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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Pam, Ivy, & Aly start to discuss Hope’s baby shower, Eric interrupts and says Rick has made some questionable things of late but sending Hope and Ivy to Amsterdam to model was a brilliant idea. Later he tells Hope that he appreciated the way she handled Amsterdam with Liam and Ivy. Hope admits it was pretty difficult. She loves her family and she loves her marriage but seeing Liam there was not easy. It wasn’t that long ago that she and Liam were making wedding plans. She was manipulated by Quinn but she is trying hard to get past that. He tells her she will as she is a strong girl. He thanks her for being honest with him. Deacon tells Quinn that she ruined his surprise for breakfast in bed. She admits this is kind of good. With Wyatt, she never thought she would be sharing her house with another man. She grouses about not being invited to the Forrester Thanksgiving dinner and being asked to leave. They are treating the grandma worse than a stranger. Deacon warns her again just cool it and play it low key for now. She can not push Hope. She wonders how much time is she to give Hope or how many holidays she will have to miss.

Wyatt drops in on Liam to see if all is okay. He hopes they managed to all get along at Thanksgiving. And it’s girls only at the baby shower so he and Liam are all alone now. Liam admits it was a good trip to Amsterdam and he had a good time with Ivy after Hope and Wyatt left. Wyatt is not subtle. He says Liam and Ivy are good together. Everybody sees it so if he would relax and let go, they could have a great life together just like he and Hope have. Quinn overhears Deacon talking to Pam on the phone about Hope’s baby shower. He knows he is not invited but Pam didn’t want him just dropping by unannounced. Quinn’s ears perk up. Deacon tells her do not dare; stay away from the shower as she is not invited. Before the baby shower, Hope stops by to see Liam. She admits she looked off her balcony and saw him and Ivy. He admits he got caught up in the moment and probably was insensitive since it was right outside her hotel. She tells him it was Wyatt that arranged that just trying to do something nice. He says Ivy told him she loved him. Hope asks what did he say? His face says it all, and she understands. She says Ivy is a wonderful girl and it was just a matter of time for them to get close and she wants him to be happy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa and Anne nearly caught Sonny and Paul kissing.  Paul hid in the closet so they didnít see him.  Marlena ripped into Will for not allowing Gabi to see her daughter more.  Will to explain that heís busy, but he agreed to let Gabi see her more.  Melanie and Abby reunited.  Melanie noticed that Abby was singing Chadís praises and warned her to watch out for him Stefano called Chad and warned him about Clyde.  Chad wasnít worried about him.  Jordan told Ben that Kate brought Clyde to Salem.  Clyde and Kate began to make love.  Adrienne and Lucas talked about how Will hadnít called Sonny. Sonny seemed upset when Paul wanted to go back in his room.  Sonny wanted to tell Paul something, but Paul was gone.  

Lucas called Will and he tried to give Lucas the brush off.  Lucas advised Will to call Sonny.  Will finally agreed to call Sonny and hung up on Lucas.  Theresa wanted to know where Paul was and he lied to her.  Clyde and Kate made love.  Theresa wanted to get closer to Paul and made an excuse to get out of being with her.  Abby overheard Theresa and Anne talking about Paul.  Ben told Jordan that Clyde was seeing Marlena professionally.  Jordan went ballistic and stormed off.  Abby and Theresa got into an argument over Ben.  Adrienne saw Paul and was upset that he was talking to a woman.  Sonny thought about having sex with Paul when Will called.  Will got mad at Sonny because he thought Sonny was talking about him not calling.  Will talked to Sonny briefly because he had to go.  Sonny felt like he and Will didnít talk much.  Melanie looked in her bag and looked at the money.  She sent someone a text.  A mysterious man had Melanieís picture.  Jordan went to Clydeís apartment and Kate opened the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian agrees with Jordan that she deserves to know who is in charge of the organization. He tells her about Luke’s look-alike. He says he has to disappear before the boss finds out that the real Luke is out of Miscavige. Tracy welcomes Luke home. Dante wants answers. Alexis explains. Tracy realizes that she married an imposter and gets nauseated. Larry silently observes and tries to slip away. Lulu informs him that Sam and Patrick broke into his safe deposit box and found the file on Cesar Faison and the blueprint for an elaborate mask like the one Faison wore when he was impersonating Duke Lavery. Luke reveals that the imposter told him about Larry’s involvement. He asks Larry if he is the imposter wearing a Luke mask. Larry runs and gets away in a car that was waiting for him. Dante puts out an APB. Holding a gun, Fluke intercepts Julian on his way out of the penthouse.

Liesl is thrilled to see that Faison is alive. She wonders what he has been doing for the past year. She is thrilled to hear that he wants her back, not Anna. He promises to return once he's handled an important matter. Britt threatens to turn him in. Obrecht threatens to retaliate by ruining Britt’s relationship with Nikolas. Faison takes off. Nikolas overhears Britt talking to her mother and wonders how Obrecht could ruin their relationship.

Franco tells Nina that they need to give the baby back because kidnapping is a felony and she is a mob baby. She tells him that if she and the baby are baggage, then she will leave. He invites her to do that and watch how quickly she is caught. Franco bonds with the baby. Morgan worries about the baby. Kiki calls Silas to ask him if he has heard from Nina. Ava tries to rush him off the phone. Kiki tells Silas that Ava is wanted for the murder of Connie Falconeri.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon stops by Nick’s home to talk to him but Summer interrupts and orders Sharon to leave Nick alone. In the woods, Nick calls for help while still in the bear trap. The dog continues to bark at Adam while he's doing push-ups. Sage and Constance come in to join him. Constance still cannot understand why the dog keeps barking at Gabriel. Avery is in her office and has spilled something on her blouse. When trying to rub it off proves unsuccessful, she pulls off her blouse. Joe stands outside the glass and watches her. Ben visits Dylan at the Coffeehouse and remarks that today is the day when they will find out if he is the father of Victoria’s baby. Chelsea and Billy discuss the fact that today he will find out whether he or Ben is the father of Victoria’s baby. Victoria and Kate wait in the doctor’s office for the test results. At the Athletic Club bar, Jill and Colin wait for Lauren to get there to let them know what is going on with Fenmore’s. Jill reminds Colin that Lauren didnít want him to have any part of Fenmore’s. Avery catches Joe watching her and demands to know what he is doing there. Avery and Joe argue as usual over his involvement in taking the Coffeehouse away from Dylan. Ben tells Dylan that he told Victoria the truth about his father’s death, and it changed things. Dylan asks Ben if he is going to let him in on the secret. Ben begins to open up to Dylan about his father’s death. Billy assures Chelsea that even if he is the father of Victoria’s baby, nothing will change between him and her as he hugs her. Ben joins Victoria in the doctor’s office to await the test results. Victoria asks Dr. Wilson to give her a few moments alone with Ben while they wait for Billy.

Lauren joins Jill and Colin at the Athletic Club bar and lets them know about Joeís revitalization project for the warehouses. Dylan joins them and divulges who Joe really is. Lauren realizes that Michael is Joe’s lawyer. Joe asks Michael what he is doing toward the progression of this project. Adam, pretending to be Gabriel, talks to Constance about a book that she gave him to read. Anita asks Chelsea why she didnít accompany Billy to the hospital for the test results. Dr. Wilson soon rejoins Victoria, Ben, and Billy. Victoria asks to see the test results before Ben and Billy are told. Dr. Wilson informs Billy that he is the father of Victoria’s baby. Sharon assures Summer that she loves Nick but Summer doesn't buy her story. Sage asks Adam for help with a man in the woods who is caught in a bear trap. Jill explains to Colin about the Coffeehouse and its heritage. Dylan soon joins them and notices Joe sitting there. He tells Joe to leave. Joe urges Dylan to move on. Summer visits Avery to let her know that Nick left town for a few days but hasn’t returned. The doctor tells Michael that he needs more tests. Lauren comes in and confronts him about being Joe’s lawyer. As Lauren starts to leave, Michael rushes to stop her and hugs her. Avery and Summer walk out of the office building together. Ben sits at the bar at the Athletic Club bar drinking alone. Billy calls Chelsea to let her know that the baby is his and he is seeing Victoria and Kate home. Sage and Adam arrive to see the injured man in the bear trap, but Adam recognizes him as Nick. Nick opens his eyes and looks at Adam but then closes his eyes again. Michael consoles Lauren. Dylan is at the Coffeehouse alone when someone throws a rock through the window. The fragments of glass land on the bar.

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