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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that he knows her so well. She did not even know she would be here yet he did. He asks if there is anything he can do for her. She cries that she had a baby boy and now he is gone because of one second when she was not careful. He says this is all on Quinn and he will not let her blame herself. Quinn tells Wyatt that he knows she is impulsive and often makes bad choices, but she did not go to Hope to cause trouble. She just wanted a place in her life. She asks him to please believe in her. She never wanted this to happen. He says that he is not exactly blaming her but she sets things in motion that always spirals out of control. He should have listened more to Hope and not Quinn. Katie checks in with Bill but does not want to intrude on this bad time in his life, the loss that he had. She just wants to be there for him. He can count on that. She asks if he wants to talk about it. Bill says not much to say. He was expecting a grandson and now he is gone. He says so many kids come into this world unwanted but this baby…..first grandchild was so wanted. Wyatt wanted to be a father so badly and him a grandfather. The baby should have had a shot at life. Is this the sins of the father? Both of his sons lost their first child. She says healing moves at it’s own pace so that is all he can be. He blames Quinn again for being on Brooke’s property. This is all her fault. Quinn begs that she makes mistakes but she always takes responsibility and owns them. She did not push Hope or make her lose the baby. He says she did not push Hope but Hope would not have been at Brooke’s in the first place except for Quinn. She has caused him now to lose everything in his life. He is afraid Hope is going to leave him. Quinn tries to console him that Hope will need him more now. He says no, but it’s over and he is so done. He tells his mom bye and walks out.

Bill starts to bolt on Katie and she figures he is going to try and right a wrong and knows that will not work. He tells her he misses her and kisses her passionately and leaves. She tells him do not do something he can not take back. Hope tells Liam that she wants to be there for him too. She never stopped loving him even though she chose Wyatt because she got pregnant. Quinn walks outside and stares below to a long drop to bottom. Bill walks up from behind and tells her do it. Hope tells Liam that she is going to leave town….today… see Brooke in Milan. She is not sure for how long. For as long as it takes. She says she loves him, she will always love him. He kisses her. They hold hands, and look lovingly to each other before she walks across the property slowly out of sight.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden talked to Chase about telling his friends about his mother.  Hope talked to Kayla and told her how she had to pry things of or Aiden. Chad and Jordan made love.  Dr. Richards was supposed to see JJ to talk about his issues.  Rafe and Kate argued over Jordan and Chad.  Kate warned Rafe to admit he was jealous that Jordan was over him.  Kayla admitted to Hope that she started online dating.  Aiden interrupted while Hope was trying to convince Kayla to go through with dating online.  JJ talked to Dr. Richards about Jack raping Kayla.

Clyde was proud of Abby and Jordan’s project to help people.  Clyde wanted to help, but Ben didn’t think it was a good idea.  Kate was convinced that Rafe was jealous of Jordan and Chad.  Rafe warned Kate not to deal with Chad.  JJ didn’t understand how Jack could rape Kayla.  He told Dr. Richards that he was afraid he was just like Jack.  Abby wanted to get Clyde’s help with their project.  Jordan met up with Rafe and wanted to know if Rafe was going after Chad. Aiden talked to hope about the guilt he feels about Meredith.  Dr. Richards explained to JJ that he wasn’t like his dad.  JJ said he could never rape a woman like his father did.  Abby wanted Jordan some notice about Clyde donating.  Ben didn’t want to tell Jordan.  Kate reminded Chad that he could go to jail for working with Stefano.  Kate told Chad that Rafe is going to crucify him.  Jordan told Rafe again that he’s going after him.  JJ was satisfied with his story about Jack.  Bree called Hope and told her that she’s making a deadly mistake.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam tells Elizabeth that she suspects Jake was the gunman. Elizabeth says it can’t be Jake because he isn’t that kind of person and even if he wanted to, he isn’t well enough to be the one. Jake and Carly talk about Sonny. Jake tells her that sending her away is the only power that Sonny has left. She mentions that she needs to hire a bartender. He tells her that that is why he is there. She has him make her a dirty martini to show her his skills. Carlos walks in and says it isn’t dirty enough for her. He confronts her about letting him go to prison when she knew that Sonny was the real killer. He gets in her face and tells her that he wants her to suffer. Jake puts him in a head lock and makes him accept Carly’s apology. Carly wonders if Jake was a bodyguard before. The martini he made is awful, but she offers him a job on her security team.

Silas, Ava, Kiki, and Morgan go to the address that Betsy suggested they go to look for Franco. Dante and the Mounties intercept Franco in Canada. Franco runs right to where Ava and the others are standing. Silas goes to Nina. Morgan threatens Franco. Franco tells Morgan that if he wants the baby, he can catch her. When he throws the bundle, they see that it is just a bag of flour. Dante arrests Franco. Nina has the baby. Silas tells her that he should be the baby’s father, not Franco. She knows that he is there to take the baby. He convinces her that he is being sincere. She lets him hold the baby. Morgan and Ava rush in. Morgan restrains Nina. Silas gives the baby to Ava and then takes Morgan’s place restraining Nina. Franco tells Kiki that he didn’t do any of it for himself; he did it for Nina. Dante arrests Ava for Connie’s murder.

Johnny taunts Sonny about being powerless in jail. Sonny puts a shiv to Johnny’s throat. Sonny releases Johnny when Johnny’s men arrive. Johnny suggests that Sonny put him in charge of the organization. Sonny declines. Johnny says that soon enough, Sonny will listen to reason, and so will the Jeromes. He says the time is ripe to take over the Jeromes and that the wheels are already in motion. Alexis goes to Julian and asks him what he knows about Ric’s disappearance. He says he has already revealed everything he knows about everything. Johnny tells Sonny that Ric is alive, he has him, and that he will cut him up piece by piece until Sonny cooperates. Carlos goes to see Julian and tells him that he will be getting out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sage and Adam visit the Coffeehouse and sit down at a table. Adam notices Noah walk in. Victor visits Victoria and holds baby Kate as he talks to Kate about working at Newman Enterprises. At the lab, Ashley and Ben work on the formula for the new fragrance. Ashley senses a tenseness between them and says that there is no need for tension between them. Ashley reminds him that it was just one night. Ben assures Ashley that he has no regrets over what happened between them. Ashley assures Ben that she will never say anything to Victoria about what happened. Victoria lets Victor know that although she has Johnny and Reed, Kate is a gift from God that she didn’t think that she would ever have. Victor asks Victoria about her coming back to work. Victoria tells him that she will as long as she can have a nursery so that she can spend time with Kate. Mr. Sherman is with Sharon when Nick stops by to pick up Faith. Faith is upset that she is going to be living with Nick instead of with Sharon and Nick. Faith comments to them both that Nick doesn’t want to be a family with them anymore. After Faith goes outside, Nick asks Sharon about the lies that she may have told Faith about him. Sharon and Nick argue over the custody hearing and what tactics Mr. Sherman will use to gain Sharon custody of Faith. Sharon tells Nick that she will refuse to give up custody of Faith. After Nick leaves, Mr. Sherman asks Sharon how dirty she's willing to fight to gain custody of Faith.

Nick visits Victoria to see Kate. They discuss the upcoming custody hearing and Sharon‘s sickness which will restrict from being a proper parent to Faith. Victoria tells Nick about her and Billy being parents to Kate but that things are improving between her and Ben. Ben leaves Tobias alone in the lab. Tobias gets a call from Victor. Ashley meets with Victor in the dining room of the Athletic Club. Victor pushes a brown envelope toward her and lets her know that it is part of a severance package when she comes to work for him at Newman. Sage starts to leave the Coffeehouse when Adam sees Sharon walk in on the cell phone. Sage comes back to Adam’s table and asks him who the woman is. Adam lets her know that she is his ex-wife. Victor asks Ashley how she and Abby are doing at Jabot. Victoria asks Nick what happened to his leg. Nick explains that he was drinking and was caught in a bear trap. Sage advises Adam not to blow his cover or he would be going to jail. Sharon asks Noah for his help in keeping custody of Faith. Adam walks up and asks for the sugar to see if Sharon will recognize him, no one does. Noah tries his best to get rid of the man but Adam wonders if he knows him. Sharon goes on the defensive and tells him that he probably saw her in the tabloids. When Sharon senses that the man doesn’t know what she is talking about, she apologizes. The man asks them about a place to live here. Noah tells him about the hotel at the Athletic Club. Noah tells Sharon that the man was coming on to her. Sharon asks Noah again if he will help her to regain custody of Faith. Ashley turns Victor down on his proposition for her to work at Newman. Ben visits Victoria to check on her and Kate. Victoria agrees to go out on a date with him sometime. Ben is hesitant and Victoria wonders if he is keeping something from her again. Ben looks at her and tells her that it is Ashley. Ashley arrives back at the lab and upon looking through the glass, sees Tobias filming the notes for the new fragrance. Ashley goes back out the door and around the corner of the office. Adam gets on the elevator and starts to go upstairs when Victor gets on the elevator with him. Nick is behind the bar at the Underground when Sage walks in and asks him for a drink. Nick looks at her and remarks, "It is you!"

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