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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

One of Hope’s high heels gets caught in a crack and she tumbles over and over to the bottom of the concrete stairs outside. Quinn is still on the grounds and calls out her name. Liam is trying to call Hope but only gets a voicemail. Wyatt tells Deacon that he doesn’t like this but he has no other way than giving Quinn the restraining order. He needs to stop his mom from seeing Hope, otherwise he does not know what will happen. She’s not using common sense at all. She needs to stay away. Deacon tries to get him to wait a few months but Wyatt says no. She is not normal and Hope is scared of her and he has to protect Hope. Deacon argues and Wyatt says he knows his mother will be ticked off but it will keep her away and give everyone a chance to cool off. Perhaps after the baby is born, things will be different. Quinn gets to Hope who comes to and is bleeding from the mouth.

Liam rushes to Brooke’s to see if Hope is there. He rushes out on the balcony where the door is open. He spies Hope with Quinn bending over her. He pushes Quinn out of the way while accusing her of pushing Hope. He picks Hope up and slowly ascends the stairs back to the house. Then he whisks her to the hospital. Although he is not the husband or the baby’s father he insists on being admitted to Hope’s admitting room. She has a few scrapes and bruises but no concussion. And they think the baby is okay so Liam tells her to stay positive. She assures him that Quinn did not push her; it was an accident. Quinn goes home and Wyatt has a hard time getting all the facts out of her. She starts by telling him that she went to the baby shower to tell Hope she was backing off. He barks at her that she gets in the way. He tells her she looks scared and he needs to know what happened. Hope’s doctor does an ultrasound but finds no heartbeat. Hope cries with Liam quietly standing by.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady came to Melanieís rescue when the mysterious man and woman found her in the park.  Adrienne talked to Sonny about Paul being in town.  Sonny assured Adrienne that he was over Paul.  Adrienne didnít believe it.  Nicole told Daniel that Melanie was in trouble.  Daniel was immediately worried.  The man and woman attacked Brady and grabbed Melanie.  Sonny tried to convince Adrienne that Paul was out of his life.  Adrienne wasnít so sure.  Nicole and Daniel found Melanie and Brady.  Daniel knew that the people who went after Melanie were the police.  Daniel knew everything and he wanted to resolve everything.

Marlena overheard Ericís conversation and thought he was upset that people in Hollywood wanted him to do a reality show.  Marlena wondered if he was trying to protect Nicole.  Sonny explained why Paul had to keep their relationship hidden.  The people who were after Melanie admitted that she robbed them.  Daniel wanted to know where the money was.  She took it out of her bag.  Abby and Chad talked at the hospital.  Chad thought Abby blamed him for everything that happened.  They talked a little more about Jordan.  Sonny continued to talk about Paul.  Adrienne was still worried that Sonny still had feelings for her.  Kelly wanted to go to the FBI about Melanieís crime, but Nicole stopped them.  Nicole wanted to put the story on the news.  Eric was surprised that Marlena said he would protect Nicole.  He was afraid that he was lost.  Paul thought about Sonny.  Kelly warned Melanie not to go to the casino again.  Daniel liked Nicoleís attitude at the apartment.  Serena met up with Eric at the pub.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas is concerned about Helena’s reappearance. He wonders why Helena went to Elizabeth’s house and talked to Jake without Elizabeth’s knowledge. He berates Elizabeth for taking a stranger into her home.

Patrick tells Carly that Jason didn’t die when Faison shot him and kicked him into the harbor. She gets why he didn’t say something sooner. He says Sam doesn’t agree. She advises him not to give up on Sam because Jason would want her to be happy. He says he knows she is not going to give up on Sonny either. She says she has to because he is in prison. Johnny and Sonny talk at Pentonville. Johnny offers to help Sonny with the search for Ava and the baby. After the pleasantries, some of Johnny’s men attack Sonny to show him who is boss in Pentonville. Faison is put into a transport to take him to Pentonville. Under Helena’s mind control technique, Jake abducts Sam uses her as a hostage so he can get the keys to the transport van in exchange for her. Dante goes after him, but finds the transport van abandoned.

Obrecht and Britt are with Helena waiting for Faison so they all can leave town. Britt tells Helena that Nikolas dumped her because he found out that she was in on Spencer’s disappearance. Helena says she admires Britt’s tactics, but that using Spencer can’t go unpunished. Spencer appears and says he wants to live with Britt and Brad. Britt tells him that she doesn’t live with Brad or anywhere else. Spencer decides he will join the Merchant Marines. Helena says he will do so over her dead body. Obrecht informs him that the woman is his great-grandmother. Helena tells Spencer to go home. Britt tells Spencer that she is leaving Port Charles. She gives him her engagement ring and tells him to give it to some lucky girl someday. Faison and Jake arrive at the dock. Helena instructs Jake to forget everything that has happened and to believe he has been job hunting all day. Faison tells Obrecht and Britt that Helena’s soldier shot Nathan. Britt says she is going to stay with Nathan. Obrecht says she will be the one to stay. She decides that she can wait a little longer to be with Cesar.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily advises Kelly not to quit her job and be patient with Jack, because he will soon realize that Phyllis is his past and she is his future. Kelly tries not to give up hope about her relationship with Jack, but then she sees Phyllis and Jack talking about spending Christmas together and how special Christmas will be for them this year. Hilary gets jealous when she learns that Gwen really wants to pursue a relationship with Devon. Neil confides in Phyllis that there may be a treatment that could restore his sight.

Adam feels sad when he sees Chelsea with Billy, and he is afraid he may never get back the life that he lost. Ashley's new employee, Tobias, turns out to be a spy for Victor whose job it is to find out information about Ashley's new perfume. Stitch is so upset to see Billy and Victoria looking like a family with baby Katherine that he gets drunk and passes out in Ashley's office. Ashley puts Stitch in the shower to sober him up before the big meeting tomorrow and the two end up making love in the shower.

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