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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Despite Hope knowing that Quinn was at the baby shower, Liam sits Hope down and says he is not going to let Quinn anywhere near her. She thinks that is so weird; where was Quinn? Liam says he is thinking about hiring someone, some security as he is not going to let Quinn stalk her and right now that is exactly what she is doing. Quinn is looking at the ultrasound and tells Deacon that is as close as she is going to get to that child. Deacon says Liam was here and accusing her of being at the shower. Quinn does not want to be questioned but she does beg Deacon to please talk to Hope. She just wants to be part of that family. Deacon says he will do what he can. Wyatt tells Bill that he wishes there was some other way than the restraining order for Quinn. Bill says she doesn’t have to like it, but she does have to accept it. Patience is not her strong suit….nor Bill’s. Wyatt says that must be where he gets his from. He just wants to fix this. He can’t let his wife live in terror like this. Bill says no, it is not good for a pregnant woman or the baby either. Hope tells Liam that she appreciates his caring about her and wanting to help, but confronting Quinn at her place was not the smartest thing he might do. He says he knows but he does not want to see Hope hurt. Deacon calls but Hope says she is with Liam and can’t talk now. Liam tells her that Deacon is living with Quinn so she can’t tell him too much. He makes her promise that she won’t try to confront Quinn by herself. Right now all that matters is that she is left alone and has a healthy baby. He will take care of Quinn.

Quinn gets it out of Deacon that he called Hope but she had company and it probably was Liam. Deacon warns her to stay away from Hope until that baby is born. She has to show Hope she respects her privacy. Justin gives the restraining order to Wyatt, a 30 days one and it is not effective until he serves it to Quinn. Bill tells him to give it to her and leave, no discussion. Hope puts her jacket on, picks up her purse and is about to leave. At the front door stand Quinn with those big innocent eyes. Liam goes to Bill and complains about Quinn being at CakeGate. Bill informs him he just might get his wish as Justin has given papers to Wyatt and he is delivering them as they speak. Wyatt only finds Deacon at Quinn’s. Deacon is evasive but finally admits that Quinn is not there. Wyatt explains that he will find out soon enough, but he is serving a restraining order on Quinn. Hope tries to close the door on Quinn, but Quinn begs her just for a minute for her to explain. She walks on in and says she knows it is Liam. She has done some very regrettable things. Hope is in an outrage when she realizes that Quinn was at the baby shower spying on them, after sneaking into Eric's house somehow. Quinn is frantic that Hope understands and will let her show her that she does have a heart and restraint. Hope gets more agitated that Quinn can even use that word restraint when she can not obey the simple fact that neither she nor Wyatt want to see her. Three times she asks Quinn to leave her house. Quinn still wants to explain and says perhaps they should go out in the garden and discuss this more. She heads that way and Hope follows. Wyatt calls Bill and says he tried to serve the papers but Quinn was not home. Bill tells him to wait for her. As soon as Liam hears Quinn is not at home, he makes a mad dash for the door. He tries to call Hope to warn her but just gets voicemail. He leaves a message to watch her back, Quinn may be coming. Hope follows Quinn and tells her to leave the property. Quinn says Hope needs to calm down so they can have a rational conversation. She just wants her to know she will not bother her anymore. Hope says she could have phoned that to her or e-mailed, but okay thank you, now she knows and can go. Quinn walks away, Hope sits down for about 20 seconds and gets up to go back in the house when her high heeled shoe sticks in a concrete crack and she tumbles all the way down a flight of concrete stairs and lands hitting her head at the bottom. She lays unconscious. Quinn turns around to see this and calls out Hope’s name.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

A man and woman arrived in Salem to look for Melanie.  Daniel wanted to know if Melanie was hiding something.  Rafe wanted to talk to Jordan to let her know that he knew what Kate did to get Clyde in Salem.  Jordan refused to let Kate drive her crazy.  A strange lady went off on Aiden.  Aiden seemed a little bothered by it, but he covered up.  Chad wondered if Kate could really trust Clyde.  Kate wasn’t worried about Clyde.  Melanie lied to Daniel about what she did.  He seemed satisfied with her answer and left.  Melanie pulled out some paperwork and read it.  Jordan let Rafe know that she refused to be the way she was when she arrived in Salem.

Hope and Aiden met in a hotel room.  Aiden was worried about what happened with Chase and his friend Owen.  Hope let it slip that Chase told her that his mother had the money.  Jordan threw up in Rafe’s face that he slept with Kate and walked out.  Chad wanted to know why Kate was talking to Rafe.  Melanie’s friend arrived in Salem.  Aiden told Hope about his humble beginnings.  Daniel went to Nicole to find out about the blocked call.  Brady arrived at Melanie’s place and they left.  Melanie left the paperwork she had on the table.  Stefano called Kate and talked to her about working with Chad.  Chad walked in on Jordan yelling at Rafe.  Melanie’s friend went to the hospital and recognized Marlena.  The mystery man and woman found Melanie at the town square and she ran off.  After Aiden and Hope made love, he thought about the strange lady that said he did a bad thing.  Stefano couldn’t believe Kate would hook up with Clyde.  Daniel found Melanie’s paperwork and got upset.  The guy and woman found Melanie.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick admits to Sam that he knew Jason didn’t die on the pier, but that he died much later at Crichton-Clark. Fluke tells Luke that no one is looking for him and that the PCPD apprehended Faison in a mask and think they have the imposter in custody. Faison tells Anna that the spell is broken. He no longer loves her and she is no longer worthy of his love. Anna demands that Faison tell her how Helena Cassadine is involved in his scheme. Faison says he hasn’t seen Helena since they teamed up to test their mind-control technique on Lucky Spencer. He wonders if Helena ever perfected the technique. Helena tells Jake about his death on the pier and his revival at Crichton-Clark clinic. She tells him that he is Jason Morgan, Sam is his wife, Danny is his son, and he works for her. She tells him that it isn’t a random encounter. She programmed him to meet her at this time and location. She says she has a job for him to do. Someone abducts Sam.

Nikolas stops by Elizabeth’s house to tell her that she was right about Britt. Britt tells her mother that Nikolas wants to press charges against her. Obrecht tells Britt that Helena is getting Faison out of custody and encourages Britt to leave Port Charles with them. Dragging their bags, Obrecht and Britt meet Helena at the pier.

Michael offers Sabrina a job at the clinic he is opening in his real father’s name. She tells him that she got fired from General Hospital for compromising her principals. Carlos taunts Sonny at Pentonville. Sonny says he never asked Ava to make Carlos take the fall for AJ’s murder. Carlos says he did it because Ava threatened Sabrina. Carlos says he knows Ava killed Connie Falconeri. Carlos says a lot of the inmates hate Sonny. Carlos is released. He and Sabrina are reunited in front of Kelly’s. Carlos says he intends to get back everything that he lost. Johnny Zacchara finds Sonny in jail.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick arrives on Constance’s doorstep and tells her that he is looking for the woman who saved him from a bear trap. Meanwhile, in the house, Sage tries to stop Adam from leaving because of a promise that he made to her. Sage threatens Adam if he leaves now, she will go to the police and tell them everything. At the Underground, Joe serves Avery her favorite drink. Joe starts to walk away but Avery stops him. At the Newman home, Victoria walks around with baby Kate in her arms and talks to her. Chelsea and Billy try to decide what to do with the extra Christmas tree. Billy suggests taking it upstairs in the bedroom but Chelsea is against that idea. Chelsea tells Billy that she has a meeting and he can decide what to do with the extra tree while she is gone and when she comes back, they will decorate this tree. In the hallway, Chelsea calls Jeff to meet her at the club. At the lab, Ben calls Victoria and leaves her a message. Ashley and Abby walk in. Ben shows Ashley that he neutralized the scent of the new fragrance so it will not smell so bad so they can change the fragrance. Abby apologizes to Ben for the remarks that she made about him murdering his father but she still advises him of getting his hopes up about getting back together with Victoria. Ben still insists on seeing Victoria and Kate. Avery apologizes to Joe for thinking that he had anything to do with throwing the rock through the window of the Coffeehouse. Dylan walks in and overhears Avery and Joe talking. Constance, upon finding out that Nick is a Newman, tells him that she cannot help him and shuts the door in his face. At the Underground, Nick has some heated words with Joe for his involvement in trying to shut down the Coffeehouse. Avery asks Nick why he didn’t get in touch with her. Nick spills the beans to Dylan that David Sherman is Sharon’s lawyer in the custody hearing. Constance joins Adam and Sage and lets them know that they had a visitor but she took care of it. Adam lets Constance know that he is leaving for a while but Constance is dead set against him leaving. Adam relents and decides to leave for just one day which Constance is still dead set against but she gives in when she agrees for Sage to accompany him. Chelsea tries to pay Jeff off to drop this lawsuit against Ben but Jeff sees through it and thinks that she is doing it so she can keep Billy all to herself. Billy helps Victoria to decorate the Christmas tree. Ashley advises Abby to let Ben dream if he wants to and to take it easy on him. Victoria opens up a box of ornaments and finds one which Delia made. Billy and Victoria console each other. Ben looks in the window and sees Billy consoling Victoria.

Abby suggests to Ashley that they go Christmas shopping but Ashley tells her that she had to work. Ashley and Abby discuss Abby’s past relationships. Chelsea lets Jeff know that Ben suffered enough. Jeff takes the money and placing his hand on Chelsea’s, tells her that he will handle things. Nick tells Avery and Dylan about how beautiful Kate is. Ben joins them at the bar. Avery pulls Nick away to discuss the custody case while Dylan and Ben talk. Dylan, before he leaves the bar with Avery, tries to make amends with Joe for Avery’s sake, but when Avery walks away for a moment, Dylan tells Joe not to call or text Avery again since she is not his wife. At the Underground Nick fills Abby in about what happened to him in the woods. Constance leaves the bedroom and Adam orders Sage to pack her suitcase. Adam asks Sage if she always accompanied Gabriel on his outings. She informs him that she had to keep him out of trouble. Back at the apartment, Dylan and Avery make love. When Avery goes to pour a drink, Dylan looks at the engagement ring that he bought for Avery. Avery comes back and asks what he is up to. Adam walks into the Athletic Club and sees Chelsea face to face. Jeff appears at the Underground and tries to make things right with Ben but Ben tries to attack him once again. Jeff lets him know that he was going to drop the charges against him, but he may rethink his decision. Ashley is at the lab when Ben comes back. Ben collapses on the floor. At the Underground, Joe picks up a syringe.

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