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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie picks up her favorite book of poetry. Bill barges in wanting to now where the dressmaker is. He hopes they are not planning on getting married as he knows what this whole setup tonight was. She says no, as a matter of fact he is not here. He will be finding a new place to live. He says that is his Katie. This is music to his ears. She thinks he is kind of cute when he is enraged. He thinks this will work great. They are free to get back together. He wishes he could say he was sorry but he’s not; he’s just glad Forrester is gone. Caroline puts on a sexy red teddy and is looking forward to tonight. Rick tells her she looks fabulous but he will have to take a rain check. He has to go back to the office. She says she is beginning to hate his new job as CEO if this is the way he avoids her. Ivy drops by later and Caroline confides in her that she has a lot of making up to do but in order to do that she needs Rick to be alert and in the same room with her and that is not happening. Rick goes to Maya’s new place and she gushes how happy she is. Rick admits it is very hard to be alone with Caroline. It is okay to be lovey-dovey at work but at home he wants to jump out of his skin having to be close to her. He complains that it was her that looked elsewhere, not him, so it’s all on her. Maya says he can not lose sight of the motivation here. It was Caroline who turned to Ridge of all people. But this apartment is a Caroline-free zone and they need to take advantage of it.

Ivy tells Caroline that she needs to whisk Rick away from the job and make a romantic weekend. Caroline says yes if he would ever come home long enough but right now he is not very whiskable. Bill tells Katie that he wants to right this wrong. He hurt her any number of ways but they are important and he wants to put his family back together. She asks about Brooke and he says that is behind him. Brooke always wanted him and Katie to salvage their marriage. Nothing she has done lately has challenged that. He has had no contact with her. Katie gets Will and tells Bill that he doesn’t have to leave so soon. Caroline faxes Rick and says she is waiting; please come home. Rick and Maya make love and then he has to leave. She tells him this will all be worth it although she misses falling asleep in his arms. When he needs to get away from the guest house he can always come here and lay it on her. They kiss as he walks out the door, unbeknownst that Ivy is visiting a friend in another apartment close by and is on the other side of an open door and spies them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole tried to fish for information about Serena through Maxine.  Victor wanted Clyde to come to the mansion.  Jordan ran into Kate and they had a heated exchange.  Chad talked to Stefano and he wasnít sure why Rafe wanted to put him in jail.  Stefano thought Rafe knew that Chad helped Victor cover up Samiís tax evasion charges.  Victor wanted Clyde to leave town.  Jordan didnít want to talk to Kate about being with Chad.  Nicole investigated Serena to find out more about her.  She realized that Eric was with Serena before he became a priest.  Eric arrived and almost saw Nicole checking up on Serena.

Kimberly told Paige that Shane was going to be fine.  Eve asked Shaneís doctor for help.  The doctor thought Eve wanted him to meet somewhere.  She got upset and told him that she wanted help.  Eric saw Nicole tablet and saw Serenaís picture.  Eric wanted to know what she was doing.  Clyde wasnít ready to leave Salem.  Victor told Clyde he would spend 10 to 20 years in prison.  Clyde told Victor that he would go to prison too.  Rafe wanted to investigate Chad when a detective showed up to see Rafe.  Eve wanted the doctor to lie to Paige and tell her Shane was sicker than they thought.  Eric was upset that Nicole was checking up on Serena.  They ended up arguing and Nicole stormed off.  Clyde told Victor that neither one of them wanted to go to prison.  The detective kept Rafe from investigating anything that Chad did before he was CEO.  Eve convinced the doctor to lie to Paige.  Eric warned Serena that Nicole met her, but she didnít notice.  Nicole went to Daniel and explained that she didnít want to be with him because of Eric.  She ended up kissing Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis tells Nathan that she is going to appeal Maxie’s case. Nathan asks Alexis to represent Nina. Nina is moved to the cell across from Franco’s. Franco says they are going to beat the charges. Nina thinks this is the last time they will ever see each other. He assures her that he will stick by her and that everything will be ok. Alexis goes to the jail and tells Nina that her brother asks her to represent her. Nina says she will accept Alexis’ help if she also represents Franco. Nathan calls someone to ask for their help with Maxie’s case.

Elizabeth tells Sam to back off of Jake. Sam thinks Elizabeth’s opinion is biased because she is falling for Jake. Elizabeth tells Sam that if she doesn’t leave them alone, they will sue her for harassment. Jake asks Patrick if it is possible for him to completely forget short term memories. Patrick suggests that Jake see Dr. Kevin Collins to work through his memory loss through hypnotherapy. He says it is possible that Jake’s prior profession could have been in organized crime since there is such a large presence of it in Port Charles and because he was found wandering on Route 31 in the middle of the night. Jake isn’t so sure he wants to retrieve his memories.

Anna asks Jordan to help find Ric. Shawn tells Duke that Ric isn’t dead, that Anna had him placed in Witness Protection, and that Johnny Zacchara has kidnapped him and is holding him in exchange for Sonny’s business. Duke observes that Johnny can’t run an organization from prison. Shawn reveals that Julian is running things on the outside. Carlos shows Julian that Ric Lansing in bound and gagged in the trunk of a car and tells him that he is going to kill him if Sonny doesn’t hand over his territory to Johnny within 24 hours. Julian is incensed that Carlos compromised him by bringing him to the scene of a kidnapping. He tells Rivera that they may have thrown in with Johnny, but they don’t answer to him. Duke calls Julian to set up a meeting and tells him that Sonny has authorized him to comply with Johnny’s demands. Jordan runs into Julian and Carlos and asks if it is time to get back to work. Julian tells her to stay out of trouble because the cops are going to go after her to cement their case against him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy apologizes to Stitch and tells him he admires him for protecting his mother for all those years. He gives Stitch and Victoria his blessing on their relationship. Billy also thanks Chelsea for being so gracious about him being Katie’s father. The couples promise to do their best to raise their children together and do what is best for them. Jack refuses to give Sharon back her job but he does promise her a recommendation so that she can get another job. Noah and Mariah do their best to persuade Nick to drop the custody suit and not take Faith away from Sharon, but Nick refuses to drop the custody suit, because he thinks he is doing what is best for Faith.

Fen and Summer discuss their problems with their parents. Fen wonders why Michael and Lauren are trying to get rid of him. Sumer is frustrated that Phyllis is constantly calling and texting her, wanting to know what she plans to do in the future. Fen invites Summer and Austin to go on a ski trip with him and his friends. Adam tells Sage that he intends to get his family back using Gabriel’s identity and then when the time is right, he will tell Chelsea the truth. Sage reminds Adam that she is the only person he can trust, and that if he tells everyone his true identity he will go to jail for causing Delia’s death. Adam decides to take a chance and heads over to Jack’s house and tell him that he is Adam. Jack is stunned

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