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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn opines this can not be happening. Hope can not lose that baby. Deacon rages at her that all he asked her to do was stay away and give Hope some space. That’s all she had to do was leave her alone. He reminds her that he told her about the ultrasound and the baby shower but Quinn still would not stay away. He has to go find out something. She wants to go too but he says absolutely not. She is not stepping a foot in that hospital. She is to stay here and he will let her know. Looking for Ridge at Forrester’s, Katie runs into Ivy who is working on her new collection. Ivy says she likes working and this place is starting to feel like home. Katie asks if Liam has anything to do with that. Ivy gushes about Amsterdam and how romantic it was. Katie says good, it has taken a long time but sounds like Liam is moving on. Even though she is divorced form his father she only wants the best for him. Ivy says she appreciates that because she knows Katie was a big supporter of Hope and Liam. Katie says yes she was but things happen. Now Hope is married to Wyatt and they are having a baby. They both agree they are thrilled for them and Hope will make an amazing mother. Justin asks Bill if he has heard from Wyatt and if he gave the restraining order to Quinn. Bill says he is sorry that he rode Justin so hard about this but probably not as he has not heard from Quinn about it. But they had to do this as no one could talk her into backing off. Sometimes when a dog won’t stop barking you have to muzzle it. Now Wyatt is not her number one priority, being a grandmother is. It’s an obsession and when Quinn goes to that place she cannot control herself.

Deacon steps off the elevator and asks the receptionist about Hope’s room number and then he spies Liam who tells him that Wyatt is in with her now. Deacon wants to know if she is okay, no broken bones or head injury. He’s stunned and broken up when Liam tells him that Hope had a miscarriage. Hope cries to Wyatt that she is so sorry. She tries to hard to protect him. He was a part of her and now he is gone. Wyatt comforts her and says it is okay. Deacon comes in and she welcomes seeing him. Liam calls his dad who wonders why he couldn’t just walk across the hall to tell him something. Liam says he is not at work. Hope is in the hospital and he has bad news…..she lost the baby. He says Deacon is here and he thought Bill might want to be here for Wyatt. Bill says yes that he will be right there. Katie is still with Ivy when Bill calls and asks where she is. He wants to pick her up. It’s not Will; it’s Hope. He doesn’t know all the details but she miscarried and he’s going to the hospital now. Ivy overhears enough from Katie that she knows something is wrong. Hope tells Deacon that her baby boy is gone. She prayed and prayed but they could not hear a heartbeat on the ultrasound. He was already gone. Liam tells Wyatt that he called Bill. Perhaps there is someone else he wants him to call. Wyatt says no. Liam tells him whatever he needs, he’ll be there for him. He wishes he could have gotten Hope to the hospital sooner. Wyatt says yeah he wishes that too. Liam puts his hand on Wyatt’s shoulder and Wyatt grabs him and gives him a brotherly hug. Deacon says he wants to call Brooke but Liam says he tried but she will have to call him back. Donna and Ivy come in and they thank everyone for calling them. Bill walks in as Liam is telling Donna that Hope fell down the staircase outside at Brooke’s….she was not alone as Quinn was there. Bill wants to know what did Quinn do. Liam says according to Hope she did nothing but she was there and something bad happened and he feels that makes her responsible. Wyatt holds Hope and says he does to want to think his own mother would hurt them like this. Hope had said they were arguing so he wants to know if Quinn touched her in any way. Hope replies no. Deacon slips off and calls Quinn who is pacing the floor, hoping and praying in her own way that all will be all right. She is torn up and falls to her knees when Deacon gives her the bad news. Bill gives Wyatt a big hug and one by one Donna, Katie and Ivy come in and hug and cry with Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie and Theresa argued once they found out who they are.  Serena told Eric that he was why she was in Salem.  Melanie told Theresa that she's friends with Abby and Brady and they warned her to stay away from her.  Paul overheard Sonny leaving a message for Will so they could talk about his problem.  Paul wanted to be there for Sonny the way he used to be.  Rafe ran into Clyde and he told him about how he acted when he arrived in Salem.  Paul talked to Sonny about how he dreamed of running a club.  They also talked about Paul's career as a ball player.  Rafe called Clyde out for the way he treated Jordan.  Clyde was happy that Jordan found Chad.  Melanie questioned why Theresa wasn't in jail.  Theresa got sick of hearing Melanie's mouth so she shoved her.  Eric and Serena went down memory lane about their relationship.

Maxine had to break up Melanie and Theresa's fight.  Daniel went to Jennifer and they talked about Melanie as well as Nicole.  Daniel wasn't sure if they would date.  Eric and Serena continued to go down memory lane.  Theresa ran into Anne and told her about her run in with Melanie.  Jennifer heard them and was happy to have her back home.  Serena wanted to get together with Eric sometimes.  Theresa reminded Jennifer that she's not with Daniel anymore and it was none of her business.  Theresa didn't want one more person hating her.  Anne started planning. Melanie told Daniel about her fight with Theresa.  Daniel wanted her to leave Theresa alone.  Serena called Theresa and told her about seeing Eric.  Eric went home and thought about making love with Serena.  Sonny called Paul and wanted to talk.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante goes to the harbor to talk to Hooper, the charter boat captain, about Faison. He says he doesn’t know anything about Faison, but he tells Dante that Franco chartered his boat a few weeks ago and that instead of going alone, he showed up with a woman and a baby. He says he wants written assurances that he will not be prosecuted before he reveals where he took them. Nina wakes up and finds Jaime gone. Ava dreams that Silas takes the child to her. Silas says he talked to someone who might have a lead and that he set up a meeting. Delia drops a pot of coffee when she sees Kiki at Ryan’s. She tells Kiki that she is her grandmother. Morgan tells Delia that Ava’s missing baby might be his or his father’s. Delia says that if they think she is hiding Ava, they are mistaken because Ava hasn’t been there. Ava and Silas walk in. Kiki is surprised to see Silas with Ava because he had told her that he hadn’t seen Ava. He says he didn’t know what Ava had done at the time. Morgan informs Ava that he was the one who told Sonny where to find her. He says he wants to see her go to jail for murdering Connie. Ava asks if they came to Ryan’s to track her down. Kiki says they were actually looking for Franco. Silas tells them that he is a step ahead of them and that he has a lead. A neighbor recognizes Franco.

Jake and Sam talk about her ordeal. She tells him that she has contacted her friend, Spinelli, and that he has agreed to procure the security footage from the police station to identify the assailant. He tells her that he is there to apply for a job. She tells him to talk to Carly. He says he met her once, before she was supposed to marry Franco. Sam says she hates Franco and that Carly is better off. Jake agrees. He says he got the feeling that Carly was being pressured into marring Franco and that she was really hung up on her ex, who he has heard went to prison. Sam confirms that Sonny went to prison for murdering his son’s biological father. Carly visits Sonny at Pentonville and sees that he has been beaten up. She tells him that it came out that Julian’s mystery boss was Faison using Luke’s identity while Luke was locked up in a mental institution. Sonny says Faison will have to pay for what he did to Jason and Luke. He tells her not to report his injuries, because it will make him look weak. She says she hopes she has good news about the baby the next time she visits. He tells her not to come back.

Fluke tells Michael that Sonny acted without honor when he shot AJ. Michael wonders why “Luke” suddenly has a problem with Sonny after being close friends for so long. Fluke says his time in the mental institution changed his priorities. He says he wants to work at ELQ. Michael says he will consider it. Fluke sets up a meeting with someone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack is in his office at Jabot when Lily and Neil pay him a visit. Lily mentions to Jack how he treated Kelly since Phyllis came home. Phyllis pays Kelly a visit in her office at the Athletic Club. Phyllis tells her that they need to clear the air between them. At the Athletic Club bar, Dylan looks at the engagement ring that he is planning on giving Avery while he watches Joe and Cane. Avery walks in to join him and rants about a case she has been working on. Dylan nods his head toward Cane and Joe. Kevin walks into the Underground and joins Mariah at the bar but he is preoccupied. Mariah knows something is wrong but Kevin doesn’t want to tell her about Michael. Michael and Lauren go back to his law office to talk. Michael tells her that he has cancer and she begins to laugh. Michael cannot understand her attitude. Michael insists that he has prostate cancer and only then does Lauren begin to ask him how long he knew and how he found out. Lauren becomes angry that he knew for quite awhile and didn’t take the time to tell her but told Kevin instead. Michael lets her know that he didn’t intend on Kevin finding out but Kevin followed him to the doctor’s office and he told him what was wrong. Jack and Neil discuss Jack’s feelings for both Kelly and Phyllis and how Jack used both women. Joe tries to get Cane to be the spokesman for the investors so the people will see their side of the situation. Lily listens to them and then interrupts to give her opinion on what he and his investors are trying to do. At the park, Avery is upset over Joe and what his investors are trying to do to the “little people." Dylan cannot tell her what is on his mind until he kisses her to get her attention. Dylan asks her if he has her attention now?”

Dylan reminds Avery of all they went through together in their earlier years. Avery remembers how she felt when she found out that Dylan was still alive. Lily joins in the conversation between Cane and Joe and asks him about the investors and who they were. Joe hands her a report that the investors gave to him. Neil and Jack discuss the problems that people face with keeping secrets. Phyllis accuses Kelly of being “available” to both Billy and Jack and not caring what it did to the women in their lives. Phyllis orders Kelly to get over herself. Kelly tells Phyllis that Jack invited her to move in with him and into his bed. Phyllis hurls some slanderous remarks toward Kelly which results in Kelly slapping Phyllis. Jack tells Neil that Phyllis needs to know the truth about him and Kelly. Dylan gets down on one knee to propose to Avery but she stands up and stops him. Avery gets up on the bench and shouts it to everyone listening how much she loves Dylan. Avery accepts Dylan’s marriage proposal. Kelly follows Phyllis downstairs at the Athletic Club, where they are surprised to see Jack as he comes in the door. Lauren comforts Michael as he begins to shout. Kevin kisses Mariah when she comforts him over Michael‘s cancer and promises to be there for him. Joe comes on to Lily, who tells Cane all about it. Dylan and Avery go home to make love.

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