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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline asks what is going on. Ivy says she and Rick were just talking, something they had to set straight. Both says neither one of them planned this and he is ready to wrap this up and go home. He will meet her there in a moment. Ivy tells him they are not done. Rick says he has no more to say and neither does she. He says it does not matter what she saw because Ivy is not going to say anything. The only one now standing in his way is Ivy so she will have to excuse him. No one else knows that he is with Maya and it needs to stay that way. Maya continues to tell Othello that Rick is fooling his wife and staying away from her as much as possible. He is in love with her. And after what Caroline did with Ridge she deserves what she gets out of this. And Maya is content until she moves into one of the Forrester mansions with Rick. Othello tells her she is crazy. But Maya says Rick has a plan and to hell with Ridge. Rick will be CEO and they will run the company. She will be the family’s matriarch. Ridge thinks back on his holding Caroline’s hand and guiding it to make their designs and her telling him they were a really good team.

Carter comes by and asks Ridge if he is punishing himself. He is going out to a club and thinks Ridge should come with him. Ridge says he does not need baby sitting so go ahead and punish himself. Carter says he needs a woman in his life. He thought he had one but he lost her to Rick. Ridge says now Rick has reconciled with Caroline so maybe he was wrong about him. Ridge confesses to Carter that what he had with Caroline was magical but she is back with Rick and things are different now. Rick goes home and finds Caroline in her red teddy draped across the bed and saying she thought he’d never get home. He tries all he can to avoid her like turning on the lights. She makes the first move by kissing him but he pulls away. Ivy goes to see Maya and says they need to talk. Maya says after what Rick did today she never wants to see him again. Ivy tells her she knows better. She saw them both here tonight. She needs to start respecting herself if not Caroline. Maya is aghast that Ivy would say that. Ivy says Rick took Caroline back but he needs more time to process that and without Maya. Maya says Rick never got the respect from his father or Ridge so Caroline is the latest. There is nothing bad about her becoming part of the Forrester family. Sooner or later Rick’s relationship with Caroline will end. Caroline tries to undress Rick. He keeps saying he is beat, really tired so maybe they can talk about this tomorrow. She says perhaps they don’t have to talk at all. He climbs in bed and says goodnight. Caroline’s words about forgiving her swirl around in his head but he closes his eyes and tries to forget.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe went to visit Gabi at the prison.  Rafe was upset when he found out that Will didn’t take Arianna to see Gabi.  Will and Sonny ended up arguing because Sonny tricked Will into coming home.  Sonny wanted to take Arianna to see Gabi.  Jennifer and Nicole ran into each other at Serena’s hotel.  Nicole planned on breaking in to Serena’s room when Jennifer showed up.  Nicole lied and said she was trying to cover up a story.  Serena pumped Melanie about Nicole.  Gabi tried to stop Rafe from going after Will.  She understood why Will couldn’t bring Arianna to see her.  Sonny apologized for tricking him into taking Arianna to see Gabi.

Eric wanted to know how Melanie and Serena met.  Jennifer told Nicole that she was okay with Nicole and Daniel being friends.  Nicole apologized to Jennifer.  Jennifer told Nicole that she’s going to change.  Will took Arianna to see Gabi.  Serena and Melanie told Eric how they met.  Nicole changed her mind about going in Serena’s room.  Gabi got the chance to spend time with Arianna. Eric and Serena talked about what happened in Africa.  Nicole bribed the bellhop to let her in Serena’s room.  Daniel and Jennifer ran into each other.  She invited him over for Christmas.  Nicole searched through Serena’s hotel room. She found a copy of Eric’s emails and wanted to read them.  Chad and Rafe ran into each other and got into an argument over Jordan.  Rafe warned Chad that he would make a mistake and Rafe would get him.  While Nicole was taking pictures of emails, Melanie busted her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis refuses to represent Franco. Her colleague, Henry Sullivan, arrives to represent him. Judge Rachel Lasser hears the case. Alexis pleads not guilty by reason of insanity for Nina. The judge remands Nina to a psychiatric facility. Henry Sullivan pleads not guilty by reason of insanity on Franco’s behalf. The judge rejects the plea because Franco’s previous trial established that his mental issues were due to a brain tumor, which has been removed. She denies bail and remands him to Pentonville. Alexis tells Maxie that Judge Walters reversed his decision so she will be able to see her daughter.

Julian offers to take care of Sam’s suspect for her. Sonny tells Johnny that he needs proof that Ric is still alive. Jordan reports to Anna that she can’t find any evidence that connects the Jeromes to Ric Lansing. Shawn goes to Jordan and asks her to help him save Ric. Jordan calls Julian and asks him where Ric is. Carlos goes to the gallery and eavesdrops on Jordan’s telephone conversation. Carlos calls Johnny and tells him that Jordan revealed Ric’s location to Shawn. Johnny tells Sonny that he gave Carlos the kill order. Jordan and Shawn get to Johnny’s garage before Carlos pulls the trigger. Sonny puts a shiv to Johnny’s neck. Franco stops him.

Morgan is disappointed to learn that he is not the baby’s father. Morgan and Kiki think it is weird that they have a sister in common. Morgan and Kiki kiss.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis visits Summer at the Underground and wants to have a chat on where her life is heading with this marriage to Austin. Summer asks her if she is giving her marital advice. Jack has the phone in his hand and threatens to call the police, but Adam tries to talk him out of it by telling him that if Billy knows, he will kill him then no children will have any father. Chelsea thanks Billy for taking her to the memorial site for Delia. She also wants to accompany him on his errand, but Billy refuses to let her come. Chelsea glances over to the bar and sees the woman sitting there that they saw at the memorial site. Chelsea accuses her of following her. Sage tries to talk her way out of it, but Chelsea tells her that she can spot a con a mile away. Dylan and Avery come into the Coffeehouse and tell Paul about the rally that they were attending to save the businesses. Avery even tells him that a camera crew was there. Sharon and Nick look for Faith but with no luck. Nick even calls Summer to see if Faith is with her, but she's not. Sharon begins to panic when she finds out that Faith is out in the snow alone. Paul arrives to help in the search. Billy arrives at Jack’s and upon seeing Adam wants to know who he is. Jack makes up a lie and tells him that his name is Gabriel Bingham. Adam and Billy are cordial to each other. After Adam leaves, Billy wants to know what that was all about. Jack still will not tell Billy that was Adam. Billy shows Jack a picture of Katie and tells him how Victoria will have her dressed for Christmas. Billy tells Jack that Chelsea accompanied him to Victoria’s. Jack asks how that went. Billy lets him know that they are getting along fine. Billy tells Jack that he is a very lucky man. Dylan gets a call that he will have a meeting with the mayor thanks to Paul.

Nick blames Sharon for all the trouble they are having with Faith. He reminds her that she lied to Faith about what was going on between them. Sharon threatens to use it against Nick in the custody hearing that Faith ran away while under his watch. Paul separates them and tells them not to use his department in their custody hearing, because this is about finding their child. Avery bumps into Chelsea at the Athletic Club and tells her that she has some papers for her to sign to close out Adam’s estate. Chelsea finds out about Avery and Dylan being engaged and congratulates her. Adam visits the penthouse but is just about caught by Chelsea when she comes home with gifts. Billy also comes home with Chelsea’s gift. Billy suggests they go upstairs. Adam follows them halfway up the stairs then gets a call from Sage about Constance. Adam tells her that he is home. Avery and Dylan’s appointment with the mayor is cancelled.

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