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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn stands on the edge and Bill tells her that her guilt must be eating her up so do all a favor and jump. She should as she took his grandson from him. She says no, she just came out for some fresh air. He tells her again just do it. Just show courage and end it right here. Deacon comes out at that moment and tells her not to. He convinces her to take his hand and come talk to him. He and Bill argue. Bill leaves and Quinn cries on Deacon’s shoulder with his comfort. She tells him Bill was right, if it wasn’t for her Hope would not have lost the baby. Her son will never speak to her again as she has ruined his life and future. She even lost Deacon’s grandson too so she won’t blame him either. He says he is not going anywhere. There is a group meeting and all give Hope their support and wish there was something they could do. Rick says she is going to Italy to be with her mother and she appreciates all their good words of support and wants them to continue on the line. Eric says the numbers have been great for couture and he wants Caroline and Ridge to continue collaborating. Caroline thinks they can find another way but Rick says he was being a jerk. He was being jealous and they can get along and he wants them to continue designing together. He trusts them 100%.

Later Rick sneaks off to meet Maya and surprises her by showing her a new apartment for her. She loves it and cannot believe it is hers. He tells her it was Steffy’s and check out that bathtub in the living room. He plans on putting that to good use. He tells her his plan that he put in motion for Caroline and Ridge to continue working together. They make use of the tub in hot sudsy water. Caroline calls and Rick tells her he had an errand and he can’t talk right now. He is up to his neck in hot water. It’s a little awkward but Caroline tells Ridge it is business as usual and she is sure they can handle it. Deacon says he knows Quinn would never knowingly hurt Hope or the baby and he doesn’t care what anyone says, he can not go back and change things. She can not keep going back either and he doesn’t care what anybody says, he is not abandoning her. She says what is the matter with her….why can’t she listen? He told her to give Hope some space but she had to be involved and she did not consider Hope or Wyatt. She only wanted what she wanted. He tells her that he is devastated for Hope, Wyatt and the baby but he is not going to let her pin all of this on her or give up on life. He gives her a hug and she cries more.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bree called Hope to warn her to stay away from Aiden.  Aiden showed up and saw Hope on the phone.  He noticed how Hope was acting and thought she was lying to him.  Eric wanted to introduce Marlena to Serena.  Serena demanded that Anne fix her office and move her out of the basement.  Hope admitted that she lied to Aiden.  She wanted to talk to Aiden about it privately.  Marlena remembered Serena and walked down memory lane with Eric.  Serena and Anne continued to argue because Serena wanted her office out of the basement.  Serena threw her weight around and Anne caved.  Hope and Aiden went to the Salem Inn. Hope told Aiden about her call from Bree.

Marlena talked to Eric about Serena being in town.  Jennifer was impressed with the way Serena handled Anne.  Aiden tried to discredit Bree to Hope.  Serena and Marlena were reacquainted at the pub.  Serena wanted to meet Eric at his apartment.  Aiden was upset with Hope because he thought she believed the things go back to the priesthood.   Brady arrived at the hospital to see Melanie. Theresa saw them hugging.  She didnít like it.  Hope felt like she has to ask Aiden about what she hears about him.  Aiden threw up Bo in her face and she was speechless.  Aiden let Hope know that he wonít put up with her constantly asking about his past.  Eric let Serena know that there is no one else.  She wanted to know how Eric felt about her.  Melanie talked to Anne about when she would start working at the hospital.  Anne said she wouldnít hire her.  Hope wanted to forget about the past, but Aiden didnít to do it.  Aiden was about to walk away when Hope kissed him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis tells Ned that Ric is missing from witness protection and that Julian claims not to know anything about it. Carlos assures Julian that his bail money is all set. Julian concludes that Carlos must be working for another family now and wants to know who the money came from. Carlos names Johnny Zacchara. He reveals that Johnny plans to unite the Zaccharas, the Jeromes, and the Coronithos organizations and dominate the entire eastern seaboard. Julian says he isn’t interested in an alliance; he just wants to go straight and be with Alexis. Carlos tells Julian that he is wasting his time because Alexis wants nothing to do with him. After Olivia makes a few tongue-in-cheek jabs at Alexis’ expense, Alexis asks if she has offended Olivia. Olivia imagines that she reveals her feelings for Ned but in reality, just says she doesn’t have a problem with Alexis.

Johnny tells Sonny that Ric is alive and he is the only person who knows where he is. He shows Sonny the order that placed Ric into witness protection so that they police could flush out the real head of the Jerome family. Sonny isn’t interested. Johnny tells Sonny that he will ally the three families and he has no reason to believe Julian won’t join them. Carlos tells Julian that all he needs to do is plead not guilty and Johnny’s crew will take care of the rest. Julian pleads not guilty and accepts Johnny’s bail money. Sonny asks Johnny why he should believe Ric is a victim and not part of the plot to take him down.

Carly goes to see Franco in jail. He tells her not to expect an apology from him because she deserved everything she got. She says if he threatens another one of her loved ones, she will kill him. He says he will probably be going to Pentonville where her only loved one is Sonny. He says that must put a damper on their relationship. She tells him that he is never going to see Nina again because she is in just as much trouble as he is. Nina tells Ava that when she gets out of jail, she and Jamie are going to pick up where they left off. Ava tells Nina that she is delusional if she thinks she is going to get custody of that or any other baby. Nina insists that Franco will come for her and that the three of them will be a family. The guard brings Franco. Franco tells Nina that he can’t make any promises. Silas tells Morgan and Kiki that the baby is in good health. Morgan wants a paternity test. Silas says he can’t legally do that without Ava’s consent or the consent of the child’s temporary guardian. Kiki thinks she is the guardian as next of kin to both Ava and the baby. She gives her consent. Carly tells Morgan that she isn’t going to be seeing Sonny again.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Underground, Nick sees the woman who rescued him from the bear trap. Adam gets on the elevator and looks at the bracelet on his arm from his father. Victor gets on the elevator with him but is preoccupied with talking on the cell phone. Adam inquires if he is having trouble. Victor turns around and looks at him. Dylan looks at the poster advertising the rally to save the Coffeehouse and the other businesses that Joe and his associates are threatening to destroy. Avery walks in to join him. At the Athletic Club, Joe and Cane sit at a table going over the strategy for the meeting with the other tenants. Lily joins them and tells Joe that she is on to him. Chelsea and Connor take a walk in the park. At the Abbott home, Victoria asks Ben why he hesitates about them going out. Ben tells her that it is Ashley. Victoria suggests that he go back to the hospital since the charges against him have been dropped. Before Ben can elaborate on this suggestion, Jill and Billy arrive and are surprised to see Ben there. Avery admires her engagement ring. After a kiss or two, Avery tells Dylan that she has to meet with Nick to go over strategy for the custody hearing. Paul comes in to join them and tells them that he also has good news about him and Christine expecting a baby. Christine joins them. Jill begs Victoria to let her have a peek at the baby. Victoria and Jill go upstairs while Ben and Billy talk. Billy tells Ben that he is glad that the charges against him were dropped. Billy lets Ben know that he is at a good place right now with Chelsea. Nick asks Sage about the man he saw with her. In the park, Adam sees Chelsea with Connor.

Joe sees Victor walk into the Athletic Club and sit down at the bar. Joe urges Cane to go over and talk to Victor about their rally. Reluctantly, Cane gets up and walks over to where Victor is. Joe comes on to Lily that she is the woman behind the man. Avery walks into the bar and interrupts Nick. Sage leaves. Nick tells Avery that she was the woman who saved him from the bear trap. Avery and Nick discuss the strategy they will use against Mr. Sherman. Avery lets Nick know that she and Dylan are engaged and asks for his blessing. Adam listens to Chelsea talk to Connor. Chelsea looks up and sees Adam. She asks, “Don’t I know you?“ Nick and Avery hug as he congratulates her on the engagement. Joe walks in on them. Paul, Christine, and Dylan discuss her possible pregnancy. Jill asks Billy why he didn’t stay with Victoria and the baby. Billy lets her know that he is with Chelsea now. Adam hesitates from giving Chelsea a straight answer. Dylan walks into the Underground and upon seeing Joe tells him that he is the person he was looking for. Avery holds up her hand and shows Joe her engagement ring. Joe congratulates her. Christine is upset over Paul telling Dylan about the baby before she saw a doctor to confirm the pregnancy. Jill and Victor discuss Joe’s proposition for the business district.

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