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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Caroline hanging her head in shame, Rick tells her that from now on he will be running the company with Maya. Eric can not believe he is hearing this. He signed those papers under the premise that Rick was back with Caroline. That was part of the deal and he knows it. Rick says no, it is not in the contract so he better look that over. He is not violating any rules. And Caroline is not his problem anymore. Eric asks how could Rick do this. It is so underhanded, deceitful and hateful. He is going to have this reversed. Rick says too late, it has been witnessed. He tells his dad that he has a year now to prove he can do well by the company and Maya will prove very beneficial to the company's future too. Eric apologizes to Caroline that he would not have done this had he known. Ridge calls Rick a spoiled petulant child, the same as he was as a child. Rick shouts at him that he is now CEO and he would tread lightly “my friend” if he wants to stay. He snaps his finger and says they are all replaceable and he could have ten more of them just like that. He tells his dad he has earned his time, so go ahead and go on vacation. He will run the company and it will be in good hands, but to Ridge he says he will run it like he sees fit without interference from Ridge. And he says he expects them all to treat his new partner, Maya, with respect.

Pam tells Othello she thinks he knows more than he is saying. All he will say is that he has these vibes that there will be some big moves around here soon. Ivy walks up looking for Maya. She is concerned when she hears that Maya was called into the big executive meeting. She says she can not keep this secret anymore. She needs to go in and tell Caroline. Pam says she might as well wait and let this play out as it sounds like it is too late anyway. Eric tells Rick that he knows he has been hurt but this is not the way a CEO behaves or a son of his would. Rick says this is the way it had to be. They made him choose. But he will honor his dad by continuing giving to charities and to hospitals so Eric can rest assured and go on his travels with John. He will be the son that Eric raised and make him proud. He tells Ridge that his tenure as designer and VP will continue and he hopes he and Caroline will continue working together. And they can do it upfront and give in to passion if they want to as it would have zero impact on him now. He tells Caroline to pack her things and let him know where to send them. Maya is moving in now. Caroline shouts at them to all leave; she wants to talk to Rick alone. She asks if this is all a put on. He says it has been ever since he found out about her and Ridge. He felt like he had been kicked in the stomach the way she must feel now……..empty and betrayed like his whole world had been taken away from him. Now she knows how he felt. She says she knows he is angry and hurt and she deserves that but she does not deserve this. She genuinely thought they were working on their marriage. Something was not quite right but now she knows what it was. He was sleeping with her night after night without touching her yet he was sneaking around to be with Maya. Ivy catches up with Maya who says Ivy is too late. She can not blow the whistle on her now. Rick finally has the power that he deserves. She tells Ivy she has been waiting for this day to be named the woman in his life and not Caroline. Ivy tells her that she is just Rick’s rebound and she should never have gotten involved with him. Maya tells her to butt out as she will sleep just fine tonight right beside Rick. Ridge argues to Carter that Rick deceived them. Carter sees nothing that can be revoked. If Eric tries, Rick can sue. Carter says Maya has wanted this all along. She has been wanting this for months. Ridge says Maya is just Rick's pawn in his little game only she does not know it yet. Eric agrees. He blames Maya too but Rick did this on purpose and knew what he was doing. He is certainly not going to leave and go out of town now with this brewing. Ridge says Rick still loves Caroline and that is why he is doing this. Caroline rants this is about Ridge who he has always had a problem with. Rick says he is with Maya because he wants to be with her and Caroline can think what she wants. She cries that she still wants everything they signed up for and she is willing to swallow her pride and will give him one more chance. She is sorry that she hurt him but he has hurt her more. He cries as she says she knows he still loves her and she still loves him. They both made mistakes but she is willing to try. She begs him to.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Serena let Nicole know that Eric is over her (Nicole).  Sonny thought about Paul wanting to be with him.  Brady and Melanie shared a passionate kiss. Victor and Maggie interrupted them.  Victor wanted Brady and Melanie to spend time with him and Maggie.  Serena wanted to agree that she and Nicole not spend time together.  Paul came on to Will while Sonny was outside of Paulís hotel room.  A bellhop interrupted Sonny when he was about to knock on the door.  The bellhop told Sonny that Paul was with someone.  Will suggested that Paul settle down and have a family.  Serena put Nicole in her place for what she did to Eric.

Melanie wanted to tell Victor and Maggie the truth.  Nicole and Serena continued to argue over Eric.  Eric saw them arguing.  Melanie told Maggie and Victor that she got in a fight with Daniel.  Eric ripped into Nicole for checking out Serena.  He reminded her that she is out of his life.  When Brady took Melanie home, he wanted to talk about the kiss.  He apologized for kissing her.  Nicole went to see Daniel to tell him why she broke in Serenaís hotel room.  The bellhop told Paul that Sonny went to see him.  Nicoleís excuse didnít convince Daniel to be with her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan visits Sonny in prison. He says he hasn’t heard from Michael, because his brother doesn’t want anything to do with him or Kiki since he found out that they knew about AJ. Morgan tells Sonny that he is the father of Ava’s baby. Kiki and Silas take Ava’s baby to her, so that she can see her before she is taken to prison. They tell Ava that Sonny is her baby’s father. Ava names the baby Avery. Kiki worries that Sonny will get to Ava in prison. Sonny and Ava cross paths in the Pentonville corridor. Sonny defends her when a prison guard speaks disrespectfully, but he tells her not to count on being safe from him.

Maxie and Nathan wake up together and then make love again and again. Olivia dreams that she is having sex with Ned. Julian dreams that he is in bed with Alexis. Julian and Olivia wake up next to each other. Alexis and Ned wake up together and both think about seeing Julian and Olivia kissing last night before assuring each other that they have no regrets. They walk past Julian’s room just as Olivia is leaving in a robe. Olivia tells Ned that who she sleeps with is none of his business. Julian says the same to Alexis. Ned and Alexis go to the Metro Court dining room just in time to see “Luke” getting upset with Bobbie about her talking about his lookalike cousin, Bill Eckert. Ned agrees with Bobbie’s version of Bill. Olivia tells Alexis that she is sorry if she hurt her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea joins Billy in the dining room of the Athletic Club. Billy begins to tell her about the christening for Katie and invites Chelsea. Chelsea declines his invitation. Billy is more than a little surprised. At the Bingham mansion, Adam finds out, thanks to Sage, that they are legally married. Adam warns her not to “bluff” him. Avery is in her office at the law firm when Dylan walks in and tells her that it's time for a break. Avery assumes that he is going to sweep her away from it all. Dylan has good news and bad news. At Jabot, Ashley, Ben, and Abby are standing in the corridor when Joe walks in, carrying a bunch of long-stemmed roses. Abby is puzzled that Ashley is getting roses and especially from Joe. Victor is on the phone in his office at Newman when Victoria walks in, carrying Katie. Victor and Victoria marvel at how beautiful Katie is. Victor calls her Katherine Rose Newman but Victoria reminds him that her name is Katherine Rose Abbott Newman. Victor tells Victoria about the new formula that Ashley is working on. She has made it look as though it was a formula for tequila. Victor hints at Victoria to get information from Ben but she stops him and refuses to try to gain information from Ben about Ashley’s new product. Joe thanks Ashley for a memorable New Year’s Eve. Abby is surprised that Joe and Ashley spent New Year’s Eve together. Dylan tells Avery that they need to find out who the holding company is and they need to start with Joe. Dylan tries to get Avery to call Joe so he can talk to him, but Avery insists that she should call Joe and talk to him herself. Adam and Sage argue over the fact that they are married. Sage shows Adam the marriage certificate and tells him not to call her a “liar” again. Billy cannot understand why Chelsea will not accompany him to the christening. Joe arrives at Avery’s office, excited that she would call him but he is quite put out when he sees Dylan there. Dylan asks Joe who the person is who owns the company, who is trying to buy the Warehouse District. Joe is reluctant to tell them that it is Victor. Victoria lets Victor know that it is good to be back at Newman. She asks if Victor likes Ben any more now that he knows that he did not kill his father. Victor tells Victoria that he has a spy at Jabot who tells him everything. Victoria asks him who it is, but Victor says that he will let her know in due time. Chelsea tells Billy that she doesn’t want to stir up memories like happened when Connor was baptized and was handed over to Victor.

Sage remembers becoming engaged to Gabriel and then married. Adam tells Sage to let them try something new and that is to tell the truth. Sage goes on to explain that she and Gabriel were headed back to the house to tell Constance of their marriage when they saw his body in the river. Sage tells Adam that she was a bride for all of four hours. Adam once again accuses Sage of bluffing him. Billy tells Chelsea that the whole mess is about Adam. Chelsea becomes angry and tells Billy that Adam will forever come between them. In Jack’s office, Ashley, Abby, and Ben try out the new scents and finally settle on one scent that will appeal to both men and women. Avery asks Joe who is behind buying the Warehouse District for old time's sake. Joe reluctantly agrees & leaves to set up the meeting. Avery gets a call from the Chronicle wanting a follow up meeting with Dylan. Avery tells Dylan about the meeting while Joe listens from outside the office. Victoria asks Victor to take some time off for Katie’s christening and he readily agrees. Chelsea finally agrees to go with Billy to the christening, but he has reservations. Chelsea cannot believe that after all the discussion he changed his mind. Chelsea tells him again that she will accompany him. The waitress walks up and calls them husband and wife which puts a damper on their mood. Sage and Adam argue over what she did to get her hands on Constance’s money. After Ashley, Ben, and Abby have their meeting, Ben leaves. Abby asks Ashley if they can talk. Billy tells Chelsea that they feel as though they are cheating because of her wedding band. Joe sets up a meeting supposedly with Victor and calls Avery to let her know. Avery tells Joe that Dylan has something to tend to, but she will come instead. Avery meets with Michael at the Athletic Club just as she is heading upstairs. Michael wants to know what is going on and Avery reluctantly tells him. Michael wants to attend the meeting himself, but Avery insists that she can handle it. When Avery arrives upstairs to the hotel room, she finds out that it will be just her and Joe. Billy questions Chelsea about her wedding band and why she hasn’t taken if off. Adam refuses to go along with this deal until he finds out that they have to be married for three years in order to get the inheritance. Sage walks up and picks up the phone and tells him to call Chelsea and tell her that he is coming home.

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