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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Caroline kiss passionately. She says if they do this they can not go back. Whatever they do or don’t do it will be lost. He is not with Katie and Rick has moved on. They both want something they have not had before. Maya and Rick are snuggled in bed and she asks if he has ever slept in here before. He laughs that yes although it wasn’t even overnight. All were away except the staff and he came in and climbed in the bed to see how it felt to be his dad….until he was startled by a screaming Stephanie who had returned and was stunned that Brooke’s son was in her bed. Maya says she had made mistakes but she wants to be good to him. He says that is why he put her picture on the wall. They hug and kiss when she says she will make the best wife for him. They do joke that he does not know what a small orange, actually a tangerine is, since he’s only been to a grocery store once. Ivy and Aly walk into the Forrester home and wonder if Maya and Rick are there and are afraid to barge in and find out or see something they don’t want to see. They notice the clothes strewn on the staircase. And they decide not to let the family dinner go to waste and make plans to serve it on the coffee table. Maya tells Rick that she thought she heard a car. Rick says there is always someone coming or going not to mention Aly and Ivy. Maya says wishes her family could see her now. They always thought she’d never amount to anything. Every choice was a catastrophe and it almost was. She asks if they will last and he says it is up to them. He can not predict the future but she more than makes up for it by saying she has a super power and she can.

Caroline is not sure she is ready and Ridge says he is not pushing her. Caroline does not like these feelings of being out of control or feeling that she failed. She wanted to stay married. Ridge says he knows and he wanted to be a better person so there is plenty of failure to go around. They did not have an affair but it was more than that and they know it. She asks what does he see in her now. He says fear and the other Caroline had it too although they are not alike. He says Caroline is not reckless or sweet. He says he is not living in the past and knows exactly where he is going. Caroline says she wants him but she wants this to last and she needs time. He says he will not seduce her and he thinks it can be easy to filter out what others will say. Ridge holds her in his arms when she says an hour ago she would have thought this impossible but now it feels so right. Ivy calls Rick upstairs to see if they are going to come down for dinner. He is not hungry and Maya forgot to tell him their dinner was ready. Ivy says she will see him tomorrow. They decide to just have some wine and Maya offers to go down to basement to get a bottle and she will stop and get some cheese to go with it. He tells her he is sure Eric has a corkscrew around here somewhere. With Maya gone, he looks on Eric’s side in the drawer but does not find and then he opens the other side and is taken aback when he finds a gun. He picks it up and holds it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ told Jennifer that he cheated on Paige.  Eve asked if Paige knew who JJ slept with.  Clyde told Jordan that she killed her mother and her motherís baby.  Paige said JJ didnít tell her the personís name.  Paige talked to Eve about the person who slept with JJ.  Jennifer wanted to know who he slept with.  JJ said he hates the woman.  Jordan didnít believe Clyde.  He forced her to remember what happened to her mother.  Chad confronted Kate about what happened during the press conference at the hospital.  Clyde continued to taunt Jordan about what she did to her mother.  Jordan finally remembered what happened.  Clyde warned her that he would tell Ben what she did to their mother and his baby brother if she tried to come between him and Ben.  JJ didnít get a chance to tell Jennifer about the woman he was with because Maggie showed up.  

Eve tried to talk Paige out of finding out that JJ slept with.  Chad warned Kate to leave Jordan alone, but Kate wasnít intimidated.  Eve wanted to move to California, but Paige didnít want to go.  Ben showed up at Clydeís place.  Jordan lied about what was going on between her and Clyde.  When Jordan got to the hospital, she apologized to Abby.  Eve and JJ met at the park.  Eve was upset with him for telling Paige that he slept with someone.  Eve wanted him to fix the mess he made.  JJ thought it would have been alright because they were over.  Eve wanted to make sure JJ didnít tell the truth.  Maggie walked in on ďBrady and Melanie kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Commissioner Sloane tells Nathan and Dante to reveal all of Anna’s secret operations and informants. Dante and Nathan suggest that he ask Anna. Anna tells Jordan that she is pretty sure that Sloane conspired with Mayor Lomax to steal the election. Anna has Jordan’s file in her purse and says Sloane must never know that she is an informant because he is dirty. Anna says Jordan can report to Nathan and Dante. She says their jobs will be done when Duke and Shawn join Sonny and Julian in Pentonville. Sonny tells Shawn that someone is gunning for them so they have to prepare to go to war. He reveals that Johnny isn’t the real enemy; he answers to whoever is pretending to be Luke Spencer. He tells Shawn that the Luke Spencer lookalike already has the Zacchara and Jerome territories. Sonny tells Shawn to tail the imposter, identify him, and find out where he is stashing the real Luke. Shawn suggests bring Jordan in on it. Sonny thinks it is best to keep as many people out of the loop as possible.

Johnny meets Fluke at the Haunted Star and tells him that Sonny thwarted the attempt to kill Julian. They conclude that Julian and Sonny have allied and Sonny must know about Fluke by now. Fluke says he will handle Julian himself. Lulu goes to the Haunted Star and sees Luke berating Johnny. Johnny and Fluke say it was nothing. Lulu asks Johnny why he came to the Star. He tells her that he bought back his half so he co-owns it again. He decides that it might have been a bad idea since Dante ordered him to stay away from Lulu. Lulu goes ballistic and says she is going to let Dante have it when she sees him. Dante walks in.

Helena tells Nikolas that Michael’s new assistant, Rosalie Martinez, actually works for them. Michael takes Rosalie to the house on Elm Street that he plans to convert into a clinic. While Michael looks for a key to the basement, Rosalie calls Helena to report that she got the job. Helena tells Rosalie to get Michael out of that house immediately. Helena calls Fluke. Fluke leaves to check it out. Michael finds a crowbar to pry the basement door open with. Rosalie pretends to sprain her ankle. Nikolas asks Helena who they are working with. She names Luke Spencer. Nikolas says that is impossible, because Luke hates her. He wants to know what is really going on. Shawn follows Fluke to the house on Elm Street.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Joe is at the gym, working out when Cane comes and interrupts him. Cane and Joe discuss what Victor is doing to the people in the Warehouse District. Cane and Joe discuss Victor and how he is alienating everyone in town including his family. Victor interrupts Cane and Joe and issues Cane an ultimatum not to mess with him. Avery finds Dylan knocked out on the floor of the Coffeehouse, and immediately calls 9-1-1. At the Newman ranch, Paul eyes the liquor and wonders of Nikki took a drink. Nikki comes downstairs looking very much hung-over. Paul tells her that he tried to call but didn’t get an answer. Nikki makes up an excuse that she is fine. Paul accuses her of lying to him. Nikki confesses that she tossed and turned all night because she was thinking of Victor and what he did to Dylan. Nikki gets a call from Avery to come to the hospital because Dylan was mugged. Dylan is in his hospital bed when Nikki and Paul come rushing in. Avery fills them in on Dylan’s condition. The doctor walks up and Avery tells him to tell Paul and Nikki anything they need to know since she has Dylan’s power of attorney. The doctor goes on to tell them that Dylan has a concussion. They all go in to see Dylan. Paul begins to ask questions about the mugging. Although Dylan didn’t see the muggers’ faces, he has a pretty good idea why this was done. Paul lets Dylan know that there were no robberies in the area so this must be a vendetta against him. Joe tells Cane that he understands why he wants what was taken from him. Cane asks for Joe’s help. Avery walks in and confronts Joe about Dylan's mugging. Joe denies having anything to do with it. Joe grabs Avery and kisses her. Avery pulls away and slaps him. She tells him not to ever touch her again. Dylan tells Nikki about Victor and his offer and his threats against Avery. Nikki tells him that Paul needs to know. Paul goes to the ranch and confronts Victor over what happened to Dylan. Victor denies knowing anything about it or having anything to do with it. Victor becomes outraged and tells him not to ever come to his home again. Dylan tells Nikki that he considered stepping aside but now he was going to fight with everything he has.

Phyllis finds out from Jack that the man at the florist told him that she was the one who ordered the rose petals. Phyllis cannot believe that Jack doesn’t believe her. Victor comes up to join them. Jack tells Victor that this matter is none of his concern. Victor reminds Jack of his actions with Kelly while Phyllis was in a coma. Jack defends Kelly which unnerves Phyllis to no end. Jack and Phyllis go home but she has very little to say. Phyllis tells him that she was thinking about what Victor said. Phyllis asks Jack why he didn’t help to bring her out of the coma. Jack tells her that he flew in specialists from all over the world and no one could help her. Phyllis puts all the blame on Kelly. Jack, once again, defends Kelly. Jack assures Phyllis that he loves her and only her. Phyllis tells him that he will have to prove it to her. Jack talks to the florist and finds out that it was a blonde woman who ordered the rose petals. Phyllis asks Jack when he's going to realize that Kelly is behind all this.

Chelsea and Billy are at Jabot, eating dinner and working on her designs when Gabriel interrupts them. He makes up the excuse that he is looking for Jack. Chelsea tells Gabriel that Jack left a few hours ago but he can leave him a note. Gabriel sees her designs on the desk and asks whose they are. Chelsea confesses that they are hers. Gabriel tells her that Jabot is lucky to have her. Chelsea says it is mutual. Chelsea shows Gabriel around Jabot which unnerves Billy. Chelsea even gives Gabriel a number for Security if he needs it. Billy becomes jealous of the attention Chelsea gives to Gabriel. Gabriel meets Sage at the Underground and tells her that he will win Chelsea back. Sage enters the Underground and finds Nick behind the bar. She thanks him for the flowers and for telling her things about Gabriel. Sage asks him to tell her more but Nick informs her that she will have to find out from Gabriel. Sage tells Nick that Gabriel will not tell her anything about his past for he lives for the present. Nick states that Gabriel wasnít girl crazy like he was. Nick also tells her about his family and about Victor. Sage tells Nick that he seems to be a decent guy despite being Victorís son. Sage and Nick discuss Victor and his reputation and his love for his family. Nick tells Sage why he opened this place.

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