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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya is not happy to hear that Rick talked to Caroline. Then she says she does not want to know but she hopes it won’t be much longer. Eric tells Ridge that he thinks this is a pretty good time for him to be gone since Rick is settling in on the CEO job and back with Caroline. He’s going to go globetrotting with his brother John. Ivy confides in Liam that she saw Rick kissing Maya but he lied and said it was a goodbye kiss and to forget what she saw. But she confronted Maya and she did not back down. She went on and on how they were going to run the company. Quinn repeats to Wyatt that he needs to go see Hope and they need to grieve together. Deacon agrees and says he needs to do all he can to help Hope heal and himself as well, so go to her. And Quinn does not want Liam to get to her before Wyatt does. Wyatt says he will think about it but first he has something else he needs to do. Rick confesses to Maya that nothing has changed. He is still waiting for his dad to sign those papers but he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep all of this up.

Liam asks Ivy if there is any way they could be wrong about this. Caroline does not deserve this by Rick playing her. Ivy says he needs also to think how devastated Caroline will be if she knows. Caroline pretends to Ridge that all is good with her marriage. It’s just that Rick is much busier now in his role of CEO. Ridge says he is glad she is happy. Maya tells Rick that she knows how hard it is for him to keep up the charade but he has to stick to the plan. Rick says Caroline senses something is off and now is asking that they start a family. As Liam kisses Ivy Wyatt waltzes in and says he needs to talk to Liam about Hope. Quinn tells Deacon that Hope and Wyatt are meant to be together. She is the love of his life. And Quinn too might lose Wyatt if he loses Hope so he needs to go and talk this out with her. Deacon tells her how proud he is of her, giving Wyatt advise and then stepping away. She might even get the reformed mother of the year award.

Wyatt tells Liam that he has not heard from Hope, no phone calls, no e-mails but every day is getting harder. He can’t let her go like this so he is going to Italy right now. Liam tries to talk him out of it but Wyatt says no, he needs to say some things to her and let them both heal. He won’t let this be the end of his marriage. Liam says he knows they have been at each other’s throats but he has been there with losing a child too, so he has his support. He will have his support, both he and Hope. Ridge asks Caroline if she is still wanting to have kids as she has told him before. He thinks she will make a terrific mother. Maya comes in sniffing around to see if Caroline knows any Forrester news. She misses Rick a lot but she is happy he is CEO now. Rick talks to his dad and is happy to hear about Eric’s plans to go snowboarding or just holding that cup of hot toddy and a snow bunny. Rick says he is sure Ridge is just biding his time and he will soon sabotage his decisions as if Rick is over his head. If his dad believes in him as much as he says he does, then prove it. He shows him the papers again and asks his dad to care about him as much as he does Ridge….and please sign the papers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will noticed money missing from the bank account.  Sonny said he took it.  Melanie went to see Gabi.  Will was upset with Sonny for taking the money.  Daniel told Paul that he wouldn’t be able to play baseball anymore.  Roman let Rafe know he was in trouble.  Paul was upset that he couldn’t play baseball.  Will continued to question Sonny about taking the money.  Rafe confessed to knowing what Gabi did to Melanie.  Roman was furious with Rafe.  Gabi and Melanie talked about Gabi killing Nick.  Melanie let Gabi know that she understood what Gabi did to Nick.

Daniel tried to tell Paul that he still had to lead his life even if he couldn’t play ball.  Rafe didn’t want Roman to tell Internal Affairs since no one else knew about it.  Roman wouldn’t do that for him. Roman wanted Rafe’s badge and gun.  Gabi talked to Melanie about Arianna.  Melanie wanted to make up with Gabi.  Will went to see Paul.  Daniel needed Rafe’s help with a case.  Rafe told him that he’s off the force.  Kate and Chad got in an argument with Jordan.  When Will was about to leave Paul’s room, Paul stopped him from leaving.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna worries about Jordan. Julian goes to Jordan’s motel room with a gun. She tells him that she is under the protection of Duke Lavery and that if he shoots her, he will start a war. Fluke goes up to Duke at the Metro Court restaurant and says he wants to catch up. Anna interrupts their conversation. Dante notices that Luke is fixated on his phone. Fluke says it’s just a work thing. Dante wasn’t aware that Luke had a job. Luke makes up a lie that he and Tracy are starting a business. Duke pleads his case for reconciliation with Anna. Lucy interrupts their conversation. She tells him that Scott Baldwin invited her out for New Year’s Eve, but that she refuses to take Bobbie Spencer’s sloppy seconds. Seeing Anna sitting with Agent Kyle Sloan, Duke invites Lucy to go out with him. Agent Sloan tells Anna that the new head of the WSB is now investigating him for having a conflict of interest in Anna’s inquiry. He thinks it is more of a conflict of interest that the new head of the WSB is her old friend, Frisco Jones. He tells her that no matter how many friends in high places she has, she broke the law and he is going to see that she pays for it. Jordan calls Anna and tells her what happened with Julian. She says she would rather continue with the lie that she works for the Corinthos organization than go into witness protection. Julian meets Fluke at the Metro Court and tells him that they have a complication.

Maxie takes advantage of her father’s position at the WSB to take a WSB flight to return to Port Charles to surprise Nathan, only to find that Nathan isn’t there. Nathan has called one of his mother’s friends to arrange a private jet to take him to Portland to surprise Maxie. Maxie and Nathan had both been at the same private airstrip near Portland. Nathan tells Maxie that he is going to try to catch a flight back to Port Charles so they can be together before midnight. Spinelli and Nathan chat and get to know each other. Nathan meets Georgie.

Jake tells Elizabeth that he has imposed on her long enough. He says he shouldn’t have said the things he said to her on Christmas Eve, because he doesn’t know anything about himself. He says it wouldn’t be fair for him to make a place in her life and her kids’ lives and then find out that he isn’t free. She says she hopes he finds the people who love him. Sam asks Patrick if their Christmas kiss meant anything to him. He says he wants to explore what they have between them. They kiss and make New Year’s Eve plans.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon feels guilty about his affair with Hilary when Lily tells him she thinks Hilary is the only person keeping Neil from drinking to deal with his blindness.  When Devon asks Gwen to be his date for New Year's Eve, she is thrilled to accept.  Neil confides in Phyllis that he saw light and shadow Christmas Eve, but he asks her to keep it a secret until he can talk to his doctors to ensure that it won't give Hilary false hope.  Hilary reluctantly agrees to stop taking her birth control pills, because Neil wants to have a baby. 

Jack reluctantly agrees to keep Adam's identity a secret after he says that if he calls the police, he will put Billy in jail, because he shot him and left him inside a car to die. Adam plans to get Chelsea to fall in love with him as Gabriel, and that way he can be with his family. Adam begins to worry when it turns out that Nick went to boarding school with Gabriel and acted as his big brother to help him acclimate. Jack wants to take Phyllis on a romantic trip for New Year's Eve, but she wants to celebrate at the Athletic Club, so he agrees to make her happy.

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