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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya looks at Rick while he is waking up. She tells him she can not believe this, they are sleeping in this bed, sharing their life together out in the open. They can hold hands and kiss in public, no more hiding or sneaking around or people calling her a gold digger. He says no one will call her that again as she is officially under his protection now. She asks how long they can stay. Rick says what with the electrical and plumbing upgrades it could take a while. And his dad might be gone for a couple of months. He does not want her to feel intimidated; just be comfortable. Lady of the house; that would be a long way from where she has come. Rick says something tells him that she will adjust. She says this is crazy. He is CEO and they are going to run the company and live in this house, it can’t get any better. Pam is in the house and questions Aly and Ivy that they had to spend the night in a hotel. Ivy says yeah that Rick and Maya wanted a private place on their first night. And it’s not just for one night as Maya has moved in. Then they all look up and say Oh My God. They see Maya’s portrait instead of Stephanie’s. Caroline wakes up on Liam’s couch. He muses that bar-b-que and coffee is about the extent of his talents. She says she calls in a mean takeout. He says that will work. She apologizes for landing on his doorstep like this. He tells her don’t be. He’s sorry for the circumstances but happy for the company as it is lonely rattling around in this big old house. She can’t believe she has been kicked out of her own house. Maya stole her husband. Liam says she is welcome to stay as long as she needs. She says no offense to her cousin but this might be the shortest stay in history. She is not giving up on her marriage. He says that is the Spencer in her; they are pretty stubborn. He says judging by his past behavior he is the last one to judge. He says she is fighting for something she already has; Maya is the interloper. Caroline says she underestimated Maya at first but she won’t do that again. She is clever and dangerous. And not just for Rick but what he has – the power, the money, the house and the family. Maya is a social climber but not on her husband’s back. Pam says her eyes must be playing tricks on her but isn’t that Maya up there instead of Pam’s sister…..Stephanie’s place of honor. Ivy says not to worry when Rick sees it he will have it taken down. In walks Rick and says good morning. They ask about the portrait and he says it is beautiful, captures the twinkle in Maya’s eyes. He likes it and that is why he put it there. Pam says how dare he disrespect her sister like this. He says he is not. It’s about him running the company and the family. Pam huffs did Eric sign off on Rick sleeping in his bed and putting his mistress on the wall. Rick says his dad does things differently of course, but while Rick is here he is the man of the house and he’d like it to reflect that. He tells Pam that he doesn’t need hers or anybody else’s permission to do what he wants. This is his family home. Pam scoffs okay sleep in that bedroom with Maya; sleep in any bedroom with Maya as it isn’t going to last anyway so that is what is most upsetting exchanging the portrait for one of a home-wrecker. Rick spouts that Stephanie played favorites. That would be Ridge, the same man who destroyed his marriage that he was supposed to value so much. He did not want to come downstairs and look at her portrait every day so he hung a beautiful picture of Maya. When Eric comes home he will put Stephanie’s back up. Until then Maya stays, end of discussion. After the ladies are gone, Maya comes down and says she heard voices. He fills her in on the portrait and she agrees that Pam may have had a right to be upset. He says they can do what they want under his roof and he likes the picture and doesn’t give a damn who disapproves. He wants his lady to grace the walls and the world will have to deal with it. Ivy tells Aly that she sees a method to Rick’s madness. He is only trying to get back and even with Caroline.

Liam asks Caroline to explain to him what this thing with Ridge is so strong that she bulldozed her marriage. She finds it hard to explain. She says he is a very powerful man, intellectually, creatively and physically but she did not think she was that vulnerable. She was happy in her marriage and Rick was everything to her. But there was chemistry the first time that Ridge touched her hand. She tried to explain it to herself that this was normal in the excitement of creating with him. It was sort of like hero worship. But that only goes so far and there was this electricity between them she could not explain. And Ridge started feeling it too and that is when she should have stopped. But she admits she did not want to; she was all in. She wanted Ridge to kiss her and know how it felt to be in his arms. And if she is painfully honest she was not thinking of her marriage. It was like the last thing on her mind. But that is all behind her now and she is only focused on getting her husband back. Liam says he respects her decision and he’d like to weigh in here. He says again that he respects her decision but at some point she might have to do like he did with standing up for pride and dignity and that might mean letting go. Caroline tells Liam that he is her cousin and she loves him but his advice she can not take today. She calls Rick and wants to talk. He says nothing has changed but when she insists he invites her to the house. Liam asks if Maya is there. Caroline says probably glued to the walls already. She says it doesn’t matter as Maya will be gone soon. She will get her husband back and she will not let him go this time. Caroline arrives at Rick’s and asks if Maya is there. He says yes so she suggests they talk outside. He says no, unless it is going to be long and drawn out Maya is upstairs and Caroline will not see her. She says she did not like the way they left it earlier. Basically she goes over all they have discussed before – she made a mistake , one she will not make again and wishes she could take back. Rick leads her further into the living room until it is obvious. She sees the portrait and is so shocked that she drops and breaks her glass.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Lucas that he's not on the force anymore.  Brady and Melanie confessed their feelings for each other.  Will wanted to know if Paul was gay.  Paul kissed Will.  Rafe told Lucas how he got fired.  Paul and Will ended up making love.  Eric tried to comfort Theresa about her problems.  Nicole went to Daniel's apartment to try and work things out with him.

Daniel and Nicole agreed to take things slow in their relationship.  Sonny and Adrienne talked about his relationship with Paul.  Sonny was going to see Paul to give him his baseball back.  Victor and Rafe talked about who set Rafe up.  Victor offered Rafe a job.  Daniel wanted to know if Nicole was sure she wanted to move on with him.  Paul opened up to Will about not being able to tell people that he's gay.  Rafe didn't accept Victor's offer, but Victor refused to give up.  Lucas and Adrienne talked about Justin being gone.  Adrienne realized that she and Justin were drifting apart.  Nicole told Daniel she was ready to move on.  The two ended up in Daniel's room.  Paul and Will started to make love again while Sonny was outside of Paul's hotel room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas tells Sam that Helena orchestrated Faison’s escape. Sam tells Nikolas that she thinks Jake Doe was her assailant, that he is lying about his memory loss, and that Helena planted him. She says Jake has moved on from Elizabeth with Carly. She concludes that Carly is going to prevent her from getting any answers about Jake. When Jake sees a picture of Sam being taking hostage, he has a flashback. He tells Carly that Sam thinks he is the man in the picture. Carly thinks it is insane to think that Jake helped Faison escape. Jake says he doesn’t even know who Faison is, but he isn’t sure that he didn’t do it.

Fluke is annoyed that Julian is safely behind bars instead of dead. Sonny is amused to see Julian in Pentonville. Julian tells Sonny that he got arrested for killing Anthony Zacchara. Sonny doesn’t believe Julian was picked up for it. He wants to know who put Julian up to confessing to a murder that he didn’t commit. Lulu tells Maxie that Johnny is out of prison. Dante goes to Johnny’s penthouse and tells him to stay away from Lulu. Johnny says Lulu makes her own decisions, but that to keep the peace he will stay away from Lulu and perhaps hang out with Maxie instead. Nathan advises him not to do that either. Lulu and Maxie admire Carly’s new bartender. Dante tells Lulu that she can look all she wants as long as it isn’t Johnny.

Michael tells Ned that Luke Spencer’s family home is in Bill Eckert’s name. Ned calls Bill’s sister, Jenny to ask her if she knows anything about the house. She doesn’t know anything and neither does Bill’s son, Sly. Sly isn’t interested in the property and says Michael can feel free to look at it if he can find a key. Tracy asks “Luke” why he got upset about Bill Eckert when he was talking to Bobbie. He tells her that his cousin is a sensitive subject because he died protecting Lucky. Tracy observes that everyone in his family must be a sensitive subject because he never talks about his parents or his sister, Patricia, either. Fluke storms out. Fluke goes to Johnny’s penthouse so that they can meet in person. Johnny can’t believe how much he looks like Luke. Fluke asks Johnny how he got Julian to take the rap for Anthony’s murder. Johnny says he didn’t have anything to do with it. Fluke concludes that Julian thinks being in prison will protect him from the hit that is out on him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club dining room, Victor demands to know from Dylan where he got his information that he was behind the land development project. Nikki looks at him and asks him if he is behind Dylan losing his Coffeehouse. Victor tells them that this is a business deal and no one will stop it. Lily asks Cane if he knew about Victor being behind all this. Cane doesn’t really know how to answer. Mariah is kneeling beside Cassie’s grave and wishes her a “Happy Birthday.” Nick walks up to join her. At the Newman home, Sharon thanks Noah for accompanying her to the cemetery to celebrate Cassie’s birthday. They plan something for later for Mariah. Sharon tells Noah that she has a job interview later that will help her in her custody fight to gain custody of Faith. Faith sits on the stairs and talks to her doll about Sharon and Nick needing a little push in order to get back together. At the Underground, Kevin asks Summer and Austin if Mariah made it a habit of taking off from work. Summer tells him that she does take off quite often, leaving Austin with all the work. Michael and Lauren sit in Dr. Jain’s office awaiting his arrival. Michael tells Lauren that he is going to ask the doctor how he can beat this cancer. Noah tells Sharon that he thought she wanted to share custody of Faith with Nick. Sharon says that she wanted that too, but David Sherman told her that she should play dirty to gain custody. Faith comes running into the room, carrying a birthday card for Mariah. Sharon agrees with Faith's request to bake some cookies for Mariah’s birthday. Nick tells Mariah that he is not happy about having to go to trial to gain custody of Faith, but there's no other option. Nick remembers the fights that he and Sharon had when Cassie was a child where Cassie was always the peacemaker. Nick feels bad that Mariah never experienced a childhood. Kevin defends Mariah to Summer and Austin which aggravates Summer to no end. Kevin realizes that today is Cassie’s birthday and it is also Mariah’s. Austin remarks that is the reason why she didn’t want to be there today. Summer becomes angry at Austin for also defending Mariah. When Nikki realizes that Victor is behind Dylan losing his Coffeehouse, she walks out on him and the others. Jill confronts Victor about running Katherine’s dynasty into the ground for his own financial gains. Paul pulls Dylan aside and asks him as to how he found out that Victor was behind this. Dylan lets him know that Kevin told him. Paul becomes upset and tells him that he didn’t want anyone to know what they were working on. Paul tells him that explains why everyone was unwilling to help them. Avery and Joe argue over his being involved with Victor. Joe reminds Avery that although Dylan may not have his Coffeehouse, he still has her. Cane, Lily, Colin and Jill discuss what went down here tonight and the fact that Victor was behind it all. Nick brings Mariah home from the cemetery. When Faith begs him to stay for Mariah’s birthday, Nick finally gives in. Dr. Jain tells Michael that his cancer has spread.

Kevin goes to Sharon’s and announces that Victor was behind Dylan losing his Coffeehouse to the land developers. Sharon and Nick are both surprised but they remember what Victor did to get revenge on Sharon. They ask if Nikki knows. Kevin tells them that if she doesn’t know then she soon will. Joe and Dylan argue. Joe reminds Dylan that he slept with Avery while she and Joe were still married. Dylan starts to attack Joe, but Paul separates them and suggests that they walk away. At home, Victor tries to explain his actions to Nikki, who can see is that Victor was destroying Dylan’s Coffeehouse. Victor tells Nikki that Dylan can relocate somewhere else, and he will even give him the money to do it. Nikki still will not hear of this. Victor tells her that he cannot discuss this with her now and he leaves. At the Coffeehouse, Lauren tells Michael that he saw three specialists and got three different opinions but all of them told him it was cancer. Mariah tells Kevin that she told Nick that today was her birthday. Kevin surprises her with a present. Austin and Summer sit in a booth and talk about skiing. Summer begins to massage Austin’s shoulders. He pulls off his shirt. She begins to kiss him on his neck which leads to lovemaking. Lily lets Joe know that he doesn’t have too many friends in this town. Cane walks up and asks her if she is all right. Dylan, Avery, and Paul enter the Coffeehouse, still reeling over what happened. Paul remembers his talk with Nikki about her drinking. Sharon gives Mariah a present of a beautiful garnet necklace. When Mariah thinks that this is one of Cassie’s leftovers, she gives it back to Sharon and storms out. Nick, Kevin, Noah, and Faith come back into the living room and wonder where Mariah went. Lauren lashes out at Michael for not wanting to do anything to stop the spread of his cancer. Michael gets out his cell phone and calls Dr. Jain to set up an appointment for radiation. Nikki eyes the vodka on the bar. She starts to walk away and even tries talking to herself that she needs to walk away but instead she goes over to the bar and takes a big gulp of the vodka. Victor arrives at the Athletic Club and finds out from Joe that the deal is still on. Cane and Jill join in partnership to save Chancellor Industries. Mariah goes to the Underground and kisses Austin.

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