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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope cries, Liam holds her hand and asks if he should call her mother or Wyatt. She whispers that it was a boy. Wyatt yells at his mother that he is not going away. She saw Liam and Hope together. She must have done something. He is her son and he loves her, and he will not be mad at her but she has to tell him. Deacon shows up at Bill’s who is agitated that he is there but gives him some time. Deacon says Wyatt needs some fatherly advice. Bill says he can not make Wyatt like him. He is sleeping with his mother. There are problems within the family then there is Quinn. Deacon says the restraining order was a little harsh. Bill says she needs a boundary so Quinn will agree to anything and then turn her back and do it anyway. But if she can abide by the restraining order perhaps things can change in the future. The doctor tells Hope that she will need a D&C within the hour, but nothing is really wrong and she can conceive again. When Quinn refuses to say any more or why she is in shock, Wyatt gives her the RO and says he is going to get answers out of Liam. He tells her this is the last thing he wanted, and he knows the last thing Quinn will want. And this is not forever, just until the baby is born. She rambles on and on about being at Brooke’s house and going outside, the fountain by the stairs. She cries that she never touched Hope. He runs out leaving his mother crying.

Deacon comes in and doesn’t understand Quinn’s mood until he starts telling her he may have gotten through to Bill. Quinn says it is too late. She is scaring Deacon and he demands to know what happened. She finally blurts out that it was not her fault but Hope fell outside near the fountain. She’s at the hospital now. Wyatt bursts into Hope’s room. Liam tells him that Hope is okay but…….Wyatt goes to her and she reaches out and embraces him. She tells him they would have had a son. He says it is okay, they can always have another child. Liam starts to leave and Wyatt asks him to stay. He questions Liam if he was there, if he saw Hope fall, was his mother involved. Hope speaks up and cries no, she was there just to talk. But she did go out on the balcony and Hope followed her. It was there her shoe got caught and stuck in the stairs and she fell, She sobs it was her fault. Wyatt holds her tight and comforts her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel ripped into Melanie for lying to him.  He wanted to know if she was hiding something.  Eric reunited with Serena.  He wanted to know why she was in Salem.  Theresa told Anne that she planned on moving on from Brady.  Sonny wanted money from Victor, but he wouldn't give it to him.  Victor thought Sonny wanted the new club because of Will being in Hollywood.  Victor didn't want to give him the money because he didn't trust Chad.  Victor noticed something wrong with the contract Chad made Sonny sign.  Serena wanted to talk to Eric in private.  Melanie told Daniel, Maggie, and Brady that she just wanted to be home if they wanted her.  They wanted her to be around.  Theresa told Anne about meeting Melanie.  Melanie apologized to Brady for not telling him about gambling.  Brady talked to Melanie about Kristen and Theresa.  Serena told Eric she was moving to Salem.  Victor let Sonny know he could lose everything if his second business failed.  Sonny stormed off.  

Marlena met with Paul to see if he wanted therapy.  He was extremely nasty to her about it.  Sonny confronted Chad about the contract.  Chad explained that Sonny would be able to handle the club.  Sonny thought Chad knew the club would fail.  Theresa and Anne talked about Paul.  Eric was surprised that Serena didn't tell him that she was going to be living in Salem.  Serena wasn't sure it would be okay because of their past.  Melanie apologized to Daniel and Maggie again for her behavior.  Sonny and Chad continued to talk about the contract to look for him.  Serena told Eric that she picked her assignment because of him.  Paul found Sonny in the park.  Melanie and Theresa officially met at the hospital.  They were less than thrilled by it.  Serena admitted that she still cared about him and always would.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis looks for Molly to tell her that her father isn’t dead. TJ tells Molly that it isn’t her mother’s fault that her father died. She asks him if he tells himself the same thing about his mother. Molly writes an online editorial about her father’s innocence. Ned tells Olivia that he had a fight with Alexis. Olivia is about to confess her feelings for Ned when Alexis arrives to apologize. Alexis tells Ned that she found out that Julian framed Ric, and because she chose to believe Julian instead of Molly, Molly hates her. Olivia sees Alexis and Ned kissing. Ned tells Olivia that the right guy is out there.

Nathan is at General Hospital with a gunshot wound. Obrecht barges into the emergency room cubicle to save her son. Nathan calls out Maxie’s name. Sam tells Lulu about being held hostage by a gunman who got away with Faison. Lulu calls Maxie and tells her about Nathan. Maxie rushes to the hospital. Nathan tells her that she shouldn’t be there. Maxie refuses to leave. Patrick doesn’t want to leave Sam’s side, but she tells him to go. Dante and Anna look for Faison at the docks. Jordan tells them that she saw a boat speeding away. The Coast Guard tells them that the boat rendezvoused with a helicopter and is now abandoned. Jordan’s boss, Bob, berates Anna for letting Faison escape. He fires Jordan for failing in her mission to find the identity of the Jerome’s boss. Anna says she is going to go to bat for Jordan with the board. Bob says that with what happened with Faison and Ric Lansing, Anna’s support won’t carry much weight. Anna says the wheels are in motion to bring Ric out of Witness Protection. Bob concludes that Anna is out of the loop about Ric. Alexis finds Molly to tell her that Ric is alive. Anna calls Alexis and tells her not to tell Molly yet because Ric is missing.

Elizabeth notices that Jake is showing signs of exhaustion and asks him if something happened to cause it. He insists that he is fine. They watch the television news report about Faison’s escape. Elizabeth is shocked by the announcement that Faison is the true leader of the Jerome crime organization and that Ric Lansing was innocent. She tells Jake that she was once married to Ric and that they were reconnecting when he was arrested. She wonders if Ric would still be alive if she hadn’t turned her back on him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

As Ben awakens on the sofa in the Jabot lab, Ashley walks in. Jack is in his office, looking for papers for a meeting with Ashley when Abby comes in and helps him look. Ben is dressed when Jack and Abby come in to join him and Ashley. Abby notices Ben’s clothes and asks him aren’t those the same clothes he had on the night before. Jack asks what is going on here. Victoria takes baby Kate to the park to meet her namesake, Katherine. Victoria introduces baby Katherine to Katherine. At the Athletic Club, Paul and Christine are in the dining room for a special breakfast when Kevin, Lauren, Jeff, and Gloria join them for an anniversary celebration for Michael and Lauren. In his office, Michael looks over some medical papers when Phyllis interrupts him and sits down opposite him. Phyllis, upon seeing the business card of a marriage counselor, asks Michael why he is seeing a marriage counselor if everything is fine between him and Lauren. Michael lets her know that he has that card for a client of his. Paul and Christine are invited to join Lauren, Kevin, Gloria, and Jeff for the anniversary celebration. Phyllis lets Michael that she had taken steps to gain back her life so she wants him to look into her holdings. Summer and Austin set the table for a special dinner with Phyllis and Jack. Summer is anxious that she will do something wrong. Jack finds out that Ben was drunk the night before and fires him. Ashley and Abby both exclaim, “No.” After talking a few moments, Jack reconsiders his decision and decides to give Ben another chance. Ben receives a message from Victoria. Victoria tells baby Kate all about Katherine.

As Austin and Summer kiss, Phyllis knocks on the door. Phyllis walks in and commends Summer on her decorating and the view and then she confronts Summer about how she paid for it. She also asks her if she used the money from the sale of the condo. Summer is surprised. Gloria calls Michael to ask he is but he hangs up on her. Gloria complains to Kevin about how children treat their parents these days. Kevin is preoccupied on his cell phone when Gloria grabs it out of his hand. Gloria accuses him of being involved in something shady. Michael starts to leave his office but has a stomach ache and has to lie down on the sofa. Jeff seeks advice from Paul about dropping the charges against Ben but is quite surprised when Christine threatens to bring charges against Jeff. Kevin assures Gloria that he is fine. Ben visits Victoria and they get things straightened out between them. Victoria insists that there be no more lies and no more secrets. Ben has a far away look in his eyes as he remembers something from the night before. Phyllis asks Summer why she sold the condo since that was their home. Ben gets a call from Paul that the charges against him have been dropped. Ben is relieved. Victoria urges Ben to fight to clear his name but he refuses. Christine tells Paul that she is pregnant. Abby tells Ashley that Ben got drunk the night before. Ashley remembers making love to Ben in the shower. Tobias walks in to talk to Ashley and upon Ashley. When they leave, Tobias begins to take pics of the files on the formula for the new fragrance. When Ashley walks in on Tobias, he makes up an excuse about what he is doing. Summer and Austin have a talk with Jack concerning Phyllis. Phyllis comes to the Athletic Club searching for Kelly. Michael arrives at the Athletic Club dining room and finds Lauren upset over him not being there for their anniversary celebration. Lauren accuses him of seeing another woman. Michael tries to make up excuses but Kevin steps in and tells him that if he doesn’t tell Lauren the truth, then he will. Michael gives in and tells Lauren that he will tell her what is going on.

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