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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that she wants to be supportive. She wants him to move on. She is glad he did not lie to her, that’s all good. He can tell her anything. They both wish the best for each other. She takes comfort that he is with someone like Ivy. He deserves that. She tells him she is excited about the baby, about Wyatt and their future. He says yes the baby makes all of this bearable. He knows how much she always wanted that. And he sees her connecting with it already and that is the way it should be. She has that glow. She says she is already in love with this baby and that is the one good thing that came out of all of this. He asks to be able to feel the baby and she lets him. He asks about Quinn and Hope says she is the last person she would invite. She will be nowhere around. Deacon sees Quinn dressing up and hopes she is not going to crash the baby shower. The best thing she can do is stay away from his daughter. He’d like her to stay home and be with him. She leaves anyway telling him to save her some whiskey.

Liam stops by to see Quinn and is shocked to find Deacon playing house. Deacon says Hope knows about it and while she is not supportive, she does know. Liam goes on and on about how dangerous Quinn is…..Deacon better sleep with one eye open. Deacon quips what makes Liam thinks he doesn’t. She scares the hell out of him but that is part of her charm. The girls all arrive for Hope’s baby shower. They discuss not wanting Quinn to get wind of this; she is not invited. Pam hands out cards at the party and wants all to say whether Hope will have a boy or a girl and the due date. Quinn sneaks into the house and watches from the stair landing. Slowly she comes down to join the group. All are aghast that she is there and how she even got in. Meekly she says she could not stay away. She makes a statement mother to mother how she wants to be a part of this baby’s life and she would never hurt the baby or Hope. She even gets down on her knees and begs Hope. Katie finally picks her up and tells her to leave. As she is leaving Hope tells her to wait. She walks over to her and hugs her and calls her mom.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne confronted Sonny about him seeing Paul.  They talked about that for a while before he left to go to the hospital.  A mysterious woman called Daniel to speak to Melanie.  She refused to tell Daniel what she wanted.  Melanie and Theresa had a rough introduction, but bonded over a group.  Paige and JJ met at the park. He didnít want anyone to know that they were seeing each other.

Sonny talked to Paul about their relationship.  Paul thought Sonny was upset that he pursued his career over him.  Sonny didnít like how he refused to admit that they were together.  Adrienne and Brady talked about Theresa.  Theresa overheard them talking about her.  Brady apologized to Theresa for talking to Victor.  Sonny told Paul that heís married.  Paul wasnít happy about Sonnyís news, but he accepted it.  Daniel wanted to know what was going on with Melanie.  JJ told Paige that Jennifer advised him to see a therapist.  He told her how Eve was trying to keep them apart.  Theresa thought Brady was sorry that he met her.  She said the feeling was mutual.  She was happy she met someone new.  Sonny told Paul about his relationship with Will.  Paul let Sonny know he was happy with his life.  Melanie wouldnít tell Daniel about the phone call even though he wanted to know about it.  Paul said that he loved Sonny.  Sonny knew that and walked out of Paulís room.  Eve saw Paige and JJ together and was upset.  Eve realized that she didnít have a choice about something.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Silas won’t let Ava leave the hotel room because he knows she is running from the law for killing Connie Falconeri. He calls the PCPD, but Anna is unavailable. Ava tries to convince Silas not to turn her in because she has to find her baby. He says he isnít going to turn her in and that he is going to help her find her baby. Franco bonds with Avaís baby, but he still thinks they should give her back. Nina thinks keeping the baby is payback for Ava telling Franco that Kiki was his daughter and then not allowing him access to her and ultimately revealing that Kiki is not really his daughter. Nina asks Franco to be the baby’s father. Franco agrees to stay with Nina and the baby. Nina promises that they won’t get caught.

Nikolas wonders what Obrecht is threatening Britt with and what Britt is keeping from him. He pressures Spencer to tell him what he knows. Britt tells Nikolas to leave Spencer out of it, and she will tell him whatever he wants to know. She tells him that she was behind Spencer’s disappearance last summer. Lucy is thrilled to see that Duke is out of Pentonville. Anna tells Lucy that Sonny is responsible for Duke’s release and that she is sure there are strings attached. Duke tells Lucy that he is taking over the business while Sonny is incarcerated. She is concerned that it will cost him his relationship with Anna. He says it already has.

Luke wants to go after his doppelganger. Dante says the PCPD is on it. Luke wants to go after Julian since he was in on it. Dante calls Anna. Alexis says Julian was coerced. Ned wonders why Alexis is defending Julian. He wants to know what his father has gotten himself into and what it will cost the Quartermaines. Lulu tells Luke that his grandson Rocco turned 1-year-old in September. Luke wonders how Lulu’s son can be that old. She tells him that it is a long, crazy story for another time. Tracy browbeats herself for not realizing that Fluke was an imposter. Luke promises her that Fluke will pay and that he will get back everything that Fluke took from them. Fluke intercepts Julian as he is trying to leave the penthouse. Anna and Dante arrive just as Fluke is about to tell Julian his real name. Dante handcuffs Fluke. Anna wants to know who he really is before they take him in, so she peels off his mask.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick lies flat on his back and looks at Adam but then closes his eyes. At the Coffeehouse, someone throws a rock through the window and there is broken glass all over the counter. Avery walks in and wants to know what is going on as Dylan goes after who threw the rock. At the condo, Chelsea tries to draw but tears the sheet off the pad and throws it away. Chelsea yells for the nanny to take care of Connor, since she is going out. Paul walks in to the Athletic Club and sees Ben sitting at the bar. Paul joins him and asks him whether or not he heard from Maureen. Paul says that they want an arrest to be made. Billy accompanies Victoria and baby Katherine home from the hospital. Victoria hands Katherine over to Billy just as there is a knock on the door. It is Victor and Nikki bearing gifts. Victor sees Billy with Katherine and wants to know what he is doing. Victoria lets him know that Billy is her father. Billy gives Katherine to Nikki to marvel over right before they go upstairs to put her to bed. Victor issues a warning to Billy that Ben isn’t a murderer but a hero. Billy is quite surprised. Ben tells Maureen that she tried to tell him what she did to Victoria at the hospital but he wouldn’t let her. Avery calls Paul to come to the Coffeehouse because something happened. Adam wants to leave Nick alone but Sage senses something amiss and asks Adam if he knows this man. Adam tells her that this is his brother. Paul asks about the progression concerning the Coffeehouse. Once alone, Paul makes a call to check up on Joe. Sage cannot believe that Adam would leave Nick alone to die. Sage urges Adam to help her to release Nick from the bear trap. Chelsea joins Ben at the bar and orders what he is having. Chelsea and Ben discuss the baby being Billy’s. Ben lets Chelsea know about the look that Victoria and Billy gave each other. Chelsea isn’t worried about it. Victor reminds Billy of all the things that he did to Victoria in the past. Nikki and Victoria rejoin Victor and Billy. Nikki receives a call and steps aside to take it. When she hears that it is Maureen, she is about ready to hang up but Maureen tells her not to.

Paul catches up to Joe at the Athletic Club and starts to asks where he's been the last few hours. Joe resents the insinuation that he was involved in throwing the rock through the window at the Coffeehouse and storms upstairs. Adam helps to release Nick’s leg from the bear trap but then takes off abruptly leaving Sage to stop the bleeding. Nikki meets Maureen in the park and lashes out at her for what she did to Victoria. Nikki threatens to call the police but Maureen talks her out of it for the sake of the child. Nikki lets her know that the baby is Billy’s. Maureen regrets what happened to this family all of their lives. Nikki pays Maureen off to leave town. Chelsea insists to Ben that Billy is committed to her. Victor tells Victoria that the name Newman will remain on the baby’s birth certificate. Victoria insists that she will not keep Billy out of his child’s life. Maureen promises to use the money to start a new life and make her children proud of her when she returns to town. Chelsea visits Victoria and Billy with the design for a christening gown for the baby. Victoria tells Chelsea that she and Billy will appreciate it. Sage stays with Nick until the ambulance arrives but will not divulge who she is.

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