Tuesday 1/6/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline tells Rick they are married and he can’t just quit. He retorts that she should have thought of that before Ridge. He continues that he can’t turn back the clock and love her like he used to. She says fine. She will take how he loves her now. She will take the anger and the hurt and all the lies. She reminds him that he said he would love her until death do they part and she is going to make him keep that promise. He counters that sometimes it is just too damn late. She argues more that is what people tell themselves when it gets too hard. But she doesn’t care, she will work on it anyway. She will work on it for both of them, just he can not leave. Carter tells Eric they do not have a grace period. Eric says he knows he told Carter they would not need that so this is all on him. Ridge is disgusted that his dad is accepting this that Rick has scammed them. And he keeps saying it is only for a year. Ridge says with Rick and Maya running the place at that time it will be a war zone. Eric declares that Rick is not that destructive. All he wants is a chance and he is willing to give that to him. Ridge says of course he always does, it’s Rick they are talking about. Maya tells Ivy that she thinks they ought to be friends. Ivy says she doesn’t see how as all Maya has done since she had known her is prove how untrustworthy she is. Maya thinks that is a little harsh and Ivy only wanted to be friend’s with the boss’s wife but Caroline won’t be that much longer so she could be Maya’s friend then. Ivy says she does not see them as friends even in the future. Maya says she realizes Ivy doesn’t like her and she doesn’t disguise her feelings. Her honesty is risk free because she is being bought and paid for. When she gets back to Eric’s house, Ivy is shocked that Maya is directing traffic for the movers to put boxes in the master bedroom. She asks Ivy if she has a problem with that. This is Rick’s father’s house and he has a right to take over while Eric is away. Maya says there is no eviction notice on the door. The house is big enough for all of them. Ivy says she thinks she should have been asked if she wanted to live with Maya. And while Maya is trying to stay so positive just remember that Ivy and Aly are Forresters and Maya is just a wannabee.

Caroline asks Rick how many times does she have to say she was wrong. He says she does not know him obviously and he is tired of explaining it to her. He tells her to stop as the more she talks the more clueless she sounds. It was a few kisses, then a lie and she let it blossom. And he could forgive her of many things but not with Ridge. Ridge tells Eric he is just having a guilty conscious for how Rick was raised and is willing to give him a pass now. Eric says Rick could say the same about him. Ridge tells it like it is that Eric has always been this way, making rivals of Ridge and Rick. Eric doesn’t remember it that way. Eric reminds him that he exerted his power over Caroline and it worked too well. Rick tells Caroline that she used to defend him against Ridge so she knows how he treats people. The great artist needed Caroline and only her so now she is on his side. Now he will not be there for her when Ridge breaks her heart. She tells him what little there was is over. He scoffs, no woman is ever over Ridge Forrester. Maya tells Ivy that she is not taking anyway anything from Ivy so for now can they at least be civil. She usually gets what she wants. Ivy says she can see that. Caroline tells Rick that she is not like any girl he has ever known. She is taking all of this scorn as if she hiked her skirt for the mailman but she has not been unfaithful like him. And she will not accept this and will not give up on the man that she loves. He used his father today and pretends he is proud of himself but she knows he hates it. They may be furious with each other but both know how strong their love is. He has tears in his eyes as she says she will not let him do this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny told Jordan that Rafe was fired.  Chad confessed to having Rafe fired.  Rafe needed Aidenís help to stay out of prison.  Rafe had to agree not to be a cop or private investigator anymore.  Chad also made sure Sonny lost the club.  John went to see Theresa.  He wanted to make sure Theresa stayed out of Bradyís life.  Kayla told Hope that Aiden threatened Bree.  Sonny told Chad that they lost the club.  Jordan went to see Rafe to talk about him losing his job.  

Hope wanted to know what Aiden said to Bree.  When Kayla tried to tell Hope about Bree, Hope wouldnít let her talk.  Hope was willing to believe Aiden.  John and Theresa argued over Brady until she threw him out.  Victor overheard Jordan and Rafe talking about Rafe losing his job.  Sonny offered to sign over his share of the club to Chad, but Chad didnít want it.  Hope and Aiden met at the pub. He noticed something wrong with her.  Rafe told Victor he was off the force.  Victor wanted to help, but Rafe didnít want his help.  Chad didnít want Sonnyís shares.  Chad said they were in this together.  Sonny was relieved, but Chad had an agenda.  Hope told Aiden about Kaylaís suspicions.  Chad talked to Stefano about betraying Sonny.  Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion to confront Chad about costing him his job.  Jordan overheard Chad and Rafe arguing.  When Rafe left, Jordan asked if Chad got Rafe fired.  Hope told Aiden that he threatened Bree.  He confessed to threatening her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ric tells Elizabeth that he thinks Jake has a thing for her. Jake and Carly have breakfast together in his room. As they open the door to go to work, Elizabeth and Ric are passing by in the hallway. Olivia tells Alexis that she is sorry if she hurt her by sleeping with Julian. Alexis says she doesn’t know of another reason that Olivia would rebound from Ned with Julian other than to stick it to her. Olivia says that should be impossible because Alexis is supposedly finished with Julian and with Ned now. She says the only reason it would matter is if Alexis is just stringing Ned along and using him as a backup plan when she really wants to be with Julian.

Julian is anxious to hear from his attorney. Lucas can’t believe that Alexis won’t represent Julian after Julian led her to Luke. Julian says Alexis won’t forgive him for throwing Ric under the bus to save his family. Lucas says Julian was saving Alexis’ family too and that if he, the person who was shot, can forgive Julian, then Alexis should be able to as well. Lucas says he still worries that someone still wants Julian dead. Julian admits that he is back in the business. Fluke tells Carlos to kill Julian for failing to kill Jordan. He says it is Carlos’s last chance after botching the Ric Lansing hit.

Fluke tells Carlos that Johnny Zacchara will replace Julian because the cops are going to believe that Johnny didn’t really kill his father. Johnny announces to Sonny that he is taking over the Jerome crime family and then he will go after Sonny’s territory. Sonny wonders how Johnny plans to accomplish that from behind bars. Johnny announces that he is getting out. Sonny says Johnny wasted his money on whoever he paid off because it isn’t going to work. Agent Sloan tells Anna that he has evidence that Johnny didn’t kill his father. Anna says the evidence is fabricated and that Johnny confessed. Sloan says false confessions happen all the time, citing Carlos Rivera. Anna says she isn’t going to reopen the case. Sloan tells her that it is already reopened.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery is quite upset when she realizes that Joe lured her to his hotel room under false pretenses. Joe tells her that he wanted to talk to her alone. Nick visits Victor in his office and finds out that David Sherman contacted Victor for a deposition. Sharon and Dylan reminisce over the Coffeehouse and the memories that they have there. Devon gets a real surprise when he goes to a room upstairs and finds a scantily dressed Gwen. When he turns her down, she leaves but Devon follows her. Gwen confronts him if he is still seeing the married woman and he should have told her. Neil surprises them both by calling out Devon’s name. Sage and Adam argue over the fact that they have to stay married for three years in order to get the inheritance. Billy and Chelsea argue over the fact that each one is wearing their wedding ring. Neil tells Devon that they need to talk.  Michael is on the phone in his office when Kevin interrupts him and wants to discuss the cancer treatment options but Dylan interrupts them to discuss who was behind buying the Warehouse District. Joe takes all the blame for the problems in their marriage. Chelsea leaves Billy alone at the Athletic Club. Adam and Sage argue over Gabriel and the fact that she loved him is why she married him. Adam warns her not to stand in his way of getting Chelsea back. Nick asks Victor if he should drop the custody suit because of Nikki.

Victor assures Nick by no means for him to drop the custody suit against Sharon because she was an unfit Mother. Gabriel sees Chelsea and asks her to see her apartment. Chelsea refuses, at first, but then agrees. They are just talking about Gabriel and if he has any children when Billy comes home and wants to know what he is doing here. Both Chelsea and Gabriel explain that he was taking an apartment in the building and also took a job at Jabot. Neil lets Devon know that Hilary is throwing away her birth control pills and they are trying for a child.  Devon has reservations about this. Neil assures him that he can handle a baby. Chelsea notices that Billy has a band aid on his finger. He tells her that he had the tattoo taken off. Chelsea begins to take off her own wedding ring as they tell each other that they love each other. Sage comes home and finds Adam playing with Connor’s truck. Adam assures Sage that Billy will mess this up without any help from him. Devon wants to make it up to Gwen for the way he treated her upstairs. They kiss.

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