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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick thanks Caroline for the cup of coffee she brings to the bed. He asks about her brunch at the Spencer House while he was feeding the lines at the Mission. She says yes Will is getting so big and Bill loves being a daddy. Maya is painting her toenails when Othello drops by and tells her to crank up the espresso machine. She says okay as she is fully equipped. But she is pedicuring right now so he will have to fix it himself. He says what a life, what is she missing, a butler, a valet? She says right now just her man. She calls Caroline Rick’s pretend wife. She says yesterday was awesome although she had to stay clear of Rick. She came from the streets so it is about time she gave back. And as soon as Eric signs the papers, no one has to know and no more Caroline. At Liam’s Ivy is filling him in on the Mission and all the people there. She felt privileged to be helping out but worries about them the rest of the time not just at Christmas. She asks about his day at his Dad’s. He says it was great with Katie, Will, Caroline stopped by and even Wyatt. He’s not the happiest camper in the world right now but he rose to the occasions. Ivy says she can’t believe Hope just up and left for Italy. Liam says she needs to get her life straightened out right now. Ivy asks if Hope wants him to help with that. Deacon opens the door and it’s Wyatt who asks if his mom is there. Deacon tells him no and Wyatt barges on in. It’s obvious he wants to be quick and be gone by time Quinn gets back. Wyatt asks Deacon is he has spoken to Hope. Deacon says no and he gathers neither has Wyatt. Deacon tells him that he knows he is going through a lot but this is not Wyatt’s fault nor is it Quinn’s either. She is going through a lot now and she is not the bad guy here. Wyatt says okay but he is going to leave before she gets back. But by time he opens the door, Quinn is standing there to come in. Caroline offers to fix breakfast for Rick but he declines. She mumbles that he won’t let her do things for him anymore; must be he is still mad at her. He’s here but like he’s not really there. She needs to know what it is going to take to earn his forgiveness. He asks why she would say that. She says it used to be easy for them to love each other and now it seems to be more of an effort. She says their marriage means everything to her and she was so sure they were on the right track, but they aren’t. She feels resentment. Wyatt tells Quinn that he was just leaving. She wants to know how his holiday was. He says at his dad’s and no drama. She says she is so worried about him. He barks that he is not a child and does not need mothering, She says maybe not but she is in desperate need of forgiveness. He says she is forgiven. It’s time to let go. Deacon agrees. She says she wishes she could. Ivy questions Liam more about Hope and if he has talked to her. And how do things stand between them. He says physically he thinks she will be all right. Ivy says she does not want to put him on the spot but she thinks he knows what she means. They’ve always been real honest with each other and she knows they will always care for each other. That is not a threat to her but suddenly the landscape has changed. Not for her; she feels the same but it might be different for him now. She asks does he want Hope back. He says he can not answer that. Yes the miscarriage changed things but one thing it did not. Hope is married to his brother and he will respect that. He says again that Hope is in Italy but he is with Ivy here. He kisses her and then asks about work. She says there might be a problem there with Rick. She saw him kissing Maya.

Maya has a fantasy with her sitting in the CEO chair while Rick is taking care of business in Milan. Caroline comes in with designs and one by one Maya shoots them down. Caroline calls after Rick that he doesn’t have to rush off to the office. They need to resolve their problems now. She says she loves him and only him and she’d like to give him a child. That would get their relationship back to where it belongs. She begs him to let her show him. He kisses her but then makes a quick break that he must go to the office now. There is something very important that he has to take care of. Quinn tells Wyatt that his wife needs him and she suggests he go to Italy. They need to grieve together. Rick goes to Maya’s who is more than happy to see him. She wants to hear everything; how Christmas was without her…..but it will be the last one. And she has just the thing – hot buttered Maya. She will put some bubbles in the bathtub and pop some champagne and he will feel better. He still looks sullen and she demands to know what’s the matter. He says it has been quite a morning as he and Caroline had a talk.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John was back in Salem.  Paige surprised JJ when she got home.  Kayla was concerned about Hope’s relationship with Aiden.  Julie and Doug wondered what Aiden was keeping from them.  Brady told John he wanted him in his life.  JJ wasn’t as happy to see Paige as she hoped he would have been.  Daniel questioned Melanie about Brady.  Brady tried to make things right with John.  Doug and Julie were curious about Aiden’s skills as a lawyer.  Hope wanted Kayla to stay out of her business when it concerned Aiden.  Theresa wanted Eve to tell her what was going on with her. 

The Hortons had their annual tree trimming.  John went to see Marlena at Will’s apartment.  Eve and Theresa talked about JJ and Paige.  Paige told JJ that she told her mother they were going to be together.  When she gave him a gift, JJ refused it.  At the DiMera mansion, Kate talked to Stefano against her will.  Theresa assured Eve that JJ would ruin things between him and Paige.  When Paige wanted to see JJ, he told her they were done.  He left without telling her why they were done.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu takes Nathan home from the hospital. She has prepared everything for Nathan to welcome Maxie home from Portland. Maxie’s flight has been cancelled, as have all flights out of Portland due to weather. Nathan goes to Spinelli’s place in Portland. Maxie isn’t there. Maxie arrives home and finds that Nathan isn’t there.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that Ric is alive and still in love with her and that Jake also said he has feeling for her. Epiphany tells Elizabeth to go home and figure out what she is going to do about Jake. Ric goes to Elizabeth’s house and asks Jake if he has been gone most of the time to give Elizabeth time alone with Ric. Jake says he just wants Elizabeth to be happy. He says he wonders every day whether he has a wife and kids out there and whether they think he is dead or if he just took off and never came back. Ric says Jake seems like a decent guy, observing that he hasn’t tried to take advantage of Elizabeth and her boys. When Elizabeth gets home, Jake tells her that he is going to move out.

Shawn tells Duke that he is worried about Jordan. Fluke wonders why Julian hasn’t killed Jordan yet. Julian says he hasn’t been able to locate her. Fluke tells Julian where Jordan is. Jordan tells Anna that she is going to break her cover because the Jeromes wouldn’t dare kill a DEA agent. Anna says the problem is that she isn’t a DEA agent anymore. Anna offers Jordan a position as an undercover officer with the PCPD, keeping her current cover and going to work for Duke. Alexis thanks Shawn and Duke for saving Ric. Ric sees Shawn, Duke, and Alexis at the Metro Court. He thanks Shawn and Duke for saving him. Duke says it was Sonny’s doing because Sonny didn’t want to see Ric suffer at the hands of the Zaccharas. Ric says he will thank Sonny when he goes to Pentonville, but asks Duke to thank Sonny for him if he sees him first. He asks Duke to also tell Sonny that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sonny’s business. Fluke meets Dante and Lulu at the Metro Court for lunch. They think he is Luke. Julian gets into Jordan’s motel room.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack goes into the lab and finds out that Tobias is working for Victor and filmed the papers with the formula for the new fragrance which Ashley was perfecting. Jack fears that Victor got his foot in the door to gain access to the new fragrance, but Ashley assures him that the formula was bogus. Tobias visits Victor to discuss the formula and how he filmed the papers with the formula. Adam and Sage walk into the park. Sage lets Adam know that Constance’s will is all in order. Sage asks Adam how he feels about what Constance told him about Victor killed his father. Adam tells Sage that it will be his pleasure to make Victor pay for what he did to Gabriel’s father. Dylan and Avery are at Crimson Lights when Nick comes in to join them and thanks them for letting him come there the night before when the lights went out. Nick calls it a miracle that Crimson Lights was the only place in town which did not lose the lights. Joe and Michael meet at the Athletic Club and discuss the project. Michael lets Joe know that he will have to find other legal representation since he was stepping down as their legal counsel. Joe blames Lauren for getting to him and changing his mind about the project. Dylan shows Nick a T-shirt that he just made to gain support for his cause. Avery joins them and tells Nick that there will be no custody hearing that instead they will have a mediation hearing next week. Adam tells Sage that Victor thinks that he can toy with everyone’s life. Sage asks if anyone has ever been able to beat him. Adam asks Sage what she will gain out of all this. Sage reminds Adam that she is all he has. Victor lets Tobias know that the formula that he filmed is used to make tequila. Tobias threatens to quit his job at Jabot, but Victor urges him to stay on to gain Ashley’s trust. Michael stops by the Coffeehouse to witness for himself the miracle that occurred the night before. Michael lets Avery and Dylan know that he dropped Joe as a client. Avery and Dylan are surprised by Michael’s sudden change of attitude. Joe drops by Victor’s to fill him in that Michael dropped him as a client. Joe asks Victor what his family will think when they find out that he is behind this project. Victor tells him that no one must ever know that he owns the holding company that is behind this. Sage yells at Adam not to leave when Nick walks up behind her and asks her who the man is. Sage just looks at Nick, startled by his sudden appearance.

Michael evades Avery’s question as to his sudden change of heart toward this situation. Michael notices Avery’s engagement and finds out that she and Dylan are engaged. Nick questions Sage again as to who the man is. Sage is reluctant to tell him the real truth and makes up a story. Sage tells him that someone very close to her is dying. Nick offers to buy Sage a hot chocolate with marshmallows. Nick asks what Sage’s name is. Sage tells him that her name is Sage. Adam comes back to Jack’s to find out his decision about turning him in. Jack tells him that he must do what is right and turn him into the police. Adam tells Jack that if he goes to jail then so will Billy.

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