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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Thanksgiving festivities are at Eric’s again this year with Hope hosting again. Eric is glad that Rick brought Caroline and they are back together. Will is sleeping and Wyatt reminds them this time next year there will be another baby and they won’t be getting much sleep. Pam and Charlie are in command of the kitchen duties although Donna comes in and offers her help. They look a little nervous but pitch her an apron and they give her a few duties. The kicker is when Quinn shows up and Hope answers the door and pushes her out. Quinn came bearing yams which is Wyatt’s favorite. She can’t believe Hope could be this way on this day of thanks and forgiveness. Liam happens by and has to insist Quinn leave. Rick gets a phone call from Maya disguised as a French man so Caroline leaves him alone for the call. Maya says she should be there, not Caroline. Rick tells her not to worry. He will make sure they have all they talked about and more but he has to do this to stay CEO. Aly is delighted to hear Ivy’s news about the trip to Amsterdam and that Liam even used the L word. Oliver tells everyone to gather and the meal will be ready in five minutes. Caroline and Ridge literally run into each other and wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

Once again like last year, Hope has everyone seated around the table and wants a person to say something nice about the person to their right. Bill starts it off by telling Katie that he is glad she is next to him as that means he does not have to lie. He praises her for being an amazing mom to Will. Charlie thanks Pam for making him the happiest security guard in the whole wide world. Liam is seated next to Wyatt and he humbly says that one thing he admires about Wyatt is his ambition. He came to town and proved himself a Spencer and everything he seeks out he accomplishes….and now a baby. Wyatt adds his own touch that last year Hope brought him his dad and now a year later she is bringing him a child. All this family because of Hope and her leap of faith. Later Liam catches Hope and thanks her for bringing this all together again in this spirit of thanks and forgiveness. He mentions that a lot of things have changed since last year but one thing has not changed…..and that is how much he respects her. He admires and yes even loves her. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t give thanks for having had her in his life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie went to the DiMera mansion and saw Chad.  They talked about Abby. Jordan talked to Kate about how she brought Clyde back to Salem.  Kate admitted to Jordan that she did to bring him to town.  Clyde talked to Marlena about his past.  Jordan warned Kate that she will regret bringing Clyde to town.  Melanie and Chad eventually talked about their past relationship before she walked out of the mansion.  Theresa tried her best to hit on Paul.  Paul seemed interested in Theresa.

Jordan went to Chad and warned him not to trust Kate.  Anne stopped Maxine from catching Theresa in Paul's room.  Theresa and Paul kissed.  Clyde told Marlena about his childhood with his father.  Rafe went to see Marlena.  Anne wanted Theresa to tell her how she got Paul to kiss her.  Theresa thought Anne was jealous because she got to kiss him.  They ended up talking about the kiss.  Chad let Jordan know that he doesn't trust Kate.  Kate found Clyde and wanted to know if he told Jordan that she brought him to town.  Rafe asked Marlena to talk to Gabi.  She agreed to help her.  Paul went out in the hall and saw Sonny.  Paul acted like he knew him.  Jordan continued to warn Chad about Kate.  Chad wasn't worried.  Clyde denied telling Jordan about Kate.  Chad wanted to know if Jordan still had feelings for Rafe.  Melanie walked in and saw Ben naked.  Paul found Sonny at the hospital and he kissed him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Duke goes to see Anna to tell her that he is free, thanks to Sonny. He asks her if what he heard she did to Faison is true. She defends her actions. He tells her that her methods were no better than him going to work for Sonny to stop Julian Jerome. He says they both did wrong and lied about it, but now that both truths are out, he might find it in his heart to forgive her for lying to him for a year and wonders if she can do likewise. She says it isn’t about forgiveness; its about the feasibility of having a relationship and she doesn’t think she can do it anymore. He tells her that he respects her decision. He advises her that he is taking over Sonny’s business while he is incarcerated, so they will be in a different kind of relationship.

Helena Cassadine goes to Elizabeth’s house. Jake thinks she looks familiar but can’t place her. When he goes to get Elizabeth, Helena disappears. Elizabeth thinks Jake imagined it. Liesl Obrecht goes to Wyndemere for Thanksgiving with Britt and Nikolas. Obrecht feels badly that Faison is out there somewhere alone. Faison is standing outside the window. Helena stops him from going inside. She tells him that she had to cut her meeting with Jason Morgan short. Obrecht tells Nathan that instead of taking orders from Anna, he should be arresting her for what she did to Britt’s father. When Obrecht is alone, Faison reveals himself to her. Sam and Danny go to Elizabeth’s house with Patrick and Emma. Helena returns to Elizabeth’s house and watches from outside the window.

Carly visits Sonny because she doesn’t want him to be alone on Thanksgiving. He assures her that he is fine. She tells him that Michael moved in with the Quartermaines and that he is changing his name from Corinthos to Quartermaine. Sam takes Danny to visit Michael and Monica at the Quartermaine estate. Michael corrects Larry about Sam not being Patrick’s wife. Olivia, Dante, and Lulu go to the Quartermaine mansion. Dante tells Tracy that Faison escaped. She tells them that she hasn’t learned anything about Luke. Monica announces that Cook II has food poisoning and doesn’t know which dish caused it, so they can’t eat any of it. Alice brings in the traditional delivered pizza and they sing the traditional song. Michael loses his appetite thinking about AJ’s absence. With Julian's help, Alexis gets Luke out of Miscavige and takes him to the Quartermaine mansion where he's reunited with his loved ones.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Newman home, Nikki eyes the liquor on the bar when Victor comes into the room. There is a knock on the door and it is Sharon, who has brought Faith by to spend Thanksgiving with Nikki and Victor. Victoria and the baby call Billy to wish him and Johnny a Happy Thanksgiving. Chelsea watches with Connor from the stairs. Abby visits Victoria and the baby. Abby starts to talk about Ben when Victoria reprimands her and tells her to not talk about him when she doesn’t know the real story. Ben talks to Ashley and tells her that Maureen left town. Dylan and Avery also join the festivities at the ranch. Paul and Christine arrive. Nikki offers them a drink, but Christine declines telling Nikki that she and Paul are trying for a child. Avery receives a “Happy Thanksgiving” text. Avery and Dylan spend some quality moments together amidst the celebration at Nikki and Victor’s. Colin and Jill join in the festivities at Neil and Hilary's. Cane, Lily, and Devon are also there. Devon and Hilary try to keep their eyes off each other. Hilary asks Colin to help her in the kitchen. Once alone, Hilary tells Colin that there will be no more payoffs, and he might as well not ask. Jill watches them. Nick has been caught in a bear trap and calls for the dog to get help for him. Sharon goes to the bar to join Noah and Mariah for a Thanksgiving celebration. Phyllis tells Jack that Mrs. Martinez left them a feast in the kitchen. When Jack surprises Phyllis with a gift, she asks, “What is this?” Billy shows Chelsea the picture of the turkey that Connor drew, and Billy tells Chelsea that they will make their own memories. Ashley lets Ben know that she knew that he wasn’t responsible for his father’s death. Ashley offers Ben her support. Victoria tells Abby the truth as to what happened to Ben’s father. Victoria asks Abby for her help.

Jill asks Colin what was up between him and Hilary. Colin makes up a lie to tell Jill about his talk with Hilary. Sharon, Noah, and Mariah recall Thanksgiving memories from the past. Nikki and Dylan propose toasts to the family. Ben tells Ashley how he hopes that the baby is his. Victoria, Abby, and the baby join the Thanksgiving festivities at Nikki and Victor’s. Victoria tells the family that she had named the baby Kate after Katherine. Victoria, Ben, and Billy get the news that the paternity test will be ready in the morning.

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