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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam shows Ivy and Maya a musical miniature carousel in Rick’s office. She says it has been in the Forrester family for years. Maya is delighted to hear there will be an open house at Eric’s on Christmas Day and hopes she is invited. Both Pam and Ivy scoff at the idea as being too awkward. Rick assures her Eric said all are welcome but they pay the price of admission by helping out at the mission and feeding the homeless. Maya calls out Ivy about being so bright and cheerful after what she did last night. Rick wants to know what’s the matter. Maya promptly tells him that Ivy came by to see her last night and it wasn’t to bring her a housewarming gift. She confronted her about their kiss. Rick glares at Ivy and then tells her she is not to mention that again if she enjoys working here. He hopes she understands that. Ivy says she is concerned about him and Caroline. She knows he still loves Caroline and that is why he is lashing out. He tells her that he told her to drop this. John tells Jarrett that it’s been too long since Pam lost her little dog and it’s time to put a smile on that face again. He says his own tail is wagging just thinking about this. Pam will love it. Pam finds a morose Wyatt who is trying to work but not making much progress. She asks about Hope and he says yeah he talked to her last night for about five seconds. She is not coming home for Christmas. Pam tries to cheer him by saying perhaps she did not want her mom to spend it alone. She shows him a photo of Tiny, her best friend, who passed away several years ago. She tells Wyatt that Eric is having an open house on Christmas and he really should come and not be alone that day. He thanks her but says he thinks he will just lay low. John pops in to surprise Pam and asks what does a man have to do to get a hug around here, so she obliges. He asks is Chuck here and she says no Charlie is not working today. John says great then his wish has been granted, now to Pam’s wish. Rick tells Maya that he doesn’t like it that Ivy knows. Maya says it will be okay, she won’t say anything. She wants to protect Caroline and she likes her job here too much. He tells Maya that he needs to get his dad to sign those papers as soon as possible to secure his position as CEO.

Ivy tries to draw Wyatt into a conversation while working but he’s off in a distance. She says she is sorry he is hurting with Hope gone. He says and she is not coming home any time soon. He gets that she is heartbroken but they both lost that child. They should be healing together and supporting each other. He does not know now where he stands with his wife. She tells him Hope loves him and this is just her way of dealing with things and it is only temporary. He just has to have a little faith and she will return. He asks her what her plans are for the holiday and she replies to spend it with Liam. He is surprised and she asks why. Wyatt says he thought Liam might be in Italy and perhaps they had talked about it. Ivy says no. Wyatt suggests that it might be a good idea to find out.

Maya wants to pin Rick down about spending more time with her after his Christmas dinner at Eric’s. Then she gets off on the subject of spending the night and gets him to answer that he is not with Caroline in that way. She kisses him and he gently pushes her away and warns her that he is supposed to be mad at her and fired her so they can’t be seen doing this. John leads Pam out to the Sky Lounge and prepares her for her surprise. Jarrett pulls back the blue curtain and out comes Bernie, a cute little dog. John says is just one of many in the poochie parade and she gets to choose which one she likes best, his gift to her. John gives the commentary as they parade around. Pam says they are all beautiful and she could never pick just one and it is just a little too soon, maybe next year. She tells John she can never thank him enough, this was so special. He says he knows a way. He pulls out some mistletoe out of his pocket and puckers up. She gives him a kiss. Down at the shelter Rick shows Maya around. He says this is the mission of miracles and tomorrow she will be part of it all.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Doug was upset to see Hope and Aiden kissing.  Paige wanted to talk to Shane’s doctor about Shane’s illness.  Melanie busted Nicole in Serena’s room.  JJ talked o Kayla about Eve trying to break him and Paige up.  JJ wanted Kayla o find out what was going on with Shane.  Kayla agreed to help.  Melanie confronted Nicole about why she was in Serena’s hotel room.  Nicole said he wasn’t trying to break in, but Melanie wouldn’t listen.  Dough said Julie told him about Hope and Aiden dating.  Dough was upset that Hope didn’t tell him.  Kimberly told Kayla that Shane was okay.  Kayla told Kimberly that Eve said Shane was sick.  Kimberly realized hat there was a miscommunication.  Eve believed that she was lying to Paige for her own good.  Kayla didn’t understand what was going on with Eve and Paige.  Melanie didn’t tell Serena’s secret to Daniel, but she wanted to know what was going on with her.  Daniel questioned Serena about her past with Melanie.  Nicole told Melanie that she was curious about Serena.  She told Melanie that she wanted to apologize to Serena.  Melanie wanted her to prove she wasn’t lying. Kimberly wanted Paige to come home when she realized Eve would lie about Shane to keep Paige in California.  When Eve was about to leave, JJ was there.

Nicole brought the bellhop to prove her story.  Nicole asked her not to say anything.  Melanie agreed not to say anything.  Kimberly told Paige that Shane wasn’t sick.  JJ grilled Eve about why she was in Salem.  He told her that her father wasn’t sick and he was going home.  Eve wanted to know how JJ knew about Shane.  Hope and Doug talked about Bo.  Daniel wanted to see what Melanie brought from Serena’s room.  Eve and argued over Paige.  Melanie had a photo album in Serena’s room.  Nicole read the emails she copied from Serena’s room.  JJ told Eve to call Paige and tell her that Shane was fine.  Eve threatened to tell Paige that they had sex.  JJ didn’t think Eve would do it.  Eve decided to tell Paige the truth.  Hope and Doug continue to argue about Aiden.  When JJ tried to stop Eve from telling Paige the truth, they took their clothes off.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie tells Nathan that Judge Walters reversed his decision and is allowing her access to Georgie. She asks Nathan to go to Portland with her, but he says he hasn’t recovered enough to be released from the hospital yet. They exchange Christmas gifts. He gives her the limited edition shoes she has wanted since she first saw them. He tells her that when she gets back from Portland they will have a great 2015.

Fluke reveals to Julian that he still impersonating Luke. Julian asks him how he looks just like Luke and who he is. Alexis tells Sam that Ric is alive but missing so she doesn’t want to tell Molly. Sam thinks Molly deserves to know. Molly doesn’t want to hear anything that Alexis wants to say. Johnny tells Sonny that he gave Carlos the order to kill Ric. Shawn and Jordan arrive at Johnny’s garage in time to save Ric. Shawn warns Jordan that the Jeromes are going to go after Jordan for turning on them. Carlos tells Julian and Fluke that Jordan helped Sonny’s enforcer save Ric Lansing. Fluke orders Julian to eliminate Jordan. Ric goes to Sam’s penthouse and surprises Molly

Franco stops Sonny from killing Johnny. Johnny doesn’t want anything to do with Franco. Sonny tells Franco that he is going to ensure that someone does to Franco what Franco ordered Carter to do to Michael when Michal was in Pentonville. Sonny puts his shiv in Franco’s pocket just before the guard arrives. The guard sees the shiv in Franco’s possession and puts Franco in solitary confinement. Johnny tells Sonny that Shawn thwarted Carlos’ attempt to kill Ric. Sonny warns Johnny that his territory will stay his and his family will stay safe. Morgan tells Kiki that he thinks their connection is stronger than ever. Kiki says they need to focus on the baby. He agrees that the baby needs both of her older siblings. Carly tells Jake about the baby saga and that Sonny turned out to be the father. She says Sonny won’t see her so she can’t tell him that the child is his daughter. Jake offers to go to Pentonville and tell Sonny, but she thinks that’s a bad idea.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon and Nick rush into her home, looking for Faith but she is nowhere to be found. Sharon begins to panic. Adam is on the stairs of the penthouse when he receives a call from Sage concerning Constance. As Adam leaves the apartment, he encounters Victoria and Katie at the elevator. They exchange pleasantries but she doesn’t recognize him. Dylan and Avery enter the Coffeehouse and going behind the counter, Dylan sees Faith crouched in a corner. Dylan calls Sharon and lets her know that he found Faith in the Coffeehouse. At the lab, Ashley and Ben remember when they made love in the shower. In the park, Victor is on the phone, talking to someone when Tobias joins him. Victor asks him what Ashley is working on at the lab. Faith tells Dylan that she ran away from home because her parents aren’t together. Sharon and Nick come rushing in. Sharon hugs Faith and tells her how worried she was over her. Sharon thanks Avery for her help. Nick and Dylan discuss Faith running away. Victor asks Tobias about the formula that Ashley is working on in the lab. Victor tells Tobias to get closer to Ashley so she will tell him her secrets. Ashley and Ben think that what happened between them was a one night thing and they should go back to just being friends. Abby walks in and invites them to a party but they refuse. Abby senses something amiss between them and wants to know what's going on. Victoria and Billy discuss a date for the christening and that Chelsea should be involved. Victoria wants Chelsea to sit in on their meeting, but Billy says that Chelsea is taking a shower. Victoria lets Billy know that Katie’s full name will be Katherine Rose Newman. Billy is upset by this news. Cane, Joe, Colin, and Jill are standing at the Athletic Club discussing the small business owners and what Joe is doing to them by taking their businesses. Jill defends the small business owners and vows to fight to stop Joe and his investors. Joe asks Jill how she lost control of Chancellor Industries and looking across the room, Jill tells him that it was all because of one man. Joe puts Cane up to ask Victor for help in backing his investment. Cane walks over to join Victor at his table. Looking at Constance, Adam urges Sage to take her to a hospital but Sage refuses. Adam walks over to the bed and sits down beside Constance. Constance tells Adam that she has something to tell him that she should have told him a long time ago. At home, Faith will not listen to any of Sharon and Nick’s explanations as to why they cannot get back together. Faith gets up and runs upstairs. Sharon looks at Nick and tells him that they cannot go on like this.

Ashley lets Abby know that nothing is going on between her and Ben. Abby reminds Ben of his getting drunk and going to sleep on the sofa in the lab. Tobias joins them and asks Ashley if there is anything else he can do for her. Ashley tells him no but that after the New Year she will be giving him more responsibility. Billy is upset over Victoria’s sudden announcement but Victoria explains that she will never shut him out of Katherine’s life. Sharon tells Nick that she doesn’t like what is happening here at Christmas. Nick refuses to drop the custody lawsuit nor will be get back together with her. Avery and Dylan discuss how relieved Sharon and Nick were to find Faith. Avery asks Dylan if he ever thought how they would have been as parents. Avery gets a call that is bad news. She tells Dylan that their plan to make the businesses a landmark fell through. Joe, Cane, and Colin discuss the redevelopment project and Colin offers to invest. Joe walks over and asks Victor for help. Constance tells Adam that Victor killed his father. Constance tells Adam to make Victor pay. Adam promises to do so. It is revealed that Victor is working with Joe and has been all along.

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