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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick hands Eric the papers and says he NEEDS this confidence. Rick says he knows he is not going to be here and Ridge will undermine his position. Eric will try to rule him long distance but Ridge will always question his ability. He has in the past and he will again. It’s always been a fact of his life living in Ridge’s shadow and he always comes up short. His track record is impeccable and he and Caroline are working as a team, so for Eric just sign the papers. Maya walks in on Caroline and she asks her why she is always here. Maya says she knows Rick broke up with her but she still works here. Caroline says now she is just a sad cliché golddigger. She says the only reason Maya is still here is because of Eric. Next time she may not be so lucky. Maya says she will take her chances. Carter muses with Ridge that he is surprised that he and Caroline are back working together because Eric asked. But Caroline is back with Rick and Ridge lost Katie. Ridge says he is lucky to have this designing collaboration on his side. He distracted himself right out of a great relationship with Katie when he wasn’t looking. Carter gets him to open up about Caroline. Maya says it looks like Caroline is stuck with her unless she goes back to New York. Caroline says they will just have to stay out of each other’s way. Rick has forgiven her so Maya can take her insatiable thirst and move onward somewhere else. Maya counters with to get real with Ridge as she knows that is where her true feelings are. Eric says he does not remember it that way. Rick starts to rattle off the ways Ridge has done it in the past going behind each other’s backs. Rick says he can not do his best work always looking over his shoulder for Ridge. If Eric believes in him then put it in writing like any other business deal. Eric says maybe he can cancel the trip for a while until the transition goes over smoothly. He says what Rick is asking is unprecedented and at best it could only be for a year. Rick still holds the papers and asks again to do this for him.

Eric calls Carter to his house and bends his ear about favoring Ridge over Rick. He shows him the papers and says if that is Rick’s perception it is not his intention. But Rick now wants him to sign these papers. Rick goes to Maya and gives her the bad news that Eric did not sign the papers but he feels it is only a matter of time. He kisses her and she says a good start but would he like to finish it in the tub. He says she read his mind. Caroline tries to finish up and tells Ridge she would like to so she can go home and have nothing but her husband on her mind. He makes a few suggestions. She recoils and he says he never meant to hurt her or jeopardize what she has with her husband. He is glad they worked it out. He’s even happy that she is thinking about having a baby. But for that to happen she says certain things must happen. Carter is shocked that Rick is pushing for this, irrevocable control. He could even run the company into the ground if he wanted to. Eric says it would only be for one year and he thinks he has earned that right. Rick and Maya relax in their bubbles and he says his dad never makes sudden changes but he will come around when the time comes. Maya will get everything she wants. Ridge asks Caroline if she means this whole time she and Rick have not been intimate. She says yes. Despite all Rick’s lovey-dovey, touchy feely actions at the office, at home it seems like an act. She would like to hold her husband again but he’s just not there.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Hope he's off the force.  Kate and Chad argued over Jordan.  John wanted to make things work with Marlena.  Rafe told Hope why he was fired.  Hope wanted Aiden to help him get his job back.  Sonny and Melanie talked about Chad.  Paul told Will that he can't play baseball anymore.  John asked Marlena out on a date.  When Will left Paul's place, Paul called Sonny so he could see him.

Marlena agreed to go out with John.  Rafe talked to Aiden about why he was fired.  Sonny agreed to meet Paul.  Chad and Abby talked about Jordan.  Jordan and Melanie met each other.  They talked about Chad.  Jordan defended him while Melanie said bad things about him.  Melanie tried to warn Jordan about Chad.  Paul told Sonny that he still loves him.  Sonny wasn't interested in being with Paul because he's married.  Rafe told Aiden about helping Gabi.  Now Rafe wants to tell the truth no matter what.  Paul wanted to be together with Sonny despite the fact that Sonny is married.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan’s flight back to Port Charles was diverted to Beecher’s Corners. Maxie drives to Beecher’s Corners to get Nathan while he takes a taxi home to find Lulu and Dante eating ribs in the living room, but Maxie not there. Maxie’s car gets towed away when she parks in a loading zone. Then her taxi cab breaks down. The tow truck driver gives Maxie a ride home, but when she gets there, Nathan isn’t there. Nathan arrives a moment later, just in time for midnight. He asks her where else he would be on New Year’s Eve than at her door.

Jake goes to the Metro Court to talk to Carly about a job. He tells Carly that he moved out of Elizabeth’s house. Carly tells Jake that she hates Ric Lansing. Carly hires Jake to serve champagne. Ric and Elizabeth go to the Metro Court New Year’s bash together. Alexis and Ned go together. Julian goes alone. Both Ric and Ned are hostile toward him. Olivia takes Julian away to calm him down. Julian observes that Olivia is just as annoyed as he is to see Ned and Alexis together. Olivia snubs Ned. Olivia and Julian dance together.

Lucy and Duke go together and assume that Agent Sloane is Anna’s date. Kyle informs Anna that he has a date. His date walks in on Nikolas’ arm. Anna and Kyle dance together. Shawn and Jordan run into each other. Jordan tells Shawn that she told Julian that she switched sides to the Corinthos organization to keep him from shooting her. She says he has to hire her to corroborate her story. Duke says he needs to test her loyalty. Everyone kisses their dance partner. Carly kisses Jake.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Everyone in Genoa City gets ready for the big New Year’s Eve party at the Athletic Club. Adam sees Anita at Crimson Lights and buys her a cupcake for Connor. Anita tells Adam that Chelsea is going to the party at the Athletic Club, so he decides to go, too. Sage calls and asks him if Constance’s condition is getting worse. Adam tells her that nothing is going to stop him from his purpose of getting back his life. Billy goes to visit Reed, Johnny, and Katie before he goes to meet Chelsea at the club. Katie gets a low-grade fever and Stitch tells Victoria that Katie just has reflux but Billy and Victoria take the baby to urgent care while Stitch stays with the boys. Billy and Victoria arrive home later since the doctor at the clinic said Katie had reflux. They spend time with the baby since Stitch took the boys for hot chocolate.

Jack heads to the party early since Phyllis has to help Summer with a fashion emergency. Later Phyllis runs out of gas while driving to meet Jack at the club. Avery gets jealous when she sees Joe with Ashley at the party, but when Dylan asks her if she is jealous, she claims she doesn’t care who Joe dates. Dylan and Avery decide to go to Crimson Lights and spend a romantic New Year’s Eve together. Ashley tells Joe she doesn’t want to get involved with him, because when they met in New York, he told her that he was still in love with his former wife and would do anything to get her back. Gabriel (Adam) introduces himself to Chelsea since he didn’t do so the last time they met each other. Chelsea tells Gabriel that she is waiting for someone and that she is involved in a complicated relationship. Gabriel thinks that the relationship must be complicated, because she is waiting for a man that isn't her husband, and she is still wearing her wedding ring.

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