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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope hugs Quinn and calls her mom. Liam continues to tell Deacon that Quinn crashing the shower is a very bad idea. And if Deacon knew about it he is the one that needs to head her off. Deacon counters with that Liam knows Quinn and no one tells her what to do. He says they have a relationship and the way it works is he does his thing and Quinn does her thing. Liam can’t understand how he can be with a woman like that who has hurt his daughter so many times. She is not a minor irritation. She is a full blown sociopath who does not care about the damage she inflicts emotionally or physically. She needs to be locked up or at the very least put on meds. Deacon laments that he does not condone what she does but she’s had it rough raising her son and had to fight back and sometimes she fights dirty. Liam warns that Deacon can not trust her; she will turn on him too. Deacon says he knows, but he is a man with wants, needs and desires and meantime Quinn checks those boxes. And maybe he can actually broker peace between Quinn and Hope. Liam tells him that is a fantasy of his but he has to move out of here as Hope will never accept Quinn. Quinn is happy for a moment as Hope lets her feel her tummy. The gals welcome her into the family. Then Quinn is jarred back to reality by hearing them all laughing when opening up the presents for the baby. Deacon tells Liam that he realizes he has had several bad experiences with Quinn but he is telling him that people can change with a strong enough motivation and he can’t help but think being a grandmother might qualify. She just wants to be loved like anyone else. She gets hurt, she is outraged and that is when the crazy kicks in but that wouldn’t happen if people accepted her in the beginning. Liam says it is admirable that he is willing to give her more chances but the rest of them can not. The more he thinks about it the more he thinks crashing the shower is what Quinn would do. He calls Ivy who assures him all is okay. Deacon asks about Ivy. Liam says here’s the deal. Hope will always be very special to him. They tried to make it work and it didn’t. But feelings do not just die and his first instinct will always be to protect her. Ivy understands and that is what is so great about her. She doesn’t push or hurry him along. He is lucky to have her. And he is not settling for Ivy. They have built a relationship and they are committed. Deacon says he is a damn good man and he would have been proud to have him as a son-in-law. He is sorry that didn’t work out. Deacon says he has errands to run and asks Liam to please try to cut Quinn some slack. She is really trying.

When the party guests are on the patio playing games, Quinn sneaks down and admires all the gifts, holds some baby clothes up to her face and then she slices a huge hunk of cake for two before slipping out the door. Ivy tells Hope about Liam calling and that she doesn’t mind. Anyone who wants a relationship with Liam has to know it will always include Hope. Quinn returns home to find Liam and asks why he is there. He starts in on her being with Deacon. She says that is none of his business. He wants to know where she has been. She says just out. He spies the cake and says he knows she crashed the shower despite her story about going to a bakery. He says he is so sick of her. She says he is crazy but she is just misunderstood. He says she has manipulated him and Hope over and over and yet she is relentless and keeps on coming and coming. He says he warned Hope many times what she would be getting into with Wyatt and now she is married and pregnant and all because of what Quinn managed to do in Paris. Quinn says he is still whining about that. It’s time to move on. He says he knows that is what she would like him to do so she can keep on terrorizing Hope, but his eyes are fixed on Quinn and as long as he is breathing he will protect Hope from her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jordan was surprised to find Kate at Clyde's place.  Melanie nearly jumped out of her skin when Brady surprised her at the park.  Maggie and Daniel were suspicious about Melanie's return.  Victor talked to Chad about him working at DiMera Enterprises.  Victor wondered if Chad changed since being with Stefano.  Sonny thought about being with Paul.  Adrienne noticed Paul flirting with a nurse and became upset.  Daniel believed that Melanie was back because of a man.  A mysterious man was looking up information on Melanie.  Melanie and Brady talked about her time away.  Brady noticed that she was jumpy.  Daniel was positive that Melanie was hiding something from them. Melanie talked to Brady about Kristen and knew a little about Theresa.  Victor and Chad continued to talk until Chad warned him to stay out of it.

Jordan and Clyde argued over him having sex with Kate.  Jordan believed that Clyde was just trying to prove that he's bigger than their old town by sleeping with someone like Kate.  Clyde warned Jordan to watch her mouth because she didn't have a gun with her anymore.  Jordan warned him not to ruin her life in Salem.  Kate overheard their argument.  Daniel, Maggie, and Victor had a homecoming celebration for Melanie.  Victor almost let it slip that Brady had a run in with Theresa.  After everyone left the party, Daniel tried to get some answers out of Melanie.  Melanie made up an excuse about losing her locket so she could leave.  Adrienne met with Sonny and they talked about Will briefly.  She was convinced Sonny was hiding something from her.  Brady didn't approve of Victor trying to tell Melanie his business.  Adrienne told Sonny about seeing Paul at the hospital.  Paul thought about being with Sonny.  Brady doesn't want Melanie to know about his life with Theresa.  Melanie looked at something on her tablet.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke meets Rocco. He wonders how Lulu has a child that is over a year old. She explains that Britt Westbourne carried the child. Britt admits to Nikolas that she and Spencer planned Spencer’s disappearance because they both wanted Nikolas to get back together with Britt. Obrecht tells Nikolas that she told Britt to do it. Nikolas tells Britt to take responsibility for her actions. He kicks Obrecht out and tells Britt to pack her things and move out. He suggests that she get a lawyer because he intends to prosecute her for endangering his child.

Alexis tells Molly that she spent Thanksgiving with Julian, rescuing Luke. She tells Molly that Ric wasn’t Julian’s boss. He was innocent when he died. Anna finds Faison under the Luke mask. Faison tells Dante that the whole thing is Anna’s fault because she put him in her personal Gitmo on Spoon Island. Dante takes Faison off to jail. Anna arrests Julian. Dante calls Lulu and tells her that it was Faison in the Luke mask. Luke concludes to Tracy that Faison impersonated him to get to the Corinthos organization, just like he tried to do when he impersonated Duke Lavery. Faison uses his one phone call to call Fluke and tell him that their plan worked. While everyone believes Faison has been impersonating Luke, Fluke has once again convinced everyone that he is the real Luke.

Franco tells Nina that she should worry about her mother telling the police that she saw her leave with Franco. Nina names the baby Jaime, after her brother and the bionic woman. Madeline asks Nathan for an update on Nina and the baby. She tells him that she was denied bail and is going to Pentonville. Madeline is surprised when Nathan refers to Victor Cassadine as his biological father. Obrecht goes to the police station to see Nathan. She sees Faison being brought in. Faison is shocked when he hears that Obrecht has a son. Madeline tells Obrecht to testify for her in court or else she will tell Nathan who his real father is.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis is at the park, looking at the plaque honoring Katherine. Michael walks up and they discuss what a great person Katherine was. Michael asks Phyllis how she found out about Katherine. Phyllis divulges that Jack told her. She tells Michael that she is going to regain all of her missed life. In his office at Jabot, Jack & Abby discuss Billy being baby Katherine's father. Abby makes a crude remark concerning Kelly when she walks in and overhears. At the Underground, Mariah and Kevin discuss what they did for Thanksgiving. At the Athletic Club, Hilary and Devon await Gwen, who will be posing as Devonís girlfriend. Hilary is quite put out when Gwen lays her hand on Devonís shoulder. Neil and Lily also arrive for the dinner. Austin and Summer bring Christmas decorations to the Underground to decorate for Nick. Mariah and Summer begin to argue over the fact that Nick is suing for full custody of Faith. Summer feels that Sharon should pay for what she did. Michael asks Phyllis what specifically she wants to do to reclaim her life. Abby tries to apologize to Kelly for her remark, but she doesn’t want to hear her explanation. Kelly asks Jack why he said and did the things he did when he really didn’t mean it. Neil asks Gwen about herself. Kevin stands up for Mariah and Sharon which unnerves Summer. Kelly tells Jack that he made her fall in love with him and she hates him for that. Phyllis tells Michael about her upcoming engagement party.

Phyllis assures Michael that they will both lead long, happy lives. Kevin tries to calm Mariah after her fight with Summer. Austin and Summer discuss Nick suing for custody of Faith. Summer thinks that it's for the best. Abby asks Summer to join her for lunch so she can put something else in her mouth instead of her foot. Abby tells Summer that Kyle is coming home for Christmas and asks if Summer ever wonders how it would have been if they had gotten together. Summer reminds Abby that she is a happily married woman. Jack tells Kelly he hadn’t meant to lead her on and tries to hug her, but she pulls away. Michael visits the doctor and finds out that his cancer has progressed to Stage 3. The doctor discusses his options, but Michael seems to be in a daze. The doctor wants Michael to get treatment as soon as possible but he insists he will after the holidays. Lily finds out from Kelly that Jack is engaged to Phyllis and they want her to help plan the wedding. Phyllis asks for her job back at Jabot, but Jack insists that he is not changing anything else.

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