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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya waits at the Sky Lounge for Rick. He tells her that his lawyer should be there shortly. His dad will sign the papers and he has a year to prove himself. He says he will text her as soon as it is done. She is so excited. Ridge tells Caroline that he doesn’t know why but Rick is up to something. He still is not touching Caroline and yet he is trying to convince his dad they are back together and will be a team to lead FC into the future. Caroline says if it makes Rick more confident and secure then she thinks Eric should give it to him. Before Carter comes in to see Eric, Eric wishes Gordon a good retirement and thanks him for making them look so good for so many years. Carter wants to make sure Eric is happy with his decision. Eric says it is only for one year. Carter says he knows and if all goes well, fine but if not, then a year is a very long time. He’s giving Rick all the power and no one will be able to contradict him, not even Eric. Eric says he is leaving town with his brother so he needs to act on this now. Rick walks in with his attorney and wants to get started right away. Rick pretends he does not understand. Is there something his dad needs to hear from him first. Eric says no. Rick says good. He is already CEO so this just gives him more confidence that Ridge won’t interfere while his dad is away. If Ridge interferes the company could become a gridlock. He just needs to know he has his dad’s full support and trust. Eric says he does. He and Caroline are the future of this company and if he ever doubted that he doesn’t anymore. While still in the room Carter texts Ridge who in turn tells Caroline that Rick is making his move now. He and Caroline head straight for Eric’s office where Pam tries to block the door saying they are in a meeting. Othello shows up per Maya’s request and asks what is going on. She says it is finally happening. Rick and his attorney are down with Eric right now. Rick can not play Caroline’s happy husband forever so their plan has to work. Eric takes the pen Rick is holding and signs the papers. Ridge busts in but Rick tells him it is too late. The papers have been signed. Maya tells Othello that he knows her. She is not a liar and neither is Rick so she does not like to hide like this even for one more day. This is their future. They had to delay it a little bit but today it could happen. She says she has to go but she will text him. After today they can come out as Mr. and Mrs. Rick Forrester Jr. CEO of FC. Ivy catches Pam doing her best to eavesdrop at the door and joins in. All Pam can tell her is there is a meeting with Eric, Rick and his attorney and Caroline and Ridge just barged in. About all they can hear is that Ridge is not very happy and is arguing with Rick. Pam thinks Ivy seems to know more than she is saying. Ivy says she is trying hard not to think about it at all. Rick asks his lawyer if all seems to be in order and the attorney says yes. Eric tells Ridge there is no need to get upset with this as he has signed the papers and all are in order. Caroline thanks Eric. He tells Ridge that he had plenty of time to think about this and he is satisfied with this decision. Ridge argues that he just gave him carte blanche even if it just for a year. Caroline says Rick is not going to do anything to hurt the company. Eric says Caroline and Rick are back together and are going to lead this company into the future and he suggests that Ridge accept that and do the same. Ridge still argues that Rick is already CEO so why is he pushing for this now. Ivy looks for Maya but finds Othello. She says Caroline is her friend and if something is going to happen today in that meeting he needs to tell her so she can warn Caroline. She needs to go into that meeting and end it. Maya shows up and attempts to go into Rick’s office. Pam stops her and says she will buzz her when they are done. Maya chooses to just wait in a nearby chair. Pam tells her nicely that if Maya wasn’t invited then this does not concern her. Maya says okay, Pam can just do what she needs to do and Maya won’t bother her. But she is not going anywhere. Ridge still argues that something is not right. Eric says Rick has proven himself to him. Caroline adds everyone is getting along and working together now. He’s had some problems in the past but he’s handled this with a great deal of maturity. Ridge says Rick had a tantrum and that is maturity? Eric says this is over. It’s signed, sealed and delivered. Ridge tells his dad it’s not just the papers. He can’t put his finger on it, but something is not right.

Rick texts Maya and tells her to be ready to come in. Caroline tries to argue that Rick is doing a good job and it will be a team effort. Eric agrees, FC has never been about one person leading it, it’s always been a team effort. Rick stands up and says and that won’t change. He says FC has always been about strong couples beginning with Eric and Stephanie and he intends to keep that tradition. If he has learned anything lately is that he needs a strong partner. He pushes the button for Maya to come in. He continues that he could not have done this without her. Someone he trusts……and is completely loyal to him. Caroline thanks him for saying that and says she is so proud to be his partner. Maya comes in and Caroline, Eric and Ridge try to excuse her as they are in a meeting. Rick says she can stay. He would like her to hear this. He explains that his dad signed the papers and he will be leading FC forward as CEO for one year but not alone. He’s going to need a partner……a person who is loyal to him and be there for him through it all, helping him celebrate every success and overcome every challenge. Caroline beams. She says as his wife and his partner he can count on her. He drops the bomb. He was not referring to her but Maya. She is stunned. He says the cat is out of the bag. He and Maya are still together. His marriage to Caroline is over. It was the day she betrayed him with Ridge. He walks past her to stand behind Maya and says Maya is the one he will be sharing his life with and they will be running the company. Caroline is stunned and everyone else’s chins almost hit the floor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny has problems with his club.  JJ told Paige he did something bad while she was gone.  Melanie told Nicole she didnít tell anyone about being in Serenaís room.  While they were talking, Daniel was there.  Daniel wanted to know why Nicole was there.  Sonny told Will he could lose the cub.  Paige wanted JJ to tell her the truth.  He didnít want to tell her the truth.  Paul called Will while he was arguing with Sonny.  Paul wanted Will to write a story on him.  Daniel asked Nicole if sheís over Eric.  Paige demanded to know the truth.  JJ said he hooked up with someone.  Eric and Serena talked about Nicole breaking in her place.

Nicole said she was over Eric, but Daniel didnít believe her.  Nicole and Daniel started arguing.  Daniel ended up kicking Nicole out of the apartment.  Daniel canceled his date with Nicole.  Serena was understanding about Nicole breaking in her apartment.  Paige wanted to know who JJ was with when he cheated.  Will interviewed Paul.  When Daniel left, Nicole vowed to prove that she was over Eric.  Will and Paul were about to kiss during the interview.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Everyone rings in the New Year with a kiss. Maxie tells Nathan that she doesn’t deserve him. He convinces her otherwise and takes her to his room which he has decorated with flower petals and candles. They make love. Seeing that Jake is upset by the sight of Elizabeth and Ric kissing, Carly shocks Jake with a kiss. Carly tells Jake about the time that Ric chained her to a wall while she was pregnant with the intention of taking her baby and giving him to Elizabeth. Carly asks Jake why Sam doesn’t like him. He says he thinks he just reminds Sam of someone she isn’t fond of. Carly tells Jake not to take it too hard. She reveals that Sam isn’t fond of her either, because she was always jealous of her friendship with Jason. Sam invites Patrick to spend the night with her. They decide to go to Patrick’s house, because Emma is at a sleepover. Both of their phones ring before they get out the door. Emma wants to go home and Molly can’t get Danny to stop crying, so Sam and Patrick have to postpone taking their relationship to the next level. Carly gives Jake a room key and insists that he stay at the Metro Court until he figures out what he is going to do next. She advises him not to let Sam or Elizabeth get to him. Elizabeth gives Ric the watch that she had originally given him as a wedding present years ago. Reflecting on their two previous attempts at marriage, Ric suggests that the third time might be the charm.

Lucy is surprised that Duke kissed her the way that he did. Anna and Agent Sloane kiss. She berates him for kissing her the way that he did. He says he didn’t want her to look like a loser in front of her boyfriend. Duke suggests to Lucy that they should see more of each other in the coming year. Anna asks Olivia what room Agent Sloane is in. Olivia says 203, but then she wonders to herself if it is 302. Elizabeth and Ric have room 203. They chat about how it is much nicer than the last time they were in bed together and Anna dragged Ric out in handcuffs. Anna bangs on the door. Once Anna realizes she is at the wrong room, she goes up to room 302. Shirtless Agent Sloane answers the door. Anna tells him that nothing he can do to her could be worse than never knowing when Faison would resurface and go after her or her family. Kyle tells her that he thinks she is in his room picking a fight with him because she can’t stand to see the man she loves moving on with someone else.

Ned is annoyed that Olivia kissed Julian. She reminds him that the man she wanted to kiss was busy kissing someone else. Alexis tells Julian that kissing Olivia to get back at her won’t work. He says they are over and that he was kissing Olivia because he wanted to kiss Olivia and besides, Olivia doesn’t take offense to what he does for a living. Julian invites Olivia to get a room with him to continue to annoy Alexis and Ned. They drink, play cards, and decide that neither is as bad a person as the other thought. Ned tells Alexis that Olivia has feelings for him. Alexis asks him if he has feelings for Olivia. He tells her that he thought about starting a relationship with Olivia before Alexis came along, but now Alexis is the only woman he wants. Alexis says the feeling is mutual. He observes that she appears to have unfinished business with Julian. Alexis insists that she isn’t still hung up on Julian. She kisses Ned. Julian and Olivia make love.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Phyllis tells Billy that Kelly is trying to sabotage her. Jack walks in and tells Phyllis she is imagining things. Billy finds Kelly and tells her she needs to move on from Jack. Kelly tells Stitch that Jack still loves her, but Stitch is afraid she is in for a heartbreak. Noah, Courtney, Mariah, Summer, and Austin stay with Faith while her parents are at the custody mediation. Summer notices that Courtney acts strangely every time the subject of marriage comes up. Faith decides her parents need a "push". Mariah goes to the police station and finds a dagger in a box on Kevin's desk. Nick and Sharon come up with a plan for joint custody, but it's ruined when the lawyers get involved, and the case will go to court.

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