. He says he is only trying to help her. She does not belong here in this family. He takes a picture of the portrait and laughs at her for thinking she could be matriarch of this family. She is just a joke. Rick tells Caroline that the head designer should be here and he will move on and not run this by Ridge's helper. He looks at Aly’s shoe designs and tells her to keep working on it but right now with soaring profits is not the time to add another line. He welcomes Eva from the International office and she gives a glowing report of Ivy’s contribution in Amsterdam and the public wants more. Rick listens and Caroline chimes in they should go with it. Rick shoots that down. He says Ivy is a great jewelry designer but not a model. He demands that Oliver re-shoot using Maya. Caroline sees he is going to buck anything she says. He blasts out that he wants everyone to leave except Ivy and Caroline. Rick says he is not going to argue with her on this but this is not her job description to help the company. And these are not her best efforts. Ivy says he is just attacking Caroline because of Ridge. He laughs at the word wife who betrayed him. It was more than just a couple of kisses and it is not over now.

Katie tells Bill that he can not control everything. He asks if she wants to be irresponsible with him. She tells him his family makes mistakes but they are in good shape. He wants her back and he is going to get it. She’s the kind of trouble he wants to get into. Oliver tells Ivy that Rick is on a power trip but he will get back to normal and come around. She has talent and Rick will realize that. He believes that everything will happen for her. Liam comes in and learns of the behind-the-scenes with Rick being out of control. He even listens through the door. Pam says he is giving them a piece of his mind you can be sure of that. Liam says they should not have to put up with this. Rick badgers Caroline and accuses her of more kisses or worse since they broke up. Ivy tries to answer and he tells her to stay out of this. He tells Caroline that she is finished. He never wants to see her again. Liam cannot control it any longer and he rushes in and from behind throws Rick to the floor and sternly tells him he is not to talk to these women like that. From the floor, Rick just glares at him and laughs.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will and Paul kissed.  Rafe wanted Clyde and Kate out of his club.  Victor schemed with one of his goons to take care of Clyde.  Jordan was surprised that Ben wanted anything to do with Clyde.  Chad and Abby argued over Ben.  Will stopped himself from sleeping with Paul.  Victor and Maggie went to his club.  Victor was upset about Chad being there until he saw Clyde.  Victor and Rafe schemed to get Clyde.  Clyde and Victor got into it at the club.  Paul was upset that Will didnít ant to have sex with him.

Paul was upset when Will and didnít want to do the article.  Will thought Paul would only do the article if Will slept with him.  Victor and Clyde got in an argument.  Paul implied that was what he wanted at first, but he couldnít do it.  Clyde warned Victor to walk away.  Victor let Clyde know who he was dealing with when Maggie arrived.  Paul agreed to come out of the closet.  Will and Sonny argued over money.  Paul called his mother to invite her to Salem, but she refused to go.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie goes to the Haunted Star looking for Lulu, but she finds Johnny. While they are catching up, she tells him that she had a baby with Spinelli and has an amazing new boyfriend. He tells her that he met her boyfriend and that Nathan didn’t like him, probably because he is Dante’s partner. Dante tells Nathan about his fight with Lulu. Nathan rents a room above Kelly’s. Dante wonders if Nathan and Maxie got into a fight too. He says no, they just decided to take things slow so they don’t want to live together as a couple yet. Johnny tells her that while he was in prison, he thought about meeting a woman that he can build a life with someone like Maxie. She reminds him that she has a boyfriend. He says he has a chance as long as she isn’t married, engaged, or living together. Maxie assures him that he doesn’t have a chance with her. She says they can still be friends. Lulu tells Olivia that she and Dante had a big fight about Johnny. Olivia says the mother in her says it might be best for Lulu to take Dante’s advice and sell her half of the Haunted Star, but the mother-in-law in her thinks Lulu should stand her ground, and the woman in her had a relationship with Johnny. She observes that all the men she sleeps with end up in prison and lets it slip that Julian is on that list.

Sonny tells Julian that Shawn found out that Luke’s old house belongs to Luke’s lookalike Bill Eckert, who supposedly died years ago. Julian reveals that he met Fluke when he was in witness protection. He wonders what Bill Eckert as against Sonny. Sonny says he was in deep with the man who shot Eckert.

Nikolas overhears Helena and Fluke talking and wonders who they are planning to eliminate. He observes that Luke has always hated Helena and wonders how they suddenly became partners in crime. He wonders what Lulu thinks about this alliance. Luke says Lulu doesn’t know and Nikolas had better not tell her. Nikolas wonders what Luke brings to the table. Helena assures Nikolas that Luke is worthwhile. She wonders why she hasn’t heard from Jake yet. Jake goes to Sam’s bedroom to kill her and Patrick, but he can’t do it. He has flashes of Jason’s memories. Sam hears something when he closes the door behind him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

At the Abbott house, Jack speaks with the doctor who gave Phyllis the treatment that brought her out of a coma. He asks if there were any side effects in any of the doctor's other patients. Phyllis comes home and isn't happy to see the doctor. Jill goes to Victor hoping to persuade him to sell Chancellor to her. He gives her an outrageous number. Ashley gives Victor some bogus information about Jabot's new fragrance. While Ashley and Abby talk about it, Victor is listening as he has bugged the lab. Phyllis and Kelly have an unfriendly conversation over tea. Later, Kelly collapses and Stitch takes her to the hospital where he is told she was poisoned. Hilary and Lily check into their hotel room, but Hilary makes an excuse to get out of the spa treatment. Just as Hilary and Devon start to make love, Lily comes down the hall, back from her treatment.

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