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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam tells Ridge and Carter to brace themselves….Rick has moved into Eric’s house and that little weasel has put up Maya’s picture after taking down Stephanie’s portrait. Ridge and Pam agree this is all for Caroline's effect. Ridge tells Carter that he is not worried about Rick and what he is doing but he is concerned for Caroline. She wants to have a baby and is trying to put her family back together. He is going to respect that even if he doesn’t like Ricky boy. He will go talk to him. Aly explains to Rick that she is upset not only about the portrait but the whole thing with him moving into the house and she knows it has a lot to do with sending a message to Caroline. About the portrait he says Ridge was always Stephanie’s favorite golden child and he doesn’t need that looking down on him with disapproval. And Maya has earned her place as the matriarch. He says Caroline crossed the line with Ridge’s help and Maya exposed them. He owes her for that and so much more. Caroline tells Maya that she is just trying to save her marriage. And she knows she just handed Maya this opportunity. Maya says yes she wants the finer things in life just like Caroline does but she would give it up in a minute if Rick asked her to. She reminds her how she met Rick, not as a Forrester but just another guy who hung out at Dayzee’s. She says she does not have Caroline’s lineage but she will surprise everyone when she learns to be the grand dame in the family. Ridge barges in on Rick just as he is thinking about Caroline and her begging him to work on their marriage……and her being so upset when she sees Maya’s portrait where Stephanie’s was. Carter tells Aly that Ridge is talking to Rick now and trying to solve all of this.

Rick tells Ridge that the house on the hill suits them fine and he does not want Caroline; he has made that clear so he doesn’t care what Ridge or anyone else thinks. Ridge says he is to blame, not Caroline. Rick gets very defensive and tells Ridge that he has no Forrester blood, not even a Forrester heart. He is nothing more than a Marone bastard who takes and keeps on taking. Ridge holds his furor in check. He states that Caroline still loves him so if Rick wants to reconcile he has to do it now. Caroline tells Maya that she thinks she has it all figured out. Maya says yes ….. even if Caroline thinks those with lower class status have no feelings with all her putdowns. She has something to offer the world, FC’s and this family. So does Rick and that is all that matters. Ridge tells Rick that Maya is his number one but he has not told her he loved her. Caroline is the love of his life and he proves that every day that he tries to hurt her. Most women would have given up already but not Caroline. She believes in them. He should not screw this up. He needs to take her back before it is too late.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Someone wanted to tell Nicole about Serena, but Nicole wasnít interested at first.  Serena confronted the bellhop about letting Nicole in her room. Clyde rubbed it in that Rafe wasnít on the force anymore.  They continued to argue until Rafe walked away from him.  The caller wanted to tell Nicole more about Serena, but Nicole hung up.  Serena wanted the bellhop to tell her what happened when he let Nicole in her room. Jordan and Anne argued over the charity Jordan and Abby were doing for the hospital.  

Victor wanted Sonny to run the club he bought, but Sonny wasnít interested.  Serena and Nicole ran into each other. Serena confronted Nicole about breaking into her hotel room.  Nicole wanted to get past it, but Serena didnít want to.  Paul ran into Sonny and told him that he couldnít pitch anymore.  Kate showed up at the hospital to stop the charity Jordan and Abby tried to start.  Paul thought Sonny was interested in him, but Sonny said he wasnít.  Kate didnít want Jordan and Abby to run the charity.  Jordan outed Chad as the donor.  Rafe showed up at Victorís club.   Victor offered Rafe the job of running the club.  Serena continued to start trouble with Nicole.  Serena threatened Nicole to stay away from her and Eric.  When Sonny went home, he told Will that he lost the club and their money.  Paul called Will and told him he would come out.  Ben said that Clyde was the anonymous donor and not Chad.  Nicole called the caller back to find out about Serena.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie and Nathan engage in a little love in the afternoon during his lunch break. He is a little jealous that she found the bartender at the Metro Court attractive. He tells her that the bartender’s name is Jake Doe and that Sam thinks he is the gunman that abducted her and shot him. Sam tells Carly that she thinks Jake works for Helena. Carly says Sam is projecting blame onto Jake because the cops couldn’t go after Faison because of her. She says Sam has been so rampant with her accusations that even Jake wonders if he did it or not. Jake goes into Kevin Collins’ office for his appointment and finds Helena is there instead. Helena tells him that he really was the gunman. She explains that he takes her orders and then forgets what he did. She orders him to tell Sam that Dr. Collins said the flashes he is having are not memories, but images that Sam planted by her accusations. She also orders him to kill Sam.

Nikolas looks over a file that Helena gave him, containing Tracy’s shares of ELQ stock. Alexis stops by. He asks her how she is doing now that Julian is in prison. Alexis says Julian is Olivia’s problem now, since they slept together on New Year’s Eve. She says she is dating Ned now. She says Ned has taken on more responsibility at ELQ to support Michael. Nikolas asks how involved Tracy is with the company. Alexis tells him that Tracy doesn’t have any active role in the company and that she was tricked into handing her shares of ELQ stock over to Jerry Jacks. Tracy tells Lulu that she and Luke had an argument about his conversation with Bobbie about Bill Eckert. She is concerned about Luke’s refusal to talk about anyone from his childhood, including his parents and his other sister. Lulu didn’t know that Luke had another sister. Tracy and Lulu agree that it is strange that Johnny was suddenly exonerated of Anthony’s murder and Julian just as suddenly is in prison for it. Lulu wonders how Julian and Sonny are getting along in prison. Julian tells Sonny that the man that Johnny Zacchara answers to has Luke Spencer’s face. He explains that when they rescued Luke from Miscavige, it was the imposter and that Faison was just a diversion. He says the man also works with Jerry Jacks and Helena Cassadine. As much as it pains him, Sonny says they have to go to the cops. Julian says the cops won’t be able to do anything. He says the man has connections in prison. Julian says when he crossed the boss, he had Lucas shot. He reveals that the boss also sent that hit man to go to Michael’s apartment.

Michael wants to investigate the noise he heard coming from the basement, but Bobbie is afraid there is a psychotic killer down there. Luke and Fluke are in the basement. Fluke swings a bat at Luke’s head just to see Luke cringe in terror. He tells Luke that Bobbie is his target. He is surprised to see Michael and Bobbie when he goes upstairs. Bobbie and Michael think he is Luke. Fluke says that he came to face his demons after Bobbie brought up their past. He asks Bobbie if she is there for the same reason. Michael says they are there because he has plans for the property. After hearing Michael’s plan to build a clinic, Fluke asks Michael why he would sell him the property after he turned down his request to work at ELQ. Michael says it isn’t up to Luke because the property belongs to his cousin, Bill Eckert. Fluke feigns surprise that Bill Eckert owns the place.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Lauren and Michael plan to tell Paul and Christine that Michael has cancer but change their minds when they are told that Christine is pregnant. Victor and Nikki argue. Dylan stops by to check on Nikki and Victor throws him out. Nikki tells Victor she won't sleep in the same bed with him and Victor agrees. Once he has gone upstairs, Nikki drinks. Gabriel instructs Sage to get close to Nick and find out everything she can about his and Gabe's time at boarding school. Nick finds an article online about Gabe being expelled after the boating accident and wonders how Gabe could forget something like that.

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