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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam accuses Quinn of lying about being at the shower and he wants her to admit it. She says he is the one being relentless. He’s like a dog with a bone. She’s been treated like a pariah and not the doting grandmother that she really is. This baby changes everything. She will never be a threat again. Liam says yes she will as long as she insinuates herself where she is not wanted and Quinn will never be free of him protecting Hope. Justin advises Bill just to fly to Milan and drag Brooke home. Bill says he is not that kind of cave man. Wyatt interrupts. Bill pours him a drink and asks about Hope. Wyatt asks him about baby showers with girls only and men not allowed. Bill says that is not what he is there for. Wyatt admits it is about his mom. She is shacking up with Deacon for one thing. But he feels bad cutting her out of his life with his first child and all. He has taken steps but nothing ever works. Bill says he must take a stand as this kind of stress is not good for Hope or the baby either. He calls Justin. Hope tells Ivy that she knows her relationship has gotten a lot closer with Liam and they both have told each other they love each other. She says she is committed to her family and to Wyatt and this child, so all of these might have beens rolling around in her head don’t help.

Liam calls Ivy and checks about the cake and is certain that the one he is looking at is one Quinn lurked around at the party and then took as a souvenir. She vows again she just wants to be part of the family and nothing more. He says she almost sounds sincere but he knows it is only because she is caught. It won’t change anything. She keeps stalking Hope. She keeps insinuating herself into Hope’s life. Just know this as long as she is a threat to Hope’s happiness that Quinn will never be free of Liam. He says and just wait until Hope hears about this. Quinn tells him to stop with all the negativity to Hope. She shouts that she is a mother and grandmother and does not want to be ostracized from the family that means the world to her. Can’t they all just come together for everyone’s sake? He says he and Hope do not believe one word that comes out of her mouth as she will say anything to get what she wants. She says all she wants is to put her family together. He says maybe but they would be better off without her as she has impulse issues and is unbalanced. He feels really sorry for her son. She says Hope and Wyatt have moved on but Liam can’t or won’t. He says moving on does not mean that he doesn’t look out for Hope or care for her and yes even love her. If it weren’t for Quinn he would be married to her right now. And yes Bill meddled with him and Hope but he learned from it. Quinn is not sorry until she gets caught. He threatens that he has always felt she was a danger to Hope and if she does it again she will have to deal with him. Wyatt is a little reluctant but finally comes around when Bill has Justin draw up a restraining order for Quinn. He agrees that is the only way as he can not get through to her. He says he is doing it for Hope as that is what a good husband does. Bill hugs him and says he is a good husband and son too. Liam calls Hope and asks her to meet him. It’s about Quinn and important. Hope suggests Brooke’s house since she is out of town. When he tells her that he has no proof but he went to Quinn’s and she had a piece of cake just like Ivy said they had at the shower, Hope panics. Liam tells her she should not have to live her life looking over her shoulder and he wants her to know he will never stop caring about her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe was shocked when he overheard Jordan tell Chad that Kate slept with Clyde.  Theresa talked to Hope about no one believing that she was pregnant.  Aiden showed up so Theresa used that an excuse to leave.  JJ was waiting to meet Paige when Eve showed up.  Eve reminded JJ that they made a mistake being together.  Jordan told Rafe that Kate brought Clyde to Salem. Jordan reminded Rafe that he defended Kate when she was responsible for Clyde being in town.  JJ called Paige and let her know that Eve might know about them.  Eve told Theresa that their father was going to have surgery.  Eve wanted to talk about something else. 

Eve told Paige they had to see Shane.  Rafe showed up at the mansion to confront Kate about what she did to Jordan.  Eve told Paige that Shane had to go to the hospital.  Eve wanted Paige to go to California with her.  Kate admitted that she brought Clyde to Salem to protect and Rafe.  Paige let JJ know that Eve doesnít know about them and that she had to go to California.  JJ rushed out to meet her.  Kate explained that Rafe was in a coma and that she worried about him.  She told Rafe that she hired Jordan as his physical therapist.  Rafe didnít understand why Kate didnít talk to him about Jordan.  A woman approached Aiden and recognized him.  Hope overheard Chase tell his friend Owen that the money they have belonged to his mother.  Rafe didnít understand Kateís actions.  Rafe decided to stay away from Kate.  Chase told Hope that his mother reminded Aiden that he didnít have any money.  The lady told Aiden that he did a bad thing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alice tells Fluke (thinking he is Luke) that she always thought something was off about the imposter. Anna tells “Luke” and Tracy that their ordeal was her fault. Luke accepts her apology. Tracy doesn’t. Fluke goes to visit Luke in the basement where he is now being held captive. Helena tells Liesl that she is the only Cassadine left to avenge Victor. Obrecht says she had to kill Victor to protect her son. Helena says she didn’t much like Victor anyway. She tells Obrecht that Faison will be free soon. Elizabeth tells Jake about Helena after he recognizes her picture in the paper. Jake wonders why Helena was interested in him. When he is out looking for a job, Jake runs into Helena on the dock.

Sam goes to the jail and demands to know why Faison killed Jason. He tells her that Jason would have understood because he was in that business. Patrick asks Faison why he arranged for Rafe Kovich to run his car off the road. Faison tells him that Victor Cassadine made that arrangement to ensure Drake’s silence about what was going on between his wife and Sam’s husband at Crichton-Clark. Sam says Jason was never at Crichton-Clark, because he died two years ago. Faison tells her that she is mistaken. He reveals that after he shot Jason and pushed him in the harbor, Jason was fished out and taken to the clinic. He tells Sam to address any further questions to Patrick. Patrick admits that he knew Jason didn’t die that night on the pier.

Britt tells Brad that Nikolas threw her out and that he threatened to press charges. Brad offers to help her pay her legal fees. Nikolas tells Spencer that Britt moved out. Spencer tells Nikolas that he has to forgive Britt, because he can’t lose another mother. Nikolas says Britt is not Spencer’s mother. Spencer says Britt is the closest he has ever had to a mother. He says he deserves a mother, and he wants Britt. Nikolas says Britt is a bad person, and he won’t allow her to be in their lives. Spencer says he loves Britt and he hates Nikolas for sending her away. Obrecht sees Britt in Kelly’s and tells her that she has the feeling that everything is going to be okay. Nikolas goes to visit Elizabeth.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea comes downstairs with Connor and finds Billy hiding something behind his back. Chelsea wonders as to what he is up to. Billy brings them out and sees that they are cigars that he was going to give out at the office, Billy lets Chelsea know that he hadn’t been being fair to her. Phyllis tells Jack that she wants her old job back but Jack tells her that she cannot expect him to go back on every commitment that he had made while she had been gone. Phyllis asks him what other commitments he had made. Jack is hesitant to answer her . Sharon comes downstairs and finds Faith sitting on the sofa. Sharon asks her does she want to go outside and play but Faith refuses. Faith asks Sharon as to why Nick is so mad at her. Noah brings Nick home to the cottage. Nick explains to Noah about the bear trap and he had gotten caught in it. Nick also tells Noah about the Angel of Mercy that had rescued him. At the mansion, Sage wants to call the hospital to check on Nick but Adam stops her. Adam grabs hold of Sage’s arm and tells her that he will not let her ruin his plans. At the Underground, Kevin advises Mariah not to do it but Mariah is confused as to what Kevin doesn’t want her to do. Kevin tells her not to get into it with Summer. Mariah insists that she doesn’t want Sharon talked about because she is a good Mother. Kevin tells Mariah that Nick is also a good father. Sharon lets Faith know that Nick has good reason to be mad at her. Sharon also lets Faith know that she had made some mistakes. Sharon asks Faith does she remember when she had stolen her sisters diary and when she had tried to apologize for it things didn’t turn out like she had planned. Kevin tells Mariah what his life was like at Christmastime with his father. Sharon and Faith hug. Noah and Nick discuss the woman that had saved Nick and where she is now. Nick looks at the papers that he had gotten from Sharon’s lawyer stating that she was fighting for custody of Faith. Sage orders Adam to let go of her. Sage tells Adam that she needs to call the hospital and check on Nick but again Adam refuses. Adam assures Sage that Victor will fly in dozens of doctors to tend to Nick. Sage senses fear in Adam and wonders as to what he is so afraid of. Billy explains to Chelsea that he wanted to sneak out of the house with the cigars to keep her from being mad at him. Billy lets Chelsea know about the remarks that Abby had made about him and Victoria getting back together. Chelsea tells Billy that she is truly happy for him as she gets his coat and pushes him out of the door with a kiss. Sage accuses Adam of being spooked concerning Nick. Sage inquires of Adam as to what Nick had done to him. Phyllis and Jack still argue over her wanting her old job back. Billy comes in to join them with cigars all around. Phyllis tells Billy that he will have more time to spend with Katherine since she will be taking back her job. An argument erupts between Billy and Phyllis.

Kevin visit’s the park and runs into Chelsea and Connor .Chelsea lets Kevin know how happy her and Billy are together but Kevin is less than optimistic about the relationship. Chelsea wishes him a Merry Christmas and leaves. Kevin mumbles to himself that Billy and Victoria love each other. Jack tries to calm down the situation by offering Phyllis the position over the Fashion Department but Phyllis refuses it until Jack has a talk with her and points out why he wants her over Fashion. Phyllis accepts the position. Mariah reminds Sharon of how she had fought for her and she needs to do the same toward Faith. Mariah talks Sharon into going into work. Noah stops by to let them know what had happened to Nick in the woods. Mariah just about pushes Sharon to go to work. Mariah and Noah promise to be there for Faith. Nick goes in search of the woman, who had rescued him. Jack and Phyllis kiss as Phyllis accepts the new position. Jack goes to a meeting leaving Phyllis alone in the office. Sharon walks in. Phyllis asks her as to why she is here. Sharon tells her that she is the liasion between the models. Phyllis tells her that she is fired.


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