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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole, Maya’s little sister, shows up at Eric’s to see Maya. Maya barely recognizes her but seems happy to see her. Nicole has transferred to UCLA but had not gotten in touch because she thought it had been too many years. Rick calls Caroline into his office and says Ridge is head designer but he expects to get daily reports from her. And if he is not available then give it to Maya; she is on top of things. He mentions that Caroline looks different now. She snaps that perhaps he never knew her at all. Bill calls a meeting while he is back in town and announces he is appointing Liam as President of SP. Liam ask if he is getting a new office or a raise. He would hate to think he is being shipped off someplace. Bill assures him he will be working here. He even asks Katie to come back as he needs her too. Ivy tells Liam for two people divorced they act awfully married. Ivy asks Liam if they should go celebrate or her return to her job. He says the work day is already half over. But she would hate to know where he’d like to put his hands right now. She says she might win in that department herself.

Katie tells Bill she will come back if she does not have to deal with Alison and she will want flex hours and the daycare center to be brought back. He says he was kicked out of the house that he loved so much…..he will promise not to snore if he can just come back and sleep in his old bed. She counter offers with how about she cook him supper. Pam confronts Rick and says she is taking the portrait of Stephanie that he stuck in the garage to keep it out of the elements. Rick assures her that she is okay but he will have someone wrap it up and treat it like the Mona Lisa. Caroline goes to Bill and hopes he is not going ballistic because she is with Ridge. The last he heard was that she was with Rick and he can not believe that was all an act on his part to keep being CEO. But he still goes not want her to be with Ridge and advises her to get back with Rick. Maya hugs Nicole when she says she missed Maya a lot. She was even mad at her for leaving and doing her own thing but only because Nicole was too young to do the same thing. Caroline sees Katie at Bill's office while he is out. Katie says she knows Caroline may feel she has ruined her life but she didn’t. Nothing is further from the truth. She let Ridge go. He’s an amazing man and she got lost in him. But he is an artist and she wanted and tried to be all he wanted her to be but it was not enough. In the process she lost who she was and forgot who she was. She does not want Caroline to end up doing that. Caroline says she won’t and if she may say she thinks Katie is much more relaxed now with Bill than when they were married. Pam refuses to do a background check on Maya and her family for Rick. If he has moved her into the house then he will just have to trust her. Bill goes to see Maya. She says what a pleasant surprise but she is the only one home. He comes on in and says no, not home. She is just the resident squatter. Bill sees the portrait and makes fun of it and advises her to leave Rick. Bill says he knows all about her ugly past so she has 24 hours before he can expose that, he hopes she understands him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and Serena got in a fight.  Chad asked Ben if he made things right with Jordan.  Ben didnít want to answer him.  Clyde went to see Jordan.  Paul told Will why he didnít want to come out of the closet. Rafe stopped Nicole and Serena from fighting, but they kept going after each other.  Paul accused Will of wanting him to come out for the article, but Will convinced him otherwise.  Paul wanted to go back to his hotel to talk.  Clyde apologized for hurting Jordan with the truth.  Daniel wanted to know what was going on between Nicole and Serena.  A woman said that Nicole purposely spilled her drink on Serena.  The lady had to admit that she didnít get a good look at what happened.  Serena wanted to leave the club.  Nicole was upset because she thought Rafe took Serenaís side.

When Will and Paul went back to Paulís hotel room, Will continued to convince Paul to come out of the closet.  Paul wondered if Will regretted coming out.  Will said he didnít.  He told Paul about the guy heís with now.  Paul wanted to know why Will slept with him if heís happy with the other guy.  Daniel and Nicole got into an argument over Serena.  Paul asked Will again why he slept with him if heís happy with his man.  Nicole called the guy who called her before about Serena.  Nicole wanted the information to bring Serena down.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael walks into the house on Elm Street just as Shawn is about to open the basement door with a crowbar and assumes Sonny sent Shawn to keep tabs on him. Michael calls Dante to report an intruder at the Elm Street house. Dante was in the middle of fighting with Lulu and Johnny about their business partnership in the Haunted Star. Dante goes all the way there only to have Michael tell him that the intruder was Shawn and that he left. Michael says he is sure Shawn was there because Sonny is keeping tabs on him. He says he wants to press charges for trespassing. Dante says he can’t do that because Michael doesn’t own the house. Michael wants a restraining order, then.

Lulu asks Johnny if Dante is right in his suspicions that Johnny is falling back into criminal activity. He tells her he has no intention of going back to prison. A crew of Johnny’s boys corner Luke and Julian in Pentonville. Sonny and Julian easily take them down. The ringleader negotiates for his life. Sonny tells him that he wants his phone. Sonny calls Shawn. Shawn tells him that he followed Luke to an abandoned house on Elm Street where he met with Helena Cassadine. He says Luke has something important in the basement but he didn’t get to go check it out because Michael arrived. He tells Sonny that Michael mentioned that the house belongs to someone named Bill Eckert.

Carly and Elizabeth talk about Jake. Carly says she thinks Jake left her house because he didn’t want to get in the way of her and Ric. Both women have noticed the way Jake has seemed distant lately, as if something is going on beneath the surface, and they hope he is ok. Jake goes into Sam’s apartment while she and Patrick are in the bedroom with the intention of sleeping together. Biding his time downstairs while Sam and Patrick are having sex upstairs, Jake is drawn to the picture of Sam, Jason, and baby Danny. Robin appears before him, tells him that she is a memory and that she is there to stop him from killing Sam. He says he doesn’t want to kill anyone, but Helena Cassadine has conditioned him to take her orders. She says he manifested her because he is fighting Helena’s orders. Helena calls Jake and asks him if the deed is done yet. He says no, someone else is there. Robin disappears. Helena concludes that the other person must be Patrick and orders Jake to kill them both.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery is worried about Dylan, but he thinks the break-in was a one-time thing. Avery confronts Joe about it, but he denies any wrongdoing. Dylan receives a phone call and is told that next time he won't be so lucky. Victor is unhappy with Joe for sending thugs after Dylan. He says he will handle the situation himself. Victoria accidentally punches Billy while she is working out. They have an in-depth conversation about their lives -- past, present, and future. Gabriel bonds with Connor and asks Chelsea some very personal questions before Billy interrupts. Billy tells Chelsea he still doesn't trust Gabriel.

Chelsea asks Gabriel what he thinks he is doing as he holds Connor and talks to him while holding the little red car in his hands. Gabriel makes up a lie that he found the car in the crib. Chelsea asks Gabriel again if he has any children. Gabriel tells her that he doesn’t, but he hopes to real soon. At the gym, Billy tells Victoria that Adam’s death will not influence Connor. Billy reminds Victoria that Adam stole Delia from him when he killed her. Billy tells Victoria that he thinks Victor is behind his beating. They argue as Victoria defends her father. In his office at Newman, Joe asks Victor why he is so concerned over Dylan. Victor assures him that this is only a business deal with the Warehouse District. Phyllis cannot believe her ears when Jack questions her about the wig that he found in her bag. She asks Jack what is the point of them staying together if he doesn’t trust her. Jack tells her that he is just trying to find out the truth. Phyllis asks him why she would go to this much trouble to wear a blonde wig and order the rose petals so Kelly could get into bed with him. Jack tells her that she may have forgotten about buying the wig and setting this all in motion. Phyllis asks him if he thinks she is “crazy.” Jack assures her that he doesn’t think that she is crazy, but she had been through a lot the past year and maybe the drugs did something to her mind. Phyllis still wants to put all the blame on Kelly. She steps up closer to Jack, but he says he has a meeting and leaves. Phyllis picks up her cell phone and calls someone, asking to meet them. Chelsea tells Gabriel that Billy supports her career and that he is great with Connor. Gabriel asks how Billy reacted to Delia’s death. Chelsea says it was hard on both Billy and Chloe. Gabriel tells Chelsea that Connor needs to know about his father. Victoria visits Victor in his office and asks why he was selling Crimson Lights right out from under Dylan. Victor says he made Dylan a very lucrative offer to relocate, but he refused. Victor says the deal must go through as he pushes the laptop around for Victoria to see the screen. At the Coffeehouse, Paul tells Avery and Dylan that he ran a check on the tags of the cars but no luck so far. Avery pulls Dylan aside and tells him that she loves him but she thinks that he should step aside and let someone else lead this fight. Dylan finds out that Avery went to see Joe right after he got beaten up.

Joe asks Avery if she believes that he was behind this. He reminds her of all the good times they had together when they were married and the vacation they took. Victoria tells Victor that she wants to revise the cosmetics line. She asks if he knows what Ashley is working on. Victor says he has his ideas. Chelsea tells Gabriel all about Adam and the video he made after the hit and run. Gabriel asks her if she could forgive Adam. Chelsea has unanswered questions so that is why she could never forgive him. Gabriel asks her if she could ask Adam those questions then could she possibly forgive him. Chelsea tells Gabriel that Adam hurt an awful lot of people. Connor, who is in his crib, points at Gabriel and calls him, “Dada.” Billy listens to the conversation. Gabriel says that Connor doesn’t know what he talking about. Billy assures him that he knows who his daddy is. Gabriel mumbles that he does know who his daddy is. Avery tells Joe that she also remembers what broke them up. Joe puts the blame on Dylan destroying their marriage but Avery denies that. Phyllis interrupts Joe and Avery, asking “Who is that?” Avery tells her that is her ex-husband. Paul tells Dylan that he is running a trace on all the cars. Victoria interrupts and asks Dylan how he is. Dylan makes some remarks about Victor hiring the men to mug him. Victoria assures him that Victor would never hire anyone to hurt him. Avery tells Phyllis that they could never get a restraining order against Kelly. Avery goes on to remind Phyllis of all she did. Phyllis asks if she thinks she's crazy. Phyllis tells Avery that Kelly is getting to Jack. Jack asks Victor about the side effects of the drug that Phyllis was given. Avery is with Dylan when he receives a call but the person will not say anything. Dylan tells Avery that this is not over. Billy asks Gabriel why he's here and not at work. Gabriel tells Chelsea that he will email her the designs, but Billy tells him to send them to him. Chelsea pulls Billy aside and asks him what's wrong and why he won’t cut Gabriel some slack. Gabriel talks to Connor and tells him that he knows who his daddy is and soon everyone will know. Victor gives Jack the number of Dr. Cutler.

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