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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric looks over the papers and repeats that Rick wants him to sign this. Rick says yes, it would be a leap of faith on his part. Eric says yes but he’d lose all leverage he had with the company. Rick points out that due to Eric’s generosity he no longer owns the company but he is the company and does own the voting rights. Eric points out again Rick would have final say in everything. Rick asks if that bothers him as he took it to heart everything his dad said about forgiving Caroline and Ridge. He opines that he is ready to run this company with Caroline into the future but it is awfully hard to do that with Ridge trying to undermine him. Bill is not listening or paying attention to business details with Justin. He assumes it is Brooke until grumpy Bill says no it is Katie. She had her place all laid out for a seduction when he left. Forrester is a pig and she deserves better than that loser. Justin senses this is more than a friendly concern for his ex-wife; he wants Katie back. Well it is never too late. That is Bill’s mantra, not Justin’s, so do something about it. Bill grumbles that he spent too much time chasing a dream when this was always right in front of him. Now she is putting her life together with the dressmaker. Ridge shows Katie a new design he is proud of and working on. She asks if he did it alone, and he has to admit no, Caroline helped as his dad insisted they stay and work together. She asks how does he feel about that. He says he just wants what is best for Caroline, that she be happy and do her work without feeling awkward. Katie admits he should continue doing that. Then she adds that Ridge came into her life at just the right time and she into his. But when he talks about his work, there is a light that comes on inside him. And it is not because of Katie but Caroline and it’s more than gratitude. She asks him if he loves Caroline. If he does she understands as they are both artists and feel the same thing. Caroline gives him something that she can’t. He tells her that he loves her. She says she loves him too but now it’s not enough. She tells him that she understands and she is not angry and would never tell him to stop working with Caroline as that is who he is. She wants more than anything for him to be happy and this makes him happy. She looks at the ribbon in her finger and says she is going to take it off. He asks her not to. She says it is all right. She has known for some time but wanted to put it off a little longer. She cries that he came into her life when she really needed to be loved and she will never forget that. Slowly she unravels the ribbon and lays it in her palm. She tells him she wishes so badly she could be the one who inspires him but she is not. They can not change that. He says he is sorry and she says she isn’t. She hopes he finds his truth. She says their time was magical and she will never forget a single moment of it. They share a goodbye kiss before he leaves.

Maya slips in and kisses Rick. He’s frosty, says his dad did not sign the papers. And he admonishes Maya for coming in and kissing him. Caroline or his dad could have walked in and seen her. They have to play this out and he has to be seen as totally committed to Caroline now. It won’t be long as he is calling a meeting and the two of them are going to put on a show. At the meeting, Eric tells Rick that he is very proud of him and his new attitude. Rick calls for Maya to come in. Then they put on a performance where Rick fires her and says her working along Caroline won’t be conducive any more. Maya has her say which is being appalled. Rick says he is doing this for the good of the company and his wife. Maya offers just to get out of their lives at the office but Rick says that will never work. One has to go and it isn’t going to be Caroline or himself. Eric stands up and tells Rick that he appreciates his loyalty both to the company and his wife, but Maya is not going to lose her job over this. Rick was involved too. Meeting adjourned. Caroline goes to Rick and says she is so touched by what he just did. He hugs her and without looking into her face says she deserves it, every bit of it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie and Theresa ended up fighting when Melanie thought Theresa was lying about being pregnant with Bradyís baby.  Brady had to break them up.  Paul requested Will to write the article about him.  Paul didnít expect Will to be so young.  Paul continued to stare at Will as he sat in the room with him.  Nicole saw Eric with Serena and wasnít happy about it.  Marlena saw Nicole and wanted to take her somewhere so they could talk about what Nicole saw.  Eric told Serena about what happened with Nicole.  Serena wanted to know where that left them.

Brady told Melanie that he got her job back for her, but she had to stop fighting with Theresa.  Theresa was upset with Anne and called her worthless.  Will interviewed Paul about his life.  Will was about to leave Paulís room and they shook hands.  They lingered when they shook hands.  After Will left, Will put his ring back on his finger.  Nicole thought Marlena talked to her as if she were talking to a patient.  Eric told Serena that he canít forgive Nicole and thatís why he canít be a priest.  Serena still wondered where that left her.  Eric let Serena know that he cared about her.  Theresa was upset that Melanie got her job back and that she had to keep seeing her.  Melanie and Brady talked about her staying away from Theresa again.  Sonny met with Will at the park.  Sonny was upset because he found out that Will didnít come back for him.  He found out that Will was fired.  Melanie also warned Brady to stay away from Theresa.  Sonny was upset with Will because he didnít get to talk to him much while he was in California only to find out that he was fired.  Marlena reminded Nicole that Eric was over her.  Serena knew that Eric was worth fighting for so she understood Nicoleís behavior a little.  Theresa and Melanie agreed to stay away from each other.  Sonny questioned Will and why he didnít tell him he was fired.  Sonny didnít get an answer because he walked away from Will. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn tells Sonny that the baby was found and is with Morgan and Kiki. He tells him that they are running a DNA test against Carly and if the baby is related to her, then it is Morgan’s child. Sonny tells Shawn that Johnny Zacchara has Ric and that he will kill him if Sonny doesn’t hand over his territory. Sonny tells Shawn to snatch Ric from the Zaccharas. Michael asks Morgan about the baby’s paternity. Morgan tells him about the DNA test. Michael evicts Morgan and Kiki effective today. Silas tells Ava that Morgan and Kiki have the baby. Ava is afraid that Nina will try to take the baby again. Silas verifies that Nina is locked up and sedated. Ava thanks Silas for giving her the chance to see her baby and hold her for what may be the only time. He tells her about the DNA test.

Patrick tells Sabrina that Victor Cassadine arranged the accident that led to their baby’s death and that Victor is dead. She thinks that will make Gabriel rest in peace. Patrick tells Sabrina that Sam is angry with him because he didn’t tell her that Jason didn’t die on the pier. He says Sam feels that he stole her opportunity to say goodbye to Jason before he really died at Creighton Clark. Sabrina tells Patrick that she got fired for giving Ava Jerome a drug to induce early labor. Patrick tells her to let him know if she needs any help. Sabrina goes to visit Ava and apologizes for what she tried to do. Ava accepts Sabrina’s apology and says Sabrina only thought she caused the accident because the led Carlos to believe that she had. She says she is sorry for both of them that they won’t be able to be mothers to their babies. Maxie tells Nathan that she was again denied access to her daughter because Judge Walters found out that she ran into Nathan several times. Nathan swears that Judge Walters will not get away with such an abuse of power. He says he will make sure that Maxie gets to see her baby on Christmas.

Jake runs into Sam at the police station. She accuses him of being the gunman. He tells her to knock herself out investigating him if she wants to. Sam tries to ignore Patrick at the Metro Court but he forces a conversation so that he can apologize to her. She says she can try to forgive him because Jason is gone either way and she doesn’t want to lose what she has with Patrick. Jake wonders if Sam is right that it was him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At their apartment, Lauren is deeply hurt over Michaelís remark about her affair with Carmine. Lauren tells him that she loves him in sickness and in health and it doesnít matter about this prostate cancer. Michael lets her know that he is only half a man with this sickness and he will never be a real husband to her again. Lauren urges him to fight this disease. Fenmore walks in and asks them as to what they are talking about. Without telling Fenmore what is really wrong, Michael lies to him and tells him that it is about a case he is working on. Fenmore offers him support that he will figure it out. Fenmore tells them about a ski trip that he is planning with his friends. Lauren, immediately wants to make his airplane reservations but Fenmore asks them as to why they are trying to get rid of him just when he got home. Fenmore leaves to go and meet his friends and Lauren tells Michael that she hates lying to Fenmore about what is really going on. At the GCPD, Christine visits Paul to tell him that she had been to see the doctor and a blood test confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. Nikki interrupts them. Paul lets Nikki know their wonderful news. Nikki offers them congratulations. Paul tells Nikki that they have her to thank for this. Christine is confused. Paul explains that if Dylan had not been a liver donor then he would not be alive. Nikki lets him know that he should be thanking Dylan. Christine agrees. Nikki tells them that she is planning a party to celebrate Avery and Dylanís engagement and invites Christine and Paul. Christine offers to do what she can as she picks up her things and leaves. Nikki goes on to ask Paul to help her to host it with her. Christine comes back to the office and Nikki very hurriedly makes her departure. Devon and Hilary take a stroll in the park. When people pass them, they quickly draw apart. Devon tells her that he knows a place where they can be alone. In her office, Neil sits on the sofa reading a story in Braille while Lily is asleep on his shoulder. The telephone rings and awakens her. She very quickly handles the situation. Neil tells her that he was tempted to take a drink again. Lily offers him her help that he could call her anytime he needed her.

Hilary and Devon arrive back at the Athletic Club, Devon hands her the key card and tells her that he will meet her upstairs when Lily joins them and tells them that it was just as she had suspected. Both Devon and Hilary worry that she has found out about them. Lily lets them know that Neil is finding it difficult to adjust to his blindness. Hilary goes to find Neil. Lily asks Devon as to why he invited Hilary to the private suite. Devon lies and tells her that he didnít know what to get Gwen for Christmas and he thought that Hilary may give him some ideas. Hilary goes upstairs to join Neil in the office. Neil and Hilary discuss her own Motherís death from drinking. Neil asks Hilary to take him to an AA meeting. When they arrive at the meeting, Neil tells Hilary to wait outside that only members are invited in. Neil is unaware that Nikki is also at the meeting. Nikki gets up to speak but then changes her mind and the announcer calls on someone else. Neil gets up and addresses the group and tells them that he is an alcoholic. Outside in the corridor, Hilary calls Devon and tells him to invited Gwen to the Christmas dinner. Anita visits Chelsea with gifts for Connor. Anita wants to see Connor but Chelsea makes up the excuse that he is asleep. This gives Anita an opportunity to talk to Chelsea about Billy and about he making a christening gown for Kate. Anita warns Chelsea that she is helping Billy to go back to Victoria and where would that leave her. Adam and Sage argue over the fact that he saw Chelsea and Connor in the park. When Sage mentions about Delia and her death, Adam punches the chair. Sage advises him that he needs to control his anger. Adam lets her know that this life of portraying Gabriel is not for him and he needs to go back to his own life. Once alone, Adam dreams of seeing Chelsea and Connor in the park.

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