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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Caroline there is no future for them. Rick has asked her to come back and that is what she has wanted all along. She doesn’t know if she can. Being with Ridge has changed her. It’s not that simple to pretend they never felt this way. She is confused and does not know what she wants. But Maya does and she looks at Rick in shock as he says if he wants to be CEO he has to reunite with Caroline. She says no, absolutely not, not for any reason. He says he has to if he wants to remain CEO. That was his dad’s ultimatum and he is asking Caroline for forgiveness. He says he is doing this for them, for their future. He wants to run the company with her. He does not want to be with Caroline. She did something he could never ever forgive. So just trust him as he does this for them. He has to find a way to get Caroline back. Katie drops in to see Bill and check out his knuckles. He thinks Ridge told her but she says she saw the damage herself. She does not condone violence but she appreciates that he stood up for her. He says Ridge betrayed her and manipulated Caroline and probably ruined her marriage. He did not intend for it to go that far but he’s not going to apologize for punching him. He says again that Ridge betrayed Katie, manipulated Caroline and abused Brooke for years, so he is just missing what that guy’s appeal is. She says Bill can be sweet when he is protective, at least once or twice a year. He says she is an amazing woman and he will always be protective of her. He just hopes that loser appreciates her.

Caroline tells Ridge that they have to forget about each other but she does not know how they can do that. He moves closer and looks like he is going to kiss her when Rick walks in. Rick laments that he wanted to give her time but he really needs to know where they stand. He tells her that he still loves her, they are still married and committed to each other. He wants her to tell him that the marriage is not over and she still wants him. Bill keep harping on Ridge betraying Katie yet she is still wearing that freaking string on her finger. And who unties their engagement ring. The guy has a few bucks he could spring on some serious bling for that finger. He says he is sorry that bozo Forrester let her down but he is not surprised. She needs her white knight but it isn’t Forrester. Rick tells Ridge that he can stay and hear this too. He tells Caroline that he knows he has been cruel and dismissive to her but he was so hurt and he knows turning to Maya was a big mistake. So that is why he wants to be sure that he can show her that she is the most special woman in the world. Finally she gives in and says yes. He thanks her and asks if she still has his ring. He’d like her to put it on his finger. She takes it out of her purse and puts it on his finger. Rick hugs her and her eyes go to Ridge. Later she tells Ridge that Rick seemed sincere and this is goodbye. As she walks off, Ridge takes her arm and pulls her closer and gently says she is magnificent. She cries on his broad shoulders.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie ran into Nicole at Daniel's apartment.  Melanie thought Nicole was with Daniel.  Nicole had to straighten her out.  Eric was upset when he thought Daniel and Nicole were falling for each other.  Daniel let Eric know that he's attracted to Nicole.  Daniel wanted to know if Eric wanted Nicole back.  Kate went to Marlena's office and was upset about Will.  Kate didn't like how Will didn't keep in touch with them.  Marlena didn't want to meddle in his business.  Eric appreciated Daniel talking to him about Nicole.  After Daniel left, Eric thought about Nicole.  Melanie wanted Nicole to "dial it down" with Daniel.  Nicole told Melanie off when Melanie told her about what she did to Daniel when he was with Jennifer.  Abby talked to Jennifer about her relationship with Ben.  Daniel arrived home and saw Melanie.  He was pleasantly surprised.  He wanted wanted to set her straight about Nicole though.

Daniel let Melanie know that Nicole is a friend.  He was suspicious of when she was home.  Ben saw Jordan and Chad together and he got into with Chad. Jordan wanted Ben to get along with Chad.  Jennifer visited Eric at his new place.  She wanted Eric to take pictures for the hospital.  Maggie ran into Nicole and they talked about her friendship with Daniel.  Maggie was okay with it that they are friends. Melanie explained that she was back home because her friend was there.  Jordan found Kate and wanted to talk.  Abby met with Ben and she told him that she talked to her mother about him.  Kate and Jordan argued over Chad.  Maggie warned Nicole not to hurt Daniel or she would deal with her.  Melanie showed up at the DiMera mansion to see Chad.  Clyde went to see Marlena and he told her that his father was a monster.  Jordan told Kate that she was why Clyde was in Salem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth awakens Jake from a nightmare. He grabs her wrist, hurting it. She says it was an accident. She gives him an outfit to wear for Thanksgiving dinner. Patrick asks Sam to join him for Thanksgiving at Elizabeth’s house. Alexis persuades Anna to release Julian. Julian takes Alexis to Miscavige and tells her that Luke never left there; the imposter did. Luke wakes up to see Helena Cassadine in his cell. He thinks he is hallucinating since he had killed her. Once she convinces him that she is really alive, she tells him that his escape attempt changed everything, because she can’t risk having two Luke Spencers out there. She pulls out her dagger. Alexis and Julian run into Helena as she is leaving Luke’s cell. Alexis tells Julian that Helena is her father’s scorned wife. Alexis is shocked by what she sees when she opens the cell door. Helena goes to Elizabeth’s house.

Agent Sloane confronts Anna about falsely imprisoning Faison. She says she couldn’t risk having him escape from prison again. He points out that Faison escaped anyway and she is to blame for him being out there somewhere. He advises her to get her affairs in order, because she will be going away for a long time.

Michael ponders changing his name to Michael Alan Quartermaine. Carly goes to the Quartermaine mansion to see Michael, but he doesn’t want to talk to her. He tells her that he had hoped to watch her being carted off to prison, but that he isn’t surprised that Sonny protected her after she protected him. Carly doesn’t believe Michael will give up the Corinthos name. He signs the name change petition in front of her. Sonny tells Duke that he pled guilty so that Carly would go free and that he has made the same deal for him so that he can go free too. In return, Sonny asks Duke to take over the business. Duke tells Sonny that his relationship with Anna is over, so he will do it. Duke is released and goes to see Anna. Carly goes to see Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick is at the cabin and is taking out his frustration over Sharon and what she did on a pile of logs. With every log he chops, he remembers a conversation with Sharon which occurred over the last few days. When he goes back into the house, he is again greeted by the lost dog. He goes outside for another armful of logs and when he goes back into the house, he sees Amy Wilson, a girl he dated when he was younger. They discuss their lives back then and how things changed for them. Grace also appears to give Amy a hard time for being with Nick. Sharon then appears to Nick and tells him that she did everything for love. Frustrated, Nick comes back out into the yard and sees the dog sitting by the door. Nick asks him what kind of watch dog he is that he wouldn’t alert him to visitors. Going back into the house, Nick sees Phyllis playing a Nintendo game. They battle for the controls while they discuss their past. Phyllis reminds Nick of what he did to Avery. Nick is reminded of how Avery left him at the altar for Dylan. Nick reminds Phyllis and Avery that they both betrayed him. Phyllis and Avery put Nick on trial for the things he did to women.

Nick asks the women present if they considered him a “jerk.” Avery tells him that they need to hear from one more woman and that is Sharon. Sharon joins Nick in the yard, and they discuss what she did to him concerning the DNA test. Sharon reminds Nick of the promise that he made to her but he lets her know that he cannot do this anymore and that he needs to keep his distance from her. Nick goes back into the house and sees Nikki. Nikki and Nick hug. They discuss all of Nick’s past love interests and how Nikki had been against them. In the yard, Nick goes to join Summer, Faith, & Mariah. They remind Nick of the things that he taught them about love and marriage. Nick tells all the women that he is walking away from love. Nick heads home but is caught in a bear trap. He stumbles to the ground in pain.

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