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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Next morning Wyatt brings Hope tea in the sunny room hoping that will make her feel better. He walks on eggshells trying not to remind her what happened, but just grateful that she is all right. He says they are both emotional and they don’t have to talk about it right now. But they can have other children. They will have other children. And he did get that restraining order against his mother so she won’t be part of their life. She says his mother did not throw her down the stairs but if Wyatt had kept her away she would not have been there in the first place. He gets it; she is now blaming him for what happened. Liam walks into Quinn’s who has spent a bad night and looks like death warmed over. He tells Quinn he doubts anyone has kept her aware but Hope lost the baby. She is remorseful while saying she did not push Hope. Liam reminds her that all her doings, stalking Hope, sending the selfie to Ridge, pushing Ivy into the Seine were all on her to manipulate things. It is surely time that she got professional help, like therapy, medication, whatever. She tells him to go to hell. Hope and Wyatt argue. She says he promised her over and over that he would keep his mother away and yet the restraining order only came yesterday while she was already in the hospital. She seems to be talking in the past tense and he senses she may be ready to leave him. She says she does not know what she is going to do. He has to know the only reason they are married now is because of his mother who orchestrated it all. Wyatt opines that Hope always wants something she does not have. She gets dressed and Wyatt reminds her she is supposed to be taking it easy. She says she is trying to avoid having a conversation that neither of them want to have. Wyatt says he lost a baby too. He loves her. She says this would not be so hard if she did not love him too. No choice, he lets her walk out.

Aly and Ivy talk about Hope’s first day home and hope she is better after a good night’s sleep. And that being with Wyatt is just where she wants to call home. Wyatt goes to Quinn’s who is hiding in the back. He tells her to open the door if she ever wants to see him again. He asks if there is anything she wants to say to him. She says she would never do anything to hurt Hope or the baby. She was trying to walk away and she is so sorry. He says Hope is physically okay. She wonders why he is here. She says he lights up the room anyplace he goes. His wife would want him to be home right now. He says no, not so much. Hope shows up at Brooke’s and from the balcony re-lives the moment that she fell. She looks around and there is Liam. They look at each other longingly and embrace.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will surprised Sonny while he was on the phone with Paul.  Kate and Victor talked about Chad changing and becoming more of DiMera.  Victor also told her how Chad will come between Sonny and Will.  Sonny was shocked to see Will and Arianna.  Rafe wanted to help Jordan get rid of Clyde.  He wanted to start digging in Clydeís past.  Jordan didnít want Rafe to investigate Clyde.  Jordan tried to stop Rafe, but he stormed off.  Clyde wanted his henchman to make more money or he would end up like EJ.  Victor showed Kate the contract Chad drew up for Sonny.  Victor warned Kate again that she needed to stop working for DiMera Enterprises.  Sonny didnít tell Will about his phone call to Paul.  Paul thought about being with Sonny.  Will told Sonny that he wasnít going back to California.

Jordan ran into Chad and he noticed that she was upset.  Chad wondered if Rafe upset her.  Rafe went to Victor for help investigating Clyde.  Adrienne wondered if Sonny told Will about Paul.  Sonny didnít think Will needed to know about Paul.  Victor wondered if Kate was why Jordan left him.  Jordan didnít tell Chad about her conversation with Rafe.  Sonny assured Adrienne that he could handle Paul being in town.  Willís editor was happy that he was back in Salem.  She had an assignment for Will Rafe continued to talk to Victor about Clyde.  Victor was willing to help Rafe investigate Clyde.  Jordan and Chad began to make love.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Fluke meets Helena on the docks and reports his progress. Helena is full of compliments for her operative who freed Faison. She tells Fluke not to get jealous because the soldier is a weapon, not a rival. Fluke tells her Michael wasn’t receptive to his offer to work at ELQ. Helena says they have 15% of ELQ shares and that if they have to, they will use Soldier Boy’s lethal talents to get more. Spinelli sends Sam pirated footage from the PCPD security cameras. Jake watches with her. He doesn’t recognize himself. Sam gets upset when Jake says a phrase that the gunman had said.

Sonny tells Carly not to visit him, call him, or write him and to tell Michael that she broke all ties with him, so that she doesn’t lose her son. She says she loves him and won’t turn her back on him. He tells her that a relationship is impossible because he is in prison for life. He tells her to forget about him and find a good man. She refuses. He tells her that if she comes back, he will decline the visit. When he is alone, Sonny recalls moments with Carly. Carly goes to the Metro Court and immediately goes to the bar to pour a drink. Jake says he can help her with that.

Nathan wants to leave the hospital. Elizabeth won’t let him. Maxie visits Nathan as a hospital volunteer. Nathan reminds her that her hearing is tomorrow and that she can’t risk Judge Walters finding out that she has been with Nathan. She kisses him. Dante tells Anna that the charter boat captain didn’t know anything about Faison and that he knows where Franco went, but won’t tell without assurances. Scott Baldwin makes the deal. Betsy Frank, Franco’s mother, meets Silas at Ryan’s. Ava tells her that Franco took a baby. Betsy reveals that Bobby took a nurse’s baby several years ago and that she believes it was because that horrible Ava Jerome kept his child from him. Silas tells her that it turned out that he is the girl’s father; not Franco. No one reveals that Ava is Ava until Delia slips. Betsy refuses to help Ava. Morgan asks her if he will do it for him, the baby’s father. She tells them what she knows. Delia and Betsy discuss having children who do horrible things and loving them in spite of it. A neighbor, Zoe Mitchell, recognizes Franco. She observes that Franco and Mrs. Franco’s baby doesn’t look like either of them. Nina concludes that they have to leave. Franco says he will get rid of the witness. When Franco goes outside, Dante and the Mounties intercept him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Kelly and Phyllis come downstairs as they continue to argue. Once they get to the bottom of the stairs, they notice Jack, who came in the door. At the Underground, Mariah and Kevin just look at each other after kissing. Chelsea is on the phone as she and Billy walk in the park. When Chelsea hangs up, Billy asks her who that was and what was going on. Chelsea is hesitant to tell him but she says that she paid Jeff off to drop the charges against Ben and the hospital and in turn the charges were dropped against him. At the mansion, Gabriel plays a game a chess by himself as Sage comes in to join him. Sage confronts him about his trip to Genoa City and how she talked him down when he saw Chelsea with Billy. Adam tells Sage that he needs to reclaim his family. Billy talks about the many gifts for his children and accidentally calls Kate ďDelia.Ē Chelsea questions Billy about him substituting Kate for Delia. Billy denies that he did it. Sage tells Adam that he cannot go back on his deal. Adam asks Sage to tell him about Gabriel. Kevin and Mariah argue over who kissed whom. Mariah watches Austin, who is on the phone, leaving Summer a message. Kevin accuses Mariah that she doesn’t want Austin to know about the kiss. Austin interrupts them and informs them that Summer is looking for Phyllis. Kelly walks off into the dining room while Jack takes Phyllis upstairs to the office. Phyllis admits to Jack that she knows all about him and Kelly. Jack orders Phyllis to stay there while he goes to find Kelly. Phyllis becomes angry. Downstairs at the bar, Kelly is approached by Summer, who questions her about Phyllis. Jack comes downstairs and tells Summer that Phyllis is upstairs. Kelly tells Jack that he picked the wrong woman and he will live to regret it. Kelly tells Jack that she didn’t know that Phyllis was such a “psycho” and goes on to tell Jack how Phyllis attacked her. Upstairs, Phyllis assures Summer that she is fine but wants some answers from Summer. Phyllis asks Summer how she felt about Jack dating Kelly. Phyllis apologizes to Summer for being so upset over this situation. Adam demands answers about Gabriel. Sage is hesitant to give him any answers but finally gives in. Sage shows Adam some of Gabriel’s prized possessions and explains each piece. Sage asks Adam things about his mom. Billy lets Chelsea know how much he hates Adam and he cannot let go of this hatred.

At the Underground, Austin lets Kevin and Mariah know that he doesn’t want Summer to get hurt by this whole situation. Mariah and Kevin discuss the kiss and what might come next. Chelsea tells Billy that she doesn’t want Connor to know that Adam killed Delia until he is older. Summer tells Phyllis that Jack went to the clinic to tell her good-bye. Kelly becomes angry when Jack defends Phyllis. Kelly lets Jack know that she doesn’t want him now since she knows what kind of man he really is. Phyllis comes downstairs and interrupts them. Kelly walks away leaving Jack alone with Phyllis. Jack goes home and finds Phyllis in the living room. Jack asks her how she found out about him and Kelly. Jack tries to put his arms around Phyllis, but she pulls away. In her office, Summer apologizes to Kelly for her getting hurt. Mariah and Kevin discuss “sex” and what will come next. Kevin shows her a picture of Delia and tells Mariah about Chloe and his marriage to her. Billy tells Chelsea that he will never change his feelings toward Adam, but he will try to not let his hatred for the man show. Billy also tells Chelsea that he will not let Adam come between them. Mariah and Kevin go home together to decorate a Christmas tree. Sage calls a stop to supplying Adam with more information about her family’s business when he becomes more inquisitive. Adam lets Sage know that he is going home and starting over. Phyllis tells Jack that she loves him, but it will take her time to get over this between him and Kelly.

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