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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Othello arrives at Maya’s and says he is surprised when he got her text. He can’t believe she got such great digs away from being over the coffee shop. She shrugs it off as temporary until she gets her own mansion. And she purposely tells him it is all due to Rick. She asks if he can keep a secret and then spills that Rick is only pretending. He is really not back with Caroline. Maya tells Othello not to take that tone. This is a good thing. They are just waiting for the right time to announce it. She says he is the only one that knows and it has to stay that way until it is time. He says his lips are sealed. Caroline pours some wine and is waiting for Rick but Aly shows up unexpectedly. Caroline invites her in and says Rick had to go back to work so she thought it was him returning. She describes how hard it has been with her and Rick trying to rekindle what they had. But it all blew up, their mistakes, in front of all of Forrester and she can see them staring in the hallways and hushed conversations when she walks by. Aly tells her do not worry about it; it was only a few kisses and everybody falls for that Forrester charm. Caroline agrees and says she is glad it did not go any further. She is lucky that Rick is giving their marriage another try. She is lucky to have a man like him. And not only is he trying with the marriage but he insists that she and Ridge work together again. He is so really forgiving and a good person. Rick walks into Eric’s kitchen and finds Ivy who is thinking over what she just saw between Rick and Maya. She tells him they need to talk. He says she can tell him anything. She doesn’t stutter. She says she knows what he has been doing. She saw him tonight with Maya…..kissing Maya. Rick blows it off as a goodbye kiss. He says Maya got a little too attached and she is not warming up to the fact that he went back to his wife. Ivy says nice try but that was no goodbye kiss that she saw. She knows he did not end it with Maya. Carter comes in looking for Rick but Ridge tells him that he has already left. Carter opines that it is nice to see Ridge sketching again but he looks sort of beat so maybe he ought to go home too. Ridge confides that he is not sure where home is anymore as Katie ended the engagement. Carter is surprised since Ridge’s feelings for Caroline was a creative spark from artist to artist. Ridge isn’t so sure. Carter says Maya made a big deal out of it but nothing happened and Ridge is not pursuing Caroline and she is back with Rick. Ridge says Katie knows but she is not the kind of woman just to dismiss this and it’s sad as he would never act on those feelings. Ridge admits though that there is something alluring about it as he was married to her aunt and now it’s like she is back. There is something about her spirit and her elegance. Carter tells him to be careful, nostalgia may take him too far. Ridge says he is not a home wrecker. Carter asks if Caroline knows how he feels. Ridge says it does not matter because he is not going to let it get that far. She is back with Rick over something that he did and it won’t happen again.

Ridge has a fantasy with Caroline coming back to the office and she begins to design. He watches for a minute then takes the pen from her and kisses her passionately. He’s finally jerked back to his senses. Rick tells Ivy this is none of her business. She says she is only concerned. She thought he was back with Caroline and yet he is kissing Maya. He finally admits his wife cheated on her with Ridge. So she asks if he is out for revenge. She is not judging him but she’d like to understand. He tells her to forget it and she says she can’t. Aly tells Caroline that she saw Rick’s car when she came in. Caroline guesses he is at the main house and calls him. He says he was getting a bottle of wine but he got into something with Ivy so he will be home in a bit. He wants to make sure they see eye to eye on something. He turns to Ivy and says she is not going to say a word to anyone. She better understand. She tells him he is not thinking straight right now. He counters that this is inappropriate behavior to be talking to her boss this way. She is getting into some very dangerous territory and sticking her nose in other people’s business. She says she only wants to help. He barks that if she really wants to help then keep her mouth shut. Don’t say anything to anyone. She asks if he has thought about talking to someone. He scoffs that he does not need therapy. He just needs a woman he can trust and that will stand by him. All his life he has been lied to in all his relationships except for Maya. She is the only one who has been honest. He watched Ridge treat his mother like crap all his life and this is who Caroline wants to be with? He barks again that as long as Ivy is living in this house she will be loyal to him and the company and not say a word about Maya. He hopes he made that clear! Caroline walks in to see if Rick is ready to come home and she sees the tension between Ivy and Rick and asks what is going on.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve lied to Paige about Shane's condition.  Eve told Paige that they had to stay in California.  Eric informed Serena that she met Nicole without knowing it.  Nicole and Daniel kissed and he was confused by the kiss.  Sonny was upset with Will for lying about why he was home.  the doctor explained to Eve and Paige that Shane's condition was serious.  Paige was upset when she found out they had to stay in California.  Serena wasn't worried about Nicole.  Daniel and Nicole agreed to go out on a date.  Eve was going to go back to Salem to pack up their things.  Paul let Theresa know that he's interested in someone else.  Will tried to make things right with Sonny, but it didn't work.  Sonny was still very upset with Will for the way he treated him while he was gone.

Eric didn't want Serena to be around Nicole.  Daniel wanted to wait until after the holidays to go out with Nicole.  He wanted time to talk to Jennifer and he would talk to Eric about it if Nicole wanted.  Nicole didn't want him to do that because she said she was done with him. Abby ran into Theresa at TCB and they argued over Paul.  Eve told Kimberly that she had to go back to Salem, but Paige was staying in California with her and Shane.  Kimberly was disappointed that Theresa wasn't coming home.  Will met Paul in the park for the interview.  Nicole wanted to find out more dirt on Serena.  She was convinced that Serena was up to something and that's why she showed up after all of these years.  Nicole got some advice from a friend about making up with Serena.  Nicole thought about crashing the party. Will asked Paul about his personal life.  Kimberly wanted to know how Paige was going to react to moving.  Paige called JJ to tell him that she wasn't going back to Salem any time soon.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Today's GH episode was preempted.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon walks in on Mariah and Kevin before they have a chance to kiss. Later she advises Mariah to open her heart to love. Nick is hurt when Faith tells Santa that she wants her parents to get married for Christmas, and she doesn’t want any presents. Nick has a talk with Faith and tells her that she can be upset, but she will have to accept that he and her mommy won’t get back together. Faith runs away from Nick’s house and she isn’t at Sharon’s house either. Kevin accidently tells Fen about Michael’s cancer because he thinks he already knows the truth.

Billy and Chelsea go to the site of Delia’s memorial to tell her that her wish of having a baby sister came true and her name is Katherine Rose. Sage listens in to the conversation and then calls Adam and says they have to talk, but he isn’t answering his phone. Jack doesn’t believe Adam is alive until he tells him that he knows where the prostitute who died in his living room is buried. Adam also explains that he didn’t come forward and say he accidently ran over Delia because nobody would believe him and then he didn’t want to risk Billy and Chloe not giving Delia’s eyes to Connor. Adam also tells Jack how Gabriel Bingham died saving him. Adam asks Jack not to call the police. Jack agrees but feels he has to call Billy.

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