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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/24/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

John McCook has a voiceover that this is a special holiday episode of The Bold and Beautiful. They are at the Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles. The people interviewed are not actors but rather people who are guests of this extraordinary home for those in need. The line is around the block for those waiting to get in. A sign over the door says “Hope When You Enter.” Eric leads Rick, Maya and Othello inside and explains to them that this place serves 4000 meals a day. They will be setting up the tables, serving the food and greeting everyone. That is very important. He tells them not to get too busy to forget to say hello to people – the staff, the volunteers, the residents and especially the people on the street. Okay he puts them to work. Carter helps unload boxes of food while Ivy and Aly set up the tables. Later all join and do their part in the huge kitchen with tables and tables of turkey and mashed potatoes, cakes, pies and even bagged popcorn for the kids. Eric meets up with a wheelchair bound man who sits and talks and explains there are never enough resources to do all that the heart wants to do. They barely can cover the 800 living here then what about the 2000 out on the streets. That is what bothers him the most as he drives home each night. Eric says he’d very much like to talk to some of the residents here if that is all right. The man says sure, that is what makes the difference. Most people think feeding them is what makes the difference but it’s really sitting and looking them in the eye and spending time with them that makes a relationship and that is the way to change lives. That will change homelessness. It will not be a big program but a real friendship. Ivy talks to several people as does Carter and Ivy.

Eric talks to another resident and asks him what they should ask for this Christmas. If they could ask for one thing to change this world what would it be. The man says to learn to love one another as brother and sisters as God loves us as his children. That is what he’d pray for. Eric spies a sign on the wall inside that says, “Two are better than one, because they have good pay for their work. For if one of them falls, the other can help him up. But it is hard for the one who falls when there is no one to lift him up.” Another tells Othello that everyone needs help at times in different ways. So if you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it. There are a lot of kids out there with no direction because they don’t have anybody in their life to guide them. An elderly lady tells Maya that she got her dignity back, she got her pride back, she got her children back……everybody needs to be loved and told you are loved. Maya sings while the kids gather around the tree and greet Santa Rick.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve & JJ made love.  Doug wasn't happy with Hope being with Aiden.  Hope, Maggie, and Jennifer interrupted Julie when she was yelling at Aiden.  Maggie told Julie that Aiden was a good man.  Paige confronted Shane's doctor about him telling her that Shane's condition was worse than it is.  Will took off his ring before he met with Paul for the interview.  Will got the chance to interview Paul.  Doug talked to Ciara about Aiden.  Ciara tried to convince Doug to be okay with Hope being with Aiden.  Paige let Shane's doctor know that she knows Shane isn't sick.  Doug was convinced to give Aiden another chance.  When Julie, Maggie, and Jennifer walked in, Hope and Julie had an argument over Aiden.  Sonny called Paul while Will was interviewing him.  Paige was furious with the doctor for lying to her.  JJ was upset that Eve seduced him to keep him from Paige.  He felt he had nothing to lose and wanted to leave Eve's place. She asked if he was going to tell Paige what they did.

Doug was willing to call a truce with Aiden.  Hope and Julie made up.  JJ decided to break up with Paige.  Will continued to interview Paul about his love life.  Doug told Aiden how he met Hope's mother.  JJ warned Eve that Paige will hate her when she finds out the truth.  When JJ went home, he was upset about what he did.  Paige called Eve and was upset with her.  Paige told Eve that she knew everything she did and hung up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Obrecht dresses up like the monster Krampus in German tradition at the General Hospital Christmas party. Josslyn is delighted. Obrecht tells the story of Krampus. The other children are terrified. Nathan asks Obrecht how she got Judge Walters to change his mind about letting Maxie see her daughter. Obrecht says she “motivated” Monica Quartermaine into convincing her boyfriend, the judge, to change his mind. Monica asks David Walters if his harshness with Maxie is about his daughter. He says his late daughter was impulsive like Maxie and thought rules didn’t apply to her. Maxie goes to Portland to see Georgie for Christmas. Maxie video calls Nathan so that he can see Georgie. Nathan shows Obrecht a picture of Maxie with Georgie and thanks her for making it happen. They spend their first Christmas together.

Molly and Ric are reunited. She tells him to go see Elizabeth. Alexis confronts Julian about Ric. He tells her that he doesn’t owe her explanations anymore, now that they are no longer together. He says she made her decision and orders her out of his life. She says she misses what they lost. He says it doesn’t have to be that way because he still loves her, but she has to accept him for who he is. She says she can’t do that. He says there is nothing left to say except "Goodbye."

Sam tells Patrick that she thinks Jake is the gunman. She wonders why Danny is so drawn to Jake. Jake tells Elizabeth that he cares for her. She says she has come to care for him, too. He wants to kiss her. Ric walks up. Elizabeth is shocked and elated to see that Ric is alive. He tells her that he was in witness protection, and his feelings for her have not changed. He wants to pick up where they left off. She says she has dreamed of that. Jake is disappointed to see Elizabeth and Ric kissing. Molly tells TJ that Ric is alive. He gives her a manipulated photo of Ric and Molly together. Sam and Patrick kiss under the mistletoe.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon is spending Christmas with Dylan, Faith, and Mariah when Nick shows up in a Santa suit. Faith is thrilled to see him. Moses, Maddie, Charlie, and Cane are all spending Christmas with Neil and Hilary. Devon also arrives for the celebration. At the ranch, Victor & Nikki argue over the fact that he accepted an invitation to attend the rally to destroy the Warehouse District. At the police department, Noah arrives to pick up Courtney, who is just getting off work for the night. They meet Kevin in the squad room and wonder why he is there is on Christmas Eve. Michael, Lauren, and Fenmore spend Christmas Eve together sharing lasagna and a salad. They all evade what is really on their mind: Michael’s cancer. Devon and Hilary exchange looks as he enters the apartment. Jill and Colin also arrive for the celebration. He remarks that this must be a joyous occasion for Neil and Hilary. Neil tells Jill that he appreciates her stopping by. Devon and Hilary share some stolen moments, hoping no one will notice. She says that as long as she is married to Neil, there will be no more sneaking around. Michael, Lauren, and Fenmore talk about everything else except what is really on their minds. Faith urges Nick to stay and spend Christmas with them and he agrees. Noah and Courtney also arrive for the celebration at Sharon’s. Noah lets Nick know that he is glad that he is here. Mariah gets a call from Kevin, who needs her help.

Cane and Jill discuss the redevelopment project but Colin changes the subject. Colin and Devon share some tense moments and Devon tells him to enjoy his money for there will be no more. Neil lets Cane know that he is entering an experimental program that may improve his eyesight. Dylan arrives at Nikki and Victor’s complete with a package for her. Victor shakes his head and leaves. Victor listens to Nikki talking to Dylan about the people who are attempting to destroy the warehouse district. Mariah meets with Kevin at the police department and together they find a rabbit along with her babies. Michael, Lauren, and Fenmore dance around the room, yelling out “cancer.” Jill and Colin interrupt them and don’t like their singing. Victor visits Sharon’s home to bring Faith a present and is surprised to see Nick there. Victor blasts Nick for being there after all Sharon has done to him. Dylan shows Nikki articles from his childhood. Devon asks Hilary for some time alone with her on Christmas Day.

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