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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge gently questions Caroline that indeed Rick wants a life with her and to work out their marriage but he is not touching her. She acknowledges that. He has not touched her. He is always too tired or working. Ridge says that might work for a day or two but not this long. Snuggled in the sudsy tub, Rick tells Maya that it is too bad she was not there for his performance. His dad is falling for every word. He’s a smart man so of course he wants to read and understand every word, but not to worry he will sign those papers. Carter tells Eric that if he signs those papers he is giving Rick all the power. Eric opines but only for one year. Carter questions if that is what he really wants. Eric tells him what he really wants is to go on this trip with his brother and enjoy himself without worrying about this company. Carter sees that but he says this is scary leaving only one person in total control. Eric agrees on the significance of that. Carter says he can still go on his trip and have a good time without giving Rick total control. Eric says but Rick needs this vote of confidence from him, apparently something he has not felt in a very long time. And signing the papers is his way of passing the baton to Rick and Caroline. It is something he wanted to do. He just didn’t think it would be this soon. He wants to show Rick that he does value him and trusts him. Carter says he will take the papers back to the office and read it over good to make sure the company is protected. Eric says okay but this is his son so there is no need to think something underhanded is going on.

Rick assures Maya he doesn’t think his dad will take long. He’s going to Europe for a while and he is sure he will want to do it before then. It’s got Rick to thinking….a big old empty house. Maya reminds him Ivy and Aly are there. Rick doesn’t think that will be a problem. They can shoo them out of the way into a guest house and Caroline is not going to be taking up any space. He cajoles to pack her bags as they are moving on up. Liam pours the bubbly and tells Ivy that it is not midnight yet but he likes this celebrating early. She says it is past New Year’s Eve in Australia although she might have a friend or two still in a club. He says they could do that too, but she says she is right where she wants to be. Why go to a club when she could not hear a word he is saying, pay for watered down drinks when she could be here snuggling with him. He kisses her and says good as he had rather spend the night with one beautiful girl than 5 billion strangers. Caroline tells Ridge it is pretty easy to understand. Rick simply can not forget her involvement with Ridge. He’s trying but he is keeping his distance for now. Ridge says it makes no sense since he seems so different and close to her at work but when he gets home he will not touch her. Caroline says maybe it will be different tonight with New Year’s Eve. What better way than to lay your past aside and vow to be better in the future. Ivy and Liam break out the noisemakers and tooting horns. She asks if he has said anything to Caroline about Rick and Maya. He says no, he did not think it was his place. She says good since she is the one who saw them it should be her. But Rick insists it was only a goodbye kiss but she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep this quiet. They make a lot of noise and celebrate the midnight hour with a kiss. She says 2014 was a great year for her and he muses to just wait to see what he has in store for her this next year. Maya says this place rocks and she just got here. Rick says yes but once the papers are signed and they can come out as a couple, she will love it in the big house with tennis courts, swimming pool and all. Once he is CEO he can move into the mansion and take over front and center. Maya says she can not wait. She wishes he could spend the night but Caroline can have him just one more night but tonight she will want to celebrate so for him to be careful. He says he can handle Caroline. Caroline finds an empty house but not long before Eric stops by and asks if he can come in. He tells her Rick wanted him to do something and he explains the papers. He asks if all is right between them. Before she can answer, Rick comes home. He gives Caroline a big kiss for Eric’s sake and says he took a bottle of his best as they are going to celebrate if he’d like to stay. Eric says no, he will leave them alone. Caroline tells Eric she thinks he is making an excellent choice and she believes in her husband 100%. Carter goes back to the office and finds Ridge there still working. He advises Ridge to get out and celebrate and he is too as soon as he changes. He shows Ridge the papers. Ridge is curious just what Ricky boy is up to. He is not sure what Rick wants but this is a calculated move and something is just not quite right. Maya sips her champagne by the fire and envisions herself in the mansion living the glorious life. Rick slips into bed alone while Caroline is in the shower. He calls Maya and tells her this is her last night alone, tomorrow when his dad signs the papers they can come out as a couple. He says goodnight and scrunches down into the bed with eyes closed. Caroline comes out only in her towel with a big smile on her face. As she snuggles close to Rick, that smile becomes a disappointed frown when Rick feigns sleep.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie was uncomfortable around Brady.  JJ agreed to meet with Paige to explain why he dumped her.  Jennifer overheard his conversation and wanted to know what was going on.  Jordan talked to Chad about his relationship with Melanie.  Eve wanted to know why Paige was upset.  Paige argued with her over it before she left.  JJ told Jennifer that Paige was back in town.  He also told her that he and Paige weren’t getting back together.  Jennifer thought Eve was causing problems between him and Paige.  Melanie got away from Brady.  JJ and Paige met at the park.  Eric overheard the bellhop talking about Nicole being in Serena’s room.

The bellhop explained why he let Nicole in Serena’s room.  Jordan was surprised that Chad did the things he did.  JJ let Paige know that they weren’t getting back together.  She wanted to know why.  Eric went to Nicole to confront her about being in Serena’s room.  Chad wanted to know if Jordan would forgive him.  She did forgive him.  Eric was furious that Nicole went to Serena’s room.  Melanie and Eve met at the town square and they argued once they realized who they were.  Jennifer went to see Eve to find out what was going on between JJ and Paige. Nicole went to see Melanie to accuse her of telling what she did in Serena’s room.  Jennifer wanted to know if Eve had anything to do with JJ and Paige breaking up.  Eve threw Jennifer out.  Eric told Serena that Nicole broke in her room.  Daniel was at the door when Nicole asked Melanie how Eric found out she was in Serena’s room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

No new episode today!

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Everyone in town rings in the new year at parties, some at The Underground and some at the Athletic Club. Victoria and Stitch have a private celebration at her house. Austin gets jealous of Kyle who calls Abby to wish her a Happy New Year but spends most of the phone call talking to Summer. Summer assures Austin that she is happy with him, and he has no reason to be jealous of Kyle, then she and Austin promise to have the best year ever. Devon spends New Year's at the Underground with Gwen, but he would rather be wit Hilary. Neil's vision continues to improve, but it is still blurry, so even though he tries, he can’t see Hilary’s text message that comes in from Devon while Hilary is in the restroom.

The battle for Jack’s heart begins as Phyllis arrives and discovers she and Kelly are wearing the same dress which she isn’t happy about, so she persuades someone at the club to open the boutique, so she can buy a sexy red dress that leaves Jack speechless. When Phyllis accuses Kelly of taking the gas out of her car, Kelly responds that she would never do such a thing to anyone. Kelly tells Jack she knows he still loves her and he's stuck with Phyllis, but Jack tells Kelly that he is very happy with Phyllis. Nikki goes to the park to talk to Katherine, and Paul overhears her say that she hasn’t had a drink since Thanksgiving and she doesn’t intend to drink again. Nikki pleads with Paul not to tell her family. He agrees as long as she keeps her promise to Katherine not to drink again. Abby is surprised by a New Year’s Eve kiss from Detective Harding. Kevin and Mariah share another kiss but they tell each other not to get any ideas. Billy isn’t happy to find Chelsea talking to Gabriel, and he tells her he doesn’t like that guy at all. Adam tells Jack to hire him at Jabot or he will tell the police Billy shot him and left him to die.

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