Wednesday 1/7/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With his voice breaking, Rick tells Caroline that he can not put this past him. Why did this have to be with Ridge? She says yes he can put this past him. They do not have to let this destroy them. They can go away to Paris or New York and put this behind them. He says no, he has a company to run. She counters that she is trying to save a marriage which is more important. Eric blames himself. He forced Rick’s hand by making him go back to Caroline. He needed time not an ultimatum. Ivy tells Maya that she needs to slow down and wait for Eric to get home before making any big decisions. Maya retorts that the papers are signed and Rick is in command and she is the woman behind the man. And Ivy should be more careful with what she is saying. Maya says she knows she is excited but so would anyone else be. She has waited a long time just scraping by and now she gets to live with Rick in the mansion. She is living her dream and so can everybody else. Ivy tells her at least wait until Rick comes home. Maya reminds her they have waited a long time, been apart at the holidays, stealing moments at the apartment yearning for each other. Disgusted, Ivy says she is going to her room. Maya tells her wait up, she and Ivy will not be spending the night in their rooms. It is hers and Rick’s first night in the main house and they want their privacy. Ivy is shocked even though Maya says it is only for one night and she will put them up in a really nice hotel. Ivy wants to wait until Rick comes home and hear it from him. Maya says perhaps it is a bit too fast for Ivy but the pace is just right for her and Rick. Eric tells Ridge that Rick needs to be brought to his senses. This thing with Maya is just a passing fancy. Ridge says good luck with that. She really loves Rick and he is convinced she is the only person he can trust. Eric says maybe so but his heart is still with Caroline and he believes in those two.

With tears in his eyes, Rick says it’s not that easy. He loved Caroline. He wanted it more than anything. He lay there with her night after night and wanted to touch her. He did not want to see her suffer but every time he thought of touching her, his mind went to Ridge. She broke her loyalty to him. Eric tells Ridge that he is supposed to be leaving for Europe to meet up with John. Ridge tells him go ahead. He will not mix it up with Rick, he promises. He does not know what will happen to Caroline. He is hoping Rick will wake up and realize what an incredible wife he has but he can not guarantee that. She’s very talented and special, they work well together. They are able to create better than they can on their own. Rick muses to Caroline that trust, loyalty and commitment, that’s what he needed from her and she let him down. She declares she can be all those things again but just don’t throw this away over one little mistake. He reminds her it was a mistake with the wrong man and he never would have known it except for Maya telling him the truth. Caroline says Maya made it sound worse than it was. Rick says it was a betrayal pure and simple and he tried to let it slide. Caroline says Maya is just his fallback, he doesn’t love her. She has been targeting him from the start. She begs him to forget Maya and they can still have children the way they planned. He says he did want children but he can not forget what she did. Their marriage is over. He takes off his wedding ring and lays it on the table. It is over. He could never trust her again. He says goodbye. She says it is not over for her but picks up the ring and leaves. Eric confronts Rick and asks him why. Rick says because Eric would not have signed the papers unless he did it this way. Eric had made it very clear that he had to have Caroline by his side, but she was too busy with Ridge. He could never run a company with someone he could not trust much less be married to her. He trusts Maya and is not using her. And she would never do to him what Caroline did. Ridge asks Caroline if she talked to Rick. She mumbles yes, it is officially over. He took off his ring. Ridge is sorry but she says it is not his fault. She created this and she is not sure he will get over Maya like Ridge thinks. He says Caroline is a tough one to pluck from one’s mind. He also tells her that he is going to Paris and keep out of Rick’s hair for him to think things through. Caroline admits she does not want him to leave. He says she does not need him; they can still design and communicate on the internet. Rick will come back. Ridge says he likes to hear her laugh; makes him happy. He’d love to tell her to leave the guy and come with him and they will find a place but he isn’t. Her commitment to him is extraordinary. And she is extraordinary. She tells him that he is every woman’s unattainable dream. He’s so handsome and confident and it would be so easy for her to go with him. But she is not going to give up on her marriage and that is what got her in this mess in the first place. It’s her fault and she knew at the time that Ridge was the one guy she could not cross the line with and she did. Yet she still believes she can have that future with Rick. Ridge says okay. Maya welcomes Rick home and he shares martinis with her. She says it is potent but if that is what they serve at the mansion on the hill she will learn to like them. Then she is shocked when Rick shows her the portrait over the fireplace, replacing Stephanie with one of Maya. He says he could not stand watching those disapproving eyes. He thinks this is a vast improvement. Maya isn’t sure. She says she is a guest in this house, not an institution like that one. He says she will be one soon. She’d like him to take it down until then as she has not earned it. He says he would not be where he is now without her loyalty and support. This is her home now. Good things happen to good people and she has worked hard for this dream. He thinks it is damn time that dream came true.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady tried to stop Melanie and Theresa from arguing.  Jordan asked Chad if he got Rafe fired.  Paul went to see Sonny.  Hope told Aiden that Bree said he threatened her.  Aiden admitted he threatened Bree and would do it again.  He wanted to explain what he meant.  Brady left Melanie and Theresa alone.  Chad said why he thought Rafe was fired.  His explanation made Jordan suspicious of him.  Paul confronted Sonny about showing up at his hotel.  Theresa agreed to help Melanie with her paperwork.  Theresa wanted to get along with Melanie because of their dislike of Brady.  Melanie didnít agree with her.  While Theresa was insulting Brady, Melanie wanted her to stop.  Chad said other people knew about Rafe.  Chad denied setting up Rafe.  Paul wanted to know if Sonny changed his mind about getting back together.  Aiden told Hope while he threatened Bree.  

Melanie was tired of arguing with Theresa over Brady so she left.  Jordan believed Chad didnít set up Rafe.  Chad asked if Jordan had feelings for him.  She said she and Rafe were over.  Sonny said he didnít change his mind about Paul.  Paul wanted to know why Sonny wanted to see him.  Sonny said he wanted a loan.  Sonny stopped talking to Paul.  Hope looked at emails Aiden had to prove his story. Melanie went to apologize to Brady.  She wanted to talk about the kiss.  Will went to see Paul.  Will wanted to know more about Paul.  Theresa was frightened while she was in the park.  She opened up to Maggie about what was bothering her.  Brady and Melanie talked about their kiss and how they didnít want to ruin their friendship.  Aiden told hope he loved her.  Brady and Melanie confessed to having feelings for each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy tells Ned that he overheard Bobbie and Luke having a heated discussion about Bill Eckert. Michael tells Bobbie that he is trying to acquire her childhood home to build his clinic on its site. He says it is owned by a man named Bill Eckert. Bobbie informs him that her that her cousin with that name died 20 years ago and suggests that perhaps his sister or son may have inherited the place. Luke realizes that he is being held in the basement of his childhood home and that Fluke is Bill Eckert.

Tracy observes that Ned didn’t go home last night and wonders if the lucky lady was Olivia or Alexis. Ned insists that he and Olivia were just friends until things got complicated and that Olivia has since taken up with Julian Jerome. Tracy observes that Olivia’s type seems to be men who end up in prison. Carly figures out that Olivia spent the night with Julian. Olivia admits that she did it to make Ned jealous and reveals that Alexis was very upset about it when she found out.

Carlos goes to shoot Julian on Fluke’s order. Julian assures Carlos that whether he shoots him or not, Fluke will inevitably go after him too. Carlos tells Julian that Johnny Zacchara is in line to take his place when he gets out of prison. He tells Julian that apparently, Johnny’s confession was coerced and Anthony’s real killer is still out there. Anna tells Dante that according to Agent Sloan, Officer Dolores Padilla coerced Johnny into confessing to murdering his father and that he was released from prison. Dante thinks Johnny is going to cause problems with not only the mob, but with Lulu. Johnny runs into Lulu at the Metro Court. Johnny offers Olivia his condolences for the death of Olivia’s cousin, Connie. Carly asks Johnny what he knows about Sonny being beaten in prison. Johnny denies any knowledge of it. Dante goes to the Metro Court and sees Lulu and Johnny drinking together. Carlos and Julian come up with a plan. Julian goes to the police station and confesses to the murder of Anthony Zacchara.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Crimson Lights, Dylan and his group are having a meeting about the picketing outside of the Athletic Club when Avery comes in and asks him about his leaving the apartment. Avery tries, once again, to explain about her meeting with Joe the night before. Avery smiles and tells Dylan that she wants them to get married right away. In his hotel room at the Athletic Club, Joe is on the phone saying that he is planning on staying in Genoa City and will be needing a place to live. Cane and Lily go over the details for the presentation that Joe is going to be giving before too long to a packed room. Colin and Jill join them. Jill sees Victor walk in and goes over to confront him about siding with Joe Clark concerning the revitalization of the Warehouse District. Jill also warns him to be careful about Nikki. Kevin and Paul are discussing something that Kevin is doing on the computer when Nikki comes in and asks for Paul’s help. Nikki tells Paul that she is meeting Victor at the Athletic Club for this presentation that they are having. Nikki is concerned about how Dylan will react if he loses the Coffeehouse. Nikki asks Paul to help her with Dylan. Mariah and Austin are busy at work at the Underground and neither one is talking too much. Mariah mentions about this menial job having to work all the time. Austin is just glad to have a job. At the Abbott home, Jack calls Phyllis and leaves her a text message. When Summer enters, Jack says that he thought she was Phyllis. Summer wants to talk to Phyllis but Jack offers to listen and help her with her problem. Kelly approaches Jack’s office and yells out at him that he wanted to see her but when she enters the office she sees Phyllis behind the desk. Kelly confronts Phyllis that she was the one who used Jack’s cell phone to call her. Phyllis tells Kelly that she is putting her on notice for what she pulled New Year’s Eve. Kelly denies doing anything. Phyllis tells her that she has proof that Kelly purchased her dress right after Phyllis bought hers. Phyllis orders Kelly to back off Jack. Dylan stalls Avery on getting married right away because there is too much going on right now. Dylan thinks that Joe got to her last night and that is why she wants to speed up the marriage. Avery asks him if he is ready to make her Mrs. Dylan McAvoy but Dylan says "No." Joe and Lily discuss his presentation and how he will have more backers before the night is over. Lily says that she will go and join the common people. Victor asks Jill why she is suddenly siding with Nikki. Jill tells him that they got close when they were planning the remembrance service for Katherine. Jill asks Victor again why Katherine would leave him her company. Colin confronts Jill about her heated conversation with Victor. Kevin urges Paul and Nikki not to let Joe shut down the Warehouse District. Paul did a background check on Joe who turned out to be squeaky clean. Paul asks Nikki about her drinking but she denies it. She says she started drinking when she was going through a difficult time with Ian Ward. Paul asks her what will happen when she goes through a difficult time again. Mariah and Austin share some Christmas memories. Jack urges Summer to talk to him. Summer tells him of her plans to do something with her future. Jack encourages her to go back to college and learn a trade. Summer readily agrees. Kelly denies being obsessed with Jack as she and Phyllis continue to argue.

Mariah and Austin discuss how Summer changed his life. Joe confronts Jill about being at the presentation and how this deal will go through. Paul urges Nikki to get support from her family and friends. Dylan and Avery discuss the real reason they are getting married. Dylan lets her know that if she wants to get married for them and not for Joe, then he says, “Let's do it." Avery squeals and they kiss. Kevin searches on the computer who is behind this deal to destroy the Warehouse District. Joe welcomes Colin on board as an investor. Jack enters the outer office, hears Kelly yell, and walks in to see her holding her cheek. Kelly tells Jack that Phyllis hit her. Phyllis denies it and says Kelly is pretending because he's there. Kelly runs out. Phyllis urges Jack to believe her that she didn’t attack Kelly. Jack tells Phyllis that he loves her, and they are getting married. Avery and Dylan, thanks to Kevin, find out that Victor is behind buying out the Warehouse District. Joe is making his presentation when Dylan and Avery walk in and accuse Victor of being the one behind all this. Nikki looks at Victor. Victor tells them that this is a business deal and nothing will stop it from going through.

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