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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Revitalized, Caroline starts sketching when Ridge comes in. He tries to kiss her several times but she pulls back, yet seems happy. They finally do kiss and he says he does not care what her Uncle Bill will say. She has no choice as he is not going to let her go. She says they need to take things slow. He agrees, he does not want it to end before it begins. Ivy asks Rick if he has heard from Wyatt as she needs to proceed on a few things. Then she asks about Hope and he says no to both fronts, but it won’t be long. She starts in again about him and Caroline and wants to know if he no longer loves her. He tells her they have had this conversation before. She says there is only so much a woman can take. So if he is just hurting Caroline to get back at her, it may backfire. Rick says he is not distracted by Caroline now; just the business. He could not be at his best with Ridge challenging him at every turn. Having total control of the company for a year will prove he can succeed. He appreciates her concern but he has a lot of work he needs to get done. Carter is working out and Othello joins him but they don’t get into much when Maya joins them and is happy to announce that Rick told her last night that he loved her. What they have is real. She is his lady. Carter laughs as this only came up when she told him, presto just like that. She says Rick moved mountains to be with her so what else do they want.

Caroline tells Ridge that she feels sort of guilty but for the first time in a long time she does not feel miserable here at work. But how is this going to work with them working and yet reporting to Rick. He says he is here now so he does not want to talk about Rick. At that moment he gets a text from Rick wanting to see their designs. Maya admits to Carter that she was intimidated by Caroline with the hold she had on Rick but not know or ever again. Maya wants to make a few changes at work and Carter reminds her she is not the CEO. She says no, just the woman behind the CEO. Ivy notices that Caroline is smiling once again and wants to know what is up. All Caroline will do is smile and say they will wait for Ridge. Eventually Ivy gets it out of her that this new attitude is due to Ridge. He has told her she is beautiful and strong. They are more than just a team but are taking it slow, very slow. Ridge marches into Rick’s office and says it will be a cold day in hell when he takes orders from Rick. Rick says they had a deadline and it was due this morning. Ridge says Rick is disrespecting his mother and his father. Rick says Eric is not his father and Stephanie is not Rick’s mother. And he is living in the house now and can do what he wants. Maya comes in and throws in her two cents that Ridge is a problem and if he can’t handle it he can find employment elsewhere. If he can not respect Rick’s choices then at least respect him as the boss or go somewhere else. Ridge storms out and Maya goes to Rick to smooth his feathers. He says no one has ever come to his rescue like that but they have each other and will run this company. Ivy tells Caroline that her lips are sealed. They are interrupted by a young girl who wants to see Maya, her sister. Othello tells Carter that Rick has always felt like the family bastard because of how they all treated Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie caught Brady and Melanie kissing.  Rafe had the opening of the club.  Maggie questioned why Brady and Melanie kissing.  The guy who called Nicole before about Serena called again.  Rafe and Theresa met each other.  Rafe told Theresa how Shane saved his life.  When Melanie left Maggie and Brady to talk, Maggie told Brady that he shouldnít move on to a new relationship right now.  Melanie over heard the conversation and thought Maggie didnít want Brady with her.  Paul and Will met for an interview.

Lucas and Adrienne showed up to babysit Arianna.  He talked to her about Paul.  Will was excited about Paul coming out.  Paul had issues with coming out.  Theresa seemed interested in Rafe.  Melanie talked to Maggie about what was going on with Brady when Brady left them alone.  Will was upset when Paul used the word f*g.  Will said he heard the word before.  Paul wanted to hear about it.  Melanie tried to explain why she and Brady should be together, but Maggie didnít agree.  Brady overheard their conversation and interrupted them.  Brady and Melanie wanted Maggie to keep quiet about their relationship.  Will told Paul about what it was like when he came out.  Serena and Nicole had a run in at Rafeís club when Nicole accidentally spilled her drink on Serena.  Will and Paul talked about a guy they both loved.  When Will mentioned Paulís family, Paul changed his mind about coming out.  Serena and Nicole got into an argument.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Julian that he told Shawn about Fluke. Julian asks Sonny if he doesn’t understand that Fluke will go after his son if he finds out Sonny knows about him. Sonny assures Julian that Shawn is only following Fluke to see where he goes and who he talks to. He says Shawn isn’t going to tell anyone else. Shawn follows Fluke to the house on Elm Street and picks the lock to get in after watching Fluke go to the basement. Helena arrives shortly thereafter. Fluke comes up from the basement and wonders how Helena got in. She says the door was unlocked. Fluke tells her that he knows Julian must have shot his mouth off in Pentonville so he wouldn’t be surprised if someone is gunning for him. Helena convinces him that he is being paranoid. When they leave, Shawn takes a crowbar to the basement door.

Michael takes Rosalie to see a doctor about her fake sprained ankle. He is surprised to see Lucas working there. Michael tells Lucas that his friend fell in Luke and Bobbie’s childhood home. Lucas tells Michael that Morgan needs his big brother back. Michael asks Lucas if he wants to run the clinic when it opens. Lucas is flattered, but says he is just an intern. He says that if Michael is serious, then he is interested. Lulu has a fit about Dante forbidding Johnny to see her without consulting with her first. Dante she he was protecting his family and didn’t think it was a big deal. She asks him why she didn’t tell her about it if it wasn’t a big deal. He observes that the only reason Johnny for Johnny to be at the Haunted Star right now is to hit on her. Lulu reveals that Johnny owns half of the Haunted Star. Dante tells her to sell her half to Johnny.

Elizabeth suggests to Patrick that perhaps Sam’s extreme reaction to the Faison case is that she isn’t over Jason yet. After preparing for her dinner date with Patrick, Sam ponders Jason’s picture. Alexis comes home unexpectedly and surmises that Sam must have a date with Patrick. She wonders why Sam is clutching Jason’s picture. Alexis leaves when Patrick arrives. Patrick and Sam have dinner and then go upstairs. Helena’s order to kill Sam replays in Jake’s mind as he holds his pistol. Elizabeth sees him, but doesn’t see the gun. She wonders why he has a duffel bag. He says it’s his gym bag because Carly told him about the boxing gym. Elizabeth invites him over for dinner. He thinks Ric would object. She says she misses their friendship and wishes they could get that. He says he doesn’t think it’s possible to just be her friend. Jake goes into Sam’s penthouse.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the gym Nick asks Gabriel what he's keeping from Sage about being expelled from school. Billy listens in. At the loft, Chelsea uses Sharon to fit a dress she is working on. Sharon apologizes to Chelsea for trying so hard. Sharon and Chelsea discuss the custody hearing. In the foyer of the Athletic Club, Victoria thanks Sage for saving Nick’s life. They discuss Constance dying. Michael is at the hospital to have some lab work done before he begins radiation. Jack and Phyllis discuss how he felt when the florist told him that a blonde woman ordered the rose petals. Jack apologizes again for doubting her. As they hug, the cell phone shows a text message from Kelly asking him if they could talk. Gabriel admits he did get kicked out of boarding school, then was sent to another one. Billy tells Nick that Gabriel works at Jabot now. To get on the good side of Billy, Gabriel offers to wash his car, etc. Billy tells Gabriel that if they are going to be working together, then they should get to know each other. Sharon and Chelsea marvel at how beautiful Connor is. Sharon is reminded of how much she loves Faith. Nick and Victoria discuss what happened to Dylan and wonder how Nikki is doing. Victoria tells Nick that she saw Sage at the Athletic Club and wonders if there is anything serious going on between them. Nick denies anything going on. Jack and Phyllis discuss what Kelly did to them. Phyllis notices the time and says that she has a doctor’s appointment. Jack sees the text message and goes to meet Kelly who tries to explain what happened. Jack insists it's over between them and he is marrying Phyllis. Sharon tells Chelsea that she will always love Nick. Chelsea asks how far she would go to gain custody of Faith. Billy asks Gabriel if he is married, then talks about Chelsea losing her husband and about Delia. When Gabriel makes some remarks about the hit and run, Billy goes on the offensive and thinks that Gabriel is siding with the driver. Gabriel apologizes. Michael opens the door to the exam room and sees Phyllis standing there.

Nick comes into the Underground and is on the phone trying to call Avery about the custody hearing. Sage surprises him and asks for help in finding a new lawyer to handle Constance’s estate. Gabriel pays Chelsea a visit. Sharon tells him that he looks awfully familiar. Gabriel tells her where they met. Sharon soon leaves, leaving Chelsea and Gabriel alone. When Phyllis learns that Michael has prostate cancer, she gives him an uplifting pep talk that Lauren will never leave him. Phyllis lets it slip that Kelly will never be bothering them again. Sharon goes into the Underground and sees Nick with Sage, Sharon tells him that for the custody hearing next week, she will dig up dirt on him. At home, Jack sees Phyllis’ bag lying on the chair. Investigating further, he finds the blonde wig. Phyllis comes in and Jack shows her the wig. When Chelsea walks in, Gabriel has Connor in his arms, talking to him holding the car that he stole from Chelsea’s apartment.

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