Tuesday 1/13/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Rick that he’s only trying to help him. He needs to take Caroline back right now or he will lose her forever. Rick says he knows Ridge is not concerned about him. He is just serving notice that if Rick is not there for Caroline he will be. Rick keeps throwing the names of Ridge’s conquests to him and saying they all came to their senses and he figures Caroline will too. Carter tells Maya that replacing Stephanie’s portrait wasn’t cool. She says it makes sense to her. He just wants her to know how it looks. She does not care how those other people think. And Rick thinks she belongs up there so that is good enough for her. Carter says this is the classic rebound and that it is possible he is using her to get back at Caroline. Caroline talks to Ivy and Aly and shows them the picture and they all agree Rick is just trying to hurt her more. And yet what Rick is doing is so much worse than what Caroline did with a few kisses. Caroline says Ridge taught her a lot but now they are in different places. She is not going to give up her future with Rick to follow some impossible dream with Ridge. Ridge tells Rick that nothing he has done in his past made him hang up that picture of Maya or move her into the bedroom. Rick still refuses to see or believe what Ridge says when he says that if Rick doesn’t take Caroline back someone else will, someone who will love and appreciate her. Rick holds out his hand to shake and says Ridge has never appreciated any woman within his touch. Ridge does not shake hands. He tells Rick to please say it one more time and this time he will believe him. He is saying he is done with Caroline. Maya tells Carter that her relationship goes back months with Rick, and Caroline is now out of his life and he came back to her. Carter reminds her that he is not judging her but Rick has not told her that he loves her. He just wants her to be careful. It’s good to be on top in the Forrester mansion but it won’t last. She says there is no reason to hold back. She will tell Rick tonight that she loves him and he will say it back to her.

Caroline comes to the office to find Rick but finds Ridge instead. He says she would not want to talk to Rick right now anyway. She likes what he is working on but she refuses the pencil when he hands it to her and says it needs work. She says Maya says Stephanie can not be replaced yet she says she will be the next matriarch. She thinks she is getting through to Rick but the longer it goes on the worse it gets. The portrait of Maya was like saying “Under new management.” Ivy and Aly tell Carter that Rick is not being very subtle. Caroline saw the portrait but she is not giving up. Carter says he is beginning to think this is real. Rick comes home after getting Maya’s text. She hands him a martini which she has never made it before….it’s a Forrester tradition so she learned. She says she feels so lucky and she hopes he feels the same. She tells him about Caroline being here and that Caroline thinks it is all about his feelings for her and not Maya. He says he can not help if it hurts her. They are just trying to lead their lives. She tells him she loves the security that all of this makes her feel, but more than that she loves him and she needs to hear him say it….how important she is to him and how he appreciates her support. He wants to know where this is all coming from. She repeats again that she loves him; can he say the same?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben said his father was the anonymous donor for the charity.  Jordan was furious.  Hope and Jennifer talked about Kayla and her issues about Aiden.  Aiden confronted Bree about talking to Kayla.  Victor threatened Clyde.  Jordan didnít want anything to do with the charity if Clyde was part of it.  JJ and Eve ran into each other.  She wanted to talk to him.  Kate told the reporters that Clyde was a good guy.  Jordan was upset with Ben for not telling her the truth.  Victor informed Clyde that he ran the trucking business, but Clyde wasnít threatened.  Eve wanted JJ to meet her in private to talk.  Paige talked to her friend about her suspicions.  Paige suspected Bev of sleeping with JJ.  Hope told Jennifer about Aidenís wifeís death and how Bree blamed him.  While Hope and Jennifer were talking, Hope let it slip that she loved Aiden and she trusted him completely.  Aiden warned Bree again, but she wasnít threatened.  Victor was upset hat Clyde was trying to take over his business.  Paige found out JJ wasnít with Bev.  Eve told JJ that Jennifer blamed her for why heís not with Paige.  Eve didnít want Paige to find out that they slept together.  He thought she would deserve Paigeís hatred.

Clyde wasnít bothered by Victorís threats.  Hope and Jennifer talked about Bo.  Hope told Jennifer that she still cared for Bo and wanted him to be okay.  Eve thought the truth would hurt Paige.  JJ agreed to keep quiet about it.  Chad and Ben got into an argument over Ben telling everyone that Clyde was the anonymous donor.  Eve went to see Jennifer to make sure she didnít know that she slept with JJ.  Jordan was furious with Ben for not telling her about Clyde.  Eve and Jennifer argued over their kids.  Eve wanted Jennifer to keep JJ away from Paige.  Paige confronted JJ and wanted to know who he slept with.  Eve told Jennifer that she doesnít know JJ at all.  JJ wanted Paige to move on, but she still wanted him to tell her who he slept with while she was gone.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucy and Duke reminisce about the day Felicia’s first campaign poster went up and think about the high hopes they had at the time. They are disappointed that he lost Anna and she lost both Kevin and Duke. Agent Sloane takes a search warrant to Anna and tells her that Felicia is suspected of election tampering. He accuses Nikolas of being responsible for the disappearance of a missing ballot box. Mayor Lomax accuses Felicia of taking the ballot box. The ballot box is in Nikolas’ parlor. Lulu drops by Wyndemere, barges into the parlor, and sees the ballot box. Dante and Nathan arrive with a warrant and proceed to read Nikolas his rights. Spencer bursts in and confesses to taking the ballot box, says he didn’t know what the ballots were. He recounts the events of New Year’s Eve when he saw a man and a woman dropping the box into the water. He says he made his driver, Chandler, fish the box out of the harbor. Dante asks him why he wanted to get a box out of the water when he didn’t know what was in it. Spencer says he did it for his uncle, Sonny, because the man said Sonny isn’t in charge anymore. Dante asks Spencer if he recognized the man and woman. Spencer says he saw them at the Nurses’ Ball.

Jordan feels badly about tampering with the election. Shawn says they did what they had to do. He reminds her that it was what she had to do for Duke to admit her into the Corinthos organization. Dante goes to Jordan’s motel room and tells her that Spencer Cassadine said he saw her and Shawn dumping a ballot box into the harbor. She says it is true and that she didn’t have much of a choice because it was the only way that Duke would let her into the organization. She says she hadn’t reported it yet because this is the first moment she has had alone since New Year’s. Shawn comes out of the shower and wonders what news Dante has to break to the commissioner.

Duke and Lucy go to the Metro Court and see Anna with Sloane. Duke asks Agent Sloane why he is spending so much time in Port Charles. Sloane says he is investigating the mayoral election. Scotty calls Sloane and tells him that the PCPD recovered the ballot box. Lucy gets nervous because she stole the ballot box in the first place and wishes she hadn’t dragged Duke into it. She hopes it doesn’t ruin Felicia’s chances of becoming mayor. Scott determines that the box itself has not been tampered with and announces that the count will resume immediately. Lomax wins, promptly fires Anna, and replaces her with Kyle Sloane. Shawn wonders why the news of it bothers Jordan. Lomax and Sloane gloat about switching the real ballot box last night with the help of Nikolas Cassadine. Nikolas burns the real ballots that prove Felicia actually won.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis is on the phone saying that Jack cannot ever find out about this. Jack comes downstairs and wants to know what is going on. Abby looks at the sample of the new fragrance that Ashley is working on for Jabot. She remembers how she stole it. Kelly walks in and wants to know what she is doing there. Ashley interrupts Ben and Victoria kissing in the lab. In a hotel room at the Athletic Club, Devon and Gwen kiss. Downstairs in the dining room, Neil encourages Hilary to have some orange juice for the baby they're planning to have. Neil and Hilary hold hands when Lily walks up and interrupts them. Hilary glances over and sees Gwen and Devon at the bar kissing. Upset by it, Hilary knocks the cup of coffee off the table. Neil wonders what's wrong. Phyllis offers to go back upstairs with Jack, but he has an appointment at the Athletic Club with Hilary. He offers to cancel, but Phyllis encourages him to go because she has something to do herself that morning. Victoria tells Ashley that she wants to talk to Abby. After Victoria leaves, Ben asks Ashley why she treated Victoria that way. Lily gets a towel to clean up the mess on the floor as Hilary quickly makes her exit. Lily thinks that Hilary may be pregnant, but Neil says there's no baby on board. Hilary and Gwen meet in the foyer and discuss her relationship with Devon. Gwen tells Hilary that she and Devon are a match as she walks off. Hilary asks Devon how he could do this to her. Devon asks what he did. Hilary asks him about him sleeping with Gwen. Phyllis interrupts and thanks Hilary for helping her to plan a surprise for Jack. Hilary asks Lily to help Phyllis with her plan. Abby and Kelly discuss the fact that Abby never did like Kelly being with Jack. Abby reminds Kelly that Jack always loved Phyllis and now she is back in his life. Abby tells Kelly to move on with her life. Kelly gets a text and a smile crosses her face. She quickly hides when she hears Lily and Phyllis coming. Phyllis thanks Lily for helping her to surprise Jack but Phyllis realizes that Lily is “Team Kelly.” Kelly listens to Lily and Phyllis’ plans for Jack. Phyllis thanks Lily once again and Lily notices Kelly outside the door. Ben assures Ashley that he is not being “played” by Victoria just to gain information about the formula that they are working on. Ashley tells Ben that Victor wants what she has for Newman/Chancellor. Ben tells Ashley that she doesn’t need any perfume to make herself attractive. Jack tells Abby that Billy asked him to be Katie’s godfather. Abby is happy for him and reminds him that Adam asked him to be Connor’s godfather and what trouble that caused. Abby tells Jack that Billy and Victoria belong together not him and Chelsea and not Victoria and Ben. Victoria comes up to join them. The bartender gives Jack a note that the love of his life has a surprise for him. Victoria asks Abby to be Katie’s godmother.

Ben and Ashley talk about chemistry being "magical." Ashley asks him if he wants to go back to medicine once this project is over. Ben assures her that he will see this through and Victoria will not get in the way. Kelly tells Ben that their mom wants to turn herself in for killing their father. Ben is against Maureen turning herself in and that is why he took the blame years ago. Ben tells Kelly that he wants a life with Victoria. Kelly encourages him to go after what he wants. Phyllis tells Lily that the hotel suite is perfect. Lily says she knew Kelly would get hurt when Phyllis came back to town. She recalls how happy Jack made Kelly. Jack asks the bartender if his fiancťe wrote the note. The bartender gives him two champagne glasses and says that the cider is in the room. Jack asks if the room number is 702 or 802. While waiting for Devon, Gwen asks Neil about Hilary. When Hilary confronts Devon about taking Gwen to bed, he asks what he was supposed to do while she was making a child with Neil. Lily tells Hilary that she put her in an awkward position. Jack goes to Room 802 and sees rosebuds on the bed and a blindfold on the table. Abby tries to talk her way out of being a godmother, because she wouldnít set a good example, but Victoria insists on it. Lily tells Devon and Hilary that she feels as though she's deceiving Kelly. Gwen tells Neil that Devon has been lying to him. Phyllis arrives at Room 702. Jack has the blindfold on when Kelly walks into the room. She has a long stemmed red rose in her hand. Phyllis puts on a sexy negligee and waits for Jack in bed. As Kelly kisses Jack, he pulls off the blindfold and asks what she thinks she is doing. Kelly says she got a note from him. Gwen tells Neil the whole truth as to why she was dating Devon to start off but now it developed into a relationship. Hilary tells Devon the truth about the birth control pills. She confesses that when she imagined having a child, it was always his. Devon tells Hilary that they need to get away so he can talk to her. Ben and Ashley have a breakthrough in the formula. As they smack high fives, Ashley notices that Victoria is watching them outside the door. Devon admits to Hilary how much he wants her. Neil and Gwen discuss finding the right person, then leaves. As the cell phone rings, Neil fumbles around to answer it and holds it up to his ear. Kelly blasts Jack for trying to romance her this way; she did not plan this. Jack says he didn’t plan it either. Phyllis walks in and sees them together.

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