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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya and Rick relax in the tub and she says a gorgeous condo and a tub in the room, nothing could be better than this. He says he knows it can’t be easy on her to accept that he dumped her and went back to Caroline. But he’s working on something and a certain two will get the shock of their lives. Bill arrives at Katie’s and they play with Will. He hopes she is as happy to see him as Will is. He’s not so happy when he realizes she is planning a special night with dinner for Ridge. Bill insists that she tell him what is going on. She says only that something important is going to happen tonight. Bill declares his intentions. He wants his family back together. He wants him and Katie back together. He says he wants a chance. He never stopped loving her and he knows she didn’t either. They were great together and they can be again as long as she does not do something tonight they will both regret. Rick’s change of heart surprises Ridge. But Eric is glad they are back at working together.

A lawyer delivers papers to Rick about his being CEO, one that Eric must sign but he can not ever make Rick resign as CEO. The lawyer advises him not to do this and make family waves. Rick threatens to hire another lawyer if this one won’t do it. Eric tells Ridge that this is a new start for Rick and he wants Ridge to meet Rick half way. Two weeks ago he had no use for Ridge or his marriage and now he has accepted it like the leader he is. Eric tells Caroline that she can track down that husband of hers and have an expensive dinner on him. Rick tells the lawyer goodbye and grouses to Maya that he loved Caroline so much and they were newlyweds so how could she turn to Ridge? But once Eric signs that document he can tell them all to go to hell. Rick comes back and Eric tells him he could not be more impressed with him, back with Caroline and respecting Ridge again. Rick is happy he has his respect and support. That is the example Rick intends to follow. He shows Eric the papers and justifies it that Ridge has never respected his power and is always trying to undermine him, so this would prevent that. If Eric truly means what he says then he will sign the papers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie was upset that Anne didnít want to hire her.  Brady came to her rescue again.  Nicole and Daniel were on the verge of kissing, but they decided to be friends.  They didnít want to be rebounds for each other.  Brady wanted Melanie to leave the hospital while he helped her get her job back.  Hope and Aiden made love.  Zoe and Mr. Price talked to Will about his new assignment.  Will agreed to write the article.  Paul met with Sonny in the park.  Paul wanted to talk.  He thought about the way things used to be between them.  Will found out that he had to write about Paulís life.  Sonny told Paul that he didnít hate him.  He wanted him to be happy.  Paul hasnít been happy since Sonny left him.  Aiden apologized for getting upset with Hope.  Hope understood his anger towards her.  Hope refused to talk to Bree anymore.  Nicole talked to Daniel about her feelings for him and Eric.

Brady practically threatened Anne if she didnít hire Melanie.  Serena and Melanie met and talked a little about Eric until Daniel arrived.  Brady saw Theresa at the hospital and wanted to know what she was doing to Melanie.  Theresa denied having anything to do with Anne not wanting to hire Melanie.  Zoe told Will that the storyís huge and itís important.  Hope was glad that she and Aiden were able to work things out. Melanie wanted Serena to spill the details about Eric.  Serena had to leave at the last minute.  Brady warned Theresa not to provoke him when it concerns Melanie.  Aiden called Bree to let her know that he will go after her if she talks to Hope again.  Will talked to Paul and they agreed to meet at the Salem Inn.  Will took off his wedding ring and went to meet Paul.  Theresa told Brady that she would stay away from Melanie.  She thanked Brady for spreading that she faked her pregnancy to keep him.  Brady left, but Melanie overheard what Theresa said.  Melanie questioned Theresa about the pregnancy.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dr. Obrecht surprises Jake when she says she is happy to see him and that she is in his debt. She tells him that she heard from Nurse Johnson that he has been spending a lot of time entertaining the kids in the children’s wing. She tells him that he nevertheless still owes his bill. Dante watches the police footage to try to figure out who the masked gunman is. Sam tells Dante that she suspects Jake Doe because he used the same common expression that the gunman used. Jake and Elizabeth have sandwiches together at the hospital. He tells her that he likes going out with her. She tells him that Sam thinks he might have been her abductor. He asks her what she thinks. She says she believes him. He says it is probably best if he leaves her house. Spinelli sends Dante an enhanced photo of the suspect’s eyes. Sam believes the eyes belong to Jake.

Obrecht observes to Nathan that she saw sparks flying between him and Nathan. Nathan tells his mother that Maxie is special but that they can’t see each other if she wants to see her daughter. Obrecht can’t believe Judge Walters is abusing his power that way. Maxie has her visitation hearing. Mac and Felicia can’t go. Maxie receives a text that her lawyer, Diane, isn’t going to be there either. Alexis arrives in Diane’s place and argues Maxie’s case. Judge Walters agrees that Maxie has lived up to the necessary requirements to regain custody of her daughter except that she has failed to stay away from Detective West. Alexis notes the absence of any such order in the court documents. Maxie says she has stayed away from Nathan. Judge Walters says he saw her leaving Detective West’s hospital room yesterday. Maxie says she is a hospital volunteer and that she simply delivered flowers to a patient’s room. He says she was also seen talking to Nathan at the gym and at Kelly’s restaurant. He bars her once again from visitation with her daughter. Alexis says she is filing an appeal. Olivia admits that she has feelings for Ned. Ned says he can only be her friend because he is dating Alexis. She says she can’t be just his friend so she can’t see him anymore.

Obrecht tells Nathan that Britt left Port Charles with Faison to avoid prosecution by Nikolas Cassadine. She says she stayed behind to be with him when she heard he had been shot. Spencer isn’t speaking to Nikolas except to tell him that Britt left Port Charles. He says he wanted to go with Britt but Great-Grandmother stopped him. Hearing that Spencer saw Helena, Nikolas is about to call security when Helena comes in through the secret exit to the catacombs. Nikolas tells her not to approach his son again. Helena asks Nikolas to take his rightful place as the head of the Cassadine family. Nikolas says he already has. She tells him to start acting like it or she is going to take away everything he has.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily continues to butt heads with Joe about the warehouse district development project and later tells Kelly that she can’t shake the feeling that Joe is hiding something about the project from her and Cane. Lily tells Neil that she is worried that his blindness might cause him to want to drink again. Neil admits that he has been tempted to drink again but thoughts of his family keep him from drowning his sorrows in the bottle. Devon and Hilary continue to be frustrated about only having stolen moments together but resign themselves to the fact that it will have to be that way for a while.

Jack continues to be caught in the middle in the war of words between Kelly and Phyllis. Kelly tells Jack that if Phyllis comes at her again she is not backing down, because Phyllis is a bully and she will not be her victim. Michael admits to Lauren that he is scared that the cancer treatment will take away his ability to be intimate with her. Lauren assures him she loves being intimate with him but he must have the treatment because his family and friends need him in their lives. Michael is afraid his cancer treatment will make him dependant on Lauren and when times get tough she will look for comfort with another man again.

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