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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Rick that she needs to hear him say it when he tells her that she knows how he feels about her. She admits that yes he makes her feel wanted and important but she needs to know that she is loved. He says it seems obvious. She continues that he is the most wonderful man that she knows and she is so excited about their future together. She says she loves him but she’d like to know that he feels the same about her. Those three words mean everything to her. She says she does not want to pressure him and she does not want him to say it unless he truly means it but if he can’t….… then this is not what she expected. Apparently with nothing more to do at their jobs, Aly, Ivy and Carter stand around and discuss Maya’s situation. Carter says Maya enjoys the finer things in life and she makes no bones about it. He thinks she is genuinely into this. Caroline explains to Ridge that Maya’s picture is now upon the wall instead of his mother's. Ridge doesn’t know why Caroline puts up with Rick. This is all part of his game. Everybody has their limit. She says she is just not there yet. Ridge muses that yes he knows; Rick knows it too. He tries to get her to say she will not give in to this anymore, but she says she is just not ready to give up on her marriage. He doesn’t want her to be disappointed. She says she will just have to have faith. He says faith is good but what if Rick still doesn’t forgive her.

Rick tells Maya that he can not do this alone. He is CEO but he is surrounded by a lot of assassins who want to see him fail. She says he is not alone. He has her. He says he knows. She has been loyal and supportive and he wants her in his life. But he avoids the obvious question if he loves her and she corners him if he is with her just to get back at Caroline. He declares that he kicked her out of the guest house and he is filing for divorce. He wants nothing to do with her anymore. She says she loves him but she thinks she needs to leave. He either does or he doesn’t but he’s not saying. Finally as she walks away he grabs her arm and says he does feel that way. He loves her. He says he doesn’t know what he has done to deserve her. She is someone he can trust. She is happy again and says those words mean so much to her. They kiss and she says she is not going anywhere. This has just begun. She takes his hands and slowly leads him up the stairs and ends in the bedroom. At the same time Caroline is talking to Ridge she calls Rick. He answers and even answers her question that he is with Maya in bed. Caroline is furious and hangs up. Ridge holds her and says he is so sorry. The marriage is over. She can’t understand why Rick is doing this. He wanted her to see him in bed with Maya otherwise he would not have answered the phone. Ridge says as he has been telling her, enough is enough. It’s over now. Rick hasn’t been her husband in a long time so she can not hold onto that fantasy anymore. She says Rick is in there somewhere. He’s not happy with Maya. He has to be pretending. Ridge says Rick is trying to hurt her but she deserves better. She raises her voice and says what is she supposed to do. Ridge needs to tell her. After three or four of these, he cups her face and kisses her and that follows with several more.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden wanted to explain why he snapped at Hope.  Paige thought JJ slept with someone she knew.  Eve let Jennifer know that she doesnít know her son.  Clyde wanted to let Jordan know that he was tired of taking her crap.  JJ tried to walk away but Paige stopped him.  Jennifer wanted to know what JJ did.  Eve decided to tell her.  When Jordan bit Clyde, he was ready to hit her.  He told her to leave, but she didnít want to do it.  Abe offered John Rafeís old job.  Rafe talked to Marlena about losing his job.  Aiden apologized to Hope for snapping at her.  She apologized to him too.  Eve reminded Jennifer that JJ used to sell drugs.  Jennifer didnít accept Eveís answer and wanted to know what he did.  JJ tied to blame Paige for why he cheated.  

Aiden explained why he let go of his house.  Hope understood his situation.  When JJ continued to hurt Paige, she slapped him.  Jennifer and Eve continued to argue over their children.  Hope had her doubts about Aidenís story.  Jordan told Clyde that Ben told her he was the donor.  Jennifer wanted to know what Eve was saying about JJ.  Eve didnít tell her the truth.  When JJ went home, Jennifer asked him why he broke up with Paige.  Clyde let it slip that he has been covering for her.  Hope talked to Abe about Aiden and Bo.  Paige talked to Eve about JJ being mean to her.  Paige also told Eve that JJ cheated on her.  Clyde taunted Jordan about her mother on the day she died.  Paige told Eve that JJ slept with someone she knew.  Eve panicked.  Clyde told Jordan that she killed her mother and baby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jake finds a duffel bag containing black clothing and a gun in his room. He has a vague memory of Helena ordering him to kill Sam. Sam breaks into Kevin Collins’ office to hack into his computer, thanks to Spinelli’s help, so that she can find information about the outcome of Jake’s appointment with Kevin. Patrick goes into the office to use Kevin’s computer and wonders what Sam is doing there. She admits that she is there to find out if Kevin really said Jake was having false memories as the result of the power of suggestion from Sam’s accusations. He tells her to let it go. She says she doesn’t know what has gotten into her and that she wants to get her relationship with Patrick back on track.

Michael hurts Carly’s feelings when he tells her that he is not at the Metro Court to see her. Carly vents to Jake. He offers to talk to Michael on her behalf. She says she doesn’t want Michael to hate Jake, too. Rosalie goes to the Metro Court to apply for a job as a reservations clerk. Michael offers her a job as a nurse at the clinic he is opening. She reveals that she is not a nurse and that Nina blackmailed her into pretending that she was. Michael offers to make whatever Nina is blackmailing her with go away. She doesn’t want to drag him into her troubles.

Nathan tells Maxie about Sloane’s career as a federal agent and his vendetta against Anna. Maxie concludes that Sloane conspired with Lomax to rig the election. Nathan tells her that he will look into it. Nathan asks Maxie to move back into the apartment. She doesn’t want to mess up the relationship by moving in together. She says he has to move out. Anna packs up her office. Sloane antagonizes her. She tells him to admit that it is no coincidence that he got her job. She asks him who he corrupted himself for. She vows to find the answers to all her questions. Nikolas recalls burning the ballots. Helena tells him about her plan to take over ELQ. She tells him to seduce Brook Lynn into giving up her shares. She reveals that she knows he put aside his legendary ethics to help a federal agent to fix the mayoral election. He tells her that he is sick of suppressing his natural tendencies and that he is sick of trying to be good. She tells him that the best way to assert his power is to seize control of ELQ. He says he is ready to be the Cassadine she expects, but he won’t hurt his family; even those Helena says are not true Cassadines. Helena promises not to lay a finger on Sam. He says he will take care of Brook Lynn’s shares. She says she has a secret weapon to get to the majority shares. She says she has arranged for an ally to be on the inside at ELQ. Michael’s assistant abruptly quits. He offers Rosalie the job. Jake loads the gun.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lily sits at her desk in her office, working on details for all the things that will be going on at the Athletic Club the next few weeks. Her pen stops writing. Frustrated, she pitches it across the room and almost hits Cane with it as he comes in the door. Hilary tells Devon that she is not getting pregnant with a baby by Neil. She also tells him that when she thinks about having a baby that it is always his. Devon suggests that they go away together for a few days so he can sit and talk to her. Neil goes into Hilary's purse and feels her birth control pills. When Hilary rejoins him at the table, Neil holds up the pills and asks her why she lied to him about throwing them away. At the Newman ranch, Victor tells Joe the sale of the Warehouse District is on hold. At the Coffeehouse, Avery and Dylan are thrilled that the sale of the Warehouse District is on hold. She declares he's winning. At the gym, Austin holds Summer’s feet while she does sit-ups. They kiss after she completes the last one. In the hotel room upstairs, Phyllis confronts Jack and Kelly. They try to explain what is going on but Phyllis doesnít want to hear it. Kelly tells Phyllis about the rose petals on the bed and even shows Jack the note she was sent to meet her. Lily has a heart to heart talk with Cane and advises him not to get involved with Victor and Joe. Dylan makes plans to spend more time with Avery. Victor tells Joe that he should have completed the sale of the Warehouse District before anyone found out he was involved. Joe underestimated Dylan. Hilary lies to him by telling him that those pills were just an extra supply that she kept in her purse. Neil apologizes to her for pushing her to have a baby she's not ready for. Neil suggests that Hilary go away for a while to think things through. Hilary mentions to him about a spa that she would like to go to. Summer finds out from Austin that Joe is his new boss as Joe walks into the gym. Austin tells Joe that he didn’t know the commercial dealt with the tearing down of the Warehouse District. Avery walks into the gym. Summer tells her that Joe is Austin’s new boss. Victor visits Dylan at the Coffeehouse to make him an offer. Phyllis shows Jack the surprise she planned for him and her. Phyllis tells Jack that this is all Kelly’s fault. Jack reminds Phyllis that he told Kelly that he loved Phyllis and was going to marry her. Phyllis tells Jack that Kelly is turning him against her. Jack assures Phyllis that no one can come between them. Jack reminds Phyllis that Kelly said that she didnít do anything. Kelly tells Lily what happened upstairs between her, Jack, and Phyllis.

Neil visits his doctor and remembers how he lost his eyesight. Summer and Avery discuss why Joe would hire Austin. Avery mentions to Summer that Phyllis told her that she was going back to college. Avery is thrilled by her decision and now Summer can get on with her life. Victor throws Dylan an envelope down on the table in front of him and tells him that he could relocate anywhere in the city, even start a franchise. Dylan likes it there and refuses his generous offer. Victor makes some remarks about Avery. Dylan doesn't like him threatening Avery. Cane joins Neil in the doctor’s office and wants to know what the doctor said. Neil tells Cane about the small glimpses of light. Cane wants to tell Lily about this development, but Neil forbids him to say anything. Devon and Hilary sit at a table talking when a bartender brings Devon a present. Devon opens it and it is massage oil and a note from Gwen. In the foyer, Phyllis tells Lily that Kelly used her position here to sabotage her special plans for her and Jack. Phyllis asks a bartender who sent the note that told Jack to go to Room 802. Kelly looks around at the bartender and tells him to tell Phyllis who sent the note. The bartender tells Phyllis that he does not know who sent the note but it was a woman. Lily interrupts Devon and Hilary and inquires about what he just said. Kelly tells Jack, as she points a finger at Phyllis, that she will not stop until she destroys her. Kelly thrusts the note she received at Jack. After Austin walks away with Summer, Avery approaches Joe and asks him what he is up to. Dylan is on the phone when two thugs walk in with masks on. Dylan just looks at them. Lily asks Devon if he regrets buying the hotel. Hilary tells Lily about a spa that she is going to in Chicago. Lily tells her that sounds good. Lily, with a smile on her face, offers to go with Hilary. Jack stands at the bar when Phyllis comes in. Phyllis asks him who sent the flowers. Jack tells Phyllis that the man at the florist told him that Phyllis sent them. Avery confronts Victor on how he operates and does things. The thugs tell Dylan to open the cash register and to step away. Dylan tries to tackle them, but the thugs get the upper hand and knock him out. Dylan falls to the floor.

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