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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick starts to go get a dustpan and broom. He states that Maya likes to walk around barefooted sometimes and he doesn’t want her to cut her tiny feet. Caroline can not believe he let her put that picture up. He says she didn’t. That was his little housewarming gift. She shows scorn that this is the reason he invited her here so she would be sure to see the portrait. He reminds her that she called him and wanted to talk. She says yes because it is not too late for them if he would just allow her to sit and talk this through. Instead he is moving on with his life with Maya and even putting up her portrait. Rick says Ridge was always Stephanie’s favorite son….the Marone bastard son she always tried to pass off as a Forrester. If his dad wants to look at her disapproving looks that is fine but he is not here now, he is. And he happens to like that picture as it reminds him there are still some honest people in this world. Caroline begs him not to do this. He does not love Maya. He invited her here just to see her suffer. He wanted her to see the portrait so Caroline could see the pedestal he put Maya on. So yes she is hurt and his plan worked but not the way he thought it would. Shutting her out now is not the way. He can not turn to Maya and expect all his feelings for Caroline to just go away overnight. He shouts that she betrayed him with the one man……She says and now he has hurt her but they can get through this. All he has to do is break up with Maya, take that picture down and come home. She begs him but he walks out the door. Othello calls Maya to see how things are going. She tells him about the portrait and he says Rick has made some bad choices in the past but it looks like he is finally with the one who will stay committed and she deserves being the lady of the manor. Liam brings Ivy a latte. She thanks him but says she is more excited about the cute delivery boy. She asks him to give her a second as she has some backorders with more work since his brother went to Italy. Liam asks if Wyatt has been in touch as he has not heard from him. She says he responded to her e-mail only about work but she knows nothing concerning Hope if that is what Liam is asking about. He says he just hopes all is okay with them. She seems distracted then finally fills him in on what Rick is doing at home. She muses that Maya is just using Rick. She is only interested in getting that last name. He admits that Rick has done all kinds of wrong and is on the rebound and Maya is on a real power trip but they used to have genuine feelings for each other. Ivy and Caroline may be surprised that there is much more to that relationship. Maya comes downstairs and asks Caroline to what does she owe this honor. Rick goes to the office and asks Ivy if they can re-schedule their meeting for tomorrow…then he says hello to Liam and asks how is it having Caroline stay with him. And if she needs more of her things he can have them sent over. He says he knows she was a little thrown by the portrait of Maya but it is a big house and he’d like them to all get along peacefully so whatever she can do to facilitate that he would appreciate. Ivy says okay but she sort of feels like kicking her and Aly out the very first night was not a good start. She adds he is moving on with Maya too quickly and adopting this “Maya walks on water” policy they have to accept at work tells her one thing that he still wants to be with Caroline. He says it tells him one thing too, that he is with Maya now and they all need to respect that. Maya tells Caroline that she is making too big a deal about the portrait. Rick wants it there. Caroline says Maya should think of Rick’s reputation and what people will think of him hanging this monstrosity. Maya says no, she is not trying to replace Stephanie. It is just a picture and she should be glad it is not a tasteful nude, although she is not ruling that out for the bedroom. Caroline tells her that Rick only agreed to talk to her if she came here. He wanted her to see the picture, wanted her to be hurt and feel pain. But he will snap out of it soon and then where will Maya be. Rick tells Liam that why would he want to be with Caroline. She betrayed him. No his feelings have not disappeared overnight but they have evolved into something else like hate and anger and disappointment. Liam says he knows the pain Rick is going through. Rick lashes back really as he did not know Liam’s wife ever cheated on him. Liam says again he knows how it feels when a relationship ends but Rick’s has not. There is still a chance for him and Caroline. She still loves him and is trying to make the marriage work. Yes there were a few kisses with Ridge if he calls that cheating and she should not have done that. But she feels badly about it and regrets it and is willing to forgive Rick for much worse. That ought to count for something. Rick says he gets why Liam would support Caroline. She is his cousin. But he does not want to be with a woman who cheated on him and does not support him. He chooses to live his life with a woman who is supportive of his needs and he sees that every time he looks into Maya’s eyes. She believes in him and that is exactly what he needs.

Maya tells Caroline that she does not disagree with her. Caroline lied to him and betrayed him so yes Rick is rightfully upset. He wanted to hurt Caroline and that is part of the reason he hung the picture. But she suggests when that desire is gone she is not worried where she stands. His needs are simple – he wants support, appreciation and loyalty and Caroline failed on all of those. Maya is the woman he deserves. And Rick has earned the right to put up the picture of the one woman he trusts and gives him the respect he deserves. So maybe it is time that Caroline learned that life on this planet is not all just about her. And if this picture proves anything it is that she on track to being the next leader of this family. Caroline gushes back that the picture does not prove she is the next leader of this family, just that Rick is trying desperately to push his feeling for her away. Maya says her devotion to Rick will make her a good wife. Caroline is shocked to hear her use that word. Maya says yes she will be Rick’s perfect partner. She will be successful where Caroline failed. So hear her good, she will be the next Forrester matriarch.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will and Paul made love while Sonny was outside the hotel room.  Daniel and Nicole made love.  Melanie questioned Theresa about why she was crying.  Will told Paul that they couldnít have sex again.  Sonny wanted the bellhop to let him in Paulís room. Melanie asked Theresa is she were pregnant when Theresa carried on about a baby rattle.  Nicole said she would never hurt Daniel.  Theresa was upset that Melanie asked if she was pregnant.  The bellhop let Sonny into Paulís room.

Daniel wanted he and Nicole to be honest with each other.  He said he was done with her if sheís not over Eric.  Will wasnít in the bed when Sonny got in the room.  Will was in the shower.  Sonny gave Paul his ball back and left.  Theresa and Brady got into an argument.  Will and Paul talked about Paulís career.  While Nicole was at work, someone called her with a scoop.  Will tried to convince Paul to come out of the closet.  Brady and Theresa continued to argue until she left.  Melanie tried to warn Daniel about Nicole.  The tip Nicole got was about Serena.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

In Wyndemere, Nikolas hears Helena talking on the phone with Fluke about handling Sam. He asks her if she is nervous because Sam is asking questions about the gunman that Helena sent to the docks to save Faison. She says she has no interest in Sam. She confirms Nikolasí suspicion that she masterminded Faisonís escape and says she owed Faison for a service he did for her. Nikolas figures out that Faison impersonated Luke at Helenaís request. Helena tells Nikolas that she can take away everything that he has or he can take his rightful place in the Cassadine Empire. She gives him a file to look over, containing her plans to take over ELQ.

Sam goes to Obrecht to ask her about Jake. Obrecht says Sam’s theory is preposterous. Sam believes Obrecht saw Jake on the dock when she was there with Faison. Obrecht says Sam ought to know that an operative would never unmask himself in front of a stranger. Jake tells Carly that he doesn’t know if he was the gunman on the night of Faison’s escape or not because he has flashes of images that might be memories. Carly makes an appointment for Jake to see Kevin Collins right away. Carly and Jake run into Sam at the hospital. Sam gives Carly a hard time about being friends with the man who freed Jason’s killer. When Jake goes into Kevin’s office, Helena is there instead of Kevin.

Bobbie and Michael go to her childhood home on Elm Street. Fluke is in the basement complaining to the bound Luke about Bobbie running her big mouth about Bill Eckert. He threatens to crack Bobbie’s head open with the baseball bat in the basement. He says he’d like to crack open Julian and Sonny’s skulls, too. Sonny tries to get Julian to tell him who pressured him into confessing to Anthony Zacchara’s murder. Johnny’s friends in Pentonville get the order from Fluke to finish what Carlos Rivera started. One of them is about to slash Julian with a makeshift weapon when Sonny stabs the man from behind, saving Julian. Two other menacing inmates show up. Julian and Sonny kill one and severely injure the other. Julian thanks Sonny for the help. Sonny tells Julian that they are temporary allies only because the Zaccharas are after both of them. Julian reveals that Johnny is just a figurehead and that the man with Luke Spencer’s face is the real boss.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy comes downstairs and finds Chelsea looking underneath the sofa for Connor’s car. Chelsea lets him know that the car could not have just rolled out the door. At the Bingham mansion, Adam sits and plays with the car. Sage walks in and tells him that they need to discuss the estate paper work. Sage sees him playing with the car and tells him that he should not have gone to see Chelsea. Also, a minister is stopping by and he needs to start acting like Gabriel. Nick is at the computer, looking at the obituary of Constance Bingham, when he calls to order some flowers but changes his mind about having them delivered. Kevin, Summer, Austin, and Mariah are all at the Underground. Summer asks as to what's going on there. Kevin lies and tells her that Mariah was at a party at Sharon’s but left abruptly and he came to see if she was all right. Summer tells Mariah that she wants to talk to Austin alone, so she should go back to the party. After a few moments of arguing, Mariah refuses to leave her place of employment, but Austin urges her to go. Mariah gives in and tells them that she is leaving. Kevin goes after her. Chelsea and Billy look for Connor’s car but with no luck. Chelsea receives a call and starts to get a babysitter for Connor, but Billy decides to stay while she goes and handles business. Sharon urges Noah not to worry over things that would be fine. Noah tells Sharon that he loves her and so does Faith. Nick delivers the flowers to the Bingham estate. Sage says that they weren’t expecting guests. Gabriel shows up at the door and is surprised when he sees Nick. Nick offers his condolences to Sage and Gabriel on the death of Constance. Nick reveals to them that he was there before and talked to Constance. Austin tells Summer that Mariah kissed him. Summer wants to go after Mariah but Austin stops her by telling her that he needs to explain. Kevin follows Mariah to the Coffeehouse but she is quite put out by it. Kevin doesn’t want to leave her alone right now. Billy is on the phone when Jeffrey comes to tell Billy about his and Chelsea’s agreement that if he dropped the charges against Ben Rayburn, she would give him money. However, she only paid him half so he wants to collect the remainder of what she owes him. Billy offers to give Jeffrey the remainder of what Chelsea owes him and for them to leave her out of this. Jeffrey reveals to Billy that Chelsea wants Ben to be with Victoria so Billy could be with Chelsea. Billy is surprised by this news. Chelsea is going over some things with her associate when Sharon walks in and asks Chelsea for a job. After talking a few moments, Chelsea tells Sharon that she doesn’t think that this is a good idea.

Billy accuses Jeffrey of exaggerating things. He is perfectly happy where he is and so is Chelsea. Billy insists that he would never use Chelsea. Jeffrey asks Billy what his plans are toward Chelsea and when is he going to make an honest woman of her. Chelsea still refuses to work with Sharon after what happened between them and Adam. Sharon begins to cry and tells Chelsea all she's going through with Nick and the custody hearing. She asks Chelsea for a second chance. Nick hands Sage the flowers to put in water. Nick asks can he come in to write them a check to Constance’s favorite charity. Nick writes the check and hands it to Gabriel. Nick lets them know that it was the least that he could do because if it wasn’t for Sage rescuing him, he would not be here. Nick asks Gabriel if he was the one in the woods with Sage. Gabriel admits he was then acts as though someone is at the door and leaves abruptly. Nick asks Sage why she didn’t tell him that Constance was her guardian and Gabriel’s grandmother. Nick continues to question Sage about things that he noticed in the house. Gabriel walks up and tells Nick that maybe he can clear things up. When Chelsea decides to hire her, Sharon is delighted. Billy asks Jeffrey why he wants them to make it legal. Jeffrey doesn't want Billy not to break Chelseaís heart. Kevin and Mariah argue over the fact that she kissed Austin. Summer and Austin argue about Mariah kissing him. Austin says it meant nothing to him and asks Summer to believe him. She gives in and tells him that she believes him. Kevin reminds Mariah of all she has but she doesn’t want it. Kevin tells Mariah that going after married men is wrong and she should find someone who will love only her. Abby walks in on Summer and Austin and tells them that someone left glasses in the hall and she stumbled over them. Austin goes to clean up the mess. Summer lets Abby know that Mariah kissed Austin. Abby is upset over this chain of events. When Austin comes back in with the glasses, Abby asks him how could he have let this happen. Chelsea comes home while Jeffrey is still there. Billy tells Chelsea that he gave Jeffrey the rest of his money. Chelsea asks him why he did that. Billy assures Chelsea that he is right where he wants to be. Chelsea lets him know that she hired Sharon. Sharon goes home to tell Noah her happy news. Gabriel explains to Nick why things are the way they are. Nick reminds Gabriel of something in their past that he should have remembered.

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